Dec 312020

Did the CAGOP just rip off money from the Gavin Newsom Recall?

Take a close look at the wording. This is one of the rare times the CAGOP has mentioned the Recall of Gavin Newsom. This is also the only time I can recall (there may have been one other), that they sent a link to the petition. Note that every time the mention of the recall has been accompanied by a fundraising appeal.

In this case, it is clear they are ripping off the recall of Gavin Newsom with deceptive wording by leaving out who the year end contribution is going to. (When you click the link out of the actual email, it leads to the CAGOP’s donation page)

As a side note – the Executive Director of the CAGOP is Sarah Nelson. She came up in the San Diego College Republicans (Think Kevin Faulconer’s crew), and Mr. Watkins most recently worked for Marie Waldron in the Assembly GOP Permanent Minority Caucus. It is a VERY Small world. I mention this, because I don’t believe Watkins wrote this email, but those that did had him sign it. It is also important to know why I believe and have written that the current leadership of the CAGOP have sold the party to Kevin Faulconer for Governor. (Voters be dammed)

It is time for the CAGOP’s leadership to be held accountable for these emails amongst other ghastly failures which we’ve been detailing in spades.

They don’t support the recall and they are attempting to rip people off who do. They basically told everyone working on the recall Up Yours, we want the money for ourselves. Jessica Patterson needs to be recalled just as much as Gavin Newsom does…

P.S. They sent the email at 2PM on New Year’s Eve. Who tries to rally support for anything at 2PM on New Year’s Eve???

Dec 302020

Blogger’s Note: It has been eye-opening to look at several counties and see that 10 have no elected members and thus, due to a by-law change Jessica Patterson and her team got passed in 2016, those couties are stripped of their representation to the state party. In addition Yuba County has one elected member, the Father of a paid staffer of Jessica’s Campaign manager. As of ths posting of this blog, I have identified an additional 6 county parties with 6 or less elected members. I believe there are as many as 10 more in that category. I just need to confirm with the county elections offices as most do not post Central Committee Elections results. The 17 counties with 6 or less members is a disaster that CAGOP Chairwoman Jessica Patterson must be held accountable for.

(805) 795-1271
Counties Will Be Partners With The State, Not Subjects Of The State
The letter below is just one of numerous examples of how the State Party would not allow the Counties to help their candidates or grow.  Instead of the California Republican party giving “permission” for a County to send letters to registered voters, they should be providing the information and training so the counties can do it themselves.

The counties can move quicker than the State Party and its staff.  The counties priority is their county.  The State GOP has targeted races and other priorities.  We strengthen counties by giving the tools to win elections.  We weaken counties by taking the tools away and having just one entity in charge of all 58 counties and how they communicate with voters and campaign for candidates.

From the letter, “Eventually, our Chair, found that the State did now allow us autonomy with the PDI program but they’d be happy to do the mail merge along with other tasks for us.  I’m not sure if there was a cost involved.  However, they would not allow any letters and/or mailings to be sent out by our individual Members without their State GOP approval for each item.

As Chair, I will change this—counties will be partners with the State, not subjects of the State.

Steve Frank

Coordination between County parties and the California Republican Party.

I’ve been a member of the XXXXX County Republican Central Committee for about a year and a half now and one of the tasks I was assigned when I was appointed was how to best utilize the PDI List.  The CC had access to the List for several years but nothing had been done with it so I accepted the assignment.  I immediately saw the value with its huge amount of voter data and a Google search turned up info on, of all things, Obama’s community organizing program. I know …I know ….. but it gave me an idea:))

I looked up data on each of our  Central Committee Members and most belonged to separate Precincts.  There are about xxx Precincts in XXXXX County and they average about xxx voters each so  I printed out a Voters List for each Member’s Precinct.  At the next monthly meeting, each Voting Central Committee Member immediately “and surprisingly” became a “Precinct Captain” I presented each Committee Member with a packet that contained a list of all the Voters that lived in the same Precinct that the Member resided in, along with a sample Letter they could mail to each Voter, or give directly to them if they chose to walk their Precinct.  At that time we were in the process of planning the Annual BBQ, so this was the focus of the letter.  The Members were excited about the program, even a bit of an applause after I presented it. I was thrilled:))

I’ve attached the sample letter I included with my initial presentation to the Members.  I told them they could use it as is, or make it their own verbiage; that it should be a letter from them personally to their GOP neighbors and wanted them to be comfortable with it.  The entire program was to let the Voters know there was someone on Central Committee they could come to with questions and/or concerns and to invite them to our meetings, the BBQ and other functions.  Also, the BBQ was a huge success which we can trace to the efforts of the Precinct Captains roll-out.

Things went along smoothly, except there were several Members who wanted to be able to mail merge the Voters List and I wasn’t able to do this.  I also wanted to be able to do a “walking list” and an email list from the PDI program but found it very difficult if not impossible.  So I paid my $20 and signed up for a class specifically related to the PDI program that the State GOP was sponsoring.  Problem was the class was postponed several times as I recall and eventually cancelled.  They offered a refund, but all I was interested in was the training which was never received.   Eventually, our Chair, found that the State did now allow us autonomy with the PDI program but they’d be happy to do the mail merge along with other tasks for us.  I’m not sure if there was a cost involved.  However, they would not allow any letters and/or mailings to be sent out by our individual Members without their State GOP approval for each item.

My question to you was whether this is something you could help us with if you were elected to the State GOP position or if this was a golden rule not to be messed with.  I believe it’s important that the Central Committee Members, who are elected by their “neighbors” should be allowed to communicate with them without having to get approval to do so.

At the present time our little program has grown to over xxx Precinct Captains involving xxx Voters.  The goal of course is to have xxx Precinct Captains but that’s pie in the sky for sure right now as we’re just trying to find our way through the maze and negativity we’re facing here in XXX County.

Thanks for reaching out and I’d appreciate your thoughts on this.  I hope this information has been helpful.

Steve Frank
Candidate, Chair of the California Republican Party

To support me, go to

Dec 292020

I don’t like the CAGOP’s setup. I never have. As I am peeling the layers back, I truly understand why it is small, insular and dying. The handful of people getting rich off of it want it that way. The candidates change but the control agents stay the same. This is why the expose’ on Meridian Pacific is critical to understanding how intracate the web is. The same people pop up in every PAC / Group related to the control structure.

Groups like CRA, CYRF, etc that are not controlled by them are shunned or sued or both. (Remember the CRA getting sued? The CR/YRF Suits?)

If you are a candidate for office – you have two choices, spend a ton of your own money to be a speedbump in the legislature (Only 19 Rep in Assembly, 9 in Senate out of 80/40). Option 2, you have to play the game:

All three have endorsed Jessica to protect the status quo so they can continue to rely on the pass-through dollars from the CAGOP. Jessica and crew will have a hard time convincing me that she raised the above money – she did not, this is “Third House” money sent to the party to be pumped in to campaigns. Note that I saw money to Tom Lackey, Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh and others in smaller amounts. It looked like the party dumped about $500K in to Choi and Chen – both of whom endorsed Jessica Patterson.

Do note though, that the CAGOP ran out of unrestricted candidate dollars about a month before the election day. They had little bits here and there after the well ran dry, but they must think that Steve Frank would do worse than running out of money in early october. I am not sure how you do worse than running dry even with the establishment helping you.

Meridian Pacific is also the consultant for Jordan Cunningham – who is an open trump hater – and just how is that not a conflict of interest? Note that Meridian Pacific is also running Jessica Patterson’s Chairwoman campaign. They are also all over the reports of the California Republican Party for millions worth of pass-through expenditures on ballot measures. They are also all over the New Majority PAC Reports – along with $40,000 worth of New Majority money sent to Jessica Patterson. How is this not a conflict of interest? How is this ethical? And how could anyone prove that the $40K was not GOP donor money passed through various accounts to Jessica Patterson’s Chair Campaign? Where is the oversight? Was there a vote on any of this stuff? Is there an audit?

The purpose of this exercise is for you, the reader to understand what is being done under the veil of secrecy. It is also so that you can understand why even the most conservative of member are brought to heel by the establishment. The CAGOP’s bylaws are written to sustain this system and the players involved assert control in order to keep their people in place to continue the flow of money and contracts regardless of how badly the CAGOP is getting shellacked at the ballot box.

I don’t really blame the electeds that are getting money out of this rigged operation for doing their duty to sustain it. They sign up for this and ascede to it of their own free will.

This is why no one cares about 1.8 Million democrats registered to vote in the same period as the Chairwoman brags about 624,000 GOP registrations neither she nor these people had a thing to do with. They will use whatever means – including a deceptive approach regarding voter registation (which is a net 1.2 million loss disaster) to keep people in the dark long enough to keep the money flowing.

10 Dead Central Committees (and counting)

2 Assembly Seats Lost due to defection (Why not, the Dems have more money…)

2 Senate Seats Lost.

Party ran out of “candidate dollars” in early october.

Diane Dixon left in the lerch (got no support yet only lost by 2500 votes), Greg Raths, Bryan Maryott, Buzz Patterson, Tamika Hamilton – all competitive and ignored.

Then take a look at the campaign finances of the winners in Congress – that was national money – and had little to do with these guys. Ironically, congressman Mike Garcia was dissed by the Chairwoman in the Primary despite having the local endorsements of 100% of CA25. Why? Kevin McCarthy was supporting another candiadate, so Jessica Patterson refused to honor the will of the rank and file party asceding to her top benefactor.

It is our party, not this group’s party. Let’s take it back.


Dec 282020

Blogger’s Note: This has been revised since its’ original posting on 11-1-2020 for this re-post.

Jessica Patterson is a complete and utter failure as CAGOP Chair. If you were writing a book about leadership, she’d fail almost every objective test of leadership. She failed to unify people, purged staff, purged nominees, ignored stakeholders, failed to do her job, ignored campaign fundamentals and presided over the campaign account running dry. That is as complete and impressive of a record of failure as you can amass.

Two years ago when I was working for Travis Allen’s CAGOP Chair Campaign, I wrote an expose’ on the people behind Jessica Patterson and their history. I had warned everyone what to expect. It is not hyperbolic for me to type that it is worse than even I could have predicted. I have long believed and written that squishes see Conservatives and not Democrats as the problem. It has been proven in the last two years in spades and the resulting devastation has been nearly complete.

My biggest personal frustration with Jessica Patterson and her crew was the extraordinary resistance I received when I took on AD73 Assembly-member Bill Brough. I fielded credible allegations of sexual misconduct by several women, documented over 200 campaign finance violations, drunkenness, misconduct and corruption with evidence. However, it was a terrible and uphill fight as the Assembly Permanent Minority Leader Marie Waldron cared more about protecting a leadership vote than doing the right thing. Jessica Patterson refused to stand up for the victims of Bill Brough until the OCGOP and Lincoln Club took the lead (over Waldron’s objections) months in to my expose. It is this passive refusal to lead that has defined Patterson’s Chairmanship. This is also why I was not surprised to learn that she ignored local parties in the CA25 race because she refused to cross Kevin McCarthy. Bill Brough lost his primary, and will likely be fined six figures by the FPPC and could very well be prosecuted for his campaign finance issues and other personal issues. It felt like I carried the day on this single-handedly at times.

First off, we were told that Jessica Patterson’s primary qualification was her leadership of California Trailblazers. It was so successful that the powers that be attempted to shut it down quietly, reviving it after they were roundly trashed by your intrepid blogger.

Since it’s inception, California Trailblazers has been a highway to hell. In 2011, we had 15 Senators. We now have 9. IN 2011, we had 28 Assemblymembers. Now we have 19 with one Assembly Seat coming from a prop 14 fluke as 5 democrats split the vote allowing an R vs R Runoff in AD38. That’s a Loss of 15 Seats in the legislature in a Decade. That is one out of every 8 seats in the legislature. 

We need to change this to reflect her recent successes! (Another two Senators gone)

Taking the Fight to the Democrats and Winning?

If you were to stop reading here – you have enough of a case to terminate the contracts of every consultant that has been getting rich off of the failure of the CAGOP. You also have a more than adequate case to dispatch with Jessica Patterson as a dismal failure. Mayes and Mainschein bolted the GOP and 2 more confirmed gone November of 2020. What does Jordan Cunningham do now that he survives? Will he bolt the GOP too? Why should he stay?

The entire CAGOP Legislative Caucus can now fit in a special ed bus.

We were told Jessica Patterson could unite the CAGOP and “take the fight to the democrats”. I’ve yet to see her take out a hamburger from the drive-thru.

Unity? Jessica Patterson appointed the Rules, Initiatives, Proxies/Credentials, Volunteer Organizations Committees and others. Out of nearly 100 members, only 2(!) were people that supported one of her opponents in 2019.

Unity? I’ve spoken to over a dozen county chairs that Jessica Patterson has ignored repeatedly. I know there are more.

A leader reaches out to people that did not support them in an attempt to bring them around. Instead, exactly what I predicted with the oligarchy of controlled failure – the same crew that brought us Arnold and Meg – are doing the same things they did when Arnold wrecked the CAGOP and Meg spent $150 Million making their BMW payments.

Unity? Ted Howze #CA10 whose race was close despite being attacked by his own side and Mike Cargile #CA35 who forced Norma Torres to spend $500K in a safe dem seat were stripped of CAGOP endorsements by a Jessica Patterson led cabal without a hearing. She was getting ready to rip more nominees before scrutiny stopped that rampage. Why did they get lynched of their CAGOP endorsement – because they are conservatives? Or was it one of Jessica’s Consultant buddies with a grudge?

Cargile has run the prototypical campaign you should run when attempting to unseat a safe democrat. But the CAGOP lynched him without a hearing. Howze? He is going to come close to Josh Harder, imagine how much closer without the intervention of Jessica Patterson and crew. Lynching GOP Nominees without a hearing is not leadership.

Unity? Mike Madrid and Luis Alvarado are earning income trying to unseat Republicans all over the county in a rage-fueled vendetta and Jessica Patterson did noting with the complaints from honest delegates. They have endorsed Joe Biden. So have at least three other CAGOP Delegates I am aware of. They and others are still delegates to the CAGOP despite this grotesque violation of party by-laws! Why? Because they voted for Patterson in 2019? They get to stay, but Mike Cargile and Ted Howze get lynched. Acting out on the vendetta of a jilted consultant friend and allowing Biden-Endorsing supporters of yours to stay is not leadership.

Take the fight to the democrats? When the LA and Ventura GOP endorsed Mike Garcia in the 2020 CA25 Special election primary, Congressman Kevin McCarthy was supporting Steve Knight. Jessica Patterson refused to stand up for local county parties acceding to her consultant masters ignoring the will of the rank and file. Garcia is in serious danger of losing his seat. How much better off would he have been with some party support pre-primary so he could have conserved his resources?

Build the Party? When Andrew Kotyuk #AD42 stood up to oppose Jessica Patterson’s one-time benefactor Chad Mayes, she demanded he not hire a certain consultant she did not like or else he’d receive no party support. Guess what? Kotyuk still got next to none and Patterson acted out on another personal vendetta. This is not leadership.

Build the Party? Take the Fight to the Democrats? #AD67 Kelly Seyarto has been ignored, even though he is in a still safe Republican seat and will be part of our irrelevant caucus in the legislature. Patterson and crew also ignored Greg Raths #CA45, Bryan Maryott #CA49 and other white male candidates. The last I checked, White Males represent a lot of Republican voters. Even worse, Raths and Maryott had margins of defeat that suggested they would have won with average support.

Unity? Taking the fight to the democrats? Jessica Patterson and crew were open about having a racial litmus test for candidates. Yet when people stepped up such as Tamika Hamilton #CA03 or Rhonda Baldwin-Kennedy #CA26 or Aja Smith #CA41 they were ignored. They can’t even get racial pandering right. Racism in candidate preference is not leadership.

Leadership? She purged the entire GOP staff she inherited when she was elected. (Save one) Every leadership book you read advises against this very old and very common practice.

We were told Jessica Patterson could raise the money we needed to “Take the Fight to the Democrats”.

The party ran out of unrestricted candidate money in Early October 2020. This was confirmed by two legislative chiefs of staff, a lobbyist, a campaign manager and two consultants. I stand 100% behind this assertion. Failing or refusing to do your primary job (raising money) is not leadership.

When the party had money, they spent it stupidly. In SD23, which may be part of the losses in the Senate side in 2020 – they bankrupted the State Senate Caucus on Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh IN THE PRIMARY while leaving LingLing Chang and John Moorlach financially vulnerable. By the time the final tally is in on SD23, they will have blown over $4 Million in IE and candidate money. What a waste. Lloyd White was well positioned in the primary to be competitive in the general election for far less money, but he checked the wrong boxes on the app. Bogh may be qualified in her own right – but the party leaders made a decision based on demographics. This is racist and needs to stop.

In #SD05, they also blew $250K in a primary for Jesus Andrade in a D+20 district then promptly abandoned Jim Ridenour, the old white guy that won the primary.

Jessica Patterson and her crew known as the “Oligarchy of Controlled Failure” also stubbornly refused to do voter registration. Inexplicably, they sent out an email celebrating the CAGOP returning to second place ahead of no party voters.  While the GOP gained 624k registrations, the dems gained 1,800k registrations – almost 3-1. That only happens when you are willfully trying to lose.

Under Jessica Patterson’s Watch, every possible metric you could measure a “chairwoman” by is an abject failure:

  1. Tolerating several trump-haters openly opposing the President, including people being paid to defeat Republicans allowing them to continue as delegates
  2. running out of candidate dollars a month before the general election
  3. excluding half the delegates from the process (committees, etc) because they supported other candidates
  4. ignoring party leaders and stakeholders not known to be loyal
  5. losing a slew of elections
  6. refusing to do voter registration
  7. selectively targeting nominees of the GOP for un-endorsement without a hearing.
  8. refusing to support or help nominees in marginal districts despite campaigning on doing so
  9. allowing the platform committee to come within 2 votes of yanking the pro-life plank from the CAGOP Platform (despite campaigning as a conservative)
  10. purging all but one CAGOP Staffer that was hired before her reign of terror began.
  11. refusing to take resolute stands including ignoring local parties with regard to #CA25 Mike Garcia and #AD72 Tyler Diep
  12. A net loss of 1.2 Million Voter Registrations on Her Watch
  13. Refusing to defend the female victims of former #AD73 Assemblymember Bill Brough (or even comment)
  14. Falsely claiming to have invited Travis Allen and Steve Frank to help with voter registration. (Both have told me this never happened)
  15. Abusing the parties’ resources to help Kevin Faulconer’s Governor Campaign.

I tried to participate and help. But mere weeks after a gracious introduction of Jessica at the CIR Convention in 2019, the purging and exclusionary practices began. It has to stop, the CAGOP has been killed by this stuff. It was at that time when I resumed shelling her – as if to give all the people shunned and excluded a voice.

I had hoped that the few surviving members of the CAGOP legislative caucus will finally divorce themselves of the crew that have decimated the CAGOP. It’s dead. Jessica Patterson, Tom Ross, Jeff Randle and crew hastened the death of the party. Continuing to support these people will guarantee the death spiral of the CAGOP – yet many are right there again.

If you care about the CAGOP, it is time to remove Jessica Patterson post haste.

Dec 232020

Blogger’s Note: I Believe after deliberately delaying the delegate appointment forms release and stonewalling the announcement of the convention – Patterson’s campaign sent an email and miraculously the delegate appointment notices went out a few hours later at about 10PM today. (This is called abusing incumbency and CAGOP resources) As we predicted, the delegate appointment forms will hit between Chirstmas and New Years in a move we believe was done in an attempt to have some people miss their forms and not make their appointments. NOTE: We re-wrote the boring boiler-plate “all the leaders are supporting the establishment email” that we’ve seen for years with important information everyone should know. What is posted here is what should have been sent out by the “leaders” of our state party…

It is now 17 lost in the legislature. But Hey – we gained back 4 of 7 lost seats in Congress! Yay Team!

Dear Republican Leader:

In two short years, Jessica Millan Patterson helped drive the CAGOP to depths never before dreamed possible. After the 2018 elections, the pundits declared the Republican Party dead. They claimed we were in a death spiral, incapable of winning again. Gavin Newsom’s inauguration was covered more like a coronation by the press, and California Democrats touted the opportunity to remake the state in their progressive vision.

They were right. Jessica Patterson has helped them acehieve total dominance of California Politics!

On their watch,  Governor Newsom and California Democrats have demonstrated ineptitude of the highest magnitude. State government cannot provide unemployment benefits and drivers licenses. Their arbitrary COVID-19 policies are killing businesses and the jobs that Californians so desperately need. Iconic California corporations have backed up the moving trucks and are heading out of state. Governor Newsom told you that you couldn’t dine at a restaurant, but then partied with lobbyists and political consultants, running up a bill costing more than $10,000 for a swanky dinner at the French Laundry.

Is this the California we want to leave to our children and grandchildren? No, neither do we, and that’s why firing Jessica Millan Patterson is so important.

Jessica Millan Patterson and the California Republican Party have been getting their asses kicked by the Democrats for two years, and if the 2020 elections are any indication, we are on the right track to achieve total anhiliation in just a few years. Here’s how we score it:

  • Added 4 Congressional seats after losing 7 the previous cycle for a net loss of 3: Grade F
  • Added an Assembly seat by a fluke of the top two after two GOP Assemblymembers bolted the party: F
  • Lost two State Senate Seats in 2020: Grade F
  • Registered 624,000 new Republicans, overtaking NPP and restoring our two-party system, While the Democrats Rolled Up 1,833,000 Registrations for a net loss of 1.2 Million! Grade: F
  • Outside interests raised $37.5 million passed through the CAGOP to support GOP candidates, communicate with voters and get them to the polls. GOP Team Grade A+, Jessica Patterson Grade: N/A
  • 17 County Parties have 5 Elected Members or Less with 10 having no elected members! Grade F
  • Refused to take a stand to defend women related to the Bill Brough scandal! Grade F
  • Allowed 4 CAGOP delegates (including Lincoln Project Leader Mike Madrid) who openly supported Joe Biden to Remain in the Party! Grade F

As the GOP leaders in Congress and the California Legislature, we ask you to join us in enthusiastically endorsing Steve Frank for California Republican Party Chairman. The 2022 election is already underway, and under the leadership of Steve Frank, the California Republican Party would be poised to reverse the fauilres of 2020 and to start winning again!

Thank you for everything that you have done to try to create California Republican Comeback. We need Steve Frank if we are going to take the fight to the Democrats, start winning elections and to help make our state a place where people can live, work and raise a family.

Kevin McCarthy
House Republican Leader

Shannon Grove
Senate Republican Leader

Marie Waldron
Assembly Republican Leader

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