Jim Nielsen Expose Part 4 – Took a Salary from a Pesticide Manufacturer While Lobbying Against Pesticide Reform

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Sep 302012

The point of this expose in to Jim Nielsen’s corruption has nothing to do with Pesticide reform.

It has nothing to do with him publicly praising Ted Kennedy or publicly attacking Rush Limbaugh in editorials in the Woodland paper for example…

This has to do with Jim Nielsen’s ethics. (Which dovetail with his lies about being a Conservative)

According to my source data – Jim Nielsen started taking a salary from Roy Riegels and Co. in 1978. Riegels was a major manufacturer and distributor of Bolero. Bolero was a commonly use pesticide by Rice Farmers.

Jim Nielsen fought against efforts to Ban Bolero while taking a salary as a State Senator.

In 1979, AB 195 was introduced attempting to toughen disclosure surrounding the use of pesticides and Jim Nielsen fought successfully to kill it in committee.

Nielsen also successfully fought an effort to tighten the procedures of taxing pesticides.

Later in 1987 – people in Sacramento were screaming. The water in Sacramento County was getting turned bitter.

The City of Sacramento threatened to sue the State of California unless the Water Resources Board acted to limit the discharge of Bolero in to the river from Rice Farms.

Amazingly – the Board of Water Resources had made a decision to limit the discharge of Bolero, then after intense lobbying by Jim Nielsen and others, they reversed themselves and did nothing.

In the final analysis – it was revealed that Nielsen attempted to get rice industry officials to meet with the board members in secret. It was also revealed that Nielsen also threatened individual board members – including successfully having one replaced whose term expired.

The issue is that legal observers likened what Nielsen did to having a defendant lobby a judge before getting sentenced and / or threatening that guarantee that the judge will lose his bench if he does not agree with you…

The whole time Jim Nielsen was engaged in this activity – Roy Riegels and Co. was paying him.

P.S. (from Charlie Schaupp):

Roy Riegels Chemicals in Woodland was part of the John Taylor Ag Chemical Group.  John Taylor and his two sons were known for using money as political muscle.    John Taylor passed away and about a decade later his sons sold the company to Wilbur-Ellis Chemical Company in 1999.

Deep Inside Nielsen Country – Tehama County Columnist Whacks “Career Politician” Jim Nielsen

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Sep 292012

Jim Nielsen has infested office for a total of 16 years.

The Red Bluff Daily News (Tehama County) ran a column today lighting Doug LaMalfa and Jim Nielsen up for “colluding” on Doug LaMalfa’s “resignation” and attempted coronation of Jim Nielsen.

“At least two things stand out. First, why are he and LaMalfa so closely tied together? It was clearly a coordinated effort when LaMalfa resigned from the State Senate and almost simultaneously Nielsen launched his campaign to replace him? A similar thing happened when LaMalfa left the Assembly and Nielsen announced his candidacy for that.”

The column goes on to rail on Jim Nielsen for deceptive ads (imagine that, another Dave Gilliard client with deceptive ads…)

“Well, look at his track record. If Nielsen wins, this will be the second time he will be in the State Senate; he served from 1978 to 1990 when he was defeated by a fresh face in the Democratic Party. Then he ran for the State Assembly when Assemblyman Doug LaMalfa finished his six years in the Assembly and ran for the State Senate. That pretty much fits the description of a career Sacramento politician.”

… and the column also revives the issue of how Jim Nielsen does not actually live in Gerber, the same issue that the Tehama DA (who is a rabid Nielsen supporter) will not investigate.

It is interesting, really – Doug LaMalfa made it through but now there is a full-scale revolt brewing all over the district. Getting force fed garbage is making the patient start to upchuck.

Sep 282012

Get Ready folks. Jim Nielsen has a long history as an officeholder.

The previous expose’ I did on Jim Nielsen was based on a couple of Sacramento Bee articles.

I recently obtained a copy of a 12-page expose’ done on Senator Jim Nielsen by the Chico News and Review. The date of the expose’ was October 1990. This expose that was accurate was one of the main reasons why Jim Nielsen was defeated by challenger Mike Thompson for State Senate in 1990.

Given that I have been following Jim Nielsen’s demonstrated pattern of duplicity on Water, his participation in the attempt to gut the California GOP Platform and the like – I had some expectations for what I would see in the CN&R expose’. Nothing could really prepare me for what I was going to see in this article.

Here is a summary – again, heavily citing the article:

Jim Nielsen pocketed over $70,000 (in 1980’s dollars) of Honoraria (aka Speaking “fees”) while in office. The donors listed included many with legislation before the Sacramento Government.

Jim Nielsen took a salary from a pesticide manufacturer during the entire time he was in the State Senate – he used his office to successfully lobby the state board of water resources to do nothing about pesticide runoffs coming out of Northern California Rice Farms.

Jim Nielsen started taking a salary from a pesticide manufacturer in Woodland – while using his office to successfully lobby against efforts to address pesticide runoff by the water resources board many times. While I disagree with the CN&R’s leftist editorial bent in favor of the onerous current laws – the point here is that Nielsen had a grotesque conflict of interest and was 100% wrong as it appeared he was getting paid directly to intervene to stop efforts to clean up the Sacramento River.

Jim Nielsen appears to have paid his second wife $75,000 in “consulting fees” in order to artificially reduce his income to get out from under a messy divorce settlement related to the failure of his 17-year marriage to wife one. While the previously written about Sacramento Bee articles alluded to it, the CN&R went in to graphic detail (so will I later).

Jim Nielsen lobbied for and got approval of a state grant in 1987 of $500,000. Most of it went to construct a Co-generation plant in Williams that he had a financial interest in. Apparently, writing bills to benefit themselves is something Doug LaMalfa and Jim Nielsen have in common.

In 1990 after his divorce from wife #2, Jim Nielsen was sued by a business partner in the aforementioned power plant. He was accused of double-dealing and a conflict of interest. Nielsen’s attorney withdrew and submitted legal documents stating that Jim Nielsen owed him over $13,000 in unpaid legal fees.

From 1989-1990 – Nielsen is alleged to have been using his employees on State Payroll to do campaign work.

Jim Nielsen got caught declaring under penalty of Perjury that his residence at the time was in Rohnert Park. On documents related to the above mentioned Lawsuit, Neilsen listed his address as being in Woodland. Woodland was outside the Senate District that Jim Nielsen infested at the time and is also outside the current SD-04 district.

The Right On Daily blog will unpack each of the above issues in detail in the coming days – so that voters can be better informed about “Conservative Rancher” Jim Nielsen from Woodland.

Proof: Jim Nielsen Supported a Peripheral Canal and Dam Removal on 11/04/2009

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Sep 262012

Jim Nielsen’s campaign staff have a nightmare. They have claimed that Jim Nielsen opposes a Peripheral Canal and Opposes Dam Removal.

Jim Nielsen even said as much in person at the Placer GOP Cent Com Meeting on 9/19/2012.

Jim Nielsen lied to the Placer County Republican Party, the independent expenditure paid for by liberal billionaire Charles Munger on his behalf is lying.

SB X7 2 11/04/2009 – here is the vote tally – Note the title: TOPIC: Safe, Clean, and Reliable Drinking Water Supp

Whoops. Dan Logue NO, Ted Gaines NO – JIM NIELSEN YES. SB X7 2 was the vote to put the water bond on the 2010 ballot. It has since been moved twice.

The title is key – because the summary linked here has the same title, yet reads SB2. So that no one can attempt to parse words – this was SB2 from an extraordinary session as the legislature usually recesses at the end of August. Also – look at the link in your browser – you will see that it matches the term SB X7 2 in the link.

Please refer to page 25 – Page 25 provides $250,000,000 for Dam Removal in the Klamath River Watershed – this is in Siskiyou County.

What about the Peripheral Canal? – well, take a look at Governor Arnold gushing over the approval of this measure!

This is from the Stockton Record and is dated NOVEMBER 4, 2009 – an exact match with the above.

If you look closely at this bond – you will see that it is an environmental grab bag of pork, watershed restoration, clean drinking water – a veritable agenda 21 shopping spree.

Jim Nielsen can not wiggle free from this – his own record has doomed him. This bond that Nielsen supported will be on the ballot in 2014 unless it is moved again.

Jim Nielsen’s Senate Campaign just got aborted.

The Difference Between Real Endorsements and Fraud – Jim Nielsen

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Sep 262012

There is a reason why David Stafford Reade was tossed from the CRA for 10 years and fired by Doug LaMalfa and why Mark Webmaster Spannagel was tossed for 5 years – Fraud and specifically for rigging CRA endorsements.

Now that I have seen that David Stafford Gilliard is in a reactionary mode with his campaign releases – allow me to point out one critical fact about today’s release.

Neither Colusa nor Siskiyou’s Central Committee noticed Dan Logue about a pending endorsement – this violates the CRP’s by-laws.

What’s worse – is that Colusa appears to have never held an actual meeting of their entire committee to vote in person per state CRP By-Laws on their endorsement.

This means that Team LaMalfa/Nielsen are engaged in business as usual – contrived endorsements and controlling circumstances versus the Placer GOP for example where the result was not known beforehand.

Announcing dubious Cent Com Endorsements may give proven liar David Stafford Gilliard some good copy for his mailers – but is indicative of Jim Nielsen’s failure to connect with real grassroots.

Next – I am expecting paper GOP clubs under the control of the above mentioned to start announcing their endorsements of Jim Nielsen – meanwhile the CRA, composed of 6 Real Units with jurisdiction in the district endorsed Dan Logue Unanimously.

These are desperate times for Gentleman Jim.