Dec 242022

Drama and legal issues seem to follow Gene James everywhere.

At around 6:54 p.m. on Monday, deputies responded to the 500 block of Avenida del Verdor, where the teen allegedly struck James in the head and facial area multiple times with a skateboard, Steinle said.

The incident began after James and his wife heard a noise outside of their home and went to investigate. They saw the teen skateboarding a few houses down, recognizing the individual as a neighbor of theirs, according to Steinle.

The teen reportedly became upset after noticing James’ wife using her cell phone to record the teen skateboarding. The teen then began to yell profanities before approaching James’ wife, who feared for her safety, Steinle said.

James stopped the teen from coming closer toward his wife by putting his arm out. The teen reportedly threatened James and his wife, allegedly stating that “he would kill them both with his skateboard,” according to Steinle.

“He then approached (James’ wife) a second time, and (James) intervened also a second time,” Steinle said, adding, that James “held on to the subject. Then the suspect hit him over the head multiple times.”

According to Steinle, James was able to take the teen to the ground, holding him there while James’ wife took the skateboard away and contacted the authorities. James, Steinle added, maintained control over the teen until deputies arrived at the scene.

IT appears that the 16 year old punk kid is in a lot of trouble – but do not miss the actions of Gene James’ wife recording the kid. I am wondering if this was in the similar vane to James’ harassment of the homeless people (Remember the truck exhaust caper?)…

It seems that Gene James life pattern is continuing well in to his old age. In case you have forgotten the record of Gene James, here is a nice summary from a local rag:

In the exchange, the account starts by blaming Dixie for being the cause of James and Parker breaking off their engagement. And it concludes with the emailer disparaging the LGBTQ community outright.

James claimed the email address was not his. LOL

“Several women stayed behind until Gene appeared to settle down, and they were able to escort Dixie out safely,” Parker said in the email. “He later tracked down Dixie Longate, contacting him through emails and phone calls, threatening to physically harm and/or kill him.”

Dixie, who asked to be referred to as his stage name in order to speak candidly on the matter, corroborated the event, telling SC Times that although he didn’t recall James ever saying anything directly to him at the party, it was apparent that James’ alleged tirade was over Dixie’s presence.

“To my recollection, he didn’t say anything to me; it wasn’t until I got home to the emails,” Dixie said, later adding: “There was a definite sense that he didn’t want me there, and for safety, they wanted to get me out of there.”

Yep. Gene James

Seen above, the lawsuit against James by Jim Bieber over false information James allowed Bieber to disseminate in mailers…

Also, pictured are 8 IRS liens – just a portion of the lifelong pattern of litigation and derogatory financial records. Then there is a former employer suing James as well:

According to the complaint filed with Cuyahoga County Court in Ohio, AVI agreed to lend James $49,000 in September 2000. The court filing also states that James had agreed to repay the loan within 30 calendar days of his termination.

By August 2001, James had a remaining balance of $24,400 on the loan, according to the court document. Around that time, James and AVI amended the terms of the agreement, with James allowing his then-employer to garnish $100 from his “remaining payroll checks and through the 13 weeks of certain agreed-upon severance pay.”

Those deductions reduced James’ debt to $22,800. Afterward, the complaint stated, James was to make weekly payments of $100 until the loan was paid off.

James, the defendant, “did not make any of these weekly payments to AVI,” the court filing notes.

We’ve written about Gene James for a while… it just keeps continuing.

Dec 202022

These need to be published somewhere as we know we will never see them in the Bee!

This is a California Republican All-Star Team in this photo. (one exception, but who cares)

The two ladies are Republican all-stars, the other guy is who we call “Ringworm”.

Look at the Placer County Office of Education staying with a solid PRO-CHARTER SCHOOL Majority!

And, Pete Constant Re-Elected along with another of Placer County’s Finest coming in to office for the first time.

Spreading the CHRISTMAS Cheer here on Right on Daily!

Shanti Landon, and one of her handsome children as seen in June with your intrepid blogger.

Dec 192022

It took a couple of National Right-Wing Blogs, motivated by attacking Kevin McCarthy, to finally pick up on the stuff your intrepid blogger wrote about 4 years ago.

The first is the Gateway Pundit, which has a spotty reputation but has gotten some gigantic scoops over the years.

A top California Republican and lieutenant of Kevin McCarthy is closely tied to the Chinese entities identified by the Trump Administration as being linked to the theft and transfer of American intellectual property by and to China. 

Chung Cheng Kuo, who is actually from Taiwan, and who purports to work in the insurance industry, has founded several companies, many with ties to China and the Chinese-connected innovation space and business incubator, the ZGC Innovation Center.

Nothing moves in California Republican Party politics without McCarthy’s say-so. The same goes for the selection of its top party brass. Chung Cheng Kuo, the California GOP’s Vice Chair, and Jessica Patterson, the Chairwoman of the California GOP, are no exception.

In the case of the Gateway Pundit, they attach a 77 page opposition research report on Kuo. Much of the info was already reported by your intrepid blogger, but there are a lot of additional details that reinforce our belief that Kuo’s business interests were questionable and his ties to Red China were far too deep to allow him anywhere close to GOP Leadership.

His business ties run directly to Zhongguancun (ZGC – also called Zhong Guan Cun), a technology district located in Beijing, China.

The ZGC Innovation Center is run by ZGC Capital, which is controlled by Beijing’s municipal government through the Zhongguancun Development Group (ZDG).

In 2018, Donald Trump’s US Trade Representative and Elsa Kania identified ZGC and the ZGC Innovation Center, with which Kuo is closely tied, as being linked to the Chinese theft of American intellectual property (I.P.) and transfer of American I.P. to China.

The Municipal Government in Beijing is synonymous with the Chinese Communist Party, or CCP…

The address of the ZGC center repeatedly shows up in all kinds of stuff Kuo does, including political fundraisers.

I take issue with both the Gateway Pundit and the National File because they say that Kuo is an adjunct of McCarthy. No, he is not. People like Scott Winn and Jason Scalese, who are Kuo’s campaign guys, have been lieutenants of McCarthy over the years, but they also engage in other activities. It is fair to say that Jessica Patterson is an extension of McCarthy because almost her entire pedigree as an operative traces back to the Bill Thomas / Kevin McCarthy machine.

Further, Jessica Patterson never left the CAGOP Chairmanship because the powers that be did not want Peter Kuo to become chair. Re-read this as many times as you need to understand its meaning. The National File and the Gateway Pundit prove their lack of connection to California by missing this key point.

Then the National File went one step further.

They quoted Tim Donnelly, Johnny Nalbandian and Mike Cargile in their article. All three have huge personal axes to grind with McCarthy and may not have been the best choices to quote.

Nalbandian blamed McCarthy for “destroying California”:

“Kevin McCarthy Played a major role in Destroying California and in letting Democrats get away with what they’re getting away with.. You’re either pregnant or you’re not. You either go one way or the other. Looking at the way he’s handled the last six years with all his backroom deals with Democrats, I just can’t support that. He buries good candidates – many of them.

Putting J Patterson at the head of CA GOP is a part of ruining California. She thinks all America First candidates are nuts. She’d rather see Democrats win than America First candidates.”

Mike Cargile, a Conservative in San Bernardino County, confirms McCarthy’s ties to Patterson and Kuo’s California GOP:

“Kevin IS the CAGOP. Patterson is nothing more than a McCarthy sycophant. We MUST break the stranglehold of CA politics on the rest of the country. McCarthy is Pelosi-light. Same ideology, same methodology. This is our one chance to start a course correction for the Nation. We need leaders of a different ilk and vein. Leaders with a vision for the Party and Country based on our shared conservative values and the wherewithal and political acumen to achieve that vision.”

Andy Gimmecandy recruited an opponent for Johnny in 2022 who beat him. Cargile, who I like and have supported, had his CAGOP endorsement withdrawn because he likes to run his mouth a lot.

Anyone that quotes Tim Donnelly on anything California does not know what they are doing. (Donnelly called McCarthy Satan and talked about his ethics. Donnelly should look in a mirror himself)

However, the parts of the article about Kuo are devastating and the fact that these two outlets used Kuo to attack McCarthy further validates the warning your intrepid blogger issued 4 years ago. Specifically, I warned CAGOP Leadership and others that Kuo’s business issues would be used to attack them.  I can only imagine what the CAGOP control agents who helped Kuo pull off the election in 2019 are thinking about now. (Maybe they should get Kuo to resign early of the 2023 convention?)

Kuo Claims He Helps Connect U.S. Startups To Chinese Investors Through Silicon Valley Global, A Company He Founded.

Kuo’s company, DCLC International, markets itself as a conduit to Chinese capital and even shares an address with the China-tied ZGC Innovation Center.

Chung Cheng Kuo, who calls himself “Anthony,” claims to work in insurance. But the public record tells a vastly different story about the shadowy China-tied operative.

Kuo’s Ties To Chinese Government Backed Initiatives 

Chung Cheng Kuo has multiple ties to ZGC and several of his business ventures are based at the ZGC Innovation Center.

The ZGC Innovation Center is an innovation space located in Silicon Valley helping entrepreneurs develop start-ups and fostering business ties between America and China. ZGC stands for Zhongguancun, or Zhong Guan Cun, a technology district located in Beijing, China.

ZGC is run by ZGC Capital, which is controlled by Beijing’s municipal government through the Zhongguancun Development Group (ZDG).

ZDG founded several technology development centers in China and was formed to develop the Zhongguancun district.

The ZGC Innovation Center Is Located At 4500 Great America Parkway In Silicon Valley, California.

ZGC, with the help of a “Hong Kong Tycoon”, dropped $24 million on the 70,000-square-foot space in Santa Clara for their Silicon Valley headquarters in 2015. Its U.S. investments include Kiloangel, a fund managed by AngelList founder Naval Ravikant.

These quotes sound an awful lot like what wrote about 4 years ago. Better late than never, I suppose.

Dec 122022


This list was sent to me by a local GOP Activist / Party Officer. Meanwhile, the fabled Chinese Flag will be at half mast in front of the Sacramento Bee…

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Here is the schedule of our upcoming school board meetings where the Oath of Office will be taken by our brand new electeds!!
Please support them and attend if you can.
Eureka Union School Board – Robert Jamieson and Erin Grover
Monday, 12/12 – 5455 Eureka Road, Granite Bay, CA 95746 – Oath of Office @ 5:15PM
Dry Creek Joint Elementary School Board – Jason Walker, Jon Fenske and Jean Pagnone
Monday, 12/12 – Dry Creek District Education Center, 8849 Cook Riolo Road, Roseville, CA 95747 – Oath of Office @ 6PM
Loomis Town Council– Stephanie Youngblood and Amanda Cortez
Tuesday, 12/13 – 5775 Horseshoe Bar Rd, Loomis, CA 95650 – Oath of Office at 7PM
Placer Union High School Board – Jessica Spaid and Casey Jeffreys
Tuesday, 12/13 – 3775 Richardson Drive, Auburn, CA  95602 – Oath of Office @ 5PM
Auburn Union School Board – Greg Holt, Jayson Wedge and Renee Dowd
Wednesday, 12/14 – EV Cain Middle School (Dragila Gym) 150 Palm Ave, Auburn, CA 95603 – Oath of Office @ 6PM
Newcastle Elementary School Board – Jacqueline Lostritto
Wednesday, 12/14 – 645 Kentucky Greens Way, Newcastle, CA  95658. – Oath of Office starts before the 6PM meeting.
Placer Hills Elementary School Board – David McEntire, Breanna Spencer and Sadie Caldas
Wednesday, 12/14 – 16801 Placer Hills Road, Meadow Vista, CA  95722 – Oath of Office @ 6PM
Rocklin Unified School District – Tiffany Saathoff and Dereck Counter  
Wednesday, 12/14 – 2615 Sierra Meadows Drive, Rocklin, CA 95677 – Organizational Meeting @ 630PM
Placer County Board of Education – Sergey Terebkov and Andrew Tagg
Thursday, 12/15 – Burns Room, 360 Nevada Street, Auburn CA 95603 – Oath of Office @ 5PM
Loomis Union School Board – Darcie Stratton and Mendi Chadwick
Thursday, 12/15 – H Clarke Powers Elementary Library, 3296 Humphrey Rd, Loomis, CA – Oath of Office @7PM
Roseville Joint Union High School Board – Marla Franz and Pete Constant
Thursday, 12/15 – District Administration Center, 1750 Cirby Way, Roseville, 95661 – Oath of Office @ 630PM
Western Placer (Lincoln) School Board – George Dykstra and Marjorie Proffitt
Tuesday, 12/20 – City Hall Building , 600 Sixth Street, 3rd Floor Lincoln, CA – Oath of Office @ 630PM
Dec 112022

IN Rocklin, only one of the liberal democrat candidates that loves pornographic books in the library made it over the finish line – Michelle Sutherland. Don’t worry. Right on Daily will be watching her closely. On a more joyous note, Rick Miller got humiliated. Despite his pretty face, money, and slick tongue – Miller finished 5th. Jen Brookover finished dead last. Apparently, being a jerk and openly castigating people of faith is not a good campaign strategy (unless you are trying to kiss ass to the Sacramento Bee), who knew?

Unlike Sutherland, who was able to hide behind community involvement to get some endorsements (and yes, those of you that endorsed her will be reminded of it a lot), Miller was successfully tagged with his Pro-Mask, Pro-Forced-Vax stances. When you advocate policies requiring masking and vaxxing in order to get an education – that is by definition, forcing the behavior.

Go Placer!

When I started to dig into more results, I realized just how bad it got for the Sacramento Bee, the Placer Dems, and their ilk. There was a play for the Placer Office of Education and the Sierra College Board by some dems. That failed.

The Roseville Joint Union High School District stayed solid Conservative.

The Dry Creek School District saw its’ first competitive election in a decade, and three Conservatives were elected in a clean sweep. NOTE: Scott Otsuka who is up in two years is a good dude. He will work well with the new members.

Lincoln School Board? Check.

Placer Hills, Loomis, Newcastle and others in the area all saw entrenched liberals and squishes unseated by conservatives.

Now, I am getting an even better gauge as to why Hannah Holzer, Marcos Breton and the moonbat squad at the Bee are as unhinged. They are as bad as the legacy media’s reactions to the internal twitter discussions getting exposed to the light of day!

Personally, my two favorites were the Eureka USD and the Roseville City School District.

In Eureka Union School District – the stranglehold of the Eureka Schools Foundation was broken for the first time since Kristy Greiss was unseated by nearly $100,000 of Rene Nash’s money. Nash, who has registered Republican to try and hide has basically run that board for a decade. She now has some problems as there are two new faces to deal with. Only Jeff Conklin survived the election there. (Nash is up in 2024)

In the Roseville City School District – Rene Aggielairuh popped up for more lovin’. (Aguilera) Aggielairuh, whom we have excoriated for years, finished dead last. This is the third attempt by Aggielairuh to get back in to office since Kirk Uhler and I helped unseat him several years ago.

There is someone to watch: Rob Baquera. He is registered NPP, but should be regarded as a democrat. People your intrepid blogger has talked to indicate that Baquera in private espouses standard democrat talking points and similar to Sutherland, hides behind his community involvement to get himself elected in an area far to the right of him. Baquera is on a board for 4 conservatives, that should be interesting to watch as well.

We have already written about the Rocklin City Council drama and the Placer SUP D2 race in separate blogs.

Overall, if you are part of the Sacramento Bee Pravda squad, you are looking at what happened in Placer County with abject horror. That warms my heart.