Apr 262022

Paul Joiner has been on the Lincoln City Council since 2008. He owns this.

The California State Auditor’s office slammed the city of Lincoln for years of financial mismanagement of public funds, lax accountability and inadequate oversight from officials that “threaten the city’s stability,” in an audit report released Thursday.

Lincoln overcharged developers and residents millions of dollars, made “questionable” loan transfers, and shuffled money from restricted funds to offset deficit-ridden accounts to falsely present the funds as solvent, according to the state auditor’s report which reviewed city practices between 2013 and 2018. These actions “did not always follow state law,” Chief Deputy State Auditor John Billington wrote in a letter to legislators.

For many in Lincoln, the state audit validates a long-held belief that city officials repeatedly failed to heed concerns raised by residents, contributing to bad accounting practices and government oversight, said Tony Manning, a co-founder of a neighborhood watchdog group called Lincolnites for Integrity and Fiscal Transparency, or LIFT.

The Sacramento Bee (in this case legitimately) torched the City Of Lincoln for:

Ripping off its’ residents

Jerking off the books, perhaps laundering money to trick auditors

Breaking State Law

It appears that the financial maladies from the City of Lincoln circa 2008 continued to exist and were covered up with Slight of Hand, under the Watch of Paul Joiner.

And to think, my limited experience with Lincoln was the shuttered fire station with the $1.4 Million Ladder Truck Sitting in it.

The Lincoln City Council acknowledged “mistakes were made” that have eroded the public’s trust, in a letter signed by all members published Thursday on the city’s website.

Perhaps Paul’s opponents should send a copy of the letter out and ask if they can expect another one when he brings the same practices to the County of Placer? (Do note that the link to the letter in the original Bee article is broken)

The audit found Lincoln made resident ratepayers cover $1.6 million in the city’s municipal utilities costs from January 2014 through February 2018, violating a state constitution provision. Voters in 1996 approved Proposition 218, which allows local government to charge ratepayers only for the cost of servicing the ratepayer’s property.

Whoops. Perhaps this is why public employee unions are drooling over having Joiner on the County Board of Supervisors? Will he hide a bunch of new toys for the unions in the County Books?

Lincoln also overcharged developers and builders for the cost of water infrastructure, with the city collecting nearly $41 million in excess for its water connections fund as of June 2017, according to the report.

The city would then loan money from the water connections fund, in addition to other funds, to separate accounts that “clearly did not have the capacity to repay those loans,” according to the report, breaking the city’s interfund loan policy. The city has five outstanding interfund loans it is obligated to pay back, totaling $9.6 million, according to Hanson.

The city would also temporarily transfer money from the water connections fund each year to several other funds with deficits, such as the Fire Department, Parks Department and the airport, from 2013 to 2017, misrepresenting its financial position in its annual financial statements, the audit reported.

Between fiscal 2013-14 and 2016-17, transfers from the water connection fund ranged from more than $7 million in 2016-17, to nearly $19 million the previous year.

The mismanagement stems from years of city officials failing to follow their own policies, the report states. Several past financial investigations by the city’s external financial auditor reported “recurring deficiencies, including the city’s inability to accurately prepare its financial statements at the end of each fiscal year,” but little changed, the report said.

Here is the clincher:

Lincoln’s last permanent city manager, Matt Brower, resigned in June 2018. Lincoln’s current mayor, Paul Joiner, has served on the City Council since 2008.

So – the City of Lincoln was ripping off the residents and developers. Then, they used the money to backfill the budgets of the Fire Department and the Police Department. If anyone reading this blog thinks that the current union endorsers of Paul Joiner are not aware of this practice he sanctioned they are out of their minds.

Paul Joiner has a lot to answer for.

P.S. The City of Lincoln never had to pay the money back. What’s next for Placer County???

Apr 262022




Tuesday, April 26, 2022

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Pete Hardin Goes Full Woke at Candidate Forum, Echoes Exact Same Policies as LADA George Gascon

Hardin committed to ending the prosecution of juveniles as adults, no cash bail, no sentence enhancements, no prosecution of misdemeanors, no death penalty, and more


(ORANGE COUNTY, CA) – Orange County District Attorney candidate and criminal attorney Pete Hardin went full woke at a candidate forum held on Monday, April 25, repeatedly echoing the exact same policies as Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon.


During the forum, Hardin proudly parroted Gascon and vocalized his support for pro-criminal policies that are contributing to the destruction of places like Los Angeles and San Francisco, including:


  • Ending the prosecution of juveniles as adults
  • No cash bail
  • No gun or gang enhancements
  • No prosecution of misdemeanors
  • No death penalty
  • No gang injunctions
  • Defund the police by ending qualified immunity
  • Pro-sanctuary state laws


Watch Hardin go full woke at the forum here: https://youtu.be/Bx3KTYdg5c8




“Pete Hardin let the cat out of the bag during the candidate forum by unequivocally demonstrating he is a carbon copy of failed LADA George Gascon.  Hardin’s pro-criminal platform mirrors Gascon’s radical agenda to a tee. Hardin promised to bring the same dangerous policies to Orange County, which would destroy public safety and turn us into another Los Angeles.  Hardin’s open support for the woke criminal justice agenda should be a major warning to all Orange County residents – your safety is at stake in the upcoming District Attorney’s race.”  – District Attorney Todd Spitzer’s Re-elect campaign

Apr 262022

This is very typical for Politics. I guess it is time for the Lincoln Club to destroy Diane Harkey and the OCGOP’s reputation with her.

You can also see the word smithing and double down in the release:

April 26th, 2022
Statement Reaffirming Support of Diane Harkey for Supervisor

Orange County, CA – Hon. Fred M. Whitaker, Chairman of the Republican Party of Orange County released the following statement reaffirming support of Diane Harkey for Supervisor:

“Overnight a new political action committee was formed promising to spend six figures to defeat the only endorsed Republican candidate for Orange County Supervisor, Diane Harkey and elect Democrat Katrina Foley.

It claims to be a Republican group, but their filings show it is a PAC set up specifically to oppose Republican Diane Harkey. It’s telling that a group would focus on defeating the endorsed Republican in the race and not mention Katrina Foley’s name once in it’s announcement. Unlike this new group, the Republican Party of Orange County is focused on defeating Katrina Foley and will not attack the other Republicans in the race.

The idiocy and stupidity of this release is palpable. This is a primary, they will deal with Foley later. If Harkey is in the runoff against Foley she will get slaughtered.

The website shows clearly that the 1962 Project was founded by the Orange County Lincoln Club.

Releases like this joke from the OCGOP are what is required in order to save face and maintain the false veneer of superiority.

The rest of the release from the OCGOP is the campaign garbage from Diane Harkey.

Apr 262022

He may not be a Congressman but he did stay at a Maryott Inn Express Last Night

Readers of Right On Daily may recall that the California Secretary of State BEAT DOWN Bryno Maryott for lying to voters.

“We don’t approve/disapprove a ballot designation based on 3rd party complaints. We do receive them, but don’t base our review on them,” said Joe Kocurek, a representative for the state office. “We review the ballot designation worksheet and any accompanying materials provided by each candidate, then we reach out to a candidate if we find there is an issue of any sort with their proposal. We spoke with this candidate and we came up with a ballot designation that was acceptable for him and us.”

Translation – the SOS office got the complaint and talked to Maryott about his BS. Target hit.

Maryott has previously denied any wrongdoing in his campaign filings, arguing that his certification as a financial planner still remains active. Maryott acknowledged that he no longer practices financial planning or provides investment advice and that he is not active with any brokerage.

Well that’s a lie. Maryott’s Securities License has been lapsed for 4 years.

In order for a ballot designation…to be deemed acceptable by the Secretary of State, …each proposed principal profession, vocation or occupation submitted by the candidate must be factually accurate, descriptive of the candidate’s principal profession, vocation or occupation must be neither confusing nor misleading,” the law reads. “…The candidate’s proposed ballot designation is entitled to consist of the candidate’s current principal professions, vocations and occupations.”

According to Robert Stern, a retired attorney and former elections counsel to the Secretary of State’s Office, the successful result of Bartlett’s complaint is a win for her campaign, as such ballot designation challenges are rarely so swiftly resolved. What impact the challenge will have on the June primary is unclear however, at least for now, Stern added.

It’s very unusual for the Secretary of State to deny a candidate’s occupational status,” Stern said. “I’d guess it only happens a handful of times each year. So yes, it’s a win for the candidate filing the complaint. It’s also significant in the sense that voters get a lot of information from the three-word title candidates use to describe themselves on the ballot. If a candidate doesn’t raise a lot of money or isn’t as well known, that can really be something that identifies you to voters and lets people know who you are.

Undaunted, Bryno got the CAGOP to lie on his behalf:

He also calls himself a businessman. That appears to be another lie. Remember Bryno isn’t a Congressman, but he did stay at a Maryott Inn Express Last Night…

P.S. The CAGOP had better do a better job of vetting their mailers because this blatant lie is lawsuit and campaign finance complaint worthy.

Read the original post on the complaint pre BEAT DOWN here. 

Apr 252022

Hubiris has consequences. In the case of Diane Harkey, she has steadfastly adhered to a pattern of personal corruption that has finally gotten so bad that many of her enablers are going to rally to defeat her election attempt.


Please note: I am not a fan of Pat Bates either. However, she is a far superior option to either Kitty Litter or the Corrupt, Feckless Harkey.

Copyright Release: Dear OC Lincoln Club and 1962 PAC, you have permission to use everything on this blog without attribution as the goal is political cancer surgery. I don’t want to let the personal issues some of you have with me deter the mission from the greater good. Take Harkey out. Thank you. This permission extends only to the OC Lincoln Club and 1962 Pac, others – please attribute the source.

1962 PAC Launches Six Figure Campaign To Defeat Diane Harkey 


Campaign Exposes Harkey’s Scandals And Calls On Republican Leadership To Drop Its Endorsement





Orange County, California – April 25, 2022 – Today, the 1962 PAC launched to make sure voters know the truth behind the candidates running in Orange County and kicked off with asix figure campaign against flawed Republican Diane Harkey for Supervisor.


For months, Diane Harkey’s campaign for Supervisor progressed largely unopposed by any candidate with the reputation, credentials and fundraising means requisite to defeat Katrina Foley. Whilst a quiet but growing chorus of South Orange County Republican stakeholders expressed concern about the past allegations made against Diane Harkey and her husband’s operation of a “classic Ponzi scheme”, Diane’s campaign was able to progress to an endorsement by the Orange County Republican Party Central Committee. 


What most Republican donors and OCGOP central committee members were unaware of was the strength and credibility of the devastating attacks launched against Diane during her unsuccessful 2018 Congressional run. We were all too happy to take Diane’s word for it.


However, no matter what side of the political aisle, even a cursory review of the information leaves zero doubt that not only do they pose an insurmountable blockade to Diane’s electoral prospects, but moreover, they pose a credible and substantial threat to the entire Republican ticket in Orange County. 


1962 PAC is announcing a six figure independent expenditure effort to ensure the Republican candidate in the General Election is not one with such egregious political baggage.


The following letter was sent to members of the Central Committee and Republican leadership in Orange County requesting all support is withdrawn from Diane Harkey. Click here to view the letter. 

Read the letter

This is about the future of Orange County, not any one individual. We can win in 2022, but not via self-inflicted wounds.



Stay tuned,

1962 PAC


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