Jul 312014

Vern Pierson is an idiot. Kind of like another of El Dorado County’s idiots minus the chemicals, Vern just can’t help himself.

We saw the news in the Sac Bee today – but Vern Pierson could not help himself:

This joint prosecution by the California Attorney General’s Office and the DA’s Office, and the District Court’s decision today, has proven once again that no one is above the law … even the politically powerful,” El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson said in a statement.”

Pierson will die by the same sword – the self-righteous abusers of their own power always do.

For those of you not privy to the situation – allow me to sum it up in few sentences.

Vern Pierson is the El Dorado County DA. He decided to use his office to light up some of his political enemies. Ray Nutting made himself an easy target because of his lacksadasical devil-may-care attitude toward his paperwork. Nutting beat the felony rap, but had to raise bail money. He was convicted of violating the political reform act over how he raised his bail money – a misdemeanor no less – but not on the original charges Pierson brought.

A judge threw him out of office over the equivalent of  bar fight conviction, then the appeals court upheld the decision. The Bee did not go in to the reasons why – BTW, it is actually rare for an appeals court to overturn any decision no matter how absurd.

Pierson’s chest-beating should be a wake-up call to the political class in El Dorado County, you could be next unless you do something about Pierson. Vern Pierson has turned on dozens of people during his reign of terror in El Dorado County. Vern Pierson’s chest-beating is also a fitting political epitath for himself, because when Pierson is brought to justice, he will fall far harder than Ray Nutting ever did.

BTW – since it is a Misdemeanor conviction, Ray Nutting can still run for Supervisor again in the future.

If I was Vern Pierson, I’d have shut up. I’d have let Clinchard and his assistant make the statement. Instead, exhibiting the out of control psychosis rational people recognize, Pierson had to dance on the grave.

That is even dumber than his handshakes.

CA-41 Update Tour-De-Takano: So, you were a victim of Harrassment? Takano says…

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Jul 302014

… you’re a vigilante.

According to the same viewpointsonline.org article – Mark Takano had some choice words for the victims of the pervasive era of harrassment:

“The Board should be asking more questions and they’re not,” Slocum said. “They should be demanding different answers.”

In fact, Slocum said the Board is like a wife in an adulterous relationship, where everyone but her knows her husband is cheating. She said the Board only received 10 pages of the 19-page Office for Civil Rights’ report. They only got the section dealing with what the college planned to do to correct its mishandling of discrimination complaints.

“This was not nearly as damning as the report itself,” Slocum said. “The OCR report puts it out there pretty clearly.”

On the faculty-administrator level, life sciences instructor Kathy Brooks said she’d experienced harassment. In a faculty forum dated April 18 related to the Feb. 28 Office for Civil Rights’ report she discussed her encounter.

“Last semester a high level administrator came to my office and told me to ‘stop talking’ about certain district issues or ‘you won’t get things you need or want,'” she said.

Brooks was a joint complainant with the three students in the recent investigation by the Office for Civil Rights. But she said that other faculty members have told her of their fears of retaliation for whistle-blowing. “A large number of faculty that I’ve talked to are afraid to speak out,” Brooks said. “I do think this is a culture of the college … Our department is not the only department this happened in.”

On the administrative level, Slocum said fellow board members retaliated against her for reporting “irregularities” to the state Attorney General.

“The day after I informed the board of what I’d done I was stripped of my committee chairs,” Slocum said.

Prior to her report of “potentially criminal activities” to the Attorney General, Slocum said she chaired the Planning and Development Committee and was second chair on other committees relating to academic affairs.

At the Board of Trustees meeting on May 17, Board President Mark Takano did not directly address Slocum’s removal, saying only, “I acted in the best interest of the college.”

At the Board of Trustees meeting on May 17, Takano said the real problem is an atmosphere of over-excited activism.

“The problem is a vigilante spirit that circumvents the established process,” Takano said.

If a trustee, an elected official, is open to harassment and retaliation, Slocum said, then what hope do students and faculty have that their rights will be protected? Administrators, faculty and students, from the top to the bottom of RCC’s ranks, all seem to be pondering this question.

“The Board’s actions against me show the entire college that this behavior is pervasive,” Slocum said.

Harassment and retaliation are part of the culture of the college. The problem lies in an environment of hostility and fear.”


Got all that? Mr. Women’s rights slammed a female colleague and called female students who were victims of harassment “Vigilantes”.

So – Mark Takano and his whores in the media want you to focus on a 20 year old incident. Why not focus on stuff that happened in the last five years – including Takano’s attitude and strong-armed tactics against women.

There is more to women’s rights than just Abortion!

Mark Takano will change his views to suit his agenda, just like he turned his back on harassment victims. Mark Takano has also turned his back on us to serve his master Nancy Pelosi.

El Dorado County Sup D2 Race Update: Nutting gets Page One Above the Fold and…

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Jul 292014

… the Dead Fish Society can’t figure out whether Dave Pratt or Clair (no e) McNeal is their Choice.

Dave Pratt sits on the El Dorado County Planning Commission. Pratt was appointed to said board by none other than Ray Nutting. The question this blogger has is will that association prevent the godfathers of the Dead Fish Society from anointing him as the next Dead Fish?

Vern Pierson may choose to lay low coming off of yet another embarrassing shellacking in an appellate court.  Apparently, Pierson went on a publicity-whoring rampage against a local restaurant owner and got all but the disturbing the peace conviction tossed… the reason, WITHHELD EVIDENCE.

I am not sure Pratt or Clair (no e) McNeal want that sort of “endorsement”.

Another “Endorsement” that Dave Pratt claims to not publicly want is developer money. There is a problem – one, Pratt is rumored to be in the running if not already on retainer for an 1800 house development called Marble Valley. Second, the rumor mill also is suggesting that left-wing gazillionaire developer Angelo Tskapolos is also eyeing a large development and is looking to bankroll Pratt.

The alleged Tskapolos bankrolling is supposed to work as a Pratt loan to himself, then after he wins, “fundraisers” to retire the debt. I’ve seen this before in other races (and while not illegal, smells like dead fish), so this rumor is plausible. Please also note that Tskapolos is an extreme leftist and helped fund every loser in California Politics even Phil Angeledes over Arnold! (Apparently Arnold wasn’t far enough left for him)

Speaking of “endorsements”, did Clair (no e) McNeal rent out her train-wreck to the local Red Cross? According to accounts, her “campaign manager” was “helping” the local relief efforts and managed to get his sunken face on TV. I am not sure if this was the aforementioned Stanhope attempting to crank up McNeal’s campaign with some goodwill and service – or if it was the latest in a 12 year pattern of self-serving attention whoring.  (I’ve only known Stanhope for 12 years, so I can’t speak for his pattern before 2002)

Accounts on the ground in the Sand Fire operation indicated that Mr. Stanhope attempted to assume control of the operation, claimed that he got people kicked out of the operation, claimed to know several higher-ups in the area in an attempt to curry influence, called several people involved in the relief operation several times, appeared to be intoxicated and/or under the influence of narcotics, made liberal use of the F-Bomb everywhere and anywhere, alienated several people and was finally asked to leave altogether.

My sources tell me that Clair (no e) McNeal has hired a young man who is part of a prominent local family for her campaign as well, it is unclear when and it is unclear if she has separated from the train-wreck or not.

While Clair (no e) McNeal ruminates on her campaign staff and Pratt decides who his political daddy will be… Jennifer Nutting got a nice, fat, above-the-fold article in the Sacramento Bee.

You see, the El Dorado Mountain Democrat have proven to be whores for Vern Pierson – they smeared Dan Dellinger in their paper numerous times and gave a story as limp-wristed as any of Harn or Pierson’s handshakes when Dellinger beat Pierson’s ass to a pulp. The El Dorado Paper dutifully smeared the above mentioned Restaraunteur and of course gave scant coverage to the epic beat-down by the appeals court when Pierson’s felony rampage was completely gutted. This time, Pierson won’t be able to shop for a judge to throw the Restaranteur out of office over the remaining misdemeanor conviction. (as I believe he did regarding Nutting)

I am wondering if the editor of that rag will be remanded to suicide watch when either Ray Nutting is restored to office on appeal or Jennifer Nutting beats the field.

The Bee on the other hand chose life instead of doing their usual journalistic abortions.

For the record – I like Ray Nutting and I have been clear about how I believe that his lack of attention to detail and his devil-may-care attitude toward his personal finances and paperwork allowed the Psychotic DA to get him. I don’t know Jennifer Nutting. I am rooting for her simply because the people that have abused their offices (and people) deserve to suffer by seeing the name Nutting in office another seven years.

Pratt? I don’t know him from adam – I am sincerely hopeful that his “connections” to both developers are not true, or that he will come clean and take a couple of fat checks from them! IF not, he deserves to be beaten up bad politically for attempting to deceive voters.

Regarding the actual issues in this tilt:

While I am not anti-growth at all… I read the questionnaire from the “Keep Shingle Springs in the Stone Age” group and was aghast at the tenor and the scope of the questions. I’d probably be labeled public enemy number one if I attempted to answer that questionniare. (Start with my desire to see US-50 be 6-8 lanes thru Pollock Pines and 4 lanes thru South Lake Tahoe.. and of course my desire to see massive traffic improvements for Apple Hill).

I will be interested to see if the Shingle Springs anti-growth group endorses Shiva Frentzen as many are speculating. If that happens, this disqualifies her from serious consideration. I’ve been told that Frentzen is a great person, good businesswoman and the like. I am not sure if that translates in to good government if a group of BANANA’s whose stated purpose is to keep Shingle Springs in the Stone Age endorses you. (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything) If Frentzen proves that she is legitimately approachable on growth issues and can demonstrate sincere conviction on the issues vexing El Dorado County, she could be a surprise come election day.

IMO, Pratt disqualifies himself if A) the allegation of him being a consultant on the Marble Valley project is true and/or B) he has been working with Tskapolos behind the scenes on creative financing. You don’t tell people you are not taking developer money while doing either of the above. That is called lying and unless you’re President Clinton (with a bigger band of media whores than the el dorado paper) you don’t get away with lying. I do believe that Pratt will be funded and will end up in the fish wrapper. In my mind’s eye, I just can not see the good ‘ol boys associating with…

Clair (no e) McNeal, who disqualified herself with her attitude and the abusive manner with which she treats people she perceives to be lesser than her (which is most people). She makes it easy for me to criticize her since she hired the trainwreck for her campaign and also supported him for Vice Chairman of the State GOP.

The Above leaves us with loveable loser George Turnboo. Turnboo is just misunderstood, which also disqualifies him from consideration.

This leaves me rooting for Jennifer Nutting for even more reasons than just to rub the face of the psychotic Vern Pierson in political dog doo. However, if Jennifer Nutting wasn’t compelling in her own right – just being able to rip on Vern Pierson would be enough.

El Dorado County Politics are a colossal mess. Unbelievable.

CA 41 Update, Tour De Takano, Attacks Abuse Victims, Retaliates against Whistle-Blowers?

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Jul 242014

Remember, previously when we posted about the myriad problems with Abuse in the College District that Mark Takano used to serve on the board of:

“Evidence of a pattern of unreasonable, ineffective, and inequitable responses to claims of harassment is also reflected in the degree to which students were left to obtain their own resolutions after providing notice to the College of alleged discrimination. Students were left to fend for themselves in seeking cessation of the alleged unlawful conduct  and in removing themselves from the alleged hostile environment…”

Based on the examples and documents reviewed by OCR, in those instances when complaints of a hostile environment reached the individuals authorized to investigate the complaints, the investigation process was not timely, reasonably diligent or reliable as required by Titles VI an IX, nor were the processes prompt and equitable, as required by Title IX. The investigations were not sufficient to accord students the protections of Titles VI and IX…

Even where the College’s own internal investigation uncovered discrimination or retaliation, steps reasonably calculated to ensure that the violation would not reoccur were not taken.

Mark Takano was nowhere. He did nothing.

It gets worse – on the rare occasion when Takano actually showed leadership, it was horrendous:

The above snippet is from a letter by the US Gov’t slamming the Community College Board that Takano was chair of at the time this particular case came up. (This district has been in court for a variety of issues over the years)

There were multiple claims of harassment and retaliation which resulted in the above admonishment from the U.S. Education Department Office For Civil Rights but the Board was only given 10 out of the 19 pages. When Trustee Slocum reported this to the Attorney General, Mark Takano retaliated by stripping her of her committee chairs.

Maybe Barack Obama should have Takano take charge of covering up Benghazi, the IRS scandal or a whole host of other maladies in his administration?

It looks like Mark Takano has been given a free pass and was never vetted. I wonder what all of his far-left populist supporters would say when confronted with the next part of the Tour De Takano:

Discrimination, harassment and retaliation may be occurring from the ground level up to the echelons of administration at Riverside Community College.

From students to faculty to administrators complaints are raging at RCC that harassment and retribution are part of the culture of the college.

On the student-faculty level, on April 7 and April 21, RCC instructor Ali Issa verified to Viewpoints editors that he was the unnamed professor in the Office for Civil Rights’ investigation released

Feb. 28. Viewpoints had already obtained police reports that put the retaliatory removal of Student 1 during one of Issa’s scheduled classes. The report found Issa unlawfully retaliated against Student 1, who was instructed by a college official to poll Issa’s class regarding his racial discrimination complaints. The report also addressed two other students’ accusations of sexual harassment.

— wait till you read the rest… Mark Takano is not who he claims to be. Rather, he is just another far-left politician who tosses away his principles for self-preservation, to clear away anyone who he thinks is in the way of his lust for power.

CA-41 Update Tour De Takano: Opposed National Healthcare in 1993, Now Supports it as a Congressman!

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Jul 212014

Well, well, well – what have we here? We have an un-principled loser that is owned by the people that brought him to the game.

In 1992, when Takano attempted to smear Ken Calvert and deceive the voters of Riverside County the first time, this was his stance: (More on Takano’s smear campaign later)

Like many of this year’s outsiders, Takano has won support because he is not a creature of party politics. He disagrees with Democratic proposals for national health care and stands firmly against Bill Clinton’s idea of a middle class tax cut.” Harvard Crimson, November 3, 1992

I do like the stance against the middle class tax cut (that one has stayed consistent) – as you will see going forward, Takano has NEVER met a tax he did not like. Ever. (More on that soon as well)

However, Congressman Takano is on the end of Madam Pelosi’s leash:

Mark Takano will stand up against Republican efforts to privatize or defund Medicare, and will fight to make health coverage more affordable for working families. Mark will not allow Republicans to roll back important health care reforms that prevent discrimination against people with preexisting conditions, that allow young adults to remain on their parents’ coverage plans, and that protect seniors from the prescription drug coverage “donut hole”. Source: 2012 House campaign website, marktakano.com, “Issues” , Nov 6, 2012

Takano opposes the CC Voters Guide question on ObamaCare Christian Coalition publishes a number of special voter educational materials including the Christian Coalition Voter Guides, which provide voters with critical information about where candidates stand on important faith and family issues. The Christian Coalition Voters Guide summarizes candidate stances on the following topic: “Repealing “Obamacare” that forces citizens to buy insurance or pay a tax” Source: Christian Coalition Voter Guide 12-CC-q5a on Oct 31, 2012Opposes repealing ObamaCare.

Takano opposes the PVS survey question on ObamaCare Project Vote Smart infers candidate issue stances on key topics by summarizing public speeches and public statements. Congressional candidates are given the opportunity to respond in detail; about 11% did so in the 2012 races. Project Vote Smart summarizes candidate stances on the following topic: ‘Health Care: Do you support repealing the 2010 Affordable Care Act?’Source: Project Vote Smart 12-PVS-q5 on Aug 30, 2012

Maybe this is a huge reason why Takano’s polling numbers are underwater – he is a whore of the dem establishment and is going down with the #ACA ship.

#ACA is a huge loser and continues to be more than double-digits underwater nationally.

The problem for Mark Takano is that he is out of flip-flops on this issue.

Takano is indeed a product of the machine and his record starts to bear out some disturbing patterns – beyond his inaction in a slew of legal actions against the College District – Takano did engage at times and those engagements were as disturbing as anything you see from a politician. When Takano engaged as a Congressman, we got equally as screwed.