Apr 222024

To say Tenessa has been busy is an understatement. She raged on Michael D’Acquisto at a recent meeting when the lynching of Aaron Hatch was brought up.

But wait, there’s more. The Redding City Council seems to be beset with drama and tribalism.

That prompted Councilman Michael Dacquisto to interject, “It’s the Bethel juggernaut at work again, just like I said last week. This is crazy.”

Winter shot right back: “That’s B.S. Stop.”

Audette, Winter, and Mayor Pro Tempore Jack Munns attend Bethel, a megachurch in Redding whose membership makes up about 10% of the city’s population. Some in the community have expressed concerns that the church wields too much political influence.

Up until recently, I have discounted D’Acquisto’s criticism of Bethel Church because I am also an Evangelical Christian and I recollect Michael from his campaign for congress back many years ago (the original election of Congressman LaMalfa) and recall him to be completely non religious.

However, since Bethel attendees have taken the majority on the Redding Council it has gotten screwy, including Tenessa bragging she was going to become Mayor months before the vote – suggesting insider dealing. (Here is another post about the corruption behind the Mayor Scam.)

Who knew that the New Apostolic Movement involves the same kinds of tactics I have written about for years being done by politicians and their minions?

At the April 2 council meeting, Audette recommended appointing realtor Joshua Johnson and David Stine, CEO of Bethel Media, to the commission. They would replace developer Marcus Partin and realtor Cameron Middleton, whose terms are up.

That didn’t sit well with Dacquisto or Councilmember Mark Mezzano, who said both Partin and Middleton want to stay on the commission.

“I’m confused,” Dacquisto said at the April 2 meeting. “Why would you bring somebody new in when you have two experienced volunteers that are willing to go and continue working?”

On April 2, Audette, Munns and Winter were in the 3-2 majority to appoint Johnson and Stine.

Not bad, huh? Experience not necessary, just the membership.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

Got Jury Duty? UP YOURS say the three person majority!

Shasta County Superior Court Executive Officer Melissa Fowler-Bradley asked the city to pause parking enforcement of jurors’ vehicles around the new courthouse for 90 days until additional parking becomes available.

Ok, sounds reasonable right?

But the council voted 3-2 not to accept the recommended changes and not pause parking enforcement. Audette, Munns and Winter voted in the majority.

“The Superior Court is appreciative of the sacrifices people make to serve on the jury duty and apologize for this added inconvenience when their vehicles are ticketed,” Bradley stated in a news release Wednesday.

I guess they showed everyone who’s boss huh?

But, here’s the best part. The Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians (aka Rolling Hills Casino in Nearby Tehama County) ran an independent expenditure for Tenessa in the March Primary and donated the legal maximum of $5,500×2 to her campaign. I guess there is a toll booth at the front door of the Mayor’s office:

A divided council voted to send a letter to the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs that questions the final environmental impact statement for the Redding Rancheria’s plan to relocate its Win-River Resort & Casino to freeway frontage property south of Redding.

I guess Win River being near I-5 would be bad for Rolling Hill’s business?

The council voted 3-2 to send the letter. Audette, Munns and Winter voted yes. Dacquisto and Mezzano voted no.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs has final say on the casino project.

The public comment period for the final environment impact statement ends April 29 and the Bureau of Indian Affairs could decide on the project after that date.

The Rancheria’s plan is to build a 69,541-square-foot casino, nine-story, 250-room hotel, restaurants, a conference center, an event center, a convention center and a 132,000-square-foot regional retail center on a portion of 232 acres of undeveloped land west of Interstate 5 known as Strawberry Fields. The property is just south the I-5-South Road interchange.

If anyone thinks Tenessa’s stance on Win River has nothing to do with the largess from Rolling Hills I have a Sundial Bridge to sell you.

FYI – I hate to break it to Tenessa, the Federales approve these projects and rarely care about what City Councils have to say as most come up with excuses to oppose the projects.

P.S. The Planning Commission? The significance of that is that for reasons I am unclear about, the “Bethel Crew” want to do in the Redding Rodeo and the Planning Commission has some sort of major decision to make soon about the Rodeo’s lease on property downtown. My guess is they will be shafted and forced out of Redding after nearly a century…

Meantime, Redding’s Crime Rate is worse than 93% of American Cities.

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  5 Responses to “Tenessa Audette Update: The Post Primary Rampage Begins, Casino Corruption? Gives Jurors the Finger, Stages Execution of Planning Commissioner”

  1. oh my….religion in politics.

  2. I’m going to place this here, for kicks n giggles:


    Interesting article. Maybe lopsided, but maybe, not. Neat questions:
    WHY is he running?
    Lots ‘baseball’ ooompf, little substance. Kicks it with the money boys, ……good for them, maybe not so good with folks who don’t ‘kick it with the money boys’.
    Yet to be endorsed by our Own party………barely mentions Republican, yet that’s how he’s running….as a Republican.
    For ONE TERM ONLY………..that’s neat. My wife asked me a great question:
    “What can you expect f rom one term?”

    Ahnold ran as a Republican………….how’d that go? He pooched tons of BOND money for Demo programs……horrible rates of return to the public. When we HAD a chance to make a difference, we found that there wasn’t really a difference. But, the BRAND took the hit.

    Musings on a different note…..
    Got a Sheriff now, wanting to run for office as well….higher goal tho.
    EVERYONE is waiting………………..for???? What???
    Trump? The Federal/Presidential elections?
    Ah….because of the impacts…….got it.

    “Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ..into the future………….”

  3. Leo, Did you even read that “article” of “news”?

    Please don’t muddy the waters with mainstream media propaganda hit pieces about our California Senate election.

    EVERYONE knows Schiff should be in jail for the damage he’s done to people’s minds by telling lie after lie on news shows and on the floor of the House-not to mention during impeachment proceedings. Remember the big one? He said he saw evidence of Russian collusion in the SCIF…Many many times. That’s treasonous and the whole country hates him for the deception he foisted upon the unsuspecting minds of liberals.

    Garvey is what Republicans have right now, and there is no way he can lose. Schiff loves attacking Garvey about Trump for a reason. Does anyone here know? Once Schiff gets welded to the disaster that is Joe Biden, and voters see that he is going to jail; it’s over. It’s Garvey’s election to lose and everybody knows it. Ask yourself why they are writing hit pieces about Garvey. Fear? Garvey is a placeholder for soon-to-be-well-known Senators from California-that’s why he’s a one term Senator. He’s made a deal obviously.

  4. Did anyone listen to Sheriff John, yesterday? OMG……..most interesting. Mr Steve Hilton was on his show. (feigned look of astonishment) WHY, OMG………most of what Mr Hilton said, is EXACTLY WHY I am running for Gov!!! Isn’t that amazing??
    Leadership………..lacking in california.
    Hope…………near lacking in california.
    Promoting successful outcomes……..nearly gone, in california.

    In a recent Roger Neilo interview, Mr Neilo couldn’t understand WHYYYYYY California’s didn’t get the language of Prop1…….???……..really? wow. Maybe he’s not that connected? Or doesn’t read? Or is just saying this because he truly believes it??

    People didn’t get Prop 1, because People aren’t able TOO understand the language!!
    California ranks 50TH PLACE……………….50th!!!!!………….in Adult Literacy. First in the LAST column! (That’s LAST PLACE for the intellectuals).

    Gas going to 7.00 and climbing.
    PG&E, seems to lead CPUC by the short-hairs for rate increases.
    We’re turning our Prison system into something Norway uses?? and Violence in Prisons is ‘rising’ despite the prison population “dropping”???
    ANTI-ISRAELI protestors are now invading OUR college campuses in California??
    DEM”S SUE, at the slightest infraction of their laws/rules/regulations…….do we do that??
    Huntington Beach being sued, for daring to ask for ID for Voter Registration, but yet CALI wants to mandate ID laws for viewing Porn sites???
    You can’t have a plastic bag for your stuff, that literally is encased in plastic, comes in a plastic container??

    smh.,…….and people wonder WHY I am doing what I am doing. smh.

    Oh yea, and Patterson wants to meet with the Turmpster of the RNC…………pfffftttttt.

  5. Trumpster wins in Pennsylvania!!!
    (okay, big whoop……we know this already)

    Pundits are STILL claiming Nicki Haley meant something to someone. What, I have no clue.
    Those voters either vote R or Biden…….

    Biden got 931K of the vote
    Trumpster got 790K of the vote
    Haley, rounded off with 157K of the vote.

    Large numbers??

    PA’s population as of 2024, is 12.9 MILLION people.
    Registered voters are as of 2024, 8.7 MILLION people.

    Essentially, the combined totals are 1.879 MILLION cast ballots.
    15% of the total population;
    22% of the Registered Voters, voted. 22%…………..hmmmmmmmmmm

    To me? Haley isn’t a factor of jack.
    Standing numbers, 45% are Demo’s and 40% are Republicans, in the total Registered voters in PA.
    Biden secured 11% of the total vote, while Trumpster got 9% and Haley an abysmal 2%.
    Statistically, it’s a tie, IF, Haley voters stay with the R side.

    How the other 78% of the population will vote?? That will tell you the tale.
    Possible for Trump to WIN in PA this election cycle.

    Trump is basically the elected Republican Nominee as he currently holds 1974 delegates.
    The rest is to see where the rankings are.
    Some political hack has stated:
    “Anthony Scaramucci, Trump’s former White House communications director, said: “Nikki Haley dropped out of the race over a month ago, yet she is polling nicely in PA. Trump has no shot to win the presidency. Write it down and study it. And if you are with him: CRY.

    F**** Scaramucci. So much for insider info.

    Indiana Primary on 7 MAY 2024. National Convention will take place in July.
    Election is in November.

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