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What would you say if the chair of the Largest GOP County Party in America proposes eliminating about 230 delegates from the 1440 delegates the CAGOP has? For years, the moderate wing of the CAGOP have opposed efforts to expand the delegate pool. The only significant change to delegate opportunities in the last 20 years was adding County Treasurers.

The moderates did indeed push a by-law amendment to strip counties of delegates that did not go on the ballot. This was when the moderates were spending millions statewide to attack county parties. Regardless of the garbage arguments about allowing elections—blah, blah, blah—the amendment was done to expose Conservatives all over the state to the rampage of the “spirit of democracy” PAC that was spending limitless dollars to clear central committees out of conservatives.

I have referred to these people as the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure. Many could care less about how few Republican campaigns remain in California as long as they are running one of them. The Oligarchy is also supported by a generation of term-limit babies that are invested in keeping the party ineffective while they line up their next run for office. I know a lot of these people personally and have made money working for many of them. My opinions about internal party politics often conflict with theirs. It is what it is.

The problem is that the opposition has not been cohesive and has attracted some fringe elements that are tabloid fodder. So, while I express my frustration over the decisions of the last 25+ years I have tracked the CRP, there have been few, if any, times when the Conservatives have presented an alternative that was sane and viable.  And when we had so-called conservative CAGOP Chairs, they governed like moderates all the way back to Shawn Steel. Still others used the CAGOP as a dating service or a book tour agent.

Relics of CRP Conventions Past

So just what is Tim O’Reilly, the current Chair of the LAGOP up to? For starters, he is a member of the current CAGOP rules committee. Secondly, he has endured withering attacks from the fringes of his party down in LA County.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

Recently, David Hernandez won election as regional Vice Chair of the CAGOP. The region is LA County only. Tim O’Reilly was supposed to be the moderate shoo-in for that district, but David Hernandez organized a rag-tag coalition that stayed together despite game playing and drama at the just passed CAGOP Convention. Hernandez beat O’Reilly by 9 votes. Worse, Hernandez is good buddies with Satan himself Steve Frank.

But it gets even worse. Randal Jordan shocked the moderate establishment in the Central Coast.

The Merced GOP and Marin GOP saw a complete sea change. The SFGOP saw a John Dennis-CRA Coalition stop the attack of the far-left Briones crew, moving that committee to the right. Santa Clara and Sacramento’s once 2/3 establishment Majorities have been decimated. There were many other places where the opposition made gains.

With a now significant chunk of the CAGOP Board featuring opposition members, several counties changing hands and an even larger portion of nominees being aligned with the opposition, enter one Timothy O’Reilly.

The first amendment proposed by O’Reilly is linked here.

This basically eliminates CAGOP Delegates who failed to make the runoff. There are many districts where Republican registration is so low that the Republican gets 15-20% of the vote and sees two or more democrats get more votes. The current rule allows the top finishing Republican to be the nominee and thus a delegate to the party.

The significance? By my count this would eliminate about 15 delegates from the CAGOP, with only about 3 of them aligned with the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure. More importantly for Tim O’Reilly, had this rule been in effect a net 8 of David Hernandez’ votes would have been removed.

The big Kahuna is here, the second by-law Amendment.

It re-sets the appointment rules for Republican Nominees to the following metric:

Let’s say you make the runoff, great! You are the only delegate you get…

… unless you get 40% of the vote! Then you get a whole three appointments.

The net impact of this amendment would be to eliminate about 200-220 of the 1,440 delegates to the CAGOP. At least 90% of these delegates would be opposition aligned. 

The question your intrepid blogger has, is did the Jessica Patterson-Kevin McCarthy axis propose this as a power grab? Or is this simply an enraged Tim O’Reilly seeking to wreck widespread destruction on the CAGOP in order to eliminate about 2/3 of David Hernandez’ votes?

So the Oligarchy of Controlled failure or the Chair of the LAGOP or both have proposed two rules that would eliminate something like 1/6 of the current delegates to the CAGOP.

  1. It is already absurd that a party of 5.3 million people are only represented by 1,440 delegates. So we want to cut that number by 16-17%?
  2. One of the main incentives for people to run in difficult districts is being members of their county and state parties – this would be eliminated in large parts of the state by this amendment
  3. Counties like Solano, Sonoma, Yolo and the entire bay area would have no nominees with delegate appointments.
  4. What incentive is there to campaign, if the current rule that gives you 2 delegates for exceeding registration and making the runoff is eliminated. Getting party representation is one of the few consolation prizes you get for spending $3500 to file for office (as the party almost never pays filing fees for anyone anymore)
  5. Imagine being Andy Vidak, losing your seat in the State Senate and now getting only 3 delegates instead of 5?
  6. Imagine being Chris Bish, actually raising almost $100K, getting 38% of the vote in your district and getting no appointments at all?

Oh and leave us not forget, the CAGOP always struggles to pay its’ bills. So, this amendment would eliminate $23,o00-$25,000 in delegate dues. It would also eliminate something like $15,000 – $20,000 in convention registrations times 3 conventions. Then add in the meals and functions some of these people buy in addition. The combined financial impact could be well over $100,000 per two-year cycle!!!

Imagine the impact on county parties if they can’t recruit candidates for major office. It would make running campaigns for local office even more difficult than they already are. Love him or hate him having Steve Garvey on the ballot for the runoff is going to help GOP turnout in November. If O’Reilly’s amendments pass they will be punching holes in the up-ticket offices all over the state!

This is quite possibly one of the most destructive proposals I have ever seen in the years I have been around the CAGOP.

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  10 Responses to “CAGOP Update: Power Grab or Simple Revenge. LAGOP Chair Tim O’Reilly Proposes Elimination of 1/6 of all CAGOP Delegates!”

  1. WOW…like totally WOW.
    Clearly without the “McCarthy Bucks” there are those within the establishment of the scrambling to secure their positions of power. The political world owes a debt of thanks and gratitude to our intrepid blogger.

    Tim O’Reilly has finally overplayed his hand, now for those not in the know, you need to understand that there’s not a thought that enters O’Reilly’s head that hasn’t entered Andy “Gimmekandy’s” first. Observing O’Reilly in action at LAGOP meetings or other GOP meetings, you clearly understand why there was no Tim O’Reilly character on the popular TV Show “JAG”.

    Hopefully, the “Rebel Alliance” can create enough opposition to have this pulled at convention. Next step will be to have Tim O’Reilly pulled as LAGOP Chair.

    Go forth create the biggest powerpoint in the world and clobber O’Reilly with it.

  2. Intrepid Blogger, thanks for sharing this before the bylaw amendment proposals are posted on the CAGOP website. I believe all proposals will be posted this Saturday.

    The big question is how can the State Committee best represent California Republicans?

    The major tasks of the State Committee (and County Central Committees) are to (1) grow the party, (2) raise money, (3) get out the vote and (4) endorse candidates and take positions on issues. Mr. O’Reilly’s bylaw amendment does not enhance any of the above.

    Both the Democratic Party and Republican Party bylaws are similar in how delegates and appointive delegates are selected. The difference is the Democrats also elect “Assembly District Delegates”, 15 per AD. The intent is to get more representation at the local level, but the reality is it is done to raise money for the State Committee.

    I am an appointed delegate to the State Committee, and I will not be supporting this bylaw change.

  3. Is anyone surprised by this after all tim orino changed the county party bylaws to rig his own election and now he is carrying a dirty player jockstrap around his neck like an albatross with this proposed egregious bylaw change.

  4. And Rob Bonta is now giving his best impression of Alvin Bragg/ Tish James / Jack Smith in LA. Lawfare is everywhere. I bet Bonta would love to drag out his charges (from 2018) against Gascon’s people just like those mentioned above are doing to the greatest president and politician in history. If you are still doubting that, you are asleep. Why is Bonta dragging this out? He could have acted on this before now. Bonta was NOT elected, was he? Jack Smith wasn’t elected, was he? Both appointed by failing Democrats (Biden and Newsom) to lawfare the hell out of people (in an election year) while they claim plausible deniability. Panic. Why are Dems acting scared in their stronghold of California? Why are California Republicans helping them?

    LA County has already proven itself to be full of fraudulent voter registrations, so why does the GOP there shoot themselves in the foot while simultaneously making it difficult to get elected?


    Let’s hope this brings Bonta into the spotlight for all to see. There are still many Californians who DON’T EVEN KNOW HIS NAME!

  5. Thomas Graingrinder,

    Your statement of what the state party does is lacking ANY USEFUL INFORMATION for voters not in the insular/cultish world of party committee board group circle jerk bullcrap.

    “The major tasks of the State Committee (and County Central Committees) are to (1) grow the party, (2) raise money, (3) get out the vote and (4) endorse candidates and take positions on issues.”

    See what’s missing? HOW. How are these things to be done? And perhaps more importantly: WHY?

    For someone who claims to be an APPOINTED delegate to the state committee, you are doing a poor job of boosting any accountability. And you have not increased voter knowledge or power in California. In fact, you should repost your last post to clarify the errors in your statements so readers of this blog can at least have a small amount of information that is useful.

    Class dismissed.

  6. speaking of Election races:

    Sacramento Bee
    Adam Schiff maintains a strong lead over Steve Garvey in latest California statewide poll
    Andrew Sheeler

    ” Adam Schiff has a comfortable lead over Steve Garvey in the first Senate race post-primary statewide poll from the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California.

    Schiff, a Democratic congressman from Burbank, is the choice of 61% of likely voters. Garvey, a Republican and former all-star first baseman, had 37%.

    They’re vying for the Senate seat now held by Sen. Laphonza Butler, a Democrat appointed to the job last year after Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., died.

    The poll found Schiff gets a big boost from independents, who preferred him 58% to 38%.

    Party loyalists tended to stay with the nominees, as 92% of Democrats backed Schiff and 88% of Republicans preferred Garvey.

    But Democrats outnumber Republicans in California, and the GOP hasn’t won a statewide race in the state since 2006.

    Schiff has another advantage. Though he and Garvey raised roughly the same amount of money from mid-February to late March, the last reporting period, Schiff had $4.8 million on hand. Garvey had $1.6 million. ”

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, interesting.

  7. Sure Adam Schiff is up in the polls….

    With the investigation of his connecton to awarding money to defense contractors that contributed to his campaign, committing voter REGISTRATION fraud, committing mortgage fraud, and lieing to America over and over, I’m not surprised. And his performance on two impeachments and the Jan 6th committee just make him all the more electable. He had the EVIDENCE on Russian collusion but never showed it to us.

    Sure. I can see why Californians want to vote for him.

    And I can see why the Sacramento Bee would want you to know he is up in the polls…..TO DEMORALIZE YOU, AND MOCK YOU! Find me an Adam Schiff supporter, and I’ll show you a mentally disturbed individual. They are A MINORITY in California, they just don’t want you to figure it out. Go out, talk to people about Schiff. I dare you. Nobody has any sound reason to vote for this guy.

    The train from CA to DC is rapidly being exposed and drying up.

    Bonta, Harris, Becerra, Newsom, Pelosi, Schiff, Loefgren, and a few others will be forgotten and irrelevant in a very short time. No better time to hoist the America First MAGA flag and run on Trump’s platform to straighten out California. The people are begging for those candidates. Trump is no longer toxic, and Garvey can come out in full support of Trump (he is a Republican) and take the Senate seat easily. Keeping Democrats from controlling the Senate is more important than if you think Garvey is a one-term Senator. Senate control means more than most think. Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Coney Barret. Impeachment DOA.

    But those voter rolls….Paging Ryan Ronco, Mr. Ryan Ronco, please report to the people that elected you to safeguard our elections. Did you take an oath? Why? Or why not?

    If an illegal immigrant is CAUGHT voting in a federal election, then they are barred for life from voting in future federal elections. But who is keeping track? Who is enforcing?

  8. Speaking of elections:

    Did anyone attend the one for Ms Christine Bisch?
    I was celebrating my birthday, so I couldn’t attend.

    What happened? Who was there? What was it like?
    SOMEONE had to have been there!!!

    Thanks in advance!!!

  9. Hernandez is bad news.

  10. From Graingrinder,

    “The big question is how can the State Committee best represent California Republicans?”

    Really? The state committe doesn’t represent Californian Republicans for one reason: We don’t want them to. We have Trump, MAGA, and America First. Either get behind the mule or fade into irrelevance (which might be best). Understand Graingrinder? We Californian Republicans are not waiting back for the committee to save us or provide us with quality candidates, or tell us who to vote for. That’s the problem with your reality where you think we need you and your corrupt group of blackmailed/bribed/compromised politicians.

    Tell your committee to disband and rebuild in the image of Trump-the greatest president in the history of America- and we will have a conversation then, and only then, to talk about representing Californians.

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