Why am I Supporting Romney – Part 2

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Nov 302011

Ron Paul – Insane
Michelle Bachmann – Amateur Insane
Huntsman / Santorum – Also-rans from the word go
Perry – committed suicide

Cain – I never took him seriously, I figured he was on a book tour. These women? I believe that Team Obama created many of them – but how many more will come forward before those defending Cain stop?

Newt – philanderer. A Republican Bill Clinton, end of story. I don’t care how conservative he is – his behavior off the field so to speak says enough for me. If you can not be disciplined in your personal life – absolutely no way you can be trusted to lead. End of story.

Romney? Married to the same woman for 40+years. Romney does not drink, does not smoke. I may have disagreements with his apparently more moderate stances on some issues (and I’d debate that) – but on the most important level, Romney’s personal life is squared away.

That’s it, end of story.

If Newt is the nominee – Obama will eat him alive, this is why the DNC has started in on Romney already.

Ted Gaines is Running Scared Already

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Nov 292011

Les Baugh. Have you heard of him?

You will soon – he is a Supervisor from Anderson, CA in Shasta County.

He is running against Ted Gaines for State Senate.

Ted Gaines is taking Les Baugh seriously – as Ted Gaines and Sssssteve Davey are going to places Ted has never seen before for public appearances.

This is the same Ted Gaines that can’t drive 2 miles to a Placer County Republican Party event – who is now showing up in Redding and Yreka (hint – 4.5 Hours north on I-5) because he wants something.

Sssssteve Davey does too – for his paycheck to continue.

Maybe Ted Gaines will crawl out long enough to try and mend fences with all the people he’s irritated over the years in Placer County in order to get re-elected? (Somewhere, Bruce Kranz is saying “I told you so”.)

I am not holding my breath waiting for Ted Gaines to do the right thing – all I have to do is look at the liberal Republican he appointed to the local Central Committee to see where his heart really is. (but, that is a subject for another post later)

Look for Ted Gaines to go another $200-250k in the hole on this campaign, it seems to be his style. Perfect fiscal Conservative, eh?

Nov 212011

Folks – this is what the Contract with the CRA fought for.

This is what the Consultants sued the CRA to stop.

David Stafford Reade, Karen England and some of their lieutenants were expelled from CRA for 5-10 years for fraud. Had the below package of CRA by-laws been in place, Reade may still be a CRA member – but it is more likely he’d have had nothing to do with CRA at all.

A one-day CRA Convention was held at the LaQunita Inn on Century Blvd right outside of LAX. All we did was debate By-Laws. (and endorse Linda Ackerman and Shawn Steel for re-election to their CRP positions) This convention occurred on 11/19/2011.

We did a fix to our by-laws to get ourselves in compliance with state law (heaven forbid we get sued over that) – by making deputy senate district directors voting board members and limiting presidential appointments to the board to 10. The first three are confirmed with a simple majority of the CRA board, the remaining 7 require a 2/3 vote. The amendment also eliminated non-voting board members in their entirety.

This also addresses past practices of loading the CRA board with political allies by a CRA President.

In addition, another by-law amendment was passed that clarified how vacant CRA board seats that vacate mid-term are supposed to be filled. This is a transparency move.

One By-Law Amendment that was submitted by Mike Spence and deliberately targeted at George and I was destroyed outright and a second by-law amendment concerning confidentiality was referred to the board. In the version written by Mr. Spence – that by-law amendment could have prevented revelation of the fraud that was attempted at the April 2011 convention in the name of confidentiality.

The biggest amendments that passed were:

Changing the timeline for an email / online CRA board vote to 5 days instead of 15. This was one thing the lawyers for Karen England and the fraudsters hung their hat on in order to sue us.

We also modified the notice requirement for discipline to include phone calls, email, faxes, alternate mail, regular mail in addition to Certified Mail. This is a matter of efficiency and a cost-savings to the CRA. Again, this will protect the CRA from being sued over what constitutes “notice”. It still requires a 2/3 CRA board vote to act on any request for discipline.

We banned unit proxies. Mike Spence showed up with 2 unit proxies and Gwen Dyrud (who led the Chartered Busses that transported the delegates from dubious SoCal CRA units to the April 2011 convention) had 3. People saw this and this basically made the case for the ban.

Later analysis has shown that several units had less than 11 members paid and were being kept alive by Peggy Mew (the deposed former membership secretary) for purposes of giving her extra convention votes or to be given to Mike Spence. Those were to have been a significant part of the “delegates” Karen and the fraudsters were counting on in order to maintain the fraud in the CRA.

We toughened the requirements for chartering a new CRA unit. In most cases, it will take 4 meetings to charter a new unit and will require notifying more than one CRA Board member of said meetings. This adds a considerable amount of effort to what it takes to charter a new CRA unit.

The primary reason why Karen England and her lawyer friends sued us was that we attempted to create a residency rule requiring the convention delegates to actually live within the boundaries of the unit they purported to represent.

We did two things to address the grounds upon which Karen England and her fraudsters sued us over –

1. We modified the by-laws to include a provision that explicitly allows the CRA board to establish standing rules. This way, no lawyer can claim that a board rule is in violation of the CRA By-Laws, and:

2. We installed a 2/3 residency requirement for delegates of CRA units for Conventions (local and state) to have to reside within the boundaries of the CRA unit they represent. This would have rendered almost all of the fake CRA units useless to their Consultant Masters.

The CRA is already growing- this is because we have taken bold moves to address the problems that had beset the CRA over the last 10 years. Now, we have reforms in place to ensure that the CRA is run by activists and to make consultant manipulation extremely difficult.

A CRA endorsement will mean something again – and this is why the Consultants are creating a new Conservative “Group” (that I refer to as “CROCK”) to protect their commercial enterprise.

Charles Munger to GOP – Go to Hell. Molly Munger to California – I want to raise your Taxes

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Nov 152011

It’s all about Charles Munger.

He paid consultants to lie to delegates to get their support for a moderate platform that was devoid of most everything people associate with the Republican Party.

Munger also financed Prop 11 and Prop 20 that created the re-districting commission that was corrupted by the labor unions and trial lawyers. Now, that the commission is being challenged for lines that may violate the Voting Rights Act (as well as common sense) with regard to the State Senate Districts and lines that were rigged to put the GOP below the 1/3 threshold to stop tax increases – Munger is trying to save himself at the expense of all Republicans.

So to the GOP Moderates that aligned with Munger – the joke’s on you. You were used – unless of course, you agree that the GOP is a bigger problem than the Democrats.

The referendum got to critical mass and Charles Munger called days before the signatures were due in a last-ditch attempt to convince the proponents NOT to file. After $2.5 million was spent to gather the signatures – Munger tried to stop them from filing?

You can’t draw any other conclusion that in Charles Munger’s mind that Prop 11 and Prop 20 were about him and not about fair districts, the GOP or anything else. It appears he is out to screw all Republicans- Moderate and Conservative alike. What other motive could he have for wanting to allow us to go below 13 in the State Senate? Pride.

But now, Munger’s sister is in the act. She started a group that sued successfully to screw over rural school districts regarding school building funds – she got a court to agree to re-direct about $1billion in construction funds to corrupt, urban school districts like the LA Unified School District at the expense of rural school districts.

So – if you live in Roseville or Granite Bay and are wondering why all the new school buildings have to be built with Bond Money – it is because a court decided at the behest of the Mungers that “School Funding Equality” should be the order of the day. AKA – your property taxes are being diverted to East LA to build their schools while you have to further tax yourself to build schools here.

Molly Munger is proposing a tax increase initiative for the November 2012 ballot. No wonder why Charles Munger had a GOP platform created that had no mention of lower taxes in it???

Fox and Hounds was first out of the gate on this story.

I guess we should refer to Charles and Molly Munger as the Obama/Biden wing of the Republican Party.

Here is a great quote from the article:

Molly Munger is a civil rights attorney. Following a career as a federal prosecutor and business litigator, she centered her practice on equality issues often dealing with education. Through the organization she co-founded, The Advancement Project, Munger won a major lawsuit against the state to secure a more equitable share of state school building funds for urban school districts.

Together with Co-Directors Steve English and Connie Rice, Munger filed a lawsuit, Godinez v. Davis, that won approximately $1 billion for new school construction in Los Angeles and other urban areas – money previously slated for less crowded, more affluent suburban school districts.

Nice, Huh – now you know why I lit up David Stafford Reade, Doug LaMalfa and others for playing footsies with this guy…

Nov 142011

Gotta love Republicans. This time the moderates are doing what Conservatives are famous for – all jumping in to a race, pointing the fingers at each other to get out, then assuring the victory for the candidate none of them like.

A deputy DA from Sutter County joins Pizza Manager Tim Core, Liberal Republican Supervisor Kim Dolbow-Vann Vann and -34 in the CA-03 race – his name is Tony Carlos.

Mr. Carlos like Vann and Garamendhi (who happens to be the Dem Incumbent) supports open borders.

Heck, maybe the Lake County Undertaker, the Yolo County Dog Catcher and the Western Sac County mugwump manager will join the race, too? At this point, David Reade could use some of the money he’s made over the years undermining the Republican Party to run…

The Willows Journal had the announcement.

Note that Carlos sounds like a Ron Paul guy – absolutely no mention of the social issues. I’ve seen enough of those in my lifetime.