Jan 312024

Sometimes you need to take a break and pause. Life is precious. I do wish the CRA well and hope they continue to prosper despite recent news.

I got the following in my inbox this AM:

Yesterday, CRA lost a dear friend and colleague. CRA Executive Vice President Davina Keiser passed away and is with the Lord. Davina was diagnosed before Christmas with glioblastoma multiforme, a highly aggressive cancer of the brain. She is the third major CRA leader that we have lost in three weeks: Davina Keiser, John Gebhart, and Karen Roseberry.
What are you doing with your life and how will you be remembered?
Jan 242024

For those of you that read the Orange County Register – you were treated to Eric Early’s DEI Op-Ed, where he represented himself as Diversity, and, in the interest of debate Equity, the powers that be must include him in the debate just concluded.

POLITICO and USC took a poll, said I came in 5th (out of more than 25 candidates), and then chose to only allow the top 4 onstage – in a state where 20% to 40% of the voters remain undecided.

Fair? Of course not. Arbitrary? Nope. I’m the only Conservative Trump-supporting voice on the ballot with a successful professional background, a great family and statewide grassroots support.  No need to wonder if that was the reason I was kept off the stage – it was.

Ummm… Eric, you were at 3%. Only the brain trust at the RNC allowed candidates that low in polling to participate.

In the mind of Eric Early, he believes there was a conspiracy to keep him and his 3% (FYI – The Same 3% that James Bradley has) off the stage. According to this screed in the OC Register, It is Eric Early that represented the Diversity sorely lacking from the just held debate. It was painful to read.

Adam Schiff was allowed to continue lying about Trump while the Joe Biden Republican offered little resistance.  By his continued waffling on the subject, Garvey made clear he didn’t want to be associated with Trump and might even consider voting for the worst President of my lifetime – Biden.

My Democrat opponents are indistinguishable from one another on policy, all hate Trump, and spent considerable time calling him a “threat to democracy,” an “insurrectionist,” and other fraudulent epithets.

Eric Early thinks he is the only candidate that failed to make the debate that agrees with the above statements. Besides being absurd, his op-ed sounded like some coalition phone call bitch session. I can play the tape of hundreds of those…

Mr. Early should know that James Bradley is far more of a Trump loyalist than He ever was. Bradley was practically shining Trump’s boots as he went down the escalator. Your intrepid blogger is old enough to remember when Eric Early was a speedbump in CA-28 in 2020 and the odd man out in the 2018 AG Race. Perhaps his proven record of failure in elections aided those that staged the 2024 CA-Sen debate in their decision.

The media brainwash artists will approvingly rate the debate a success precisely because of the failed leftist approach represented by the Democrats and virtually ignored by Garvey.

The debate was no success.  It was a snowjob. I stand ready with a shovel in hand to help get America back on the right track.

Please note Eric Early has raised $500,000 to be in 5th Place tied with James Bradley (at 3%). This is the same James Bradley who does not have enough money for an In-And-Out Burger.

In his own worlds, He is the only candidate that supports trump and therfore would have created diversity in the debate. Because he supports Trump he should have been included. Only with recognizing the diversity he provides, then including him you would then have had equity in the debate. Sad. Perhaps Bradley and Early can talk about how unfair campaign life is over a burger somewhere…

Jan 222024



The following was lifted from Nextdoor and the author is Kathryn McDonald (the same person quoted in the KRCR News Story).

Redding City Council Brown Act Violation:

Some of you are aware that I submitted a “cure and correct” demand to the Redding City Council concerning my belief that Council Members Audette, Winters, and Munns violated California’s Brown Act when they selected Audette and Winters as mayor and vice mayor on December 5. Local station KRCR interviewed me and then posted a written piece to their website on Friday: https://krcrtv.com/news/local/city-of-redding-may-be-sued-over-alleged-brown-act-violation

The posting on their website included my cure and correct demand letter in the pdf link at the bottom of their piece. What they did not post was Audette’s Late Contribution Report from October 2023 in which she identifies herself as mayor of Redding a full two months before she was selected as mayor on December 5. Please note that the KRCR piece includes information about pending litigation that will apparently be on the agenda in closed session prior to the City Council meeting on January 16. I want to make it clear that I did not provide that information to the KRCR reporter nor was I aware of this agenda item. I plan to reiterate my belief that the Brown Act was violated during public comments at the January 16 City Council meeting. It would be helpful if you could also speak to this issue at the Council.

Blogger’s Note: The significance of Tenessa referring to herself as Mayor two months before it became official can not be understated. It shows a pattern suggesting that the votes were lined up well in advance. When you are an amateur at politics and begin to engage in dishonest at best, likely illegal activities, you make elementary mistakes that betray your motives and actions.

This sort of violation of the Brown Act, that mandates all of these sorts of local government actions are done during public and open sessions of the applicable boards, if proven could be a felony. The felony, if proven, is that it appears that Tenessa arranged with two friendly councilmembers to make sure she had the 3-2 majority to be appointed mayor of Redding. Talking to more than one other member of a board about an issue is also a violation of that law. (Unless the board is only three members, then you can’t talk to anyone at all)

Why does this matter? In California, you get a ballot title on the ballot. Three words that describe your occupation or office held. Mayor of Redding is much better than Redding City Councilor.

P.S. We’ve already seen that the interim City Attorney thinks this is a problem for the City.

Things that make you go hmmm…

Jan 212024

I have been of the opinion that Suzanne Jones is an empty shell who was in the right place at the right time to benefit from the rage and antipathy of others toward anyone reasonable in that part of Placer County. The personal rage angle has been played out almost like clockwork, and now it is time for the “Suzanne Jones the candidate” experience.

Lest anyone attempt to fact-check this post – here is the envelope. But wait, there’s more!

So, it was a generic stuffed at the kitchen table kind of mailing. (Dear Friends, instead of a mail-merge with personalization)

Secondly, see how it starts. WHOOPS. Maybe Suzie should have updated the content of the letter before stuffing it on 1-14 or 1-15 in her kitchen?

She needs to close December with $25,000 in the bank, as said on a mailer postmarked 1-16-2024. I am going to guess that she may have less money than anyone not named Anthony DeMattei when the reports are displayed.

This is what happens when you make candidate decisions based on personal rage, most of the time the candidate picked in this manner is like missing a penalty kick by a mile.

Jan 172024

I got an email back from Placer County Clerk-Recorder Ryan Ronco about a couple of Postcards I got here at my command post 5,140 Feet in Elevation.

The email is posted in its’ entirety. This is valuable information for ANYONE that cares about election integrity.

Hello Aaron –

Sorry for my delayed response – I was back east last week to (PERSONAL DETAILS REDACTED) and I’m catching up with emails.

Yes, this post card is the result of my office finally being able to cancel your voter registration.

Back in September of 2020, we moved your record to the inactive voter file after we received undeliverable election mail returned to us in advance of the November 2020 election (as a reminder, voters in the inactive file do not receive vote-by-mail ballots, voter information guides, or other election mail – more on this topic below).  In accordance with federal law, after two consecutive federal general elections without any contact from the voter (in your case, November 2020 and November 2022), we can move the voters from the inactive file to the cancelled file. Your record was moved from the inactive file to the cancelled file on December 6, 2023, which was the last day we could cancel voters from the inactive file before federal law forbids cancellations of inactive voters within 90 days of a federal election.

I believe in the Right On Daily blog you mentioned that you contacted my office when you moved so that your voter registration would be cancelled.  I’m absolutely not doubting you did that – you are one of those very few registered voters who would ensure your record was cancelled in your previous county of residence after a move (if everyone did that, there would be no need for an “inactive voter file”).  However, I don’t have a record of that correspondence.  According to our records, we moved you from the active file to the inactive file because we sent you something (probably our residency confirmation postcard that we send before the primaries in Placer County) that came back as undeliverable.

As I mentioned above, voters in the inactive file do not receive voter information guides, vote-by-mail ballots, or other official election mail from my office.  They might still receive political mail from campaigns if the campaign purchased my data before we moved the voter to the inactive file and if the campaign did not pay for periodic data updates.  They also might get some official mail from my office depending on WHEN we move the voter to inactive status – our data is usually sent to the vendors who print our vote-by-mail ballots and our voter information guides (two different vendors with two different production schedules) about 60 days before an election, so there could be some people who were active when we sent the voter file to the vote-by-mail ballot printing/mailing vendor and then they become inactive a few days later once we receive and process a piece of undeliverable mail.  I know that you mentioned in the Right On Daily blog that one of you received a ballot (according to the new homeowner at your previous address) in the November 2020 election.  Assuming it was in fact a ballot and not some other piece of mail (I don’t know where that person may have lived before moving into your old house, but some voters mistake the “Sample Ballot and Voter Information Guide” as the official ballot if they came from a state that has no voter information guide), it would have been the last ballot received at that address for the Park family – once a voter is on the inactive file, vote-by-mail ballots are not printed and mailed for subsequent elections unless the voter returns to the active voter file.

By the way, if we are contacted with an official form that allows for cancellation (like a death certificate, a United States Post Office change of address postcard, or a “Voter Action Request Form” from my website), we are able to bypass the inactive file and immediately cancel the voter.  Therefore, there aren’t a lot of dead people laying around waiting for cancellation – once we get word that they are deceased (which I get directly from the county and state since I’m the County Clerk and the keeper of the county vital records), they are cancelled from the active voter file.

That is probably more information than you wanted, but I have been meaning to connect with you about your post for quite some time now (just way too busy, unfortunately).  Please let me know if my explanation is unclear and I’d be happy to take another stab at the answer.

Hope all is well.  My best to you.



There are a lot of useful facts in here from an ethical and trusted County Clerk. Make notes. Thanks for reading.