Oct 312017

So far we’ve covered a dozen prominent current and former Republican leaders in my personal expose’. Too often, many of my Conservative friends get upset with me because I seem to care more about morality, personal behavior, ethics and integrity over some lexicon of issues. It is true. I will vote for an honest RINO-Squish before I support a promiscuous Conservative.

If you call yourself a Conservative, you are adopting a higher standard. This is why former Assemblymember Chuck DeVore’s reputation as a cheater is an issue. A democrat does it, it is expected. Don’t talk about family values when you wake up in another woman’s bed. It’s worse when (one of) your alleged girlfriend(s) worked for one of those “Family Values” groups. The Chuck DeVore I knew was an egomaniac, usually people like that feel entitled to other women.

But I never heard about DeVore’s office being a hotbed of harassment. I did however speak with two staffers, one who worked for a former Orange County legislator and one who used to work for a still current member. Both described to me the culture in the Sacramento Bubble and how they were objectified. The female staffers were encouraged to dress in clothing that accentuated their breasts and buttocks for example. Colors were suggested as well.

One of these women reached out to me while I was launching on Chad Mayes. Her warning was pointed, “these people think they are above the law”. They get away with stuff you would not believe. “Watch your back”. Maybe someday I will be able to go on the record with you when I have been out of there (Sacramento) a while. “You would not believe what I saw and I was there XX Years…”

She also warned me that the new regime (as in Brian Dahle) was no different than the old regime (Chad Mayes). I hope she is wrong.

I am also afraid what I will find out in detail when she is willing to go on the record with me.

I was also told about Tim Clark’s brief tenure in the building as well. It was characterized by him bragging openly about all the people he screwed over. While Clark was not dumb enough to objectify women according to the sources, he did routinely call them some ugly expletives. This same man, you guessed it, liked to play the faith card frequently. Clark is one of many that have been characterized by this description.

I heard recently that Mr. Clark is doing way better on a personal level now that he is in Washington D.C., I hope this is true, because his last 10 years in California were a disaster. I sincerely hope that Jesus has become king of his life again as for a while it seemed like money had taken him over (when he was not raging/deriding women).

Like Chuck Devore, I witnessed Tim Donnelly’s disaster of a Statewide Campaign. I have still not figured out what it is about so-called conservatives using their statewide campaigns as a dating service. I saw it with Ron Nehring, Tom Del Becarro, Peter Foy (allegedly), and those two. I have a ton of further evidence on Mr. Donnelly about his abhorrent personal behavior. Mr. Donnelly was always chaperoned by staff and I observed that clearly. I learned that the reason for this was his penchant for acting out. His personal behavior is a complete, glaring contrast to the so-called Christian Conservative he wants us all to believe he is. Some on the right are still mad at me for supporting Neel Kashkari – but Tim Donnelly should be institutionalized and not anywhere near office, ever.

Tim Donnelly is running for Congress again. If it is anything similar to the rip-off mission that was his SB277 referendum, you can make bank there will be more women and ripped off donors in his path.

I have to remind myself sometimes hour by hour why I am still a Republican. It is because of the values of the Republican Party, not because of the people.

No incumbent (in party office or elected office) ever deserves an automatic endorsement or re-election. They must earn it and until these people are made to fear the consequences of their misdeeds, there is little, if any deterrent to this out of control behavior. There is an election cycle upon us, I am sure I will be adding more names and details to this series when I pick it up later…

Oct 302017

The definition of passive aggressive is to tell someone you are going to do something and the second they take their eye off of you, do the exact opposite. Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff is full of excuses for why Riverside County is extremely difficult for law abiding citizens to obtain a CCW Permit in.

The Sheriff has blamed “The Budget” and staffing for his stubborn refusal to increase the pathetic number of approvals for CCW Permits in Riverside County.

When attempting to defend his horrid record on CCW Permits, Sniff set fire to himself: “Around 1,100 residents countywide — not including law enforcement — are currently licensed to carry firearms, according to the sheriff.”

1100. Out of 2.4 Million people. This is an astonishing .045% of the residents.

Now, of course, another excuse from the Sheriff: “California is a very anti-gun state,” Sniff said. ”I’m not sure the idea of ‘shall-issue’ is ever going to wash here.”

So, the solution of the Sheriff? Only one person on staff who processes permits. This is called passive-aggressive behavior while rightly bashing the state of California to keep people off of the scent.

You see, in 2014, Sniff’s stubborn refusal to grant many CCW permits was a campaign issue for his opponent Chad Bianco. (ahem, it is again in 2018, too…)

An Article in 2014 had some pretty irritated Gun Rights Groups lighting up the Sheriff for his #EPICFAIL on granting CCW Permits:

The head of several pro-gun organizations today threatened legal action against Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff over an alleged policy of arbitrarily withholding concealed weapons permits, which the sheriff denied, pointing to evidence that he’s always been a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights.

Brandon Combs, who runs the Calguns Foundation and the California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees, announced the ”Fix-Riverside Initiative,” aimed at spurring Sniff to loosen up the issuance of concealed gun licenses in the wake of a U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision in February.

Now, you have perspective for the 2 year waits that people were complaining about in 2016 and 2017. Stan Sniff does not care. If he did, he could pull excess administrative staff over to processing CCW Permits. Instead, he prefers to cry poor and pick fights with the county board of supervisors… while hauling in $330k in total compensation at all of our expense.

IN January of 2016, in the wake of one of many acts of Radical Islamic Terror in this case that was a massacre in San Bernardino, there was a surge in applications.

In neighboring Riverside County the wait now stands at 18 months after just two members of the police department were left to process the hundreds of applications being received each month.

Note, I have been informed that there is now only one officer. Once again, pattern recognition takes over here as the previous post shows us the following:

I have a current CCW from another county. I’m told by Riverside county that I have to begin the process over in their county, taking the safety course from one of their vendors and I have to interview. They gave me an appointment in January 2019!!

Kevin Johnson says: Just got my interview appointment. First available was April 2019. Over two years away. The problem is worse since this article was written.

In 2014, Sniff only granted 258 new CCW Permits in a County of 2.4 Million people. In 2017, people are reporting 2+ Year waits for an interview due to Sniff’s Passive Aggressive Behavior. We deserve better in Riverside County, instead of a Politician that lies to Gun Rights Groups to get their endorsement by answering questionnaires – we need a Sheriff that understands public safety and what real gun rights looks like.

P.S. The people that threatened to sue Sniff in 2014, should do so now.

Oct 272017

The Chad Mayes rampage will have far-reaching effects for the GOP. He has been blathering to every media outlet that will listen about “New Republicans”, “New Approaches” and the other 20+ year old buzzwords often used by the platform destroyers. These public comments are de-stabilizing the already fractured and fear-riddled GOP Caucus. Chad Mayes is a bully and knows that he can get away with this sort of activity as the Assembly GOP Caucus refused to vacate the chair, preferring instead to allow Chad another two weeks as leader so he had an opportunity to retaliate even further against political foes.

Lost in all of this was Chad Mayes allowing three potentially vulnerable democrats – Jacqui Irwin (AD44), Sabrina Cervantes (AD60) and Sharon Quirk Silva (AD65) to get a free pass to duck or oppose his precious Cap and Trade bill. For this alone, Mayes should have been run out of leadership.

For reasons that elude me, Brian Dahle made Chad Mayes the Assistant leader. If this was the price for the votes that Chad Mayes still had loyal to him, perhaps Dahle should have supported Vince Fong. Having Chad Mayes on your leadership team is like inviting Michael Jackson to your son’s slumber party. Someone is going to get violated, repeatedly.

Assemblymember Devon Mathis (AD26), Marc Steinorth (AD40) and Chad Mayes (AD42) are all in serious trouble. AD26 and AD42 are considered “safe” Republican seats, but scandal and the right brand of BS from a democrat candidate could flip those seats as well.

I’ve been known to analyze political races in the past. I’ve been made aware that there are all kinds of polls running around in various areas. As a point of reference, I took several bets on Donald Trump’s victory in 2016. I had predicted that Trump would win with 300+ Electoral Votes back in August of 2016 – many know this fact.

It is my opinion that if the election were held today, a generic Republican candidate would primary defeat Devon Mathis. IF Marc Steinorth and Chad Mayes draw opponents with enough funding to get the message out, they will lose their primaries as well. Let me unpack this:

Devon Mathis’ opponent, the Mayor of Visalia, is scooping up endorsements once held by Mr. Mathis. Warren Gubler is going to unseat Devon Mathis. In 2012, an equally unpopular and unknown in her district incumbent, Beth Gaines had a serious primary opponent in Andy Pugno. Republican leadership called in $2MM in resources to save Gaines, including $1MM by former GOP Megadonor Charles Munger. Will Brian Dahle and crew do the same, pulling resources away from the targeted districts they need to get back to 27 Assemblymembers in order to save a leadership vote?

The thought process was that Andy Pugno needed to be stopped because they could not allow the precedent of an incumbent getting primaried. In the process, 4 other GOP Assemblymembers lost their seats due in no small part to the lack of resources and the GOP went under 27 (see also superminority) in 2013.

Devon Mathis’ campaign has basically legitimized the sexual assault allegations against him with the way they have botched the crisis communication. Mathis would have been in severe trouble even before that as I don’t need to see polling to know that Cap and Trade will take any Republican sell-out down 20%.

Chad Mayes, his chief of staff Joe Justin and others that were touting a poll showing Cap and Trade as a winner are about to get their comeuppance. Many are bragging about a $5MM or more independent expenditure coming in to save the Assembly GOP #capandtraitors led by none other than Governor Jerry Brown. The likelihood of that is about as accurate as this fabled poll. Why save Republican sell outs when they can be replaced with democrats? Why are Seren Taylor and Mr. Richardson still in place in the Assembly Caucus staff as it was their advice that these folks acted on with regard to supporting Cap and Trade?

These same folks are tweeting incessantly and using social media to attack President Trump and the Conservative Base of the GOP. They are so intransigent that they are indeed willing to drive the GOP down to 10-15 seats in the assembly just so that they don’t have to acknowledge that they may have been wrong on this issue and their handling of it.

This is why Chad Mayes is going to be a difficult target. His narcissism and need to be right are so deep that trying to kill him politically will be like trying to Kill Jason in Friday the 13th Part 1,247. Chad Mayes, once to political cream is applied to him will flare up again as a democrat in later elections, bank on it. He is still protesting his rightness to everyone who will listen.

Chad Mayes and Marc Steinorth have the two worst problems you can have as a Republican on the ballot, a sex scandal and a massive tax increase bill.

While the liberals within the GOP point to the “Bathroom Bill” in North Carolina as the reason Pat McCrory lost, real analysis shows that the 5% difference between McCrory and PRESIDENT Trump in North Carolina was due in part to blank Republican ballots over the massive tax increase McCrory presided over. If you don’t believe me, then switch your focus to Nevada. The GOP got slaughtered in Nevada because of GOP voter apathy over a GOP-led $2B tax increase in that state, the results were irrefutable. Cap and Trade could be 100 times that. (Note that word PRESIDENT is capitalized as a reminder to the readers that Mr. Trump is indeed the President of the United States)

But, Chad Mayes is right, just look at his social media (likely being maintained by Joe Justin) for the repeated lectures about his rightness.

Marc Steinorth is going to get defeated in 2018 as well. Unlike Mayes who is reputed to have never worn his wedding ring in Sacramento, never had a photo of his wife in his office, whose preferred partner was 41 years of age – Steinorth’s preferred partner is in her 20’s. She was also promoted once said affair is alleged to have begun. Ouch.

Take the -20 from Cap and Trade, and add -20 for the appearance of having an affair with a woman who could be your daughter and it is catastrophic.

While I personally salute Mr. Steinorth for having the temerity to call me regarding the reasons why he made that vote, all the fight and ability to face critics in the world will not save him from the wrath of the voters. As an aside, I heard mostly positive reports related to Steinorth in the capitol, until the pressure came to bear post cap and trade.

All the money that Chad Mayes is lauded for raising (which we now know is the 30 pieces of silver in return for the deals he is making) won’t save Mayes either. The only reason why Chad Mayes will run for re-election is that he is on a rampage to prove he is right. Once Mayes loses, he will leave the GOP and blame us all for his widespread trail of destruction.

Steinorth? Perhaps he retires and calls it good. Perhaps Republican leadership needs to run a poll in AD40 to learn the truth, I am going to bet if they use a polling firm (like say, Val Smith) that is not trying to rig a result (like saying Cap and Trade is a good thing), they will find out that Steinorth is underwater badly. My supposition is that Steinorth is 2-1 Unfav-Fav and his re-elect is in the 30’s. There is no way those numbers improve once the voters know about his top two negatives.

Mathis? Everyone knows he is dead on his feet – when will Republican Leadership break the news to him that he needs to pack it in? Again, run a poll. Amongst the small number that know him, he is likely 3 or 4-1 underwater. There is no way an informed universe is any better for Mathis.

Mayes? Everyone claims to know about polls that show Mayes is toast in an informed universe.

Will the Assembly GOP leadership be able to swallow the pill and cut bait? What happens if Heath Flora and Rocky Chavez draw opponents? I’d lay odds both of them are in similar trouble.

Perhaps we do need to drop to 21 seats or less in order for a lesson to be learned? Perhaps the lesson never will be learned. 20 years in this business has taught me to expect the worst and hope for the best.

Oct 272017

Dante Acosta: The correct story about Acosta is that he opposed Cap and Trade because he believed the deal was not in the best interest of his district. This was told to me by his Chief of Staff. It was easy to draw other conclusions because his staff and others around him have been fiercely critical of Trump, the people upset over cap and trade and most are reputed moderate/liberal Republicans.

Frank Bigelow: I had written that Bigelow was a fake no vote on Cap and Trade. The evidence was him liking and re-tweeting stuff from liberal democrats lauding the “deal” as well as his Chief of Staff being all for it. I had an offline chat with a lobbyist friend who told me that no matter how hard they tried, Bigelow would not cross the line and vote for it.

David Stafford Reade: For years I have told the story about the “North State Business Journal”. It was a fake newspaper created for the specific purpose of launching a base, vile personal attack against Former State Senator Rico Oller. The paper was used to expose a story about Rico’s Daughter. Years later, I learned through the campaign consultant of the late Bernie Richter that David Reade was not responsible for the North State Business Journal and had actually advised against doing that hit. It appears then that the actual source was someone from El Dorado County by the name of George Osborne.

Ventura County Executive Director: The point we were making was the withdrawal of Charles Munger’s money, yet the post may have given some people the impression the Ventrua GOP had no other sources of funding. Their now ex-ED contacted me to tell me about his new gig which he voluntarily left the Ventura GOP for. The Ventura GOP apparently has significant money in the bank with which to operate. There is no word on a replacement ED being hired yet.

Oct 272017

Content Warning

I have a standard before I launch a political attack on this blog. I need real evidence, court documents, a witness on the record, a victim on the record and in the case of sex stuff I have a “blue dress” rule. Having been threatened with lawsuits many times, I’ve never actually been served with a lawsuit over the content on this blog. Often times, I see stuff myself and I am my own best evidence…

It is hard to have malice for someone when you’re heartbroken over the repeated betrayals of your faith by so-called Christians who flame out on the stage for thousands to see. It is hard to have malice when you just want these people to lose their elections and go somewhere far away. It is hard to have malice when your spirit is crushed by conservatives whose personal decisions cast dispersion on the movement as a whole.

My first real introduction to Conservative hypocrisy was Tom Del Becarro. I never saw him smoke marijuana, yet people inside the Tom McClintock operation told me he was a pothead. What I did see was Tom Del Becarro severely intoxicated (off booze) at several conventions I went to and did not process the significance of it since I was newly sober at the time. I still have signed copies of some of his books on my bookshelf, I keep them as a reminder of what I could be if I decided I did not need Jesus anymore.

However the intoxication was like the part of the Iceberg you see. Two women separately and independently told me about what a bully and how volatile former GOP Chairman (and serial candidate) Tom Del Becarro was – they worked for him and endured abuse from him. I also watched the man change girlfriends like shirts. Seeing the abject fear in both of their eyes is something that haunts me today as it took me some years of healing from my own issues before I could retrace to those conversations I’d had in the mid 2000’s to process their significance. By the time I was able to get out of denial and confront who Tom Del Becarro was, he was flaming out as the Chairman of the GOP in 2010. I will keep the names of both women in confidence because they asked me for it.

I learned that while Tom Del Becarro was running for Party Office, he had to be shadowed so that he would not take women in to his suite at the convention hotel. His behavior was so bad that he got the CAGOP in to its’ own legal hot water with a legitimate and bona-fide sexual harassment lawsuit. While I don’t know the final disposition of the suit, it was very real and it was talked about.

I heard and personally observed the same things about the sexual forays of former CAGOP Chair Ron Nehring (who I never saw drink or use), yet I saw the same personal pattern. It appears that both men used the California Republican Party like a dating service. Del Becarro used it for a book tour and Nehring managed to parlay his disastrous tenure in to a long-term consulting gig that flies him all over the world on junkets. Both men are still single, to the best of my knowledge, neither claim faith.

With Conservative leadership like that, no wonder why Luis Buhler and his band of merry squishes took over the GOP. All they needed as a financier to walk in to the moral vacuum created by 6 years of Conservative Frauds at the helm of the CAGOP and the field was ripe.

I’ve ripped on David Stafford Reade for years. While I have heard many stories from people he has threatened, bullied and the like, and while I’ve witnessed him working for pay to destroy the Conservative values I know he holds personally… I have never once been told of any sort of sexual misconduct by him.

I draw the comparison about David Reade because this series is not just some jam session to renew hostilities with people I’ve targeted in the past, this is about the rampant abuse I’ve known about for a long time. The faces of the women I have talked to still disturb me to this day, the disgusting revelations I’ve learned about people I once admired haunt me and in the current environment I believe this is an appropriate venue to write about this stuff.

I had become so disturbed over the years by what I kept seeing that I started to align myself with a lot of moderates within the GOP as I felt more comfortable around people that did not share my own personal moral values. The reason? They were far more real than anything I had seen on the “Right Side of the GOP”. There was a side benefit, as some of the most liberal Republicans I’ve ever met have become people I consider friends and people I know I can trust… even as I vote and support positions opposite theirs.

To Be Continued…