Jan 192013

It is very simple.

Jim Brulte has experience and connections. This means he can raise money.

Jim Brulte has a vision and a plan of action. This means he can unify.

Jim Brulte has a work ethic. This means he will do the work.

Jim Brulte has no other distractions and can be focused on being CRP Chairman. No Books, No DC Connections, No wealthy donors paying him behind the scenes – meaning that Brulte is positioned to be independent and focused on getting the job done.

Lastly – we investigated the issues we turned up in Mr. Brulte’s past and determined that the accuser could not keep her facts straight. Also the accuser is a liberal democrat. In addition, Brulte was dragged in to an investigation, we believe by an over-zealous County DA looking to make a name for himself. This is why the state media has not rehashed anything.

With that – the Staff at Right On Daily endorse Jim Brulte for CRP Chairman.

Jan 072013

Here’s the bottom line – Charles Munger spent a ton of money to elect people to the Cent Com.

There are three factions as a result. Only one of them is cohesive.

There is a move afoot to adopt by-laws enabling revenge over party. It is unclear who the officer candidates are.

No deals have been made.

It is setting up to be a train-wreck.