Aug 312012

According to the blog that David Stafford Gilliard (The other David) owns, Doug LaMalfa went in and had a sit-down with Governor Jerry Brown.

Doug LaMalfa informed Jerry Brown that he wanted to resign immediately and requested that Jerry Brown schedule the special election to run concurrent with the November General Election. Jerry Brown agreed to do so – for reasons enumerated later in this blog.

Sound Familiar? Ted Gaines was on the ballot twice in the fall of 2010. With 13 Counties in SD04 – the County Registrars won’t have to worry about Jim Nielsen calling them yelling and threatening them to make a separate ballot.

Here’s how the domino’s fall.

By doing this – David Stafford Reade gets an issue to attack Dan Logue with (being on the ballot twice, how selfish, blah blah blah). Being the man of integrity that he is, of course, Reade will get sudden amnesia over the status of his new best buddy Ted Gaines in 2010.

This of course sets up the Dan Logue VS Jim Nielsen State Senate Race. (Special Election)

The State Senate race is in the OLD Senate District 4 because it is this year. The metric is that LaMalfa’s crumbling base of support is getting weaker as more people find out about him and they had to act now.

Dan Logue just had to fight off Bob Williams in AD03 (who Reade recruited specifically to bleed money off of Logue) so he is a little lower on campaign cash.

Here’s the score – unlike LaMalfa who can hide behind scorecards to cover up his true essence, Jim Nielsen really is a Moderate all the way through.

Jim Nielsen is good buddies with Jerry Brown, dating back to the 1970’s when he was a state senator and was a reliable lap-dog for the Governor.

David Stafford Reade had to pull this trump card as this is the best circumstance for Nielsen.

Too bad, though – Nielsen is going to get hammered. Stay Tuned.

Aug 242012

Everyone in insider politics knows that Dave Gilliard has two-three indian tribe outfits that he can go to to get IE money on behalf of candidates. Dave Gilliard is the campaign manager of Beth Gaines.

Every insider knows that Dave Gilliard has a glass jaw and the slightest criticism causes him to go off the deep end – which is why he teamed up with people he is not aligned with to try and get even with the Placer GOP for refusing to support Beth Gaines.

Recently, Andy Pugno sent out an email lambasting Dave Gilliard for outright lying in the June primary. It also went in to detail about how Beth Gaines relied on the votes of 12,000 non-Republicans to make it in to the November Runoff.

Gilliard must be desperate. After months of showing little or no life – Beth Gaines got $4k in Pac Money yesterday and on cue, an Indian Tribe dropped $20k on attack ads on KFBK. It is the Pashkenta Band – a tribe familiar to Gilliard that has invested in several of his clients over the years. How the FPPC never burns Gilliard on this is beyond me.

I am sitting here at my desk looking at an endorsement card for Beth Gaines for Assembly that I asked Beth’s Field Director, Jeff Short to send me. Despite the fact that the Gaines and Gilliard tried to gut the Central Committee in retaliation for our support of Pugno, I was prepared to endorse in the interest of peace.

Never, ever underestimate the stupidity of Ego.

Now, I am throwing the endorsement card in the trash – because drawing first blood like this is stupid and desperate. Andy Pugno has not even declared his intention to run or not yet – but the behavior of Gilliard and Connie Conway has been absurd. It does not matter whether Andy runs or not – any part of me that could support the Gaines was just killed.

There has been a ton of chest-beating stupidity in the AD-06 race and we don’t even have a race yet!

If Andy Runs – it is Dave Gilliard and Connie Conway’s fault… this thing was basically over until they got involved again and again. Just wow.

Team LaMalfa Update: Nevada CO GOP Endorses Brian Dahle / Rich Ullery Comes Unhinged

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Aug 232012

Politics is a full contact sport. Rich Ulery is the Current Chairman of the Nevada County GOP.

I used to know Rich Ulery professionally through one of his former employers. Rich Ulery has sold his soul to team LaMalfa and has become a tool.

Ulery does whatever his masters in team LaMalfa tell him to and several on the Nevada GOP Central Committee, while slow to recognize it at first, now understand fully who Rich Ulery is.

Start with the fact that the delegates appointed to the CRP 100% of the time have ceded their proxies to team Munger. (In the most recent convention, once again, Nevada County Proxies were in the hands of known, hardened liberal GOP activists)

Ulery was responsible for strong-arming an endorsement of Ted Gaines after telling me on the phone that he did not think the Cent Com should endorse anyone. This sort of lying is typical in politics, yet I give everyone one chance before branding them.

Acording to sources, Ulery was also responsible for intimidating people in to not endorsing Sam Aanestad for Congress over Doug LaMalfa resulting in the Nevada GOP not reaching the 2/3 threshold.

Last night, the Nevada GOP Cent Com held a meeting where they endorsed candidates in local races and also took up the issue of AD-01.

It is common knowledge that Team LaMalfa is supporting Rick Bossetti over Brian Dahle in AD-01.

Last night, the Nevada GOP voted 17-4 to endorse Brian Dahle.

Rich Ulery came unhinged. He bellowed that the Nevada GOP risked, “becoming like Placer”! I think Mr. Ulery forgot that the same Cent Com endorsed Ted Gaines… but, I digress.

Ulery had his coming out party last night as a Team LaMalfa moonbat.

So the ring of backstabbing has come full circle! Soon, Rich Ulery will soon join the ranks of Team LaMalfa’s exposed cadre’ of frauds.

Meantime – the Placer GOP held the first ever local elected endorsing convention that will be copied by several other committees. I’d lay odds that more committees than Nevada County “Want to be like Placer”.

Did Doug LaMalfa and Ted Gaines Lead the Munger Attempt to Take Over the Placer GOP?

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Aug 152012

Campaign finance reports can be amazing sometimes.

You’ve read a lot on this blog about the just concluded Placer County Republican Central Committee race where liberal billionaire Charles Munger spent $45,000 in an attempt to overthrow the CRA-led leadership.

I had believed all along that Munger was brought in to our Central Committee race by Ted Gaines or Doug LaMalfa. Both of them have ample reasons to try and get even with the Placer CRA.

Start with the fact that we stood out as the only Central Committee out of 11 counties in SD-01 that refused to endorse Ted Gaines. We also gave Linda Park (the candidate before Andy Pugno) a 13-11 simple majority viewed as an embarrassing slap in the face to Beth Gaines.

The Placer CCR (aka the Republican Congress of Placer County) is the Moderate Republican Club in Placer County. Their website talks about electing “Socially Tolerant” citizens (translation no on Prop 8).

Several sources told me that Auburn Councilmember Mike Holmes ran their campaign for Central Committee. The Placer CCR’s campaign finance report shows that they spent $11,500 on a mailer for the Central Committee race.

The consultant? David Stafford Gilliard.

In case you are new to this blog – Gilliard is allegedly a Conservative, but he is also Doug LaMalfa and Ted Gaines’ campaign manager.

So, now the dots are connected. Our so-called Conservative State Senators went out hunting the Conservative Republicans on the Placer GOP Cent Com in favor of a slate that includes several Pro-Choice Anti-Prop-8 Republicans, and group of Tea Partiers recruited by Team LaMalfa on a self-righteous jihad against “corruption”.

If you’re curious about the $45k that Charles Munger spent – click here to see my previous blog about it.

When you add the $45k from Munger and the $11,500 from the Placer CCR – that is a total of $56,500 spent on a revenge mission.

That’s correct- the Placer CRA’s leaders helped thwart Munger’s attempt to gut the California GOP’s platform and we have called Ted Gaines and Doug LaMalfa out for hurting the Republican brand…

… and here they are red handed proving what I have written about the self-serving narcissism of most in State-Level office.

With Republicans like these – who needs Democrats. Maybe voting Democrat in some of these races is more ethical? The fact that I had to write this post is a monument to the CAGOP #EPICFAIL

… and California Republican Party Board of Directors Shoots Tom Del Becarro

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Aug 122012

Convene the circular firing squad.

The California Republican Party Board of Directors met in a secret, closed session and stripped Tom Del Becarro of Check-Signing authority.

This may or may not be legal in the by-laws – but that is not the point.

The effort was led by CRP Vice-Chair Steve Baric and others on the board. It will be seen as a major blow to Del Becarro’s chairmanship.

Baric could have been working in concert with the legislators, but it is doubtful the aforementioned Jeff Miller was a part of it. Jeff Miller apparently is not well liked in CRP leadership circles.

Does this mean that the California Republican Party will now be able to raise money?

It certainly has to mean that the fix is in on the Chairman’s race next year.