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Several People have come forward, and some even on the record. I am choosing to keep all females that are willing to go on the record still anonymous due to Rodney’s pattern.

Rodney Stanhope has demonstrated by his actions that he is a bully who scares people with threats and intimidation. Up until recently, I thought Rodney was a loud-mouthed sissy in addition to a Sociopath. Now, I have been told of a few instances of physical abuse, including incidences that people believe Stanhope caused a female campaign worker a concussion.

It makes sense, doesn’t it? He brags about “not being born with a guilt gene”.

One candidate told me flat out that Stanhope had the checks written to his wife’s business in order to avoid child support garnishments.

Another candidate, Chris Mitchum, went on the record with the following:

THANK you for your email! Rodney was hired by my consultant from a recommendation from the McClintock camp. He was a total disaster. NEVER, that I know of, walked a precinct nor brought in any Vols. (deleted) was “hired” by him. When I got his final bill, I didn’t want to pay him but my consultant said to pay so there wouldn’t be negative noise. I paid. He was fired. (The bill covered her fees, by the way)

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My Fiancée, who is very intuitive, disliked him at once and said, “Get rid of him. Don’t let him come to functions.”

Well, he’s gone without, I might add, recommendation!

Mitchum fired Stanhope after the primary and after he is alleged to have physically assaulted another campaign worker. This worker was hired by Rodney without Mitchum’s knowledge and like so many before, Stanhope attempted to not pay her… but Mitchum made good on it himself. All that said, I have found out that the stiffed worker may not have ended up getting paid even after Mitchum attempted to make it good!

In my research, I have discovered that Stanhope has been taken to court by several freaked out women.

1. In 2005-6 an ex-girlfriend that Stanhope stole money from and smeared as a stripper took him to court. It references 2am text messages, meth use and excessive drinking. (I remember him calling her a stripper and the court documents refer to $4k that he took from her and of course never repaid)

2,3. In 2009, two more complaints from a couple of scared little girls whom stanhope referred to as hoochies, Stanhope also is alleged to have left peanut shells on their doorstep (they have severe peanut allergies) and the documents detail Meth Use, alcohol abuse and Stanhope locking his then-girlfriend’s nieces in the dark garage.

Stanhope left this girlfriend, pregnant and married his current wife before she gave birth and ended up on welfare. (according to accounts from sources and court documents and simply piecing together the timeline)

4. El Dorado County, while trying to glory-seek under the guise of a search for a missing girl… Rodney went berzerk because someone got in his way. This is how a sociopath operates, they get violent when they believe someone is denying them what is theirs. Stanhope repeated his psychotic pattern on the Sand Fire and was dismissed as a volunteer by the local Red Cross. (again, several sources reported this)

5. While “working” on the Tim Donnelly campaign. (BTW – Sarah Stanhope appears on his reports as a payee, once again keeping everything out of Rodney’s name) Monterey County’s website indicated another court appearance for Stanhope. I am going to get a copy of the court documents from Monterey County myself. I will lay odds they are replete with threats of physical violence and f-bombs. I’d also bet that there is at least one 2am timestamp on a text message. Think Patterns people.

During the same time in early 2014 that Stanhope was racking up case #5, he was back east destroying the campaign of Matt Jenkins for Congress in Alabama. The story from there was about Rodney sleeping with at least two college republicans in the area, binge drinking and basically making a fool of himself before Jenkins sacked him.

The SPAN network of Tim Core and Dave Miller fame had picked up Jenkins as a candidate and had sent Stanhope out there to help. Stanhope was also fired by SPAN after posting a video rant attacking “Right-Wing Christians” over the issues they had with Jenkins’ interesting stance on Same-Sex Marriage. Stanhope pulled the video, but I and many others saw it. Stanhope has an interesting history on the Gay Rights issue that we may go in more depth on in a later post.

If you think about it, Jenkins could have won that seat in Alabama and Mitchum came within inches of beating Lois Capps. In fact, the DCCC had to attack Mitchum in this allegedly safe Dem seat. Mitchum with a fraction of Abel Maldonado’s resources outperformed him severely.

Matt Jenkins for Congress.
Mitchum for Congress.
Bryson for Assembly.
Clair(e) McNeal
Two non-Republican local candidates

All lost and with the exception of Mitchum, badly. This is just the Stanhope candidate train-wreck circa 2014.

Rodney Stanhope is a disaster and 227 people voted for this guy in 2013. People are lining up to support him again.

P.S. Stanhope thinks I put my own “Draft Aaron F Park” Facebook page to run against HIM for CRP Vice Chair. These are the sorts of things he does to justify his behavior, I guess.


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