Apr 212015

Please note that sources within El Dorado County have indicated that for the first time a Woman has successfully gotten a restraining order against Stanhope. (We’ve documented at least three other incidences.) The victim of the below mentioned crime got a 3 year restraining order against Stanhope.

A major operative in El Dorado County’s Republican Party has been arrested on felony willful infliction of corporal injury of a cohabitant charges.

Rodney Stanhope, 47, is married, but the alleged victim was not his wife. The Placerville resident was arrested earlier this month.

Stanhope was the executive director of the El Dorado County Republican Central Committee in 2010 and a paid consultant on the failed Mike Owen for county auditor campaign in 2014. Stanhope also worked on the campaigns of disgraced former Supervisor Ray Nutting, Sheriff John D’Agostini, Rep. Tom McClintock, and Assemblywoman Beth Gaines. In 2011, Stanhope represented Gaines at a campaign function.

Most recently, Stanhope was working with the Dave Pratt’s 2016 supervisorial campaign.

This is not Stanhope’s first run-in with the law. In 2009, a Central Valley couple sought a restraining order to stop Stanhope from, among other things, harassing their 14-year-old daughter. In 2012, a Pollock Pines woman sought a restraining order to stop Stanhope from sending her threatening text messages.

Whoops. I told you so.

Article credit: Lake Tahoe News

Please note that they did repeat one of Stanhope’s many lies – Stanhope never did work for the El Dorado GOP. He was an independent contractor on a very short term project before getting fired.

Update – Kim Pratt just commented that Stanhope’s connection to Dave Pratt is yet another lie. Imagine that.

Butte / Yuba / Sutter Update – PotHeads Taking On Local Government – Large Group Fighting Common Core

 North State News  Comments Off on Butte / Yuba / Sutter Update – PotHeads Taking On Local Government – Large Group Fighting Common Core
Apr 122015
  • Superior Court Jude Ben Wirtschafter, denied a request by the Marijuana Growers to be allowed to turn in the signatures they have gathered for a Referendum attempt. He also said he would make a ruling, later this week, on their request for a temporary injunction to halt the enforcement of the Marijuana Ordinance. Editors Comments: Last week the same Judge denied the marijuana growers request to halt the enforcement of the Ordinance by a Restraining Order, so now they ask for the same thing under a different type of ruling. They are also stating, they will appeal the local court’s rulings. In addition, their bay area attorney didn’t even show up for the Court, he argued their case by telephone. In the audience, there was four Yuba County Fact representatives and maybe three people from the growers. So it appears the marijuana growers are comfortable taking the time and resources from our local Courts and Yuba County Council, but not willing to show the courtesy to even attend the hearing.
  • Buck Weckman spoke before the Yuba County Board of Supervisors meeting at 6 pm and thanked them for their efforts to adopt the new Marijuana Ordinance and urged them to establish and provide funding for a Joint Sheriff’s Office/Code Enforcement Unit.
  • Karen Liggett appeared before the Marysville City Council and asked them to consider adopting their own Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance.
  • In a meeting with Jeremy Strang, Chief Code Enforcement Officer, we were informed that two new Code Enforcement Officers have been hired and will be on duty soon. He also confirmed that the names of persons turning in a Marijuana Complaint will be kept confidential.
  • The Butte County Board of Supervisors received a report on efforts to enforce their new Marijuana Ordinance which became effective in January 2015. Thus far they have processed 74 cases with 16 citations and 5 arrests. More Editors Comments: In February a Butte County Superior Court Judge denied an Injunction, requested by their growers, to halt the Butte County Ordinance.

If you care about Common Core – Take a Look:

Please come to the Yuba-Sutter Common Core Group meeting on Thursday, April 16th! It starts at 6:30 PM and is at 723 D Street in Marysville. Come into the parking lot and use the back, side door.

We will be  finalizing the resolution to present to the counties and cities and need your input. There will be phone calls to make and meetings to attend to support the resolution in the next couple of months. We will be planning for that as well. It’s going to take some work to kick Common Core out of Yuba and Sutter Counties!

We will also have some time to share what we are seeing in our children’s and grandchildren’s curriculm as well as what our teacher members are experiencing.

One meeting each month we will have a speaker so that we can be knowledgable and up to date on Common Core State Standards. We will also update everyone on what we’re doing locally. I just spoke with Mr. Sinhue Noriega, author of “If It’s Broken Don’t Fix it” and he will be speaking at our meeting on  Friday, May 1st.

On a side note, some of us are meeting on Tuesday nights to take Hillsdale College’s class on the Federalist Papers. It should be very educational! We’re meeting at 6:30 PM at 723 D Street.

Please share this email with your friends!

Debra Gaylord
Yuba-Sutter Common Core Group


Gaines #epicfail – Hwy 65 and Whitney Ranch Parkway Interchange Opens and they did Nothing

 Beth Gaines, Ted Gaines  Comments Off on Gaines #epicfail – Hwy 65 and Whitney Ranch Parkway Interchange Opens and they did Nothing
Apr 112015


The Placer Parkway has been in the planning stages for 15 years and the Whitney Ranch Parkway Interchange is the first, very first piece of a project expected to take 12(!) years to complete. The last 15 years have been spent lining the pockets of government idiots, frog kissers, tree huggers, pencilnecks and other useless people that leech off of innocent taxpayers in the form of retarded studies.

Ted Gaines was our “Assembly-Member” from 2007-2011. Since then, he has “Represented” us in the State Senate, while foisting his wife in to the Assembly seat, doubling the nothingness in government from Placer at the State level.

When Ted Gaines was not yukking it up with Sssssteve Davey taking bets and laughing about when Dave Cox would die so he could run to replace him… he was doing nothing for Placer County, and after Cox died, he continued doing nothing.

Placer County On-Line had a story about an important ground-breaking in Rocklin.

“We are very excited about the start of construction of the Whitney Ranch interchange and the enhanced connections to the City of Rocklin,” said City of Rocklin Vice Mayor Greg Janda. “This opens up approximately 355 acres of developable land and has the potential to add over 7,000 jobs to the local economy.”

You can make bank that the “Senator” and the “Assembly-Member” will be there to smile for the camera as if they did something. Instead, Developer Impact fees from the City of Rocklin were used along with funds from SPARTA (the South Placer Regional Transportation Authority). No state. No federal. Just a gigantic sucking sound out of the budgets of local government.

Thanks a ton .  7,000 jobs for the local economy and Ted/Beth Gaines delivered nothing at all for the project.

When you see potholes in Rocklin streets, thank Ted Gaines for doing nothing for Rocklin. That city, despite massive vacancies in its office and retail spaces has been struggling to build itself out. Finally, the Town of Loomis had an exorcism on its’ town council which shut down the lawsuits allowing the Wal-Mart and other evil capitalism to be built at Sierra College and I-80… Rocklin has basically been on its’ own…

… but the North end of town featured a whole bunch of incomplete development, stymied by lack of funding.

I am harping on this issue – because the Tea Party’s since retracted attack about a 1/2 cent sales tax did indeed expose a real issue. Where the hell have Beth Gaines and Ted Gaines been for Placer County? Oh, wait, they moved out to another county that does not know them as well to go shop for another government paycheck. They will get nothing, too.

On one hand, I am proud of the City of Rocklin for figuring out how to fund their projects while their money gets stolen by the state en masse. On the other hand, I feel like a broken record reminding my readers that Ted and Beth Gaines have been absolutely useless for all of us.

P.S. The Placer Parkway has a federal nexus. The project is designated as some sort of pollution reducing thing because it will reduce traffic on I-80. It will be interesting to see as this develops if the federal government helps fund this.

Dear Nevada, Welcome to California’s Nightmare Known as Karen England

 Karen England  Comments Off on Dear Nevada, Welcome to California’s Nightmare Known as Karen England
Apr 092015

Dear Let’s Talk Nevada Readers – I am an unapologetic Social Conservative. I am State Vice President of the California Republican Assembly, the premier Social Conservative group in California. While I agree with many of the issues that Ms. England advocates for (including protecting business owners from getting tossed in jail over wedding cakes), I am reaching out to you because of a 12+ year nightmare that has been my experience dealing with Karen England. If you are a conservative reader of Let’s Talk Nevada, get scared and get this woman as far away from you as you can.

Fraud is Fraud. No true conservative does the things Karen England does. I am of the opinion that Karen England is a charlatan and I will relate a body of evidence I have assembled from dealing with her up close. I have the battle damage to prove it, including a legal threat letter from her lawyer. (I note that her lawyer certifies in the letter that “Ms. England is NOT Mentally Ill”.)

Over the years, I have witnessed a disturbing pattern from Karen England. My experience shows that she is not the volunteer activist she says she is while pointing a self-righteous finger at others. She is a vindictive, calculating woman who attempts to take over every organization she is a part of.

She attempted to take over the Placer County GOP Central Committee – even endorsing several pro-choice and pro gay marriage Republicans in the process!

She attempted to take over the California Republican Assembly, the organization that I currently serve as a Vice President of. The April 2011 CRA convention is one that will live in infamy and resulted in Karen England’s expulsion from CRA for 10 years for committing fraud on a massive scale. Showing her affinity for lawyers – England sued the CRA twice, once before and once after the April, 2011 CRA convention.  This “stalwart conservative” attempted to use a string of fraudulent “Units” of CRA to send delegates to our convention to vote for her and her team, then sued CRA when the leadership tried to stop it before the convention, actually getting a temporary restraining order and sued CRA again when she lost! (for those of you on the left – imagine the concept of a “Paper Local” in a Labor Union Election, this is what Ms. England attempted to use in CRA)

As she was being marginalized from the California GOP and the CRA, Karen embedded herself in local tea parties in the 2009-2010 time period which coincided with her all out attack on her political adversaries. The naive Tea Partiers drank up her hyperbolae of corruption and money laundering without question. Ms. England publicly claimed in front of dozens of witnesses that the FBI went to her house in October of 2010 to talk about the finances of the Placer GOP Central Committee. This attack was used as a rallying cry for the Tea Partiers to align themselves with moderates to oust the Conservative leadership of the Placer GOP in the 2012 election.

To this day, many of Karen England’s Tea Party recruits believe that felonies were committed and four years later, the FBI has showed up at no one’s house other than that of Ms. England.

As the executive director of the Capitol Resource Institute – England has participated in several dubious actions that suggest that she is either incompetent or completely corrupt. There are a string of failed referenda, a write-in campaign for Lt. Governor and the CRI appears to have run a fake website to filch money out of the prop 8 Campaign.

We investigated and found out that the Stop SB48 campaign never filed a campaign finance report (and appeared more like a fundraiser than a real effort), so none of the donors will ever know what happened to their money. The Stop SB777 campaign did not raise enough to electronically file, nor did her Write in Campaign for Lt. Governor in 2010. Based on what happened with their severely botched AB1266 referendum campaign where insiders said that they were not serious about the effort until it started to get a life of its’ own… anyone that donates to anything that Karen England is leading is a fool.

The Coup D’Etat is the fake Prop 8 Website that the Capitol Resource Institute Ran. If you read the link, you will find that their shadow campaign raised some $120k, a large portion of which ended up in the coffers of the Capitol Resource Institute. There is also a link to 36 pages of emails proving the campaign existed, even though the website is long gone. There is also an analysis of the campaign finance and where the money went.

She has supported several candidates for office over the years. It was not until we started to look beneath the surface that we found a disturbing pattern. The ones she most aggressively supported were also donors. Then Candidate, Now Congressman Tom McClintock $6,000. Read this link and in it you will see: Then Assemblyman, now Congressman Doug LaMalfa $27,500. Then Assemblyman, Now State Senator Ted Gaines $7,000. There are others: State Senator Jim Nielsen, $1000, then candidate, now Assemblymember Beth Gaines, $1000 and Board of Equalization Member George Runner $6,000.

The Above must have believed that they were supporting a good conservative group, without realizing what Karen England was doing.

Once she started getting exposed, like any bully she attempted to destroy her political adversaries. Ultimately, she ran to Nevada and left California. Now she is your nightmare.

Over the years and as one of the few people on the right with the courage to stand up to Ms. England, I have faced the full force of her wrath. It is my belief that she used her media savvy to get a front page story ran in the Sacramento Bee quoting now Congressman LaMalfa accusing my Brother of Felony Embezzlement. You’ve seen the legal threats, the lawsuits and the like. (The link is to a Modesto bee story that also ran in the Sacramento Bee)

Those of us that still care about the California GOP will be ten years cleaning up the trail of destruction she has left behind. If you are a liberal democrat, don’t pat yourself on the back. Nevada is a different state. It will see-saw between parties. Unless a dedicated group of good people from both sides of the aisle put down the issues and focus on the demonstrated pattern of personal and professional corruption – like a leech and a cancer, Ms. England will metastasize and you will all be in the cross-hairs yourselves. The mere fact that this blog has stood up likely already has its’ owners on the radar screen.

El Dorado County Political Update – Dear Sheriff, Watch Out

 Rodney Stanhope  Comments Off on El Dorado County Political Update – Dear Sheriff, Watch Out
Apr 072015

Everyone knows that El Dorado DA Vern Pierson is vicious, vindictive and has been emboldened by putting the Nutting notch in his political belt. (You can bet he will try to parlay that lynching in to a campaign issue for a future run for higher office)

Pierson also took a run and Dan Dellinger and Cris Alarcon – who ran Sheriff D’Agostini’s campaign. While Pierson’s sock puppets Clinchard and his assistant got mailed back to Placerville in pieces on that case – the issue stands, Vern Pierson has people in his cross-hairs.

So you would wonder why the good sheriff would be associating with individuals who have a laundry list of issues.

This is a picture of the recent felony arrest of Rodney Stanhope on 3/31. He beat up his girlfriend. Two days later, he conned his way back in to his Wife’s house again.

For the last three years, I have listened to various political activists complain that the Sheriff has been protecting this guy as his drug addiction has progressed to the point where he is getting physically violent with the women in his life.

True to his sociopathic lack of conscience, he is claiming to be the victim. He posted pictures of himself (with “injuries”)on his social media in a pre-emptive effort as the fight occurred two days before he was arrested. What a guy. His tea-party enablers were right there to aid him in his delusions.

Mr. Stanhope has already been convicted of battery once. Recent social media posts suggest that he may have broken the finger of the same victim in a drunken / or meth-induced rage a few weeks prior.

His current wife, whom he left to go live with the victim had told me that Mr. Stanhope had gotten physically violent with her at least twice when she found his dope. I have this in writing.

And, she took him back.

Stanhope still has six outstanding tax liens and his wife indicated that she was paying his child support for him, but stopped paying in October when he moved out to cheat on her when they separated. Where is the county of El Dorado? Where is the IRS or the Franchise Tax Board?

And, she took him back.

While Mr. Stanhope was living with this other woman, he went to local suppliers for his business(that is in his wife’s name due to the tax liens he is avoiding paying) and attempted to charge large batches of supplies to his wife. Once, she even paid a $3k bill.

And, she took him back.

Rodney Stanhope’s Driver’s license has been suspended for quite a while (reputedly nearly two years) for – not paying a traffic ticket! Where is the Sheriff???

I guess the fetching Mrs. Stanhope will have to drive him around, as well.

Sounds like Springer show crap.

Why was the Sheriff down at the shed while he was living with this other woman? Did the sheriff go down there to make sure Rodney was not pocketing the money from the Shed as he had in years past? (as alleged by two of his exes)

I have to seriously question the blind spot of the Sheriff of El Dorado County. There have been other social media pictures of him hanging out having beers with Mr. Stanhope.

It would be one thing if the issues were in the past, even five years ago. But everything mentioned in this blog is recent and/or ongoing.

Given that Vern Pierson is on the hunt for his political enemies, it may serve the Sheriff well if he is never seen in public again with Mr. Stanhope (or anyone else that has similar issues).

Just sayin’