Aug 312018

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Fortunately, Riverside County was saved from Penny Newman. The Cop-Hating, Open Borders, Crackpot Extreme Left-Wing Berkeley Wacko finished third behind Karen Spiegel.

Spiegel on paper sounds like a good candidate, a city council member, a lot of experience in government, some community service, etc. Many that spoke to me on condition of anonymity, indicated that Spiegel is aggressive, brusque and plays fast and loose with the facts. The fact that people in the local area were reticent to go on the record speaks volumes and sounds all too familiar in Riverside County.

I have known Eric Linder for about 15 years. I first met him when he was in young Republicans. He backed in to the Assembly and ended up getting two terms, the re-election was due largely to the fact that the dems did not field a candidate against him. Linder is far more passive as a candidate than I’d ever recommend and some of the knock on him is that he does not make fundraising calls nor does he do the groundwork necessary to win.

Eric Linder does have a lot of residual name ID, which is how he emerged atop the field despite being buried in spending by Karen Spiegel and a democrat machine behind the crazed Penny Newman. There was a bonus candidate from the City of Riverside, but Sup D2 is not about Riverside and he cratered.

Spiegel’s issues appear to run quite a bit deeper than her difficult personality. In endorsement interviews, she appears to have been caught double-speaking, and is alleged by several people to have shown open disdain for participants at political events. While neither are unusual in a campaign (lying and being a primadona), the overall pattern starts to paint a picture of an ineffective pariah as a supervisor.

Spiegel is a Registered Republican and has been in her 4 terms on the Corona City Council. She has several publicly enumerated positions that are at odds with the Republican values she claims to hold. Her record as a community leader is dotted with spectacular failure as has her personal record. Any of these events by themselves would not be fatal… all of them behind the same candidate is indeed a toxic cocktail of baggage not even a C-17 could haul away.

Then, of course there was the small issue of her behavior enraging local citizens to the point of organizing a recall against her and two of her colleagues and her conduct on the city council inflaming relations with the labor units to the point of legitimate strike threats.

We’re going to unpack the baggage that Spiegel is carrying. For a variety of reasons, Eric Linder is a superior option for County Supervisor. We will discuss some of Mr. Linder’s merits as we proceed forward as well.

Welcome to Right on Daily Karen Spiegel.

Aug 312018

With supervisors Marion Ashley and Kevin Jeffries running interference for Stan Sniff at the County Level and the Riverside Press Enterprise’s editor being a long time friend of the sheriff, the Desert Sun in the bag for the Sheriff and most local TV Stations ingoring or doing shoddy journalism… it may well be that Right on Daily is the only place to find this stuff. (BTW- Kitty Alvarado of KMIR deserves a medal as it is my understanding that she has been threatened along with other employees at that TV Station)

Supervisor John Taviglione (aka JT) is alleged to have sold his endorsement to Stan Sniff in exchange for cooperation with the bungling KPMG audit of Jurupa Valley.

It has been made clear to me by SEVERAL employees of RSO that Kevin Vest is running the day to day operation to sabotage the KPMG audit. I wonder if JT is aware of the games or if he cares. I wonder if KPMG is aware, or if they care. We sure know that any cooperation with the ill-advised and poorly executed KPMG audits is a facade. (RSO = Riverside Sheriff’s Office)

Sniff and Vest screwed with the numbers at the Hemet Station, I’d love to interview Lenny Purvis about that. That was widely talked about.

However, today is unique as we had foreknowledge of the lies and deceit coming to Jurupa Valley. KPMG is auditing Jurupa Valley for Two Pay Periods.

In the meantime, it is a well known fact among the rank and file that Lt. Timothy Martin is on a rampage to retaliate against the entire staff because he is enraged that the lies and deceit at the Jurupa Valley Station are being published. Similar to PSB grilling Correctional Deputy Tammy Smoak about the Blog while ignoring several pieces of sexually harassing garbage at the jail or them messing with the records in the Donald Vincent Brooks case to forestall a pitchess motion until after the primary election, Lt. Timothy Martin is on a rampage to close up the leaks. I wonder if Supervisor JT is endorsing this behavior as well now?

Don’t worry Lt. Martin, you’re on the Right on Daily list just like Captain Hedge who refuses to supervise you.

What has Martin Done?

All the staff at Jurupa Valley have had their regular days off moved, some deliberately to screw up their family time and or joint custody of children time. All the deputies are on mandatory yellow days and even Sergeants are on yellow days. (But not Lt. Martin)

Because KPMG is coming, everyone’s vacation was cancelled regardless of how far back it was scheduled. This tactic, along with screwing up people’s schedules is being done on purpose to turn opinion against KPMG in the rank and file and for retaliatory practices as Sheriff’s Admin know almost all in the rank and file support Bianco. Interestingly, Bianco was a critic of the KPMG audit long before Sniff started playing king of the hill on it.

People are being forced to trade shifts in order to try and have time with their families. This is not unlike the time honored practice of splitting married couples up putting one half out in the desert while the other is on the west side. They call it freeway therapy. (One example is a deputy that lives in Menifee being sent out to Palm Desert Station as retaliation for supporting Chad Bianco)

I have conflicting information on how many employees were transferred over from Moreno Valley (again, only for long enough to jerk off the KPMG audit) it looks like 5-7 from Moreno Valley and the remaning manpower from other stations. They are drawing in 13(!) more deputies cover the critical shortages of manpower. Does KPMG get told 13 of the employees they are seeing will not be present after 2 pay periods?

I also wonder if Lt Martin is going to continue showing up on calls in order to continue hammering morale down. Will KPMG figure out the truth or will the fear and intimidation shell game prevail?

Hopefully, KPMG is reading Right on Daily as the truth is all here.

Supervisor John Taviglione will claim victory because the KPMG audits are happening, but the joke is on him as Stan Sniff just double-crossed him good.

Aug 302018

It looks like Dave Brown’s Donors are rolling over to Chad Bianco.

Alex Haagen who owns a Polo Club and the venue where Cochellafest is held is hosting an event on 9-13-2018 for Chad Bianco.

What is the significance? Haagen is reputed to be one of the wealthiest of the wealthy in an area noted for its’ wealth.

Haagen is also a past Stan Sniff Donor and was until supporting Chief Dave Brown in the primary. This is a stunning re-defection and on the heels of two Stan Sniff fundraisers that failed spectacularly (one had 4 people show and the other had none show), this is the latest in a building wave for the Challenger Chad Bianco.

Sniff (to his credit) is making more phone calls than he has ever been known to make, including calling people known to be hostile to him. It isn’t working.

Aug 292018

Stan Sniff is in serious trouble.

Jim Guthrie hosted a fundraiser for Stan Sniff at his home last week.

While you can find metadata on it still in a google search, the event is gone from Stan Sniff’s Facebook. Now we know why. On Wednesday 8/22/2018, no one came.


Aug 292018

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This is from a confidential informant, known to me. The informant has an extensive knowledge of the correctional system in Riverside County. When inmates are not being released from jail sometimes within hours of arrest, this is what is happening…

Then ask yourself why Sheriff Stan Sniff deserves re-election. Fire him.

Here’s what I got on the Blythe incident.
It is believed the attack was the result of the Sergeant who was on duty. His name was Ramos. The inmates were pissed because Ramos was by the book and didn’t let them get away with the little things. The inmates decided to hatch a plan for revenge. This is how it played out.
On the night of the attack, Inmate Louie Aguilar faked an illness to medical staff. As a result , he was sent to the hospital taking two deputies with him. This put the number of staff to about 6. Five deputies and the Sergeant. Once Aguilar was sent to the hospital the plan was set in motion. During a security check the inmates attacked the staff. The deputies working had minimal experience and that played into the inmates hands. Instead of doing visual checks due to limited staff they did what they were told by policy. This is where experience would have been beneficial.
Once the deputies completed the security check and turned around to walk out they were attacked. The first deputy was knocked unconscious and the others were attacked. The beating went on for awhile. There is audio and video surveillance from within the jail that shows what happened. It was released only to a select few. One of them being Captain Trevino who was the commander of the Blythe and Indio Jails. She was visibly and emotionally upset after watching the video. Sgt.Ramos was tased repeatedly by the inmates with a taser they acquired from the other staff members. The female was dragged into an open cell, where inmate Scott may or may not have attempted to sexually assault her. This part is unclear. The deputies fought back, but ultimately got a beating for their troubles. Sgt. Ramos received a fractured orbital socket as a result of the attack. I am uncertain what other injuries he or the others sustained.
The deputy at the hospital a deputy named Walton, he heard the commotion over the radio and raced back to the jail. He may be the one who requested allied agency assistance. He entered the jail alone and attempted to help the others. He drew his firearm and ordered the inmates to the ground. This is how the attack ended.
Like many others who have commented on this event there is limited information. The limited knowledge I have is due to working closely with the Admin from the Indio Jail. Who shares a Captain with Blythe.  The interesting thing about this event was that all the staff involved received medals. They were also promoted or transferred on the next possible opportunity. Sounds like quid pro quo to me.
Here the information about the transportation escape. I’ve included a link to the story.
The escape occurred in 2009. The inmates were picked up at RPDC that morning. Among them was an inmate named Justin Kirk. His claim to fame was having a shoot out on the 10 freeway with several police agencies. Where 120 shots were fired. Miraculously he survived like the cockroach he is. Two vehicles arrived to pick up inmates with Indio Court dates. One was the standard white van and the other was a wheel chair van. Inmates were loaded up in both vehicles. During transportation the vehicles are supposed to stay together for safety and security purposes. On that fateful day the vehicles were separated. Unknown to the CD driving the van, Kirk and his homies had planned an escape. During previous court appearances, Kirk had been testing the security on the van. He discovered if he kicked the cage door it would open. Due to the fact that the van was old and loud, the noise wouldn’t be recognized. Kirk had a tactical advantage over the CD who was driving.
Kirk and the others slipped their waist chains off. Then Kirk when to the front of the bus and told the driver to keep driving or he would bust his head open with the chains and lock in his hands. Kirk took the drivers keys and gave them to the others to free themselves. When they were free they yanked the CD out of the drivers seat and handcuffed him and put him in the back of the van with the other inmates. During the commotion an observant citizen notices the bus has been hijacked. She speeds up to catch up with the other van and alerts the deputy driving about whats going on. By this time he has already exited the freeway headed toward the jail. He immediately turned around to go help ,and notified Central Control of the situation. He saw the van in the distance headed toward a residential area. by the time he arrived the inmates had escaped.
Kirk broke into a house in the neighborhood. The other three split up. They were apprehended by the Border Patrol who answered the call for assistance. There were probably 100 cops who responded. From Beaumont, Banning, CHP, Indio, Cathedral City, Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs, San Jacinto, and Border Patrol. Including their airplane. Border Patrol caught the three escapees who fled. Two were caught running down Dillon Road in their boxers. The other one was caught running down a wash toward Coachella. Kirk stayed holed up in that house for most of the day before he surrendered.
There was no debrief or training material disseminated to the troops about this matter either. The CD suffered an injury to his shoulder as a result of this escape. And to add insult to injury both the CD and the Deputy received discipline for this incident. The Department stated they failed to follow policy, despite the fact that there was a pattern and practice by the transportation unit to violate policy.  The deputy involved in this story is the same deputy who shot the inmate in the next story.
Here’s information about the Indio Jail escape. I’ve included a link below. It occurred in 2010.
Here’s a link to a youtube video. You can see the rec yard behind her. Its the round birdcage looking thing on top of the jail.
Two Ad-seg inmates escaped from the recreation yard. Which is located on top of the jail. One of the inmates was named Robert Dunson and the other was named Nicolas Corletto. Dunson currently resides on Death Row at San Quentin for his crime.
Dunson had a documented history of planning escapes. Despite this information, Dunson was allowed to stay in an outdated facility. Dunson was in the recreation yard which had a basketball hoop and backboard for the inmates. Dunson used the basketball to strategically test the upper portion of fence behind the backboard. He would throw the ball to see if there were any weak points in the fence. He was busted by an observant deputy who saw what he was doing. Dunson lost his recreation privileges for several months as a result of his behavior. Fast forward several months and Dunson and Corletto were in the recreation yard. This time they had a deputy who was not so observant. Dunson gave Corletto a boost up to the backboard, Corletto reached down and pulled Dunson up with him.. They both proceeded to kick the fence behind the backboard. After several attempts to get the fence opened they were successful. Meanwhile the deputies down in the jail hear banging and scramble to see where its coming from. After determining it must be coming from recreation, they here the unobservant deputy call out an escape in progress. It was stated to staff, by his wife he was texting her on his cell phone. Sworn staff exit the facility and  arm themselves, before heading to the roof. Dunson was running toward the low point of the roof when he was ordered to stop. He refused to stop and was shot once in the back. Ending his escape attempt. Deputies detained Corletto after he was pepper balled and tased off the roof. One of the deputies who was working that night said, they heard a car speed off from the direction where Dunson was running to. No one was apprehended for assisting in the escape. This is the only time where an officer involved shooting occurred by a Deputy assigned to corrections. No one received a medal or acknowledgment for their actions. It was never debriefed or used for training purposes. The recreation yard was fortified shortly after the escape.