Apr 302018

Are you a candidate for office? Have you ever been talking to your consultant or just going through life wondering, is the Right On Daily Blog going to kick my Tail?

In order to qualify for the Right On Daily Blog, you, yes you have to screw up. So let us list some of that stuff in a manner even a candidate for office can understand.

  1. Register as a Republican specifically to run for or hold office.
  2. Raise taxes as part of a “deal” or raising taxes as anything other than a last resort
  3. Use your office to advance the careers of donors or loyalists over more qualified competitors
  4. Become vested in your office – as in deriving part (or all) of your identity from your campaign(s) for or office(s) held.
  5. Fail to pay your bills – (screwing campaign staff, tax liens, lawsuits, judgments, etc)
  6. Have Sex with Staff, Donors, Supporters that you are not in a committed (preferably married) relationship with.
  7. Campaigning as a Conservative with a personal history of porn, alcohol or drug abuse
  8. Abusing your position to cover up malfeasance and/or criminal activity
  9. Supporting two or more of the following: Gun Control, Drug Legalization, Soft on Crime Legislation (or initiatives), “Rights” Bills/Initiatives at the expense of Religious Freedom, Open Borders
  10. Engage in Emotional Manipulation / Cult Leader Type behavior as a campaign or governing practice
  11. Lying about your qualifications for office or accomplishments while in office – including attempting to take credit for other people’s successes
  12. (Bonus): You’re a democrat – in which case you deserve to have your tail kicked by the RightonDaily Blog.

IF you do any thing in the above list, you, yes you could get your tail kicked by the Right on Daily Blog.

This helpful primer of pitfalls will help any candidate understand why the Right On Daily Blog is whaling the tar out of them – because we care.

Apr 302018

Now Retired Captain Roy Grace was brought in to the Thermal Station along with Lt. Manning to clean it up. That was a mission doomed to fail from its’ outset. Given that Grace was a weak at best leader, it did indeed fail miserably.

Hopefully, there are no typos in this post that will distract from the real issues raised within it. I am not a cop and I am not trying to impress a superior or a Judge. Rather, I am a blogger reporting on corruption.

Stan Sniff himself in 2009 said the following:

“This is one of the few professions in which tenured employees can destroy their careers with but a single misstep in ethics and integrity. … Hear me clearly at the start of your careers. Violations of integrity and ethical standards are literally `death sentences’ to law enforcement careers.”

My how times have changed with Stan Sniff, look at 2018 now. Crooked donors, crooked employees, corruption…

After our original post about Terminated Captain Andrew Shouse, Now Captain Misty Reynolds and Sgt. Frank Schiavone, we’ve gotten a lot of follow up.

As expected there has been extensive information about the sexual foibles of the above three. It has become clear to this non-cop that there is a higher than usual amount of cheating and sexual philandering amongst law enforcement versus civilians due to a psychological phenomina of adrenaline and some sort of high that comes from the behavior. As a sober alcoholic, I get that dynamic really well – it does not however exempt me from the consequences of my (or their) actions.

I find it quite interesting how selective the process is of who actually gets disciplined and who does not. Even though I believe Andrew Shouse to be corrupt and unhealthy, he does have a legitimate point when he claims he was scapegoated. Misty Reynolds was his Lt. at the Thermal Station when a lot of the rampant corruption was in play there. By accounts, she is in the middle of it, Shouse got fired, Reynolds went to the Ratt Squad and was then promoted.

I did not know this before my latest informants came forward, but Reynolds is latina. This adds yet another name to the list of people that appear to be promoted / protected due to the boxes they can check on their applications. Please also note that Reynolds is featured in the documents about the investigator cheating scandal. Was she also involved along with Undertaker Diyoyo and then Captain now Chief Christopher Brandon Ford in the cover-up?

Similar to past posts I have written about now retired Captain Roy Grace, once again he failed to lead and may well have covered up criminal activity.

Misty Reynolds and Frank Schiavone did have an affair while they were assigned as deputies to a team in Palm Desert. They were known to have sex on duty. As rumors began to arise, Misty went into attack mode and tried to stop the rumors by asking for a personnel investigation from her supervisor, who was then-Sgt Roy Grace. Grace is said to have spoken to Schiavone, who confirmed the affair. Consistent with his pattern, Now Captain Roy Grace killed any investigation right there, including consensual sex on duty and in department facilities.

Consistent with department cover-up patterns, Frank Schiavone was ultimately moved to another team, and that team was disbanded after Schiavone and other team members showed up to a training class after drinking.

This is known as “Beergate” in the rank and file and it appears no one was fired over this.

Misty Reynolds was promoted to Lt. after the Roy Grace coverup. However, because of the circumstances, she was promoted/transferred from the Palm Desert Station to Thermal Station, where her husband worked. So that meant he had to be transferred elsewhere. Her Husband was removed from his special assignment at Thermal and sent to the courts. Get it? Misty’s Husband got screwed over and he was the victim, not a participant in the affair. Another innocent getting hosed in the Stan Sniff era.

It gets better, after Mr. Reynolds was transferred, he was then supervised by Sgt. Schiavone after the affair was basically common knowledge.

Later, while assigned to PSB (aka the Ratt squad) as an investigator, it was rumored another affair occurred with at least one other PSB investigator. Good Lord this is impossible to keep track of.

Schiavone was at the Courts because he had an affair with the wife of a subordinate, who was also an employee at the Thermal Station. That husband employee was transferred to Palm Desert. The wife employee stayed at Thermal.

Later Schiavone was transferred out of the courts, and his drinking buddy Shouse ensured he went to the drug task force, which is a highly sought-after assignment, and also one that is very lucrative.

Misty was Shouse’s right hand. It was her team that caused the initial investigation into Shouse’s activities as a commander. Even though she was in charge of that team, everyone else was transferred to new assignments, etc, Shouse was fired, and Misty got yet another promotion. Did Reynolds turn on Shouse when she saw a chance to promote? (Even from 500 miles away that is clear)

It is widely believed she had affairs even while at Thermal. Somehow, she gets promoted after being a central part of the corruption at Thermal. She was widely believed to be the next choice to go back there as the commander. You can see that did indeed happen as of 4/23/2018 continuing Stan Sniff’s pattern of promoting the corrupt.

In the words of the informants, “But she is a Hispanic female, so under Sniff, that makes her untouchable.”

No one knows what was investigated about Shouse, Reynolds, and the Cochella Special Investigation team they created. It is clear from accounts that Shouse and Reynolds may well have been cooking the books in a worse manner than the overtime abuses we’ve been chronicling suggest. It has also become apparent that some of the book cooking may well have been improperly allocating resources from contract cities and covering up how the funds were allocated.

It clear even from 500 miles away, these two could not have done what they did without someone in the 2nd floor knowing about it, most likely Stan Sniff himself.

The picture of the rusted out patrol car is embedded again as a reminder of the disrepair at the thermal station which is on top of the history of corruption.

If Stan Sniff and his butt monkies in the Sheriff’s administration say they were unaware of all of this activity, It means they are lying about not knowing and/or they failed miserably in their responsibility to hold people accountable.

It is the opinion of this blogger that Andrew Shouse was rightly fired. However, he got screwed over by Stan Sniff and has a legitimate claim against the department because he was terminated and Misty Reynolds was promoted for the same exact behavior. Having Reynolds be the Station Commander of the Thermal Station is like giving Jesse James the Keys to the bank.

This is the kind of corruption that has beset the Riverside Sheriff’s Department and the story will be continued.

(Sniff has his hand on Misty in this photo. Next to Reynolds is, Sgt Brandi Swan, and Yvonne “Eggplant” Varela on the rightmost. This photo was taken at some sort of a Women’s event.)

Apr 292018

See how that works?

The Sheriff is a magician! Suddenly in April of an election year he figures out how to make some promotions that look good on camera and POOF! there is suddenly money to deal with a 5-6 year old, 2+ year long backlog of CCW applications (which can all still be denied, by the way).

Pictured is Sniff with a newly identified groupie on the left and two other employees of the second floor – Robyn Flores (promoted over other applicants with superior qualifications) and Yvonne “Eggplant” Varela. (Not in this picture, Lenny Purvis or Lyndon Raymond “the Executioner” Wood, Kevin Vest, Christopher Brandon Ford or the usual suspects sent out in to the wild to intimidate people or chaperone the Sheriff)

This is how they roll in Sniffyland.

But HEY! We need to raise rates by 10% for all those people getting fed-kicked out of the jail! 30,000 of them from 2012-mid 2015 (The last time period your intrepid blogger has numbers for).

Kinda like Contract Cities getting hosed, everyone gets a chance to get hosed by the Sheriff!

This is a cut and paste from City News Service as this did not appear in the Desert Sun or the Riverside Press-Enterprise… (imagine that)

RIVERSIDE COUNTY, CA — The Board of Supervisors next week will consider whether to approve Sheriff Stan Sniff’s request to hike the jail access fee charged to cities and other entities that book arrestees for misdemeanor offenses into one of the county’s five detention facilities.

The sheriff is seeking a 10 percent increase in the booking fee, raising it from $514.58 to $561.61 per detainee, according to sheriff’s documents posted to the board’s policy agenda for Tuesday.

Officials noted that fees are not always applied thanks to state allocations under the Public Safety Realignment Act of 2011. The county received more than $3 million in the current fiscal year to cover some jail processing costs, netting a savings to municipalities, college and special districts that use the county jail system.

However, when those entities exceed predetermined booking levels, based on three-year rolling averages, they owe the county, according to the sheriff’s department.

“Applicable cost elements for the fee include all expenditures incurred during the booking … including but not limited to searching, wrist- banding, bathing, clothing, fingerprinting, document preparation, medical and mental health screening, warrant service, inventory of an arrestee’s property, laundry and storage of the arrestee’s clothing and inmate classification,” according to the sheriff’s department.

The county bills entities once a year for the aggregate amounts due.

Felony bookings, as well as misdemeanor bookings specifically related to domestic violence and traffic violations, are not factored into the fee schedule, saving entities even more money, officials said.

The fee has elicited criticism in the past. But it’s unknown whether anyone on Tuesday will be addressing the proposed increase.

Oh mama. Someone needs a reality check, bad.

Apr 292018

Let me keep this short and sweet.

I know that Andrew Kotyuk is a full portfolio conservative. Like anyone in local government he has had to make some extremely difficult decisions dealing with the unfunded mandates that people like Chad Mayes cut deals to foist on them.

In the world of Chad Mayes and his new way GOP everything is negotiable and personal relevance and justification takes precedence over good policy. The values of one’s youth are subordinated to the urgency of today.

Mayes would have you know that Andrew Kotyuk is not perfect. I’d have you know that as a Conservative Christian, I have watched Chad Mayes compromise and prostitute every value he said he had when he first ran for office. It is embarrassing as it makes people think less of my faith and my values when reflected against the hypocrisy of people like Mayes.

I know 100% about the opposition research file on Andrew Kotyuk. They are allegations and the rest is civil. It does not rise to the level of moral corruption on display with Chad Mayes.

I write this endorsement knowing full well that Gary Jeandron has unloaded a chunk of his personal wealth in to his campaign.

I write this endorsement knowing full well that at least $1MM in independent expenditure money is coming in from the swamp that has taken over Chad Mayes empty soul in an attempt to protect their investment.

I despair to believe that Mayes will be able to come back from the narcissistic scorched earth pattern he has set for himself because his inner need to be right has consumed him and supplanted the faith of his youth. I also despair to see the widespread destruction his narcissistic rage is causing the GOP as he cavorts with jilted GOP losers like failed governor Arnold and John Kasich who will never be able to recover from losing the 2016 Presidential primary.

Andrew Kotyuk represents more than an Assembly Candidate. Flawed though he is, Kotyuk represents the real GOP and the principled GOP that has decided to take a stand against the swamp and its’ millions in independent expenditure money used to secure legislation that enriches their profit margin at the expense of the middle class. Kotyuk represents the little people that want representation from someone that lives as who he says he is, warts and all.

Gary Jeandron has tried and failed multiple times. He is yesterday’s news.

Chad Mayes represents a wing of the GOP that needs to be cut out like a cancer, the “I am moderate because I need to be relevant” wing of Republicans that bail on major issues not out of principle, but because they need attention and relevance. That sort of moral and ideological bankruptcy is useless to everyone regardless of party.

I have serious doubts about weather Kotyuk will be able to beat the tsunami of money against him. In this case the contrast is so important that I’d be shirking my responsibility as a Republican leader in California by not taking a position. Therefore I am endorsing Andrew Kotyuk out of a sense of duty to California and the California Republican Party. Fire Chad Mayes, elect Andrew Kotyuk.

P.S. Andrew isn’t just waiting until he gets elected to change things for conservatives and move the ball down the field, he’s doing it right now.  As we speak he has been coordinating volunteers throughout the Inland Empire region to fight back against sanctuary cities and SB 54, AND WINNING. They have a strategy, effective logistics and the results to prove it. Go here to sign on to the NO SANCTUARY petition and get in on the effort.  https://kotyukforassembly.org/sanctuary