Mar 212010

Congress just voted 219-212 to pass Obamacare. This would be the Senate bill that was purchased by buying Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieux and others.

This will set off a spate of lawsuits and chaos – all because of a President whose own ego transcends reason.

Obama has given birth to the Tea Party.

In 2006 and 2008 – those of us on the Placer County Republican Central Committee felt really lonely as the Republican Standard-Bearers were liberals like Bush/Arnold/Romney/McCain… and the failure of Republican leadership has given rise to a movement completely aside of either political party.

And here we sit in 2010 with Democrats in almost total control of Governments everywhere…

On Saturday – I visited a Tea Party Rally on Galleria Blvd in Roseville. I wasn’t wearing Red – I just came from the gym. I have gotten to know a few Tea Party folks in Placer County, but I decided to be a part of for a little while.

They got some 200 people to show up to waive flags on short notice. People brought home-made signs to show their displeasure with the tyranny in Washington D.C.

Other than a few who flipped them off – most everyone was honking or waiving in affirmation.

I have been invited to hundreds of rallies in my time in politics.  I am not sure if they affect anything other than the mood of those participating in them – and that may be worth it.

As far as the Tea Party is concerned – they are mad as hell. I hope they don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater and start targeting everyone good and bad.

I have seen the gamut from their leadership – from having people push me away when I approach them, seeing people talk about how the Republican Party should “get scared”, to arrogance.

The local group has some of the above – but, mostly they are disaffected Conservatives.

The Obamacare bill passed today – this will cause health insurance premiums to skyrocket, hospitals to close and will extend the recession as the tax increases start immediately.

Ultimately, I hope the Tea Party will help clean out Washington D.C., local government and everything in between.

I was part of the Tea Party for a few minutes on Saturday 3/20/2010 – while they are deciding if they can trust this long-time member of the Republican establishment – this long-time activist is deciding what the Tea Party is all about.

I am going to wait to pass judgement once I see where the anger leads them to – will the movement cause reform or will it flame out once the passion for the anger does as well?