Nov 172020

A tale of two logos…

First off, I want to say that Mark Wright has become the most effective Chairman that the Placer GOP has had since the 2000-2002 version of Ken Campbell.

I knew when Mark took over the reins of the Placer GOP, he would succeed.

The first key to the success of the Placer GOP is that it is ideologically homogenous. Some outside of the Placer GOP deride this, but the harmony is a critical aspect. I have met few squishes who play will with Conservatives at the party level. Secondly, the “Wing-Nut” Republicans were either quietly moved along or were brought along to participate in a healthy manner.

In the brief time I was Brian Dahle’s Ex-Officio to Placer, I got to see firsthand a healthy, functional committee. Even when Ken Campbell was in his pre-meltdown heyday, the Placer GOP was rocked by infighting. (If you remember, Cheryl Maki, Mike Holmes and others were on the committee then and there was a narrow split between the squishes and the conservatives) If you look at 2002’s election results you’d wonder what happened. Congressman John Doolittle led an effort to defend Campbell and the Conservatives from a takeover attempt financed by some Bay-Area transplant tech millionaires.

In the 20 years I was associated with the Placer GOP, there have been multiple internal wars.

Ken Campbell gave way to Tom Hudson and the three hour meetings he was famous for. Later, Jeff Atteberry became Chair. Atteberry is the man who registered me Republican and got me in to the California Republican Assembly.

Around 2010 with Congressman McClintock not caring about local politics (the polar opposite of Doolittle) – David Stafford Reade and crew (including the psychotic Karen England) complete with several Tea Partiers recruited under false pretenses attacked the committee in 2010 and again in 2012. They Succeeded in taking it over in 2012, ousting Jeff Atteberry.

Dennis Revell became the Chair under this regime and he was never going to be able to be effective given the way he was vaulted in to the Chairmanship. I would later become friends with Dennis Revell and witnessed him become a man of faith and marry his long time girlfriend. It was clear to me that Dennis was not who either side thought he was and I am glad he is clear of the field of fire now. Dennis Revell is a good man who was set up to fail by David Stafford Reade and crew that just wanted an ineffective committee they did not have to worry about.

Eventually, there was yet another revolt that resulted in Mark Wright being elected Chairman. I knew who Mark Wright was and is as a man. I also knew despite him having Tom Hudson as Parliamentarian that he is his own man. I routinely defended Mark to people in local government. I believed that Mark would be an honest operator, I also believed that he’d be able to keep a disparate group of political nerds focused. I had talked to Mark a couple times about fundraising and local politics.

However, the kind of success I saw the Placer GOP achieve in 2020 was beyond anything I saw possible. Mark Wright acted on the good advice of several people and the results speak for themselves. Mark Wright deserves Re-Election to Chair of the Placer GOP.

If someone tries to run against Mark Wright, they can expect to be featured on the Right on Daily Blog. Mark is like family, he was at my father’s 80th Birthday Party amongst other things. I have a strong sense of loyalty and I am proud of what he helped facilitate as the Chairman of the Placer GOP.

Working by myself running the Placer CIR PAC circa 2014, 2016, 2018 and in 2020 the PGG PAC, I had taken runs at several local democrats. However, because I was basically working alone, I was getting attacked repeatedly with FPPC Complaints, legal threats and the like. In 2020, I had reinforcements. Despite this, The PCIR Pac had claimed several scalps. With an active and engaged Placer GOP, we cleared out several local government bodies of democrats in one cycle – as many as the PCIR PAC was able to get in 3 elections combined. Teamwork.

Mark Wright had several people around him that were all working for a common cause except for Suzanne Jones and Tom Hudson. Hudson consistently opposed the party spending money on anything. The committee should remove Hudson from anything resembling responsibility as he has been a roadblock to effectiveness for the 20+ years I have known him. I won’t go in to further detail about his personal issues or lack of character.

Suzanne Jones is too busy pandering to the mask-nazis and the nearly psychotic Granite Bay NIMBY’s to care much about the good operation of the Placer GOP. In fact, her friends have filed 10 FPPC Complaints against Kirk Uhler (6 and counting have been dismissed) and I have gotten legal demand letters from them. The sooner the Placer GOP sends the self-serving RINO Suzanne Jones packing the better. I can convict Tom Hudson of being a Republican, but Jones ran as a liberal democrat to beat Kirk Uhler and with her love of Masks, Lockdowns and enviro lawsuits intends to govern like one. Don’t worry folks, Crazy Susie will be running for Congress, Assembly or something again soon. She has run for 8 different offices since I have known her. Of further note, she did not endorse anyone, abstaining on all votes on the committee to endorse.

Other than Jones and Hudson – the next worst problem is Crazy Ed Rowen rambling every meeting about something. I was never sure what in the few meetings I attended.

That’s it. Out of 42 Total Members that is the extent of the problem children.

So, what happened in 2020?

For the first time in many years, the Placer GOP was able to send multiple pieces of mail. They sent mail in Roseville on behalf of Tracy Mendonsa and Gary Johnson. They sent mail in Roseville for school district races. They sent Mail in Rocklin for School District Races. They bought Gary Johnson Signs. They emailed. They called people. They walked precincts.

Literally, the last time I saw that level of activity was in 2004 (at the end of Ken Campbell’s tenure).

In 2020 – I had several goals running the PGG PAC committee:

  1. Was Loomis Town Council. I had enough money that I did not need help from the Placer GOP (they gave me intel that was helpful) It worked, Republican Danny Cartwright hammered university professor David Ring who penned a whiny op-ed post defeat in a local rag. This is the only win I can take sole credit for.
  2. LaMills Garrett got bombed by 20%, losing to Tracy Mendonsa. As a bonus, Republican Bruce Houdesheldt navigated an extremely tough re-election with a fully funded communist and a third opponent running to his right. The Placer GOP played a major role in Bruce excelling and Tracy’s lopsided win.
  3. Gary Miller. Ever since he attempted to recruit an opponent to my Mother (former RJUHSD Board Member Linda Park) – I have wanted to run him over with a political dump truck. In 2016, we blew his co-conspirator Rene Aggie-lair-uh out of office. (Rene ran again and lost in 2018, then ran again and got shellacked 72-28 in 2020) Now, Gary Miller gets to join him in the former Placer County Democrat Candidate dump. When you mess with my family, you die. (in this case it is a political metaphor) Thanks to an active Placer GOP, they helped me get justice against Gary Miller for my Mother.
  4. Camille Maben. I have tried 3 times to take her out. Thanks to the help of the Placer GOP in 2020, we got her on my third try. She survived 7 terms. It makes the BS $8,000 FPPC fine for issues unrelated to her run in 2016 worth it.
  5. Rocklin School District in General. Thanks to the Placer GOP, we ran the table on the Teacher’s Union. The Union, like the communist agitators they are have filed a bunch of lawsuits because they are butthurt over the drubbing they took at the ballot box. They don’t want to have to work for the taxpayer money they have been living off of. Now the Union has just one ass-monkey on the School Board, Rick Miller. Miller might be well served to retire. However, if he does not, Right On Daily will make sure he receives the care, therapy and love that he needs. Because we care.
  6. Roseville City Schools. I wanted Julie Constant re-elected and Gary Miller gone. Sorry, Megan Krafka, I was more focused on torching Gary Miller. But, thanks to the Placer GOP, Megan Krafka got the support she needed to put her over the top (her campaign was excellent in its’ own right). In the Roseville High School District, my friend Julie Hirota got re-elected (I disagreed with the Placer GOP when they pulled her endorsement) along with Heidi Hall and Pete Constant gaining first-time election. Again, the Placer GOP was front and center in this effort. The three Republicans did so well that 4th Place finisher Greg Carnage could only muster half the votes of Heidi Hall. Ouch.
  7. Brynne Kennedy. Get lost. What a waste of $1Million.
  8. Rocklin City Council. The three GOP Incumbents benefitted from the activity in the School District race, all won easily. I hope that the Placer GOP takes the time to get to know Ken Broadway a little better. Broadway is a good man and is approachable. Perhaps the dialogue can help Ken adjust some of his decisions in the future. Josh Rolph did well, I hope the Placer GOP keeps him involved somehow.
  9. Susan Goto. She is the candidate that shelled Rene Aggie-Lair-Uh 72-28. For that reason alone, Goto deserves sainthood. The Placer GOP played a role in helping her piledrive Placer County’s original political dumpster fire.

The whole committee (sans Hudson and Jones) deserves commendation for what they did.

Nov 182019

Your intrepid blogger has been involved in Placer County Politics for 20+ years. As such, I want to dedicate this series of blogs to those on the Placer GOP Central Committee and the fine folks attempting to recall Gavin Newsom. Many of you are much newer to the political scene and I greatly appreciated those of you that were sharing your thoughts and encouragement as I was opening up the history of the CAGOP in the run up to the 2019 CAGOP Chairman’s race. I want to share some more of my experiences specifically in local norcal politics. A lot of what you see today can be traced back to when your intrepid blogger was in his 20’s. (and before)

Yup. With Travis Allen at the 2019 CAGOP Convention

In 1997, I moved to Roseville with my family. We started our business which would later become Park Family Insurance that I have had for 22 Years. The first person I met in Politics was Jeff Atteberry, (in a Roseville Chamber of Commerce Meeting) who was then the Chairman of the Placer GOP for several years before the staff and consultant-led takeover of the Placer GOP in 2012. The second person I met in politics was none other than Thomas N. Hudson. Shortly thereafter in 1998-1999, I met people like Steve Frank, Mike Spence, State Senator Rico Oller, and his district director then known as Bonnie Mertus. (She is Placer County Supervisor Bonnie Gore)

True Story – Bonnie Gore is the deciding reason why I never ran for office ever. I had toyed with the idea and I had lunch with her one day at the Chili’s that used to be on Eureka and Lead Hill. We talked about the Moderates in the CAGOP and that 20 year-old fight (now 40 year-old fight) that started in the 1970’s and the foibles / pitfalls of running for office. That conversation with Bonnie Gore (then Mertus) was the tie-breaking factor as to why I became a full-time activist rather than one of many who plan a future run for office.

It was based on that chat, and chats with a few others to lead me to conclude that I really don’t want to have to serve side-by-side with people I don’t respect. This is your lot in life if you are elected to office. I’d never be able to write this blog if I had political aspirations either. (Think of all the people I’ve written about and what they would do if I was a candidate) In a sense, Jeff Atteberry who registered me to vote in 1997 for the first time, Tom Hudson who along with Jeff recruited me in to the CRA and Bonnie (Mertus) Gore whose brutally honest conversation with me in 1999 set me on the course towards political activism that helped found the Right on Daily Blog.

I actually served as a state officer in CRA from 2002-2015 (12 years as Sgt at Arms and then 1+ Year as a VP) before I was expelled for life from that organization during the Presidency of Thomas N Hudson. More on that in a later post.

It would be 5 years after Joining CRA in 1997 that I’d meet Kirk Uhler for the first time. That was 2002. In 2002, Ted Gaines was the Placer County Supervisor in District 4, having just advanced from Roseville office. Kirk Uhler actually preceded Ted Gaines as Supervisor in District 4. When Uhler was first elected a supervisor in the early 1990’s, he was 25, the youngest at the time in California, and second youngest in California history. I did not know him then.

In 2002, John Doolittle was our Congressman. He was at the peak of his influence. Doolittle was making his way up the list and was the #5 in the congressional leadership. Then Senator Tim Leslie and Assemblyman Rico Oller (they switched when termed out) were part of the crew of conservatives in office in Placer County.

Back in the days before it was fashionable to be a Gay Republican (aka Log Cabin), a man named Paul Hrabal, then President of the Placer County Congress of Republicans, (Yes, they were a chapter of the California Congress of Republicans – the moderates) recruited a slate of candidates for Placer GOP Central Committee. That’s correct – in the days when the Placer GOP was organized as a 21 member committee the Placer CCR Chapter had 21 certified squishes running and they had a fair amount of money in the bank with which to support them.

One of the biggest issues I have with Tom McClintock is that he simply does nothing to support local Republicans. At the beginning of my political consciousness, I had a Congressman, John Doolittle, that recruited candidates and helped finance candidates for local office. John Doolittle was responsible for getting Ted Gaines started in office only to have Gaines betray him later. Many of the Republicans in local office today trace their roots back to one of the three – Tim Leslie, Rico Oller or John Doolittle.

Former Placer County Supervisor Kirk Uhler, the son of legendary Ronald Reagan Alumnus Lewis K Uhler, was recruited by Congressman Doolittle as a key player in the effort to keep the Placer County Republican Party from getting taken over by the moderates. The Late Kathy Lund was part of the team as was former Roseville Mayor Susan Rohan.

Current Auburn Councilmember Cheryl Maki was part of the Congress Club slate in 2002 – a harbinger of her 2019 efforts to raise Pioneer Energy’s rates 27%.

Who was the chairman of the Placer GOP at the time? None other than Ken Campbell, still a member of the Placer GOP Central Committee to this day. That’s correct, Kirk Uhler was recruited to be a leader in the effort to prevent the moderates from unseating Ken Campbell as Chairman of the Placer GOP in 2002. Back in those days, Tom Hudson, Kirk Uhler and Ken Campbell were all on the same team.

From 2002, it would be 8 years until I’d ever heard of Suzanne Jones.

To be continued…

May 182018
Placer County Board of Supervisors Meeting
Despite the Placer County Board of Supervisor Chair’s unilateral pronouncement that he had “…determined that since this issue is being litigated it would serve no purpose to hold a hearing in the Board of Supervisors Chambers.” on May 8, 2018 the Placer County Republican Party and a broad cross-section of community leaders and concerned Placer County residents filled the Supervisors Chambers with an overflow crowd and addressed the Board during “Public Comment” and requested that the Board hold a public hearing on May 22, 2018 on this matter. See video of our entire presentation (
In television news coverage following that May 8, 2018 Board Meeting, Supervisor Holmes made multiple statements and issued, on behalf of the Board of Supervisors, the below statement which was published in its entirety on Fox40 News that evening.
We would like to thank Supervisors Kirk Uhler and Robert Weygandt for their support of our request to hold a public hearing on this issue. It is our intent to once again, appear at the May 22, 2018 Board of Supervisors Meeting, during “Public Comment” and attempt to impress upon the remaining three Supervisors, and most particularly, the Chair of the Board, Supervisor Jim Holmes, that the voters of Placer County want a public hearing on this matter before the Placer County Board of Supervisors.
Following the Placer County Board of Supervisors hearing on May 8, 2018, a number of you were perplexed and concerned about what is the Placer County Board of Supervisors’ policy for setting an agenda item. Assuming that the Placer County Board of Supervisors encourages the public to attend and be part of how the Placer County Board of Supervisors makes its decisions, and recognizing that the Placer County Board of Supervisors wishes to conduct its business in an orderly, calm, productive and timely manner; one would presume that Placer County has produced and published a policy and procedure document for Board Meeting Agendas as so many other California County Boards of Supervisors have done. A component of such a document should include how members of the public can request that an item be agendized.
In the interest of providing you and residents of Placer County with a complete, accurate and fundamental understanding of why the Placer County Board of Supervisors, and more specifically, the Chair of the Placer County Board of Supervisors, has prevented and/or refused to hold at least a public hearing on this matter, let alone join those nine counties and thirty-four cities, and adopt a resolution opposing the California Sanctuary State law; the Placer County Republican Party has submitted a formal request for documents and records pursuant to the California Public Records Act, which you may read and review by clicking here.
We will keep you posted on what, if any, “records” the County produces in response to this request.
May 162018

Blogger’s Note – I received this email from multiple sources. Please also note that the Placer County Impact Republicans have endorsed Todd Irby for Judge. 

May 16, 2018

RE:          The Re-examination and Rescinding of the Endorsement of Kulvinder Singh for Placer County Superior Court Office #2 on the June 5, 2018 Ballot

Dear PCRCC Members and Alternates;

On Monday of this week, you received a Notice of a Special Meeting of the Placer County Republican Central Committee for Thursday, May 24, 2018 at 7:00 PM.  This meeting was called as a result of the unanimous decision by PCRCC Executive Committee to Notice a Special Meeting pursuant to the PCRCC Bylaws for the exclusive purpose of re-examining and rescinding the PCRCC’s endorsement of Mr. Kulvinder Singh for Placer County Superior Court Office #2 on the June 5, 2018 ballot.

I am sure you are wondering what this is all about and why it is important that you be there or have your alternate attend in your place if you cannot.

In the event that you were not at the May 9, 2018 Regular Meeting, I had been contacted by Mr. Singh in advance of that meeting asking if he could attend.  I advised him that it was a public meeting and he was welcome to attend and, if time permitted, I would allow him to introduce himself to the body at the conclusion of the meeting.  As we approached the 9:00 PM hour, I gave the floor to Mr. Singh for two minutes.  At the conclusion of his introduction, he was asked questions by members present and a motion was made by Tom Hudson and seconded by Mark Wright to endorse Mr. Singh.  The Chair attempted to rule that motion out of order as being inconsistent with the PCRCC bylaws and the endorsement procedure the body had adopted in February 2018 as it related to endorsement for local candidates for the June 5, 2018 ballot.  The body proceeded to endorse Mr. Singh by voice vote.

Since that evening, the Chair, as well as all members of the Executive Committee, have been besieged by phone calls and/or emails from judges, members of the bar, people who have had business or social interactions with Mr. Singh as well as a handful of PCRCC members and/or alternates, some of whom are lawyers.  Universally, they expressed have concern as to Mr. Singh’s qualifications to be a Superior Court Judge and have either requested that the Executive Committee review certain public documents or, in some instances, have provided us copies of those public documents, and have requested that we revisit PCRCC’s decision to endorse Mr. Singh.  Attached hereto please find a packet of documents, all of which are public record, which were either provided to the Executive Committee and/or we acquired in doing our own due diligence over that last seven days.

The first set of documents contains relevant pages of the State Bar of California’s disposition and order suspending Mr. Singh’s license to practice law because of his “dishonest conduct”.  Highlighted in yellow are parts of the documents that set forth specific facts of his alleged misconduct and the State Bar’s findings and suspension order.

The second document is the decision of the California Court of Appeal, Third Appellate District, rejecting Mr. Singh’s appeal from trial court orders against him in a proceeding to dissolve his marriage.  Highlighted in yelloware facts that show (1) in 2010, he was held in contempt for violating court orders, (2) according to the court, there was “factually supported evidence of domestic violence” by him against his wife, (3) a clinical evaluation concluded that Mr. Singh is “narcissistic,” has “poor judgment” and “lack of insight” and has other serious character flaws, and (4) his legal work representing himself “failed to take into account the most basic rules of appellate review,” was “not persuasive and at worst not candid,” and “fail[ed] to present a coherent challenge to the trial court.”  The court ordered the opinion “Not To Be Published” which simply means it cannot be cited as a precedent for other cases; it nonetheless is a public record of the case and the decision of the court.

The third document is the decision of the California Court of Appeal, Third Appellate District, rejecting Mr. Singh’s appeal from a judgment and attorney fee order against him.  Highlighted in yellow are the Court of Appeal’s findings that he made “false” claims, “misrepresent[ed] what happened in the trial court,” and filed a “frivolous” appeal to delay paying an attorney fee award..  Because of his “‘abuse of the legal system,’” Mr. Singh he was ordered to pay sanctions of $7,500.    Those concerned individuals that the Executive Committee heard from argued that the decision also demonstrates he lacks the legal skills, judgment, and temperament to be a judge.

The fourth attachment is material from his law firm’s website and from the State Bar website indicating Mr. Singh implies that he graduated from the schools listed on his website. Mr. Singh’s website, says he “attended Sierra College, California State University Sacramento, and University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law,” implying he graduated from those schools. Not so.  He graduated from Queens College in Flushing, New York, and received his law degree from University of Northern California, Lorenzo Patino School of Law, an unaccredited law school that is now defunct.

The fifth attachment is material from his website showing photographs of Mr. Singh with prominent Democrats.

And last but not least is the link to a 2014 report on KXTV News about Mr. Singh claiming residence in Sutter County in 2014 when he unsuccessfully ran for election to be Sutter County’s District Attorney.  Attached is a printout of Mr. Singh’s current declaration for his candidacy for Placer County Superior Court on his website in which he asserts that he has lived in Placer County for the last 14 years. (

Obviously, at a minimum this experience should teach us that we are not well served to consider endorsements in support of or in opposition to candidates or issues without sufficient notice and opportunity for you and other members to vet the issues or candidates in advance of when you are expected to vote on them.

As you can see from the second set of attachments, copies of the emails to and from Mr. Singh with the Chair, Mr. Singh has made it abundantly clear that he would prefer that none of these public records be shared with you and instead he would like to decline PCRCC’s endorsement.  Unfortunately, he has reached out to a number of you on social media with a request that you share news of his endorsement by the PCRCC with your family and friends.  Furthermore, as the saying goes, “Life presents us with choices and we have to live with the consequences of those choices”.  We now are faced with the consequence of a decision that we should not have made in the absence of more information and proper notice.  The consequences are arguably that we endorsed someone that had we been aware of the above information we probably would not have endorsed.

The PCRCC Executive Committee is therefore requesting your attendance at the May 24, 2018 Special Meeting and your support and vote to rescind the endorsement of Kulvinder Singh for Placer County Superior Court Office #2.

Blogger’s Endnote: OUCH.

Sep 132017


There is a lawsuit working its’ way through the courts related to due process for the State of Jefferson. It appears that they are getting their way on some preliminary motions. This is good news for that long shot effort.

Nothing grassroots is without controversy. It appears there is an offshoot of SOJ, called CCR. They are having their own meetings and are basically bad-mouthing the SOJ side of things. It is too bad there is not unity in the SOJ effort.

BTW – any rumors of Steven Baird and Terry Rapoza being at odds were also dispelled as I was sent photos of them together at the last SOJ meeting.

As of this time, I remain a supporter of State of Jefferson / SOJ movement.

Prop 14:

I received an email from some former Assembly / Senate Leaders urging delegates to the CAGOP to continue supporting Prop 14, because Prop 14 is costing Labor Unions a ton of money in elections. Mind you, the current Assembly Minority Leader is a tyrant that most in the rank-and-file GOP dislike… so invoking leaders may not have been a wise strategy. Secondly, one such leader invoked was George Plescia. Mr. Plescia lives in Arizona and has for several years, meaning he’s never been in CA for a Prop-14 affected election.

Why people think having no GOP candidates on the fall ballot for statewide offices is a good thing is beyond me. Maybe they all supported the Cap and Trade disaster too? I am befuddled by the logic.

World-famous #NEVERTRUMPER Ron Nehring, who will lead the #NEVERTRUMP effort in 2020 in California responded with an email of his own decimating the argument of the first email. Hopefully that means there will be a floor fight at the CAGOP convention, confusion and those who have spent tons of money trying to control the CAGOP have the same feelings they had when a ton of people went rogue on Chad Mayes. People thinking for themselves is a good thing and we need more of it.

Placer GOP:

I was informed that several tea party / conservative aligned members of the cent com and other volunteers from a similar universe suddenly bailed out on their commitments to work at the Gold Country Fair, leaving the organizers scrambling to find help to fill slots. I am not sure how this helps register Republican voters, elects conservatives and the like. What do I know? I am just an attack blogger.

While I take turns taking shots at people who deserve them, I also try to provide balance. In this case, the legislative staffers on the Placer GOP Cent Com did the right thing by helping with the effort at the Gold Country Fair.

There is a lot of residual bad blood, however related to the 2012 and 2016 efforts to spend a ton of money on the outcome of the Placer GOP Cent Com race. As I have written before, said efforts were directed by Senator Jim Nielsen’s Chief of Staff (please note while working as an independent consultant outside of his duties in the State Senate) David Stafford Reade. People like Landon Wolf and others that work for legislators end up bearing the brunt of the ill will from said effort due to their proximity to folks like Reade and others that earn large amounts of consulting fees for their participation in these efforts. It is what it is.

Given that most of those staffers have never met me, yet glare at me from across the room, (think about what Reade and others may have told them about this meanie blogger or others on the opposite side of them) I can’t say that I 100% disagree with the “resistance” on the Placer GOP Cent Com. Legislative staff are rarely activists and are never independent. It is simply impossible.

That said, I expect to be endorsing many of the “resistance” all over the state and attempting to help them simply because the amount of money being spent to control the state party (and subsequently shrink it, to make it easier to control) is dead wrong. After seeing how difficult the drill against Chad Mayes was to run, I’ve drawn the conclusion that there needs to be a house-cleaning of party leadership with a few exceptions.


There is an event featuring Mike Pence tomorrow in Beverly Hills to raise gobs of money for targeted GOP Congressmembers. I hope it goes well, as I have heard mixed reports about the interest level in it. I’ve also heard that most of the CAGOP Congressional Delegation have convinced themselves that the sky is falling and they are all going to be hunted down. I seriously doubt any seats change hands until the next sham citizens redistricting commission meets and draws the GOP in to oblivion.

Tyler Diep, one of my newly minted favorite tackle dummies, had an event last night in Orange County. A lot of luminaries were there. It was his kick-off as young Tyler is expecting a coronation. I intend to help inform people that Tyler is a disaster, at least that is what I think of him, and when I am done many others will also.

There is a neat aside out of this is the angling and posturing to replace Dana Rohrabacher. It has been put to this blogger that one or more recognizable names in OC were being rather chummy with some of OC’s favorite liberals. Further, some of them appear to be just fine with the concept of Rohrabacher being unseated by a democrat in order to open up the seat. When I have on the record sources, I will name names and their actions publicly in hopes that the OC GOP Establishment continue shedding their fealty to incumbents in favor of doing the right thing.

I think it is safe to assume that those conspiring to help elect a democrat over Rohrabacher were part of the thousands of #NEVERTRUMP nimrods that helped Hitlary win the OC by a significant margin in 2016. They should just get out of the GOP now, and join Chad Mayes in a leper colony.

Speaking of Chad Mayes:

Mr Mayes has raked in a ton of PAC Money. We like to refer to this is his 30 pieces of silver. Be sure to scroll pages in the link so you understand why Mr. Mayes delusions of perfection run so deep.

It is indeed clear that Mayes believes he is bullet-proof for re-election as he can call his PAC Donor Masters and cash in for his behavior.

Mayes has been on a Narcissistic Rage on his way out the door. It has become clear to this blogger that in addition to stripping opponents of their committee assignments and offices, he has also been on a rampage against donors to the California Republican Party. The goal is to punish the disloyal, because he is right and they are all wrong. This is the behavior of a tyrant and a narcissist.

His grotesque arrogance was on display at the CAGOP board meeting this past weekend. Multiple accounts indicate that Mayes was boastfully telling the board that the party would raise no more than $200k a year. It was also clear to those paying attention that he was the cause.

Because the Assembly Repubicans lacked the courage to vacate the chair, they are all left with the consequences as the Narcissist is meeting out revenge on everyone. This sort of failure to lead is what gave these very people who despise President Trump, President Trump.

Speaking of Narcissists and #NEVERTRUMPERS, Kristen Olsen – who like Chad Mayes has never acknowledged anything she has done wrong and like Chad Mayes is incapable of seeing her own faults – has made it clear she is staying on as Vice Chair of the California Republican Party. She ran the meeting on Saturday during a couple periods of Jim Brulte’s absence. She has also appeared at at least one county party event and people in Stanislaus County have told me that she brazenly has gone back to her church seemingly immune to the Church’s desire to see her leave or anything regarding her affair with Mayes and its’ effect on the community there. This is the classic behavior of Narcissism, something people screamed about with Obama for years.

In case you have not had enough drama and bad news, the Democrats are already busy screwing business in the wake of Chad Mayes’ Cap and Trade Deal. (Remember, it is all about him so he can own it every time stuff like this happens.)

According to the Sacramento BS, the democrats chose the labor unions over left-wing poster child company Tesla. This is a repudiation of everything Chad told us about the “deal” done related to Cap and Trade. This bill is designed to force Tesla to unionize, the exact sort of anti-business crap Chad Mayes told us his sell-out would prevent. The Narcissist was wrong, lied or did both.

My summary on facebook of this was as follows:

#1 Tesla gets screwed (see also Elon Musk, a left-wing Trump hater) #2 Chad Mayes looks like an even bigger idiot/narcissist than he already is as this validates the criticisms of us little people against “His Deal” (because, remember, it is all about him). #3 Labor Unions > Environment in the Dem Party – confirming who their daddy is.

These updates will continue as events warrant.