Mar 232024

In SD-37, Uber dumped a bunch of money into Josh Newman and Stephen Choi. The Leadership of the OC GOP wanted Crystal Miles whose consultant is Dave Gilliard. Many of the rank and file wanted Anthony Kuo. The story about how the endorsement of Kuo got scuttled is a classic expose’ in backroom politics.

Would an OCGOP Endorsement have mattered? That county endorsement does indeed move the needle and has in years past. Perhaps had the insiders not thwarted the OCGOP from making a choice, Uber would not have been able to buy Choi into the fall.

Gilliard also had a candidate, Kate Monroe in CA-49:

The same leadership of the OCGOP scuttled and thwarted an endorsement of Matt Gunderson on behalf of Kate Monroe. It should also be noted that Margarita Wilkinson spent a ton of money and appears to have hurt herself with her strategic choices in her campaign.

Kate Monroe – similar to Crystal Miles is a client of Dave Gilliard.

The point of this post is simple. It is not about Dave Gilliard who is one of the better GOP Consultants in California. He lists people like Doug LaMalfa, Bethypoo, Jim Nielsen, Gallagher, Joe Patterson and Tenessa Audette as clients. Heck, his golden girl Janet Nguyen (who I blasted more than once) stomped the field.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

This is about Central Committee endorsements and the corruptible process behind them. When Tenessa Audette was endorsed by Placer County, one of the votes to do so was someone on her payroll (check her campaign finance reports you will see who). In Orange County, there are more than one person with a long standing relationship with Dave Gilliard. If I was Gilliard, I would most certainly leverage those in order to benefit my clients. This is part of the game. The issue is that Gilliard’s allies did it under cover of subterfuge.

The brutal reality is the endorsement process of a county party is corruptible and is not transparent. This is and has been a theme of Right on Daily for years, ripping the covers off of the backroom deals, politics of personal rage and the moral corruption of the political process. Welcome back to the 2024 edition.

P.S. About Tenessa?

Whoops… the ENDORSED candidate got beat pretty badly. (P.S. 98%+ of the ballots in the district have been tabulated)

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  12 Responses to “OCGOP Update: Humiliation, After Scuttling Endorsements in CA-49 and SD-37 (with a side of AD-01)”

  1. I love San Mateo GOP. There is not one Consultant (these people have many titles) influencing us. We are proud volunteers.Yard signs and mailers of course but any scenario where money changes hands has a stench.

  2. All I see in SD 37 is three “Republicans” watering down the MAGA voice/vote. Get behind ONE candidate and the Dems have absolutely no chance in ANY future election as those registered as “No Party Preference” and “Independents” are less likely than EVER to vote Democrat. Blogger has noted this pattern of watering down the vote before. It matters more in a general election, but if Republicans want to show America that California was NEVER blue, they had better start understanding “divide and conquer”.

  3. For those so inclined, I offer a personal invite to our CRA meeting on the following:

    9 APRIL 2024
    Tuesday, 7pm
    Epic Bible College
    4330 Auburn Blvd
    Sacramento CA 95841

    At this meeting, I will be announcing my ‘ exploratory campaign for California State Governor 2026’.

    If you can make it, great!! If you can’t? No problem.
    I believe, the Blogger will be sharpening up his blades, weapons and pens, to have the literal ‘field day’ on this topic. Eh……… is, what it is. I look forward to the conversation, whenever it is.

    Thank you much for this public service announcement.

  4. They say it’s the dog not barking…..

    So, where are the blog entries that connect the lawfare (so obviously unlawful and unconstitutional) against Trump with California politics? This would explain a lot of why Democrats are able to dominate any patriotic candidate for office in California. Silence is a very good indicator.

    Or maybe Trump Derangement Syndrome is too strong to face the reality of the corruption/blackmail/bribery on both sides.

    Trumpism is the only way to overthrow the entrenched sickness in our government. When is Ryan Ronco going to stand up for those who voted him in office to do the honorable thing? Trump voters will turn out in levels so high, County vote managers will be forced to do the unthinkable. And we will see them. California was never blue.

  5. California was never blue? See, this is the problem with our party. We don’t admit it when we lose and seek to make adjustments, we just insist that we actually won, or would have won if not for the conspiracy against us.

    People talk about California turning red like it is the second coming on the horizon. California will not turn red without us putting in the work and without us nominating candidates that can reach people in the areas they are running.

    There are clearly issues we can run on. Lanhee Chen won in places we have competed in in years. Taxes are unpopular and the state is clearly on the wrong track. But the evidence that we are actually winning statewide, right now, is just absent.

  6. California was never blue.

  7. What does that mean?

  8. California was indeed Republican Blue after the civil war until almost the Depression (but GOP used the color Red back then)

  9. There is quite a symphony in the comments until that damn Marine came in and snorted agent orange again…

  10. After the Civil War? Not germaine. GOP used to be red? Ridiculous.

    I thought readers of this blog could discern what “blue” means. How long have we trusted voter rolls? How long have we trusted election results? How long have we been divided as a people? They laugh at our division as they hold power and we scrape out a slave’s existence. What is the greatest enemy to our constitutional republic? What is the greatest weapon against that enemy? Do you know who you can never criticize? Why not?

    You can’t name one institution (private or government) that hasn’t been corrupted. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Why are we expected to BELIEVE our elections are perfect?

    Electronic voting is BY DESIGN nontransparent and unauditable. Every part of the voting system is BY DESIGN corruptable.

    Everyone knows 2024 will be the last election done electronically. They just can’t say it out loud as it would be an admission of knowledge of criminal/treasonous activity and guilt.

    They laugh at our division because we don’t even know who the real enemy is.

    I bet not one reader of this blog can name the real enemy.

  11. Aaron Melody, you always seem to think I’m gaslighting you or something, but I honestly want you to tell me who the enemy is, because you are right, I am not sure who you are referring to. You seem to have really important knowledge and I just wish you would share it with us. Maybe you’ll lead Aaron Park to write a nice blog post about it, the poor soul has been struggling for content recently and I’m sure a good exposé on the man behind the curtain could lead to some quality traffic.

    Until you come out and tell us this, Aaron Park will be relegated to doing the *obviously* unimportant work of convincing voters they ought to vote for republicans.

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