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California Elections are a joke.

I’ve seen this a few times in my life

Obviously, I am involved in California’s first Assembly District Race. I will be writing a lot more about this in the fall as it is now a head to head race with my candidate Heather Hadwick stunning all observers, finishing first. I know why she won and that is a secret that I will not discuss until after the General Election is over and she is Assemblywoman Heather Hadwick.

This will not be before a ton of drama and people that don’t know her who hate her only because of their irrational hatred of the Dahles doing what they do. (The Dahles, by the way are loved in AD-01, but I digress)

I also had a bit of time away, even though I do work when away from my artillery position at 5146′ here in the north state. I had a great Easter!

So, here are some races I am watching this fall in California:

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AD-01 obviously, SD-01 (Megan Dahle is fine, please stop the rumors) are the starters.

AD-07 which is a D+6ish district, but GOP incumbent Josh Hoover had a strong showing in March.

AD-40 where communist incumbent Pillar Schaivo performed poorly presenting another pickup opportunity for the GOP, because in AD-47 Greg Wallis is in deep doo-doo.

AD-60 might be entertaining too

AD-75 which pits Andrew Hayes against the controversial and flamboyant Carl DeMaio should be noteworthy because DeMaio will spend a ton of money.

AD-76 features Kristie Bruce-Lane who did not make it to 50%. There will be a ton of money in that district, she is about the top recruit for the GOP this cycle.

SD-01 Megan Dahle smashed David Fennell. Fennell has distinguished himself with some nasty and classless appearances by all accounts, so he appears well suited to the Dahle haters and the 22.8% of the vote in SD-01 they represented.

SD-05 Jim Shoemaker a long time enemy of mine in the CRA is the nominee against retread Jerry McDonkey. McDonkey is a heavy favorite, both because of the district and because Shoemaker still needs finishing as a candidate.

SD-07 – Five Democrats and One Republican ran. The Republican finished last. My guess is that district will elect an Israel-hating communist.

SD-19 Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh did not do well, but did get over 53% in the primary. Watch this district because the dems are coming for it.

SD-23 Suzette Martinez-Valladares hammered DJ Hamburger and the Dem did not even get 30%. Even though this is allegedly a dem district, Suzette will be uber-competitive. Hamburger, had he made the runoff would have cost the GOP a seat for sure.

In SD-37, Josh Newman who was once recalled for whoring out for a tax increase drew former Assemblyman Stephen Choi as his opponent. Newman is the prohibitive favorite to hold his seat. This was one of the districts I wrote about the GOP endorsement game playing in.

CA-03: Kiley got to over 55% as the count went on. He is safe for now. Look for the pinkos to recruit a better opponent than Jessica Morse in 2026.

CA-06: Can Chris Bish get to 35% against Ami Bera? Inquiring bloggers want to know.

CA-09: Former Stockton Mayor Kevin Lincoln was able to hold incumbent Dem puppet Josh Harder under 50 in the Primary. True to form, the Republicans could not help themselves as two other unqualified candidates filed for no reason causing Lincoln to have to spend money to finish second in the primary. Great teamwork.

CA-13: John Duarte nearly beat Adam Gray by 10% in the primary. I don’t see how Gray, noted for being a lazy candidate overcomes that.

CA-20: Vince Fong drew Mike Boudreaux as his opponent. Mike Boudreaux is going to wish he had not filed in the first place.

CA-21: Yet another poor showing by Jim Costa may bring this district in to the spotlight again.

CA-22: The Reps combined for nearly 55% of the vote. Valadao always seems to be just fine even as trump-supporters and so-called pundits predict his demise.

CA-27: Mike Garcia’s very existence crushes the squish narrative about “fitting the district”, this conservative continues to earn mid 50’s support in a D+6 district.

CA-30: Hard left district but the Republican qualifier Alex Balekian can make it interesting

CA-35: Mike Cargile always makes Norma Torres life miserable. Go Mike.

CA-47: Dem leaning district will be a money bloodbath. Scott Baugh is the Republican candidate there

CA-49: Another district where I wrote about the game-playing for the GOP endorsement. Pinko incumbent Mike Levin got 51% of the vote and presents a nice target for Matt Gunderson who should have been endorsed. Now they have to because he is the qualifier.

In addition, your intrepid blogger can’t help himself but watch some local stuff:

For reasons I am unsure of, there is a third candidate that risks splitting the votes to allow Karen Alvord, the wife of Scott Alvord an easier path to getting elected. Remember Council Races are non-partisan and have no runoff. It appears that we could have another Richard Rocucci / Pauline Rocucci combination unless Pete Constant wins.

Mike Murray made the runoff in Sup D3 in Placer County, my guy Dave Butler finished 3rd. I will be writing more about this later, but this is my official endorsement of Mike Murray. His opponent Anthony DeMattei better invest in political body armor.

In Sup D5, Cindy Gustafson is the more conservative of the two that qualified. Wayne Nader is a Registered Republican, amazingly. I can’t endorse Cindy, but if I had a vote in that district she’d get it.

I will be weighing in on other races in Placer County, but those three are on my radar right now.

Don’t worry dear readers, the body-count will resume soon enough.

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  26 Responses to “Sorry I Have Been Gone – Waiting for the 45 Days(!) For the Election Count to be Completed. My Menu for the Fall”

  1. CA-06: Chris Bish will have to raise a TON of money…and the min she gets close the Dem’s will attack ‘guns a blazing’. Chris know this. But we should point out that she defeated Craig Deluz, the CRP endorsed candidate, more than 2 to one. Which mostly show how broken the Sac GOP and State CRP are. ( And Deluz actually came in 4th after both Bish and another GOPer Riehle)

  2. And keep your eye on Thom Bouge in SD3. When I met him about 7 years ago he was an independent…and he told me I actually convinced him to become a Republican. Nowhe is in a hell of a fight and actually leads in the vote count…but the Dems split between Cabaldon in Yolo County and Verder-Aliga in Napa County. If Thom can find a way to pull off Dem Votes over in Napa…that one could be close between him and Cabaldon (long time West Sac Mayor).

  3. Colonel – if Bish raises over $100K this fall it would be national news. But – you, yes YOU can do your part and max out to her. I know you can afford it.

    Thom Bogue is a good dude who got smashed by 30 points in the Primary. Maybe you could max out to him, too. $5500. You can do it Charlie.

  4. Charlie?? lol……sometimes you amaze me. You seem to know a lil about Ms Bish….so you must be in ‘ the know’. I’m sure you’ll HEAR about our meeting tonight as well. (Can’t wait to see what you say about me, afterwards) lol

    Ms Christine, as far as I can find, has amassed about 85k. And spent, near the same.
    So, in numbers?? She’s close to the 100k level already. Before the Primary, I saw plenty of VOTE BISH signs around, now?? Crickets. What happened? Why are they gone? Where, did they go too?
    Short of hearing about HER exploits and accomplishments, you don’t hear much of anything, about HER or her accomplishments. (Present company excluded) Where is the party support?

    Sad to say, but the CRP endorsed candidate, didn’t ‘show up’ to the party. She won, bottom line, but let’s be honest at least. Showing up to the game, when your opponent is absent, isn’t a glorified WIN. The ripples of Mr Deluz NOT showing up, will be far reaching, given what I’ve heard and seen. My endorsement of the man, stemmed from our past dealings. Suffice to say, and to keep the story short: It’s something I won’t be repeating.

    We are 7-8 months out, and nearly all BISH 4 CONGRESS posters are gone, in the major ‘viewpoints’ I run across. smh. (another story for another time). If this is a, wait till we’re closer to FIRE……….that’s a losing proposition. To me. Even WITH, all the other R candidates dropping, her numbers don’t fare well against Berra. That’s MINUS, the dollar differential. It’s just me, but I see the things discussed, to be more on the LOCAL/LOWER end of what a Congressman/woman does. Don’t hear too much about NATIONAL items, from that end. Again, that’s just me. Has she been endorsed by the State GOP party? Nope, not that I am aware of. I get her Linkd-in notices when she posts, tho. That wasn’t/hasn’t been posted. Then again, neither has the State GOP endorsed Garvey.

    Based upon the Bloggers notes/comments; The Senate debate figures AND our own Party bosses declarations, let’s chew some numbers:

    REPUBS have registered upwards of 620K in the past Five Years!!! (Per Ms Patterson)
    DEMO”s have registered 3 MILLION during the same time frame.

    Per month, that means R-side got 124K per year;
    Per month, DEMO”s got 600K per year.

    Combined, that’s 720K people registered, between BOTH parties, a year. In five years, that’s near 35 MILLION people who decided which party they chose to belong to. State population is estimated to be, 35 MILLION people.

    If these numbers are even CLOSE to true, then I concede to the blogger from our past conversation on MY chances. Outdone, five to one, what’s the point? Cash doesn’t matter, speeches don’t matter, platform doesn’t matter. Repubs can only win, if the DEMO’s let them. (according to these figures)

    Charlie? I really hope you can make it to tonight’s meeting. And Aaron? I really look forward to being ‘put to the test officially’, from you as well. Mr Hudson has already put forth, his ‘litmus test’ on me to a degree. He’ll get his shot as well, as time marches on.

  5. Hoover is a machine, but the Democrats will want what they probably still think of as their district back.

    I don’t know anything about his opponent, other than what’s on her website. She a strong a candidate?

  6. Leo…I am down under in Australia at the moment then head to Hawaii on a cruise ship. My point is basically the CRP is so broken that they endorsed the candidates that came in 4th. On Bish…I always tell her that her goal was just to top two (and yes I did write her a few checks). However, there were two other strong GOP’ers running, and the real fight is in the fall in a winnable district. She has her work cut out-no doubt. For Bouge he would need a big upset, Aaron is right, the numbers are not in his favor, but there are weakness in Cabaldon’s armor…(Not everyone likes that guy)…and Trump is a wild card in both of these races.

    Arron…I am just a poor dirt farmer….lol (40 acres and a John Deere mule– plus a few)

  7. And Aaron…I thought you promoted me to Lance Corporal…Yet you called me Colonel?…LAUGH (Hell, I respected Lace Corporals more than some of the Colonels I knew….lol) The Lance Corporals are the real war fighters….Just lke the ‘voters’ are the real fighters in politics. 😉

  8. BTW Aaron if you are going to the CRP convention 18 May in Burlingame…the Plaza Hotel, about a bock and a half way, as rooms on Travelocity for $102 a night…the CRP rate at the Hyatt is $209 a night. Being a poor dirt farmer I got a room at the Plaza….lol. And if you want to come to the Tea Party dinner…I will dig deep into my cob-web covered wallet and buy you a dinner ticket…. 😉 (all the fun people are always at the Tea Party Dinner and it almost always sells out)

  9. Daaaaang Charlie. Cruising on a cruise ship, lol. Best wishes to you.
    Well, the die is cast.
    I’m officially in the “exploratory phase” on this campaign.
    Bisch has an opener meeting in April, they announced. Our SRA Pres is resigning in May.
    Shame, he’s a decent guy.
    Bisch missed out on tonight as did Carl. Hmmmmm. Even Tom was gone. Welp, the cats out of the bag.
    A little more than 21 months till the primary. One man present wanted to bet me 100 dollars that “ fifty other Republicans are going to run, then what will I do.” I didn’t take the sucker bet.

    You will know by June, when this is official. Email me if you’d like.

    Let the games begin!
    Ps”…………( Lord? Aarons gonna come at me hard. Grant me the wisdom to weather the storm. )

    Yalls have a great evening. I’m stoked!!!

  10. Leo…just what are you running for? And dont announce until the Nov Election is over…dont muddy the water you only hurt yourself when you do that.

  11. LOL. Okay, ……I appreciate that.

    California State Govenor, 2026.
    I am not announcing for the re-call, this is FOR, 2026.

    4 DEM’s have announced, 1 pending…..that one being Mr Bonta. (acid reflux)
    I’ll test my skills, in ‘getting under people’s skin’, and seeing if I can impact that man to join in!! Helps break up the numbers.

    As of last night? It’s an ” exploratory campaign”……..
    NOV isn’t a concern of mine? That election will happen, regardless of California politics.
    (Tho I hear and get what you’re saying…….)

    My chances? Snowball in hell, I get it. Aaron’s informed me already. I see it as akin to ‘a flea having to crest Mr Everest.’
    My odds of placing into the top 2 tier? Eh…….possible, mathematically.
    In comparison? My chances of being a Captain on a team? Nominal, but I did it first practice. Chances of winning a post championship? Nominal, but we did it 2nd year.
    Chances of a Repub jumping into the race to make problems? HIGH. Chances of that person being a: Political hack? Termed-out-office-holder-looking-for-their-next-gig? Super high!! Chances of that person being “real”, mediocre.
    Chances of the Party in California (or national for that matter) finding the perfect candidate? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Here’s a secret: Jesus isn’t running for office.

    Oh, I am debating on taking a sucker’s bet someone offered me last night: He said:” You realize, there are going to be at least 50 other Republicans running for Gov in 2026. How will you stand out from them? I know there will be 50 other Republicans running, I bet you $100.00 on it! ”

    Our SRA meeting will be on 14th May 2024. I’d be wrong, if I took up that man’s money. Unless he forces it upon me, then I won’t feel bad at all.
    50? pffffffffffttttttttt……………………….there isn’t even ONE yet who is coming out. Too early? No-Names, aren’t overly worried about ‘too early’, lol. California is already going to the bottom. There isn’t anything BUT, an upward climb. Should Trump WIN (as it’s looking for now, but NOT guaranteed……when it happens, THEN, it’s in the bag), California will be in trouble. I’m looking to HELP the State, not screw it over…….I’d greatly appreciate THAT level of support, from THAT level.

    My target date is around CA Budget release timeframes. (Wife’s blessing included)

    Email me Charlie, and you’ll know where I am on this.
    Bottom line, it’s VERY simple. People will have the option of “successful failure, as provided to us by newsome and his policies continued by the current field? Or, a different pathway. In the end, it’s the publics choice. Me?
    At least, I made the attempt. The cost? Eh……whatever it is, will be man made, and who cares. GOD knows my heart, and will provide. Worst that can happen, is I lose. So what? We as a party in this State, should KNOW about losing already. Seems we’re good at it.

    I’m looking to change that mentality.
    As I said last night to a person: Stop standing on the side, tossing stones as to why I CAN”T succeed, and start helping me TO succeed.

    ps…………take cruise ship pictures!!
    (apologies Aaron)

  12. Leo…Governor? Do you have any lower office experience? Have you run before? Can you raise $40 Million (without millions you are a 100,000+ to one long shot)??? I have run for office before…it’s a full-time job without pay. It’s cutthroat. The back-stabbing knives come outs of the shadows…. Raising money is like pulling teeth from a shark that is about to bite your leg off…. The system will eat you alive if you don’t know what you are doing….

  13. Charlie. (breathes in). Where to start.
    Please note: I have seen you post here for a long time. I admire your wit and advice. (Aarons also) Truely, I want YOU to know, I respect your input on many items. With that said, I have thought long and hard on what you posted yesterday. In my BEST, Department of Human Assistance mentality (ie, based unbiased-as-can-be opinion), here is my response to you:

    Yes, Governor. Why is this such a shock? I’ve been saying it for a while now.
    To your questions:
    In regular Government? No. In informal Government? Yes. (ie, Union work).
    Run before? To campaign for Government? No. For Union campaigns? yes.
    CAN I, raise 40 million? By myself? Doubtful, but it’s doable. WITH organizations and their help?? Yes.
    Thank you sir, for giving me 100,000 to 1 odds on being successful. Better than I give myself, so already, YOU have increased my odds, successfully. (I believe Aaron gave me lower odds than I gave myself).

    I get the JOB part, that’s the point I have to convince the spouse on. Yup, full time, no pay, no gratitude, nada. Cutthroat. lolol, I’ve lived in a cutthroat world all my life, nothing new. Back-stabbers? Already aware of them. (looking around)……Yes, they are out there, for certain. I get ALL that, and more, about my chances, my obstacles and the impacts.

    So, again with that said.
    Brian Dahle got 4.4 million voters to side with him in the GENERAL election. Given those numbers, AND, If I could get them to support ME, this is the potential war chest:
    4.4M ——@ $10.00 per person to not break the bank?? 44 million
    4.4M——-@ $5.00, cause people are strapped?? 22 Million
    4.4M——-@ $1.00 cause you’re broke azzed or a tightwad? 4.4 Million.

    In each example, it outdoes what Brian did in his campaign and in newsomes numbers as well. Doable? Of course.

    Experience?? Please, look at the Capital. Really? You want me to compare myself to them? Given that example, I’m over-qualified to do the job.
    Govt Experience: Really? Then please explain to me, HOW people who KNOW this game, failed to achieve their PRE-announced win in 2020. They had it in the bag. Don’t blame the Refs for your loss, you lost. Period. So much for the political know-it-alls, who professed to KNOW IT ALL, when it came to the Trumpster and 2020. (hand to ear) Hear it? Same noise, huh? When the man is ELECTED, when the race is DONE, when he’s OBTAINED the office, THEN, you can brag, boast and whatever, about your political experience and how it helped. Till then, it’s bragging before the game ends.

    CAN I………….can I what? Move mountains? Change people’s opinions? MAKE them vote for me? If I say, Charlie? I promise you (blah blah ), will you PROMISE to vote for me? lol…..and if you MAKE that promise, then which of us is lying?

    My odds? ZERO if I don’t try. OUR odds? ZERO currently, cause no one has the B___s yet to announce. ZERO if our team, does nothing. And if someone DOES pounce up, stand up, makes the attempt and loses?? lol they’ve done no less than myself, and they HAD experience. SO far, our ‘experienced’ people are 0-20. ZERO Republicans in major office for the past 20 years. Explain that please, for those WHO KNOW.
    ps…..one or 2 people in the assembly don’t count. Their numbers don’t matter.

    Given what you and others have already told me, please tell me this then:

    What did people say, when patriots decided to fight against England?
    What did people say, when someone said aloud, they wanted to fly like eagles do?
    What did people say, when someone suggested putting a man into orbit, and then on the moon?
    What did they say, about our chances after Pearl Harbor? What did they say, when Churchill STAYED the course to challenge Germany?
    What did they say about those fighting at the ALAMO. Yes, they died. They COULD have surrendered, right?
    What did they say, about the soldiers fighting in Bastogne?
    What did they say, when 1st Marines, were surrounded at Chosen? They should have surrendered too.

    I hope you got my point. I hope others got it as well.

    You lose, when you don’t try. Don’t come at me with, YOU CAN”T….YOU DON”T HAVE….YOU AREN”T ……(spits).
    So called, INTELLIGENT PEOPLE, haven’t done jack in 20 years. Experience?? News reports only EIGHT!!(8) understand how to fix the budget….EIGHT! out of how many are in the Assembly?? Please…….miss me with that nonsense.

    For those who want to toss stones from the sidelines, sneer, shrug off, or dismiss me and my attempts, do this: Move along.
    STOP telling me what is NOT possible, and START HELPING me achieve to MAKE IT POSSIBLE.

    LEAD, FOLLOW or GET OUT OF MY WAY…..drive on drill Sgt, drive on!!

    I maybe foolish, I maybe broke-azzed, I may be a non-degree holder, not a businessman, and not politically savvy……but at least I, can say I am trying to make a difference and change the way things are now for the BETTERment of the State. I am NOT running, to “check a box”, like my potential opponents, I’m running because NO ONE IN THE KNOW, has the fortitude TOO run for office up to this point. If they had or did, then I wouldn’t be here.

    For those ‘in the know’…………what ARE you waiting for? An invitation? Solar eclipse? Money? Timing? Name recognition? WTF? People in this State are fed up..read the papers, listen to the news…..how many MORE opportunities do you have to have shown to you, to know this? If you’re hanging around, waiting for that ” holier than thou ‘ candidate to enter into the race, let me tell you a little secret:


    Please relook at what you wrote Charlie, and think of all the other not stated here reasons you’d give me about losing. This goes for ANYONE who reads this blogsite….same challenge. Then, when you smart people ALL come up with a conclusion of how it CAN”T be done, START trying to think of how it COULD BE DONE.
    It’ll be hard I know, because when you’re so used to being last, losing and insignificant, having someone stand up and actually FIGHT BACK, is hard to swallow.

    ps……I’ve already been warned, that I am TOO Conservative for California. Really? On just MY platform?? OMG………if that’s true, what does that say about the other guy??

  14. Leo its all about name ID, money and experience. We, the GOP, need to start winning elections. Nice you have the guts to run, but I have learned from experience don’t run unless you have a real chance of winning. Run for something you can win, then use your ‘clout’ to help us get Republicans elected in all offices including Governer. And don’t waste time bloviating on Arron’s blog it you are serious about winning… (leave the bloviating to bloviators like me…LOL)

  15. smh.
    You seem to have missed my point.
    1) “Leo its all about name ID, money and experience”<—-no, I've been told it's ONLY about the money.
    2) "don’t run unless you have a real chance of winning. " <—Republicans 1 vs Demo's 5, in registration numbers. Already, you've proven NO Republican can win, unless DEMO's don't vote and all 100% of Repubs DO Vote.
    3) "Run for something you can win, then use your ‘clout’ to help us get Republicans elected in all offices including Governer." <—-why? You just asked me, what can I (singular) do. HELP US,GET REPUBS ELECTED………..hmmm…..double standard. That's why we're losing.
    4) "And don’t waste time bloviating on Arron’s blog it you are serious about winning… (leave the bloviating to bloviators like me…LOL)"…….I'll give you this one, lol.

    I AM, going to run for something I believe I can win. You and others should use YOUR Collective Clout, to help me win, I agree with you.
    But in using your logic on point 2, NO republican has a chance to win in California, under those circumstances. We've done the School district thing, what's happened? They're getting overturned in Court; one School District lost it's majority and is NOW revamping their bold stance, due to a lawsuit. Yes, lower offices are safe, sound and easy to win.
    I agree Charlie, they're something that can be won. (and do what afterwards?)
    le sigh.
    Let's use Garvey as a template……………he's in the race. Can he win? I dunno, you tell me. What do the EXPERTS say? He has a chance, so what? When he wins, he wins. For whom however? The party? No sir, the PARTY isn't even supporting him. Oh, they'll ride his coat tails for and if, he WINS, of course!!
    If he loses? Pfftttttttttt……………they'll make excuses and quickly sweep it under the rug.
    This isn't about YOU or I…………….WE already know what's going on. WE, have to convince a public forum, that WE have a better choice and option. So far, rehashed office holders, people termed out looking for the step up ain't cutting it. Baseball players?? We'll see.

    We need Congressional District 6, yet people SAAAAAAAAAAY, our Repub candidate is only a "vanity candidate who runs till she finally gets in." Really? Is that why she's not endorsed and on her own?
    I'm still in the "exploration phase" of this process.
    If you like movies, check out REAL STEEL………the symbolism is good.
    I'm the little guy, taking on the party favorite, for a shot at the title.
    For now, who am I? No one, just like the millions of voters we don't need till we need them. Some political people have already told me, "I am too conservative for California." OMG….really? I'm not even OFFICIAL yet, and I'm too conservative? What does that mean for someone who also wants to run? Have you read my standing points? lolol, If THOSE are too conservative, then our side is in trouble. OR!!!! We're gonna be looking for (as Aaron calls them) Rhino's and Squishes for our team to TRY to win.
    Political experts have also told me:" California is a waste of time, no one will invest in it or for it."
    Is that really true? So, what's the point? Who's lying? (grin)

    It'll be a while, before I hear from you, "I told you so."

    "then use your ‘clout’ to help us get Republicans elected in all offices including Governer."
    smh……"to help us", not ME, but US…….that's sad.

    Fall in Lance Corporal!! We going for a ride!!

  16. Leo you are wrong about Bish…I know her very very well. (the last CD6 Candidate was the one shopping for a district). And yes stop bloviating…otherwise you are wasting your time.

  17. Charlie? I’m wrong?
    I’m only saying what others have told me. Politically connected people, that is.
    Our group sided with Ms Bisch…….the other side went with Mr Deluz. (outcome known)
    (all that and you only took the CD-6 portion? wow) This is EXACTLY what I am talking about, and what YOU alluded too. (It’s cutthroat. The back-stabbing knives come outs of the shadows)
    You must be referring to Ms Hamilton. She DID get 45.3% of the vote…..isn’t that what they call, a good showing?

    You got me on Bloviating……..
    I use Sarcasm.

    March or Die.

    (wait……….that was a movie. My bad, wrong movie)
    Ah, from my Military years:

    “When someone tells you, YOU are wasting YOUR time? It usually means you must be correct or right in what you’re saying, and they don’t want to hear it.”

    Still luvs ya!!!!

    ps….(I’m gonna suffer the same fate, I already know this)

    MYYYYYYYY prediction of CD 6:
    2022 General 2024 Primary
    Bera—55.9% (121,058) Berra—–52.8% (54,773)
    Hamilton—44.1% (95,325) Bisch—19.9% (20,661)
    Bisch— 7.9% Riehle—–10.8% (11,202)
    Deluz—9.4% (9,769)

    Total votes counted 2022—216,383 (primary)–> 144,057
    Total Primary votes counted in 2024—-103,654
    CD-6 population, 2024——761,091
    estimated voters————-215,000 to 240,000

    Ms Bisch needs half of the projected Voters for her potential victory.
    Bera owned nearly half of the potential voters already.
    MY (UNqualified, NON-expert opinon)————–Loss by 10%, if called today.

    If I’m wrong, I’ll provide you and my family a meal at Texas Roadhouse, near Elk Grove CA.
    If I am right??? Well, ……..nothing needed from you, cause my point will be proven.

    Numbers, facts, my word.

  18. finally. Someone on the R side…………..

    Southern California Sheriff Chad Bianco, an unsparing critic of Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom and a conservative fixture on Fox News, is considering a run for California governor in 2026, POLITICO has learned.

    Hmmmmmmmmm……………..former, Oath Keeper????

    What’s the word on THIS topic??

  19. Becerra? Hmmmm?

    I smell panic. Go get ’em Lynyrd.

  20. The governor’s mansion is all Chad’s if he runs. Let us pray he is true to his word(s).

  21. Good afternoon,

    I’m Gonzalo Vergara, a campaign coordinator for Christine Bish for Congress, CA-06. I’ve been reading with interest the post and the discussion. A few points:

    1. Re whether Christine Bish will receive more than 35% of the vote, the answer is YES. We know and understand the demographics of the district. As such, Christine is not going to sit and hope that people vote for her:

    Besides reaching out to Republicans, we are planning to do a maximum campaign outreach to Purple voters: Independents, NPP, disaffected democrats, and anyone else for that matter. We believe that Bera is particularly vulnerable in this race because: (a) he doesn’t live in the district, hence, ‘carpetbagger’ will be one of our battle cries; and (b) the general dissatisfaction with Biden and Bidenomics (it’s the economy, stupid); Bera votes100% with him. We will tie an umbilical cord from Biden to Bera; and beat it like a drum. Moreover, as a result of winning the primary, we also have an enlarged staff and a large pool of volunteers who are ready, willing, and able to “run up San Juan Hill” to beat Bera. If anyone wishes to volunteer to assist us, please contact me.

    We expect Bera to attempt to label Christine as just another Trumper, who seeks to limit abortions, etc. We have a surprise or two for Mr. Bera in this regard.

    2. Regarding monies raised, we won the primary. That give us a major advantage in now reaching out to donors, PACs, and anyone else, particularly given that the primary was held in March instead of June. We’ve received largely positive responses to our efforts in this endeavor. In this regard, if anyone wishes to donate to Christine’s campaign, please do so at http://www.BishForCongress.com.

    3. With respect to signs, we had them up all over the place during the primary. Once the primary was over, we had 10 days to clear them — we’ve largely done so. Ninety days prior to the general election, the signs will go up again. We have a specific large sign coordinator as well as a general sign coordinator who will ensure that we saturate the district with our signs.

    I hope this clarifies some of the issues brought up in the post and the discussion. If you would like more information, please contact us at (916) 772-0102 or email me at Gonzalo@BishForCongress.com.

  22. Most interesting:

    Chad Bianco, Sheriff of Riverside (2019-present)[12]

    Kevin McCarthy, former U.S. representative for California’s 20th congressional district (2007–2023) and former Speaker of the House (2023)[13]

    And this morning, Ca State Treasurers office, under Ms Fiona Ma, is under Federal Investigation.
    Wow…..she decided NOT to run for Governor in 2026, but reduced her aim to LT Governor, 2026. Wonder how THIS will impact her decision, if any.

    Huntington Beach being sued for ASKING for Voter ID’s; School Boards, being SUED, for wanting to pass Parent Rights rules; Cities being SUED, for not wanting to put up slum housing in their areas under the Guise of ‘affordable homeless housing’.
    Let’s face it folks………….it’s a WAR ON the LAW ABIDING.
    CHANGE………is needed.
    Leadership…….is needed.
    Aiming LOW, isn’t.

    too funny.

  23. I was debating on making a comment………..(shrugs shoulders)….oh well, Sorry Charlie.

    To Mr. Gonzalo Vergara:

    1) I like the vagueness of your responses. Interesting. Positive, without giving too much away. Reaching out, should have been a given. (sighs) Congress seems content to debate or avoid debate, on a couple of topics: Israel, war, Ukraine and our OWN best interests. I don’t hear too much about ” who lives in what district or where” coming in from news sources, if any. (A point I’d like to point out too);

    2) WON the primary? Won………..interesting choice of words. WON. um, placed, is more like it. WON, to me, denotes singular victory. One of the Biggest donors to secure, I would think, would be our own party in California. Correct me if I am wrong, but have ‘they’ endorsed the ‘winner of the primary race for D-6?’? I may have missed it, but if you can provide, I’d be thankful.

    3) I’ve heard, posting signs, within limits set by (??)…….the Government?, Could be considered a violation of campaign laws or rules? Free speech limits? So, by your own paragraph, that would mean you can ONLY post political signs, during X time frame for X time, or else? Hmmmmmmm………….has this ever been challenged in a court? If so, what was the outcome again? I’ve heard, (and I could be wrong), that removal was to ensure no one got ‘burnt out seeing campaign posters’ …….until the campaign reignites, then they’re slammed up again. Something along those lines.

    Clarification is good, and thank you for it from your perspective.

    The topic of WAR, is starting to be prevalent in the National discussions. WAR on HAMAS; WAR in UKRAINE; potential WAR with IRAN; potential WAR with TERROR groups in the MIDDLE EAST………WE, as a Nation, are playing with some highly volatile topics. Standing with our Allie ISRAEL, is a hot topic too. (chuckles) Alas, those are Federal level issues. I digress, sorry.

    Retirements are happening at a rather rapid pace in the Congress. EVERYONE counts….

    Should you have any questions, please, feel free to contact me:
    # (916)708-0027—you can leave a message if I miss the call
    email: Leonaranjoiv@yahoo.com

  24. Hello, I was reading an article you penned about the Blythe Jail Takeover in December of 2013. You are correct about the cover up! My name is Fabian Perez and I was involved. I am no longer incarcerated, obviously and feel free to reach out to me regarding the incident.

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