Feb 082024

In my first post, I had to correct some mistakes because I got Nimarata’s delegate list confused with Trump’s. I was also talking to so many people that got snubbed as well.

I gotta tell ya, when looking at this list, I have drawn several conclusions. A lot of people had input on who made this list.

I am linking the list here again.

First off, I have spoken to more people about my Trump delegate list posts than any post I have written in the last 4 years. Everyone has theories on what happened.

I was surprised to see my colleague on the DeSantis SuperPac effort, George Andrews on the Nimarata delegate list. I had thought he was a conservative who is not a Trump fan like your intrepid blogger. But there he is next to Duf Sundheim, Lanhee Chen and a whose who of squishes. Deborah Wilder, is also on Nimarata’s list… I had to edit my last post to delete that error.

Please note I endorsed Trump when Ron DeSantis did.

But – just because I had to correct my first post does not make the Trump list that much better.

First off Kathy Kneer is on the Trump list from CA-01. This is a clear FU to all the loyal Trump supporters in the North State and the Shasta GOP who Jessica Patterson helped screw out of their representation on the State Party. The Rules Committee told the rightful members of Shasta to go to hell and the offense was so bad that there was a concerted effort to change the CAGOP By-Laws so that what happened to the Shasta GOP at the hands of Kathy Kneer would never happen again. (Kneer appointed 5 Jessica Patterson squishes then resigned. The Patterson-appointed Rules Committee sided with Kneer giving the rightful Shasta GOP members the finger)

In CA-02 – Conservative (libertarian pony-tail dude) Stalwart Matthew Heath, who helped change the CAGOP’s rules for delegate apportionment in favor of Trump was left off in favor of Kevin Krick who never met a live birth he liked. (If you are pro-life, Mr. Krick won’t like you very much) The Michel Columbo guy is a hero to Trumpers everywhere, he is one of Harmeet Dhillon’s partners in her law firm. He, Mark Meuser, and Sarv (Harmeet’s Husband) are all on the delegate list. They should be.

In CA-03 no activists I know made the list. This would be a snub of people like Johanna Lassaga, Laurie Wallace and others. But Dave Titus made the cut, I have written about this guy on my blog many times. This is a clear slap in the face of the activists.

In CA-07 Betsy Mahan was appointed. She is the bane of the existence of conservatives in Sacramento County. Again, I can only conclude, that similar to Dave Titus whose wife is the attorney for the CAGOP, that Betsy’s insider connections to Her Majesty and Count Gimmecandy was at work here.

It has been put to me that many of the names I do not recognize are donors. That is great, but as I wrote in my first piece, down in CA-26 a big time conservative bundler who was not a part of any Party Votes or action was excluded in favor of her majesty’s husband, Richard Sherman who allegedly left politics and noted long time moderate activist (and donor) Frank Visco. (FYI – Visco is a polite and professional man and my interactions with him have been good)

There’s no consistency, someone who was integral in changing the delegate rules in Trump’s favor, well-known day one activists, bundlers and others left off the list. But, there is more:

Shane Connelly, Charles Moran, Lindsey Stetson, Jason Clark, all leaders in the Log Cabin Club are on the list. Yes, Charles and Shane were huge day one Trump supporters and have worked their tails off for him, but why include them and why exclude dozens of CRA members?

Also dotted in the Coastal Districts are two well-known moderate activists John Peschong (also a donor) and Vanilla Singh.

Then I found Liz Kolstad on the list but not Gina Wallace (both are conservative county chairs from the Central Valley). Speaking of County Chairs, Phil Cothran Sr. from SB County made the cut along with his son Jr. SF Chair John Dennis made the list while democrats that re-registered Republican and are masquerading as Trump supporters are trying to unseat him in the Cent Com election in that county. Dwight Williams is on the list. Betsy Mahan is on the list as I mentioned previously. Tim O’Reilly is on the list.  Paula Whitsell is on the list. O’Reilly, Cothran, Williams and Mahan are reliable establishment votes – along with Vern Costa from Kings County. Costa appears alongside Kevin McCarthy from that area.

That’s five moderate/establishment county chairs. John Dennis is not aligned with either side, so I only see Liz Kolstad as a 100% conservative chair on the list. What happened?

While I was not surprised to see Howard Hakes on the list (speaking of giving activists the finger), I also found one Larry Elder on the list. There is no way in hell Jessica and crew wanted him. It is clear that the Trump Campaign made that happen (along with the aforementioned donors).

So when I see noted CRA members that actually made the cut like Rachael Gunter and Cynthia Gabaldon, I also have to assume that the Campaign itself intervened to get those two slotted. But they are the only two CRA members I see on the list. Update: Neither are CRA members, further adding to the absurdity

In CA-39 I see Mark Troast (a professional fundraiser and known conservative) and Emanuel Patrascu (A Romanian immigrant who is a hard-core conservative)… which continues the whiplash.

In the Orange County districts, I see familiar names: Kathy Tavoularis, Mari Barke and Van Tran. Van Tran is running for OC Supervisor against the Trump-Hating, Open Borders Janet Nguyen who was inexplicably endorsed by the OCGOP.

I see Tony Strickland in CA-47, surprised to see he is still around, and speaking of former electeds Jim Brulte is on the list from Southern OC as well!

Further adding to the confusion is this: There is a rather eclectic list of state / federal level electeds on the delegate list. Jay Obernolte (CA-23 and his wife), Billy Essayli, Shannon Grove, Michelle Steel (CA-45) and Tri Ta.

I listened to a lot of people tell me what they thought. I have some conclusions based on really looking through this list.

There are not a lot of conservative activist types, they are outnumbered at least 8-1 by known moderate/squishes. This suggests the clear intervention of Her Majesty and Count Gimmecandy.

There are not a lot of electeds. This suggests that preference was given to donors. This is not uncommon at all.

The existence of a few specific known antagonists of her majesty’s realm suggest direct intervention of the Trump Campaign to override.

While there could be backstories to specific snubs from the delegate list there is absolutely no way anyone could draw different conclusions. What a mess.

Feb 062024

Your intrepid blogger is in receipt of the official 2024 Delegate lists for Nimarata and Donald J Trump.


While I expected a squish-fest on Nimarata “Nikki” Haley’s list, what the subject of this blog is about is the Trump Delegate list.

Your intrepid blogger has been honest about my feelings for Donald Trump. He is now the presumptive nominee and has to start thinking towards the 2024 General Election, as such I have done my part by pledging my support of him despite my reservations.

Enter Jessica Patterson and others that may or may not include Andy Gimmecandy. (Garakhani)

Every 4 years there is a “delegate drill”, these things are lucrative for consultants. You can make upwards of $50,000 running a California delegate drill. In 2016, this was run by the blithering and bumbling Tim Clark. Clark ended up having a real-life Nazi on Trump’s list in 2016 because Clark did not do his job and was scrambling last minute to fill slots. With Patterson and Gimmecandy, it was the exact opposite.

I had written yesterday about how Jessica Patterson is being positioned to take over the RNC by people that may or may not include Kevin McCarthy, Inc. I had written that the interim chair was to be someone from the Eastern Seaboard, articles from National News Outlets that refuse to give attribution to blogs like this or others fingered the Chairs of the North Carolina and Florida GOP’s as the suitors. Neither of these preclude her majesty the Chairwoman from being installed as the Co-Chair in line to take over when the interim chair is done.

What would the RNC be like with Jessica Patterson as Chair? I can tell you from personal experience that Patterson is vindictive and has tried on more than one occasion to interfere with my ability to make a living. I’d prefer a truce, but I keep blasting Patterson and crew because I have no further risk in doing so, the resentments and hatred appear permanent.

So how does that translate to the RNC delegation drill in California for Donald Trump? Other than the absurdity of Patterson being a well-known Never Trumper, your intrepid blogger has heard from several people that Andy Gimmecandy and Patterson were making it clear they had a list of undesirables who would be singled out and excluded.

In 2016, John “Mac” Young was a delegate for Donald Trump, he supported Trump from the escelator. He is the Chair of the Nevada GOP and a multi-time Trump Max-Out Donor. Is he there? No. Laurie Wallace? Yep, she was passed over despite being a regional Vice-Chair for the CAGOP.

Johanna Lassaga, Chair of the Yuba GOP. Denied. She is also the Vice Chair of the County Chair’s association.

Randal Jordan? A Regional Vice Chair Denied. His Wife, again a day one Trumper who was a delegate in 2016, Denied.

In fact, the Trump Delegate list has a whos’ who of would-be Platform destroyers.

If you think it was favoring Trump donors, take a look down in Ventura Area where trump bundler Lori Mills was deleted in favor of… DRUMROLL PLEASE… Wes Patterson. That would be Mr. Jessica Patterson, and as a special bonus Richard Sherman makes the list from the same area after allegedly resigning as chair of the LAGOP to “Get Away From Politics”.

Anna Kramer, Alameda Chair. Denied.

David Hernandez, an original Trump supporter and known Conservative Stalwart from LA County? Denied.

The issue I have with this is that Trump’s delegation from California is not representative of the California Republican Party – but it is representative of the vindictive nature of the 6 year reign of terror foisted upon us by her majesty. Trump deserved better than having some moderate allegedly reformed “Never Trumpers” running his delegation drill in California. All this has accomplished is slapping the faces of the REAL Trump supporters in favor of people whose qualification is fealty to the Chairwoman.

Had I been in charge of the delegation drill, there would have been a mix of hard-right activists, squishes, donors and party leaders. This is what leaders do to build a winning general election coalition. Patterson’s predecessor Jim Brulte went out of his way to make sure hard core conservatives like Woody Woodrum for example got committee slots. (Woodrum did make the list)

Donald Trump’s hard core supporters that will actually work for him (and you guys from Northern California better come up here to Washoe to walk some precincts this fall…) got shafted.

This sad tale also proves that should Jessica Patterson actually get installed by Kevin McCarthy, Inc. to an RNC position, you can make bank she will engage in the same behavior at the national level. Loyalty to her first before the good function of the GOP.

Now contrast this with your intrepid blogger who has been honest about his disdain for President Trump’s behavior (not his policies), but has willingly accepted the results of the primary and moved on. Leaders lead. Were Trump’s campaign to call me and ask for help in either Northern Nevada where I now live, or back in my old stomping grounds in Northern California, I’d serve him as faithfully as I ever have any other candidate I have been paid by. Leaders Lead.

Lastly, If you have any doubts in your mind about what is being done to you, understand that your intrepid blogger got a leak attributed to the office of a federal level elected that Kevin McCarthy has been working hard freezing donor money to the National GOP in an attempt to topple Ronna McDaniel. Think it through. McCarthy has apparently been working on that drill for several months, and given that Ronna’s Chief of Staff resigned today, the effects have been felt.

— to be continued —

Oct 042023

I want to start this post by stating that I gain nothing from defending Andy Garakhani or Jessica Patterson. They both hate my guts. I get reminded of this repeatedly by people in all walks of politics. However, your intrepid blogger prefers to deal with as many facts as possible, even when defending people who hate me.

Steve Frank has written at least two of his columns post-convention, and they are riddled with falsehoods. If the opposition to the McCarthy-Patterson GOP is to be effective, the truth needs to be the focus.

Just stop, Steve

Several months ago, CRP Chair Jessica Patterson appointed the CRP Resolutions—every member was appointed by her.  Their votes represent HER views.  On September 30, 2023, the CRP Resolutions voted  NO to recommend HR 26 and HCR 3 to the full body.  Below are these measures.

Steve wrote the above line to create the false impression that the Resolutions Committee are all robots that do what they are told by Jessica Patterson. This is a lie, similar to all the committees – of course, the chair is going to think through the appointments and will favor loyalists… but assuming she can control all the committees post-appointment is absurd.

For years, the Resolutions Committee has killed almost all resolutions submitted by the opposition. This convention was no different, but Steve Frank’s deception is an attempt to say the Resolutions Committee did business as usual, but this time is special because it means that Jessica Patterson was bought by Planned Parenthood. Jessica is many things, while she runs from the Abortion Issue like most squishes, from there, Steve Frank departs from reality.

When Jim Brulte was CAGOP Chair, he ensured the opposition was taken care of. Not all CAGOP Chairs are this magnanimous. Expecting and demanding fair treatment from people you lie about is completely ludicrous.

Why did Jessica Patterson give no direction from the Dias about the platform versus telling people she was voting no on the Resolution? The leadership of the CAGOP kills resolutions as a rule. When chair of the committee, Robert Philibozian has always been known as the killer of resolutions. So this is nothing new, and the hysteria of it suddenly meaning Jessica Patterson is now trafficking in body parts etc. etc. etc. is as absurd as a Walmart toupee.

However, the Platform was a completely different issue.

The Log Cabin Republicans were leading the drill to shred the platform. Every insider I know 100% told me this. There was no Andy Gimmecandy, David Stafford Reade, Scott Winn et. al. leading some effort to harvest proxies to kill the platform. Think it through. The enemies of Andy and Jessica are the Conservative opposition, but not every conservative. This means that equal numbers of people on both sides of the platform issue were supporters of the current regime. Think: Paula Whitsell and Fred Whitaker for example, both are Conservative supporters of Patterson.

If you are Andy and Jessica, you are pinned and can’t take a position. The Log Cabin are huge supporters of Jessica. The CRA and others are sworn enemies. One of the critical defects of character borne by most in the political world is if you cross them once, you are on the s–t list forever. Trump, McClintock, Jessica, Andy, David and others all have this defect of character. Jessica Patterson was NEVER going to side with the CRA on anything. Just accept this and drive on.

All the prior statements do not exempt the leadership of the Log Cabin Republicans from accountability over breaking their promise regarding not attempting to change the platform.

California’s Highest Ranking Republican Ted Gaines is a hero of the fight to keep the platform. I forgot to mention him in my first write up. Unlike McClintock, Ted Gaines pushed hard for Conservative Values despite McClintock trying to convince him to stand down. McClintock’s betrayal of Conservatives (which he has done many times over the years) is worse than any meaningless resolution that got killed on the Convention Floor. FYI – Steve Frank hates Tom McClintock too dating back to when McClintock beat him for Assembly in 1996.

Andy Gimmecandy was not paid to stack the Platform Drafting Committee with liberals. Steve Frank asserted he was. Had I gotten any proof Gimmecandy and Jessica Patterson were running or part of an organized effort to eviscerate the platform, I’d have come out with the allegations including proof. You have none and you get none from Steve Frank. Trust me, your intrepid blogger talked to a ton of people.

Don’t forget Jessica Patterson’s staff called the FBI on your intrepid blogger and some still wish the Federales would have hauled me off to jail. There is nothing in it for me to cover for them at all.

What is Andy G. guilty of? He does indeed believe the social issues cost us elections and would like to see them go away. He is wrong for that belief, but that is much different than making thousands of dollars trying to rig a proxy drill to make that happen.

It is the opinion of your intrepid blogger that Steve Frank hates LAGOP Chair Tim O’Reilly. O’Reilly is a decent man who deserves better than the dehumanization he has suffered at the hands of Steve Frank and crew. O’Reilly is a squish but that does not make someone eligible for the death penalty or libel. You read Steve Frank’s writings about him and you could draw no other conclusion. I have never met Tim O’Reilly, I have seen him on tape and read some of his emails and there is a palpable difference between he and Steve Frank.

Even this part of Steve Frank’s column is only partly true because Mr. Frank can’t help himself:

But with the threat from Legislators, a distracted Andy Gimmekandy failed to manufacture the votes Tim needed to win like he had done previously for Tim’s ascension to Los Angeles County Chairman.  David Hernandez, a real conservative Republican, won election to a seat held for years by Jessica’s rubber stamp, 68 to 61. To add insult to injury for Jessica, a long-time grassroots activist, Jon Paul White, won the Associate Representatives position on the Executive Committee, 61 to 55.

The legislators never had to threaten Andy Gimmecandy! Since Steve wrote that he decimated the meaning of the true part of the paragraph. It is clear to anyone observing that Andy was not invested in this convention proxy drill and left the door open to opposition victories. But, the opposition can still only win certain issues in controlled universes.

Please note that David Hernandez is very close to Steve Frank and has been for years. Also, John Paul White was expelled from CRA Leadership for being a disruptive force. Welcome them both to the CAGOP Board of Directors. (P.S. had I had a vote, I’d have voted for both of them over their opponents)

I will finish this by saying Harmeet Dhillon was also a hero of the platform drill. She has been a consistent force within CAGOP politics. Before the convention, She advocated for leaving the RNC Delegate Rules mostly intact. For this, despite her years of service to Donald Trump and crew, she was singled out by Trump in his expletive-laced speech to the CAGOP on Friday. Similar to the opposition of the CAGOP that can’t seem to be consistent and demand 100% agreement, so also did Harmeet experience the same from the former President. Yet, all the same she played another pivotal role in defending our platform. She deserves our continued support.

Steve Frank needs to retire. For example, he can’t even spell Corrin Rankin’s name right when he lies about her. If the opposition to the CAGOP’s ruling junta is so worried about who the next officers are going to be, maybe it is high time we all stop following proven liars and fight the squishes with some truth. The impressionable delegates that can be swung will respond to that.

Please see the two posts of Steve Frank I referenced here and here for attribution purposes.

Oct 012023

This post is people’s exhibit A why the opposition to the CAGOP establishment can’t have nice things

The opposition to the CAGOP leadership should be ecstatic after this weekend. The conservative platform was re-adopted. Trump came and served kool-aid to his people. There was a major upset in a board election. This is the second convention in a row where the opposition took out a sitting establishment CAGOP Board Member.

But, then digest this facebook post. Not only does the author of this call Governor DeSantis (who canned two Soros Prosecutors) DeSoros based on debunked lies from the Trump Campaign, she vents rage over perceived offenses. There are a group of people in the opposition, including Steve Frank, who always move the goalposts to stay in a state of outrage.

The person that is raging in this post is referencing a 36% – 63% opposed vote to a floor motion to add an endorsement of Trump discussion to the agenda. You’d think despite getting torched 2-1 on a surprise attempt to jack up the agenda, that the author of this screed would understand both that her Imam came to speak on Friday and that the same “Rinos, DeSoros, etc etc etc” changed the rules for RNC delegates in the exact manner Trump demanded? It is always all or nothing, with rules to be determined at any time at the whim of the malcontents. Perhaps people need to read this section of the post as many times as necessary to understand why no one trusts many of them or takes many of them seriously?

Did this person or those piling on her post understand a damn thing? Nope. She is from the same group of people that accused me of working for George Soros when I helped John Cox (and they also called us Cox Suckers too) in 2018. The insanity is alive and well.

Please note that the usual suspects, Steve Frank and Thomas N Hudson (still the pol-pot bellied one), tried to pick floor fights and made motions etc. that went down in flames. Neither have enough self awareness of their own toxicity or how they hurt their own cause.

With this psychological manual fodder as the backdrop – let’s take a look at the two major victories for Conservatives this weekend at the convention that happened despite the aforementioned…

The Platform Fight was not a fight at all. By a vote of 69-31 with people like Brian Dahle present and accounted for, the full Platform Committee dispatched the garbage that came out of the drafting disaster committee and opted to re-adopt the existing platform.

Steve Frank had spread a lie at convention that CAGOP Chairwoman Jessica Patterson (who refused to engage on the platform drama) had tasked CAGOP Vice-Chair Corrin Rankin with passing the garbage from the drafting committee. That is an outright lie and goes in the 25-year-old Steve Frank Bulls–t file I’ve been accumulating since I met him.

The major development in the days leading up to the convention was the intervention of legislators like Joe Patterson, Megan Dahle, Brian Dahle and the two legislative leaders. James Gallagher and Brian Jones stepped in where the CAGOP Chairwoman refused to engage. Absent the leadership of legislative leaders, the platform destroyers would have succeeded.

Those of you that read this blog know I have been critical of Congressman Tom McClintock for years. McClintock who recently got a new carpetbag to switch safe R seats in Congress was worse than useless when conservatives needed him. This is no surprise because when the establishment came after the CRA-Controlled Placer GOP in 2010-2012, Tom McClintock sided with them and against the Placer GOP that had taken the unprecedented step at the time of endorsing McClintock over Doug Ose in a contested primary in 2008. One thing I can count on McClintock to do is mess on his friends worse than any liberals.

According to multiple accounts, McClintock was hampering efforts to rally support for the platform telling colleagues “It’s not worth it”, and “Don’t get involved”. This led to a confrontation with Doug LaMalfa, one of the few members of Congress who stood up for Conservative Values. This is the same congressman McClintock that tells his constituents in local government to go to hell when they ask for help, sometimes LaMalfa or other members from California have to run bills/appropriations to help people in McClintock’s district. But, man does McClintock give a good speech…

Thank you, Doug LaMalfa.

The real heroes of the platform drill in addition to those that stood up publicly, are people like CAGOP Vice Chair North Laurie Wallace who hounded James Gallagher and others to engage.  I just wish Laurie would realize that Megan and Brian Dahle are friends of Conservatives!

Many people will claim credit for what happened with the platform, but few can honestly prove their participation.

The far-left of the party humiliated themselves on the floor of the convention arguing in vain against the existing platform of the CAGOP. The theatrics included a woman from LA County who drew groans from the convention when she attacked everyone for their beliefs and then started crying. The Leadership of the Log Cabin Republicans (who promised not to pick a fight over the CAGOP platform when they were chartered several years ago), were also in the middle of the fight. Assemblyman Devon Mathis stepped on a rake and made a fool of himself… not exactly a good way to set up a consulting firm for your life once termed-out. I had been warned by members I talked to about his role in things and it appears that Mathis allowed his ego to get the best of him.

This leads me to the shocker of the weekend. It appears that Andy Gimmecandy and Tim O’Reilly were badly distracted by the Platform Drama created unnecessarily by that group of far-left Republicans doing what people accuse the Conservative opposition of doing.

Was David suffering jetlag?

Tim O’Reilly (who is a good dude, by the way) was running for LA Region Vice-Chair to replace liberal-Republican major donor Howard Hakes. O’Reilly was also the chair of the full platform committee. It was his committee where ground zero for the fight over the CAGOP Platform would be waged. Whatever the committee recommended would take 2/3 on the convention floor to override.

Earlier the same morning of the fateful committee meeting (that produced the 69-31 vote), O’Reilly’s LA Regional meeting occurred. Former CRA President Johnnie Morgan was the third man in. The vote went down O’Reilly 49, David Hernandez 48, and Johnnie Morgan 7.

For reasons I do not understand, O’Reilly continued the second ballot to 1PM, instead of getting it over with then. By the time the LA Regional Caucus re-convened, several of O-Reilly’s supporters had gone home and David Hernandez smoked him.

Multiple accounts I have received indicated that O’Reilly lost, not David Winning. The result was not because of some brilliant moves. The only logical conclusion is that Andy, David and crew were occupied with other things and similar to when Randal Jordan shocked one of the establishment’s darlings last convention, the stars aligned again.

The same problems exist. The Rules Committee is controlled by the iron fist of the establishment. Proxies still exist and are in the hands of the establishment enabling them to control conventions (with the exception of when legislative leaders rise up).

The opposition got some wins this weekend. The question is do these people know how to win some more? Do they realize what really happened? You can make bank David, Andy and the others already have it all figured out and have it gamed for the next convention…