May 202024

It has finally happened. More Proxies than Delegate Bodies.

This is pretty much the story.

I have to salute Luis Buhler, he is a brilliant man. There is a reason why he is consistently a Presidential Delegate despite his long history of fighting conservatives.

People on the opposition side should take a master class from Buhler about how to manipulate organizations through legal, Robert’s Rules ways.

Buhler took Tim O’Reilly’s By-Law proposals, gutted them, amended them and got something passed that was less obvious, but equally as effective. My estimation based on what I saw is that there will be about 200 less delegates in the pool. You need 30% to get three and 45% to get five. My understanding is below 30 is candidate only.

The other amendment eliminating delegate status for write in’s was tabled.

This was an absoulte master class by Mr. Buhler.

What is in italics is false. I knew it was false when I wrote it. I wanted to see if Steve Frank or crew would come and correct the record… as previously I had to post the entire letter between Tim O’Reilly and Keith Cascio to force the truth in to the open.

Rick Marshall has always been an honest operator, but he is an indepdenent guy and not part of Team Steve Frank everytime on every thing. Thank You Rick for the comment below. It was almost 24 hours between the time I posted this and Rick’s comment and Rick was the only person from the opposition to speak up against the false information.

Do better folks.

Apr 242024

What would you say if the chair of the Largest GOP County Party in America proposes eliminating about 230 delegates from the 1440 delegates the CAGOP has? For years, the moderate wing of the CAGOP have opposed efforts to expand the delegate pool. The only significant change to delegate opportunities in the last 20 years was adding County Treasurers.

The moderates did indeed push a by-law amendment to strip counties of delegates that did not go on the ballot. This was when the moderates were spending millions statewide to attack county parties. Regardless of the garbage arguments about allowing elections—blah, blah, blah—the amendment was done to expose Conservatives all over the state to the rampage of the “spirit of democracy” PAC that was spending limitless dollars to clear central committees out of conservatives.

I have referred to these people as the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure. Many could care less about how few Republican campaigns remain in California as long as they are running one of them. The Oligarchy is also supported by a generation of term-limit babies that are invested in keeping the party ineffective while they line up their next run for office. I know a lot of these people personally and have made money working for many of them. My opinions about internal party politics often conflict with theirs. It is what it is.

The problem is that the opposition has not been cohesive and has attracted some fringe elements that are tabloid fodder. So, while I express my frustration over the decisions of the last 25+ years I have tracked the CRP, there have been few, if any, times when the Conservatives have presented an alternative that was sane and viable.  And when we had so-called conservative CAGOP Chairs, they governed like moderates all the way back to Shawn Steel. Still others used the CAGOP as a dating service or a book tour agent.

Relics of CRP Conventions Past

So just what is Tim O’Reilly, the current Chair of the LAGOP up to? For starters, he is a member of the current CAGOP rules committee. Secondly, he has endured withering attacks from the fringes of his party down in LA County.

Recently, David Hernandez won election as regional Vice Chair of the CAGOP. The region is LA County only. Tim O’Reilly was supposed to be the moderate shoo-in for that district, but David Hernandez organized a rag-tag coalition that stayed together despite game playing and drama at the just passed CAGOP Convention. Hernandez beat O’Reilly by 9 votes. Worse, Hernandez is good buddies with Satan himself Steve Frank.

But it gets even worse. Randal Jordan shocked the moderate establishment in the Central Coast.

The Merced GOP and Marin GOP saw a complete sea change. The SFGOP saw a John Dennis-CRA Coalition stop the attack of the far-left Briones crew, moving that committee to the right. Santa Clara and Sacramento’s once 2/3 establishment Majorities have been decimated. There were many other places where the opposition made gains.

With a now significant chunk of the CAGOP Board featuring opposition members, several counties changing hands and an even larger portion of nominees being aligned with the opposition, enter one Timothy O’Reilly.

The first amendment proposed by O’Reilly is linked here.

This basically eliminates CAGOP Delegates who failed to make the runoff. There are many districts where Republican registration is so low that the Republican gets 15-20% of the vote and sees two or more democrats get more votes. The current rule allows the top finishing Republican to be the nominee and thus a delegate to the party.

The significance? By my count this would eliminate about 15 delegates from the CAGOP, with only about 3 of them aligned with the Oligarchy of Controlled Failure. More importantly for Tim O’Reilly, had this rule been in effect a net 8 of David Hernandez’ votes would have been removed.

The big Kahuna is here, the second by-law Amendment.

It re-sets the appointment rules for Republican Nominees to the following metric:

Let’s say you make the runoff, great! You are the only delegate you get…

… unless you get 40% of the vote! Then you get a whole three appointments.

The net impact of this amendment would be to eliminate about 200-220 of the 1,440 delegates to the CAGOP. At least 90% of these delegates would be opposition aligned. 

The question your intrepid blogger has, is did the Jessica Patterson-Kevin McCarthy axis propose this as a power grab? Or is this simply an enraged Tim O’Reilly seeking to wreck widespread destruction on the CAGOP in order to eliminate about 2/3 of David Hernandez’ votes?

So the Oligarchy of Controlled failure or the Chair of the LAGOP or both have proposed two rules that would eliminate something like 1/6 of the current delegates to the CAGOP.

  1. It is already absurd that a party of 5.3 million people are only represented by 1,440 delegates. So we want to cut that number by 16-17%?
  2. One of the main incentives for people to run in difficult districts is being members of their county and state parties – this would be eliminated in large parts of the state by this amendment
  3. Counties like Solano, Sonoma, Yolo and the entire bay area would have no nominees with delegate appointments.
  4. What incentive is there to campaign, if the current rule that gives you 2 delegates for exceeding registration and making the runoff is eliminated. Getting party representation is one of the few consolation prizes you get for spending $3500 to file for office (as the party almost never pays filing fees for anyone anymore)
  5. Imagine being Andy Vidak, losing your seat in the State Senate and now getting only 3 delegates instead of 5?
  6. Imagine being Chris Bish, actually raising almost $100K, getting 38% of the vote in your district and getting no appointments at all?

Oh and leave us not forget, the CAGOP always struggles to pay its’ bills. So, this amendment would eliminate $23,o00-$25,000 in delegate dues. It would also eliminate something like $15,000 – $20,000 in convention registrations times 3 conventions. Then add in the meals and functions some of these people buy in addition. The combined financial impact could be well over $100,000 per two-year cycle!!!

Imagine the impact on county parties if they can’t recruit candidates for major office. It would make running campaigns for local office even more difficult than they already are. Love him or hate him having Steve Garvey on the ballot for the runoff is going to help GOP turnout in November. If O’Reilly’s amendments pass they will be punching holes in the up-ticket offices all over the state!

This is quite possibly one of the most destructive proposals I have ever seen in the years I have been around the CAGOP.

Feb 082024

In my first post, I had to correct some mistakes because I got Nimarata’s delegate list confused with Trump’s. I was also talking to so many people that got snubbed as well.

I gotta tell ya, when looking at this list, I have drawn several conclusions. A lot of people had input on who made this list.

I am linking the list here again.

First off, I have spoken to more people about my Trump delegate list posts than any post I have written in the last 4 years. Everyone has theories on what happened.

I was surprised to see my colleague on the DeSantis SuperPac effort, George Andrews on the Nimarata delegate list. I had thought he was a conservative who is not a Trump fan like your intrepid blogger. But there he is next to Duf Sundheim, Lanhee Chen and a whose who of squishes. Deborah Wilder, is also on Nimarata’s list… I had to edit my last post to delete that error.

Please note I endorsed Trump when Ron DeSantis did.

But – just because I had to correct my first post does not make the Trump list that much better.

First off Kathy Kneer is on the Trump list from CA-01. This is a clear FU to all the loyal Trump supporters in the North State and the Shasta GOP who Jessica Patterson helped screw out of their representation on the State Party. The Rules Committee told the rightful members of Shasta to go to hell and the offense was so bad that there was a concerted effort to change the CAGOP By-Laws so that what happened to the Shasta GOP at the hands of Kathy Kneer would never happen again. (Kneer appointed 5 Jessica Patterson squishes then resigned. The Patterson-appointed Rules Committee sided with Kneer giving the rightful Shasta GOP members the finger)

In CA-02 – Conservative (libertarian pony-tail dude) Stalwart Matthew Heath, who helped change the CAGOP’s rules for delegate apportionment in favor of Trump was left off in favor of Kevin Krick who never met a live birth he liked. (If you are pro-life, Mr. Krick won’t like you very much) The Michel Columbo guy is a hero to Trumpers everywhere, he is one of Harmeet Dhillon’s partners in her law firm. He, Mark Meuser, and Sarv (Harmeet’s Husband) are all on the delegate list. They should be.

In CA-03 no activists I know made the list. This would be a snub of people like Johanna Lassaga, Laurie Wallace and others. But Dave Titus made the cut, I have written about this guy on my blog many times. This is a clear slap in the face of the activists.

In CA-07 Betsy Mahan was appointed. She is the bane of the existence of conservatives in Sacramento County. Again, I can only conclude, that similar to Dave Titus whose wife is the attorney for the CAGOP, that Betsy’s insider connections to Her Majesty and Count Gimmecandy was at work here.

It has been put to me that many of the names I do not recognize are donors. That is great, but as I wrote in my first piece, down in CA-26 a big time conservative bundler who was not a part of any Party Votes or action was excluded in favor of her majesty’s husband, Richard Sherman who allegedly left politics and noted long time moderate activist (and donor) Frank Visco. (FYI – Visco is a polite and professional man and my interactions with him have been good)

There’s no consistency, someone who was integral in changing the delegate rules in Trump’s favor, well-known day one activists, bundlers and others left off the list. But, there is more:

Shane Connelly, Charles Moran, Lindsey Stetson, Jason Clark, all leaders in the Log Cabin Club are on the list. Yes, Charles and Shane were huge day one Trump supporters and have worked their tails off for him, but why include them and why exclude dozens of CRA members?

Also dotted in the Coastal Districts are two well-known moderate activists John Peschong (also a donor) and Vanilla Singh.

Then I found Liz Kolstad on the list but not Gina Wallace (both are conservative county chairs from the Central Valley). Speaking of County Chairs, Phil Cothran Sr. from SB County made the cut along with his son Jr. SF Chair John Dennis made the list while democrats that re-registered Republican and are masquerading as Trump supporters are trying to unseat him in the Cent Com election in that county. Dwight Williams is on the list. Betsy Mahan is on the list as I mentioned previously. Tim O’Reilly is on the list.  Paula Whitsell is on the list. O’Reilly, Cothran, Williams and Mahan are reliable establishment votes – along with Vern Costa from Kings County. Costa appears alongside Kevin McCarthy from that area.

That’s five moderate/establishment county chairs. John Dennis is not aligned with either side, so I only see Liz Kolstad as a 100% conservative chair on the list. What happened?

While I was not surprised to see Howard Hakes on the list (speaking of giving activists the finger), I also found one Larry Elder on the list. There is no way in hell Jessica and crew wanted him. It is clear that the Trump Campaign made that happen (along with the aforementioned donors).

So when I see noted CRA members that actually made the cut like Rachael Gunter and Cynthia Gabaldon, I also have to assume that the Campaign itself intervened to get those two slotted. But they are the only two CRA members I see on the list. Update: Neither are CRA members, further adding to the absurdity

In CA-39 I see Mark Troast (a professional fundraiser and known conservative) and Emanuel Patrascu (A Romanian immigrant who is a hard-core conservative)… which continues the whiplash.

In the Orange County districts, I see familiar names: Kathy Tavoularis, Mari Barke and Van Tran. Van Tran is running for OC Supervisor against the Trump-Hating, Open Borders Janet Nguyen who was inexplicably endorsed by the OCGOP.

I see Tony Strickland in CA-47, surprised to see he is still around, and speaking of former electeds Jim Brulte is on the list from Southern OC as well!

Further adding to the confusion is this: There is a rather eclectic list of state / federal level electeds on the delegate list. Jay Obernolte (CA-23 and his wife), Billy Essayli, Shannon Grove, Michelle Steel (CA-45) and Tri Ta.

I listened to a lot of people tell me what they thought. I have some conclusions based on really looking through this list.

There are not a lot of conservative activist types, they are outnumbered at least 8-1 by known moderate/squishes. This suggests the clear intervention of Her Majesty and Count Gimmecandy.

There are not a lot of electeds. This suggests that preference was given to donors. This is not uncommon at all.

The existence of a few specific known antagonists of her majesty’s realm suggest direct intervention of the Trump Campaign to override.

While there could be backstories to specific snubs from the delegate list there is absolutely no way anyone could draw different conclusions. What a mess.

Feb 062024

Your intrepid blogger is in receipt of the official 2024 Delegate lists for Nimarata and Donald J Trump.


While I expected a squish-fest on Nimarata “Nikki” Haley’s list, what the subject of this blog is about is the Trump Delegate list.

Your intrepid blogger has been honest about my feelings for Donald Trump. He is now the presumptive nominee and has to start thinking towards the 2024 General Election, as such I have done my part by pledging my support of him despite my reservations.

Enter Jessica Patterson and others that may or may not include Andy Gimmecandy. (Garakhani)

Every 4 years there is a “delegate drill”, these things are lucrative for consultants. You can make upwards of $50,000 running a California delegate drill. In 2016, this was run by the blithering and bumbling Tim Clark. Clark ended up having a real-life Nazi on Trump’s list in 2016 because Clark did not do his job and was scrambling last minute to fill slots. With Patterson and Gimmecandy, it was the exact opposite.

I had written yesterday about how Jessica Patterson is being positioned to take over the RNC by people that may or may not include Kevin McCarthy, Inc. I had written that the interim chair was to be someone from the Eastern Seaboard, articles from National News Outlets that refuse to give attribution to blogs like this or others fingered the Chairs of the North Carolina and Florida GOP’s as the suitors. Neither of these preclude her majesty the Chairwoman from being installed as the Co-Chair in line to take over when the interim chair is done.

What would the RNC be like with Jessica Patterson as Chair? I can tell you from personal experience that Patterson is vindictive and has tried on more than one occasion to interfere with my ability to make a living. I’d prefer a truce, but I keep blasting Patterson and crew because I have no further risk in doing so, the resentments and hatred appear permanent.

So how does that translate to the RNC delegation drill in California for Donald Trump? Other than the absurdity of Patterson being a well-known Never Trumper, your intrepid blogger has heard from several people that Andy Gimmecandy and Patterson were making it clear they had a list of undesirables who would be singled out and excluded.

In 2016, John “Mac” Young was a delegate for Donald Trump, he supported Trump from the escelator. He is the Chair of the Nevada GOP and a multi-time Trump Max-Out Donor. Is he there? No. Laurie Wallace? Yep, she was passed over despite being a regional Vice-Chair for the CAGOP.

Johanna Lassaga, Chair of the Yuba GOP. Denied. She is also the Vice Chair of the County Chair’s association.

Randal Jordan? A Regional Vice Chair Denied. His Wife, again a day one Trumper who was a delegate in 2016, Denied.

In fact, the Trump Delegate list has a whos’ who of would-be Platform destroyers.

If you think it was favoring Trump donors, take a look down in Ventura Area where trump bundler Lori Mills was deleted in favor of… DRUMROLL PLEASE… Wes Patterson. That would be Mr. Jessica Patterson, and as a special bonus Richard Sherman makes the list from the same area after allegedly resigning as chair of the LAGOP to “Get Away From Politics”.

Anna Kramer, Alameda Chair. Denied.

David Hernandez, an original Trump supporter and known Conservative Stalwart from LA County? Denied.

The issue I have with this is that Trump’s delegation from California is not representative of the California Republican Party – but it is representative of the vindictive nature of the 6 year reign of terror foisted upon us by her majesty. Trump deserved better than having some moderate allegedly reformed “Never Trumpers” running his delegation drill in California. All this has accomplished is slapping the faces of the REAL Trump supporters in favor of people whose qualification is fealty to the Chairwoman.

Had I been in charge of the delegation drill, there would have been a mix of hard-right activists, squishes, donors and party leaders. This is what leaders do to build a winning general election coalition. Patterson’s predecessor Jim Brulte went out of his way to make sure hard core conservatives like Woody Woodrum for example got committee slots. (Woodrum did make the list)

Donald Trump’s hard core supporters that will actually work for him (and you guys from Northern California better come up here to Washoe to walk some precincts this fall…) got shafted.

This sad tale also proves that should Jessica Patterson actually get installed by Kevin McCarthy, Inc. to an RNC position, you can make bank she will engage in the same behavior at the national level. Loyalty to her first before the good function of the GOP.

Now contrast this with your intrepid blogger who has been honest about his disdain for President Trump’s behavior (not his policies), but has willingly accepted the results of the primary and moved on. Leaders lead. Were Trump’s campaign to call me and ask for help in either Northern Nevada where I now live, or back in my old stomping grounds in Northern California, I’d serve him as faithfully as I ever have any other candidate I have been paid by. Leaders Lead.

Lastly, If you have any doubts in your mind about what is being done to you, understand that your intrepid blogger got a leak attributed to the office of a federal level elected that Kevin McCarthy has been working hard freezing donor money to the National GOP in an attempt to topple Ronna McDaniel. Think it through. McCarthy has apparently been working on that drill for several months, and given that Ronna’s Chief of Staff resigned today, the effects have been felt.

— to be continued —