Jan 222023

No matter how frustrated I get with things CAGOP, I just can’t seem to help myself but to get involved in it. As such, here I go again…

Yep, that is your intrepid blogger talking to Mark Spannagel at the Spring 2022 CRP Convention in Orange County

Northern Region Vice Chair:

Despite the frustrations of many, I refuse to disavow my friendship and relationship with the Dahle family. They are good people and I am proud to have helped Brian all those years ago beat Charles Munger, David Stafford Reade and company. The Dahle’s have always had a complex relationship with the CAGOP.

I Helped elect Laurie Wallace in 2021, I have known her for a long time as a conservative stalwart. She and the Dahle’s are at odds with each other. While I disagree with how Laurie has attacked them publicly in CAGOP meetings, this is about the only issue I have had with her first term as the Northern Vice Chair. Laurie has worked to legitimize and rehabilitate several county parties in the North of California. This is more than I had seen any Northern Region Vice Chair do in the 20+ years I have been around CAGOP Politics.

Were it not for the open warfare with the Dahle’s, this endorsement would have been simple and out months ago. With the Dahle’s appearing to have withdrawn from things CAGOP in the 2023 convention, this endorsement became simple again. Laurie has worked to build the CAGOP in the North of California, this is what a Regional Vice Chair is supposed to do. My hope is that Wallace will stay focused on building the CAGOP and will leave the disputes out of that job.

It is possible to be friends with both sides of a political dispute. Note that Erik Brahms stuck a Dahle sticker on me, even as I was wearing a nametag for the Jenny Rae Le Roux campaign! (LOL)

This photo was taken after I spent about 45 minutes talking to Mrs. Dahle and their daughter over a cup of coffee at the Spring 2022 CAGOP Convention. 

Central Region Vice Chair:

I have known Craig DeLuz for 20+ years. It was so long ago that one of his children was not in school yet. They are now both grown and fine human beings. So are Craig and Sobna. While time and distance and the divergence of our lives has seen us take different paths, I still remember when Craig and I were the anchors of the “Western Alliance of Bloggers”. This was a group started in 2002 when Blogging was in its’ infancy. Some of you may know and remember Andy Nevis, he was part of our group as well as Katy Grimes. (Yes THAT Katy Grimes)

I am surprised that in his mid 50’s that Craig is taking his first stab at party office, he could have and should have done this years ago. Craig is now best known for his work on the second amendment and for his video work on behalf of the California Republican Assembly. (CRA)

I am not sure why Craig is being opposed, as he has a real track record on behalf of the party and conservative causes that goes back as far as your intrepid blogger. However, in the world of consultants and control, an activist heritage is the worst thing possible.

The single most important attribute Craig has is that he is a voice of unity. The Conservative movement needs more like Craig and so does the California Republican Party.

California Republican Assembly Endorsements:

Chair: Mike Cargile. Others running: George Yang, Rob Bernosky and the incumbent Jessica Patterson

Vice Chair: Mark Wright Others running: Corrin Rankin

Secretary: NO ENDORSEMENT Candidates: Randy Berholtz (inc) and another guy from down south

Treasurer: NO ENDORSEMENT(!) Candidate: Greg Gandrud (inc) and no one else

County Chair Association Chair (aka CCA Chair) NO ENDORSEMENT Candidates: Anna Kramer, Michelle Guerra, John Dennis, Dwight Williams

North Coast Vice Chair: No Endorsement Candidate: Bryan Pritchard and some other guy that ran for congress

Northern Vice Chair: Laurie Wallace. Other Candidates: None

Central Vice Chair: Craig DeLuz. Other Candidates: Former Central Vice Chair Lisa Moreno

One final word about Shasta County that makes the story even worse. After appointing 5 delegates to serve her consultant masters, Cathy Kneer resigned off of the committee entirely, not just as Chair.

Somewhere in the middle of all this, we are supposed to win elections, have some sort of political party, turn voters out, register voters, etc?

See ya soon folks!

Jan 212023

The CAGOP is having officer elections again and I am pissed. WARNING: EXTENDED RANT COMING…

I’ve written ad-nauseum about the current leadership of the CAGOP. Some of the highlights from the 2021 CAGOP Convention included the Staff of the CAGOP taking several overtly biased actions including allowing the LAGOP Chair to appoint 22 Jessica Patterson votes to fill vacancies. (The LAGOP later amended their by-laws to make that legal in 2023, thus admitting that we caught them. This also proved the CAGOP staff and credentials committee was complicit in a cover up) It also featured Modoc County getting crushed by the CAGOP, whilst Yuba, Tehama and Glenn were allowed to stand after committing similar violations of state law and their own local by-laws.

After blowing my stack repeatedly at the staff of the CAGOP for ignoring requests for information, the FBI showed up at my front door.

Just when I was thinking that the theater of the absurd was going to be a few notches lower… WELCOME TO 2023.

I have gotten several forwarded emails that the California Federation of Republican Women is in a near total meltdown. Lovely. I guess with the CRA growing and mostly harmonious, some other group had to fill the drama void.

I have gotten several forwarded emails that the County Chairs Association is also in a similar state of turmoil, with most Chairs ignoring communications and the State Party Staff being forced to communicate in lieu of the revolutionaries whose coup a few months ago was poorly executed and legally questionable. (see also defective notice, failed quorum calls, etc) Apparently, the revolutionaries are now fighting amongst themselves.

I got the DAMMED FBI CALLED ON ME while I was HELPING THESE PEOPLE!!! In 2021, we stopped a couple of piss poor rules changes. We exposed several bad actors, and got Lani Kane and Laurie Wallace Elected. Hell, Stephen Frank got 423 Votes – THE MOST EVER FOR A CHALLENGER AGAINST AN INCUMBENT CHAIR (at least in the time I have been around).

And for what? The CCA Meeting debacle? Drama? Infighting?

Let’s start with Chair. Mike Cargile – who I like and have helped in the past is running. You may remember that he was lynched in 2020 during his CA35 race without a hearing. In 2022 Cargile flipped off the CAGOP rather than defend himself.

George Yang. What?

Rob Bernosky. What?

Cargile rattled Norma Torres – a literal Salvadoran Communist from the home of MS13 – so bad that she torched him in the #CA35 race, long considered a safe seat. Go look up the results, Cargile WAY overperformed there and Torres spent a lot of money.

So, in all, three people want to run against Jessica? Where the hell is the unity? Oh, that’s right all those people your intrepid blogger helped in 2021 are fighting amongst themselves. What the F— did I put myself at personal risk for again?

Vice Chair. Mark Wright vs Corrin Rankin. I’ve written about this before. I just do not see Mr. Wright as Vice-Chair material statewide. Northern Region Vice Chair, yes. State Vice Chair, no.

Add to this, it has gotten back to me that people who may or may not be the Violin Wielding Peter Kuo have been making racist whisper attacks against Corrin. This is ironic as Kuo and his crew accused your intrepid blogger of Racism when I was torching the guy for his ties to Red China. Note, those ties to Red China were used in hit pieces using Peter Kuo against Kevin McCarthy years later.

“Corrin only cares about Black People”. “Corrin is rude and pushy”. IT IS 2023, NOT 1953. GROW THE F— UP PEOPLE. These are two of the oldest anti-black attacks in the book. Any of you repeating these whispers better hope to GOD your Intrepid Blogger does not find out. If I do, you will be in lights.

I know Mark Wright is not involved in this, as I know his integrity. That said, he needs to reach out to his crew that think this is a smart way to do business and stamp this out now.

P.S. This racist bulls–t is not original, people have been whisper attacking Harmeet Dhillon for being Sikh at the National Level to damage her attempt to get elected RNC Chair. God help them if they get outed.

Treasurer – who the HELL in their right mind is going to run against Greg Gandrud? Are you kidding me? He has been a stalwart conservative and one of the few independent voices on the CAGOP’s board of directors! Has the asylum door swung so far open that even HE is under attack from his right? Gandrud is known for annoying CAGOP staff because of all the questions he asks about the reports and book keeping. This is a picture perfect treasurer.

(Or perhaps these people are libertarian anarchists planted in the CAGOP to cause chaos – the more and more I see the stupidity, the more I believe this)

Secretary – Similar to the rant about Gregory Gandrud, Randy Berholtz has also exhibited an independent streak on the board. While Berholtz is softer spoken and less demonstrative than Gandrud, he is similarly conservative. Yet – some dude from Imperial County has decided to challenge Berholtz from his right.

But the horses–t does not stop at the state officer level… how about some County Party garbage!

Modoc County Organized. This time there should be no excuses to strip them of their 5 delegates in 2023.

The now former Chair of Shasta County, Cathy Kneer appointed 5 delegates a week before resigning in Jan. She had told people in October she was leaving. Thus, her act was premeditated and unethical. The establishment will argue that this is allowed under the by-laws. Just like getting wasted off of booze or pot, having an abortion, cheating on your wife, etc… is “legal”. This just further proves that the establishment do not care about county parties and those delegates to the convention to deliver proxies are all that matters. Screw the local guys. Since the Shasta by-laws were written by their establishment handlers to only call for an organizational meeting once every 4 years, there may be no recourse. However, anyone that cares about local parties should know and be outraged at what was done in Shasta County.

The people I talked to in Shasta noted that Shasta County got 8 delegates in 2021. Why did Kneer only appoint 5 in 2023? This is because many establishment counties turn in paperwork THAT IS NEVER VERIFIED (ahem, I got that in writing shortly after the FBI visit) to use provisions in the state by-laws to appoint more consultants and staff to the party. I mean Santa Cruz County got 8 delegates in 2021. If anyone believes they have precinct captains in 50% of their precincts with 15% GOP Registration, I have a nice padded cell for you on K Street.

Remember Glenn and Yuba County? The Conservatives took both of those counties over. In 2021, just to show everyone who was boss, the current Chair of the CAGOP appointed their officers to the proxies and credentials committee after both counties were exposed for violating state law. Now, those counties are no longer fraudulent shells that deliver a dozen proxies. There are real people there.

In Alameda County, there was an organizational meeting. Long time Chair Hugh Bussell was ousted. In a similar move to Cathy Kneer in Shasta, Bussell, knowing he was going to lose his re-election appointed 5 delegates to the CAGOP right before the officer election. Two of those delegates were from Southern California, underscoring the establishment meddling and control of Bussell.

The difference is that in Alameda, they actually had to organize per their by-laws and that committee has a case to gut the actions of Bussell and his handlers. See the letter from David Chan, the new chair of the Alameda GOP.

The Alameda GOP and the Shasta GOP will be forced to appear before the same proxies and credentials committee that listed paid establishment proxy gatherers Scott Winn and Corey Uhden as members. I will await further judgement but I am skeptical that either county will get fair treatment as this committee was a flaming pile of biden in 2021.

A lot of people were upset over the Lassen, Sierra and Plumas GOP being essentially Brian and Megan Dahle. I am being told they still are and that efforts to organize those committees have been fruitless. (By either Dahle’s crew or the other side)

In other counties, the transition of leadership has been much more tranquil. For example, in Stanislaus County their longtime Chair Joe Day gave way to Joel Campos with a unanimous vote.

Lake County elected Bryan Pritchard Chair.

I have been told that the SFGOP and the Marin GOP have a lot of drama that is being fueled by a bunch of Steve-Bannon Hair-on-Fire election fraud mavens. Those people could very well be getting encouraged in their efforts by people with personal axes to grind.

FYI – SFGOP Chair John Dennis is the adult in the room. People that care about the CAGOP need to vote for him to become CCA Chair.  I know the players and I know 100% where the attacks are coming from… sour grapes over past elections. I ran Steve Frank’s campaign and I do not have a grudge against anyone that did not support him, neither should anyone else.

Your intrepid blogger is just getting started. Any of you are welcome to call me or email me ANYTIME to explain your side, lobby me to supporting something or someone, etc. The more information I get the better these blogs will be. I am VERY disappointed with what I have seen happen and wish I did not have to write this blog…

P.S. Full disclosure: John Dennis has purchased advertising on this blog in the past for his CA12 Campaigns.

Dec 072022

Let me disclose first that I am expecting to have conflicts of interest in the CAGOP stuff and I have professional interests that will prevent me from demonstratively taking a side in anything National. It is what it is, but when I started doing stuff like working with Adam Laxalt’s US Senate Campaign, inevitably, it creates entanglements.

The CAGOP Convention is coming up in March. I have been largely silent on this because I am greatly conflicted. The last three statewide elections for the CAGOP have actually been pretty good. My #1 criticism of the leadership of the party has been that they are losing.

Jessica Patterson does need to go.  Her hostility towards the conservatives in the State Party is palpable. We have also documented the abhorrent behavior of the CAGOP’s staff with their selective application of the by-laws and their selective concern over the activities of separate but affiliated entities. They have in essence behaved like a political machine.

Those are two valid reasons and those two reasons are enough to advocate for Patterson’s ouster. Internal Corruption and exclusionary hostility towards the base of the party.

I also believe that Patterson could be defeated with the right opponent.

CAGOP National Committeewoman Harmeet Dhillon, who is an RNC Member by virtue of her position with the CAGOP has very publicly (and with a lot of national media exposure) announced a campaign to oppose Ronna Romney McDaniel – who is running for her 4th term.

There have been people publicly indicating that Jessica Patterson has been whipping votes against Harmeet. I have been told by various people over the years that despite Harmeet supporting Patterson for Chair in the past, that Patterson despises Harmeet.

If true, it certainly validates what people have said about Patterson, that once you cross her there is no coming back. So why bother helping her and allying with her on anything? This is again a reflection on the one-sided leadership of Patterson.

It has also been put to me that Kevin McCarthy who is attempting to get elected Speaker of the House of Representatives has been putting his finger on both the CAGOP and RNC scales. If I was Patterson and McCarthy, I’d be focused on my own circumstances rather than trying to control things outside the immediate paradigm I am in.

Ronna McDaniel has two key vulnerabilities. The 2020 and 2022 elections results. With Herschel Walker losing last night, that put the finishing touches on a dismal 2022 election cycle that followed the 2020 election cycle. As I type this, the GOP Establishment (who are rallying against Harmeet) are attempting to pass amnesty and a gigantic omnibus spending bill in order to pre-empt the thin GOP majority coming in to the house of representatives.

For me, the first thing I look at are elections results with Party officers. The second thing I look at is their behavior. I do not know Ronna well enough to make a judgement on the latter.

I have known Harmeet Dhillon a long time, starting when I helped her get elected Vice Chair of the State GOP. I know she can do the job.

Speaking of CAGOP Vice Chair: This is one race where I know the players. I am sure I will be getting info on the others soon.

Corrin Rankin, who ran against the Violin-Wielding con artist Peter Kuo several years ago, is running for CAGOP Vice Chair again. The previous time, it was alleged that the insider people pulled some last minute tricks on the floor of the convention and directed their proxy holders to support Kuo. The election was still very close.

Mark Wright, the successful Chair of the Placer GOP is also running for Vice-Chair. Anyone who takes an objective look at what has happened in Placer County in 2018-2022 with local elections will realize that the results far exceed any dismissive comments about it being a Red County. Placer County is not safe territory for Democrats at any level of government. Mark Wright’s chairmanship of the Placer GOP is his number one selling point. He is also a solid human being I have known for well over a decade.

Rankin on the other hand, has quite a resume’ herself. As Central Region Vice Chair, she has helped squish and conservative alike succeed. In her territory we have seen Republicans retake ground in various spots of the Central Valley and a shift rightward of the whole region. Leadership creates stronger parties, which in turn, create electoral success. She has several personal stories and biographical talking points that are compelling.

I helped Rankin in the past with her Vice Chair effort previously, it will be a tough one with Mark and Corrin vying for the same office.

That said, this blog would not be complete without mentioning that Jessica Patterson has been trying to find an opponent for Corrin. (She has called at least one person about running that I know for certain) Of course she’d never support Mark Wright, but anyone thinking Rankin is some sort of establishment hack should look no further than Patterson’s actions and reconsider that thought…

To be continued.

Nov 302022

Conservatives, you blew it. You can do better.

Let me start off by saying we don’t need this. For the first time in Memory, California’s GOP election results were better than the national average. My primary criticism of the CAGOP is that while they are engaging in their control tactics to exclude conservatives, they are losing elections. So far, we know that we have gained an Assembly Seat (while losing one). It looks like John Duarte is going to carry CA13. Greg Wallis, the one-time Chad Mayes staffer may swipe AD41 and in SD16 it looks good for David Sheppard to clip Melisa Hurtado (who beat Andy Vidak in 2018).

I wrote about the SD04 Debacle, that is 0% to do with the CAGOP and 100% to do with the consultants and leadership in the California State Senate.

There were other races that shocked the heck out of people with the outcomes.

Contrary to the Hair-on-Fire election fraud crowd conspiracy theories that bellowed HOLD YOUR BALLOT! BRAAAAAAAAAK! ONLY VOTE ON ELECTION DAY! BRAAAAAAAAAAAK!!! California Republicans voted early, voted at vote centers, walked their mail ballots in, etc. And, you will be shocked to know that in many parts of California Republican candidates GAINED as the counting continued. (The fact that it takes a month is absurd and is another issue for another post) California proved that the reasons late counts always seem to go dem is because Republicans refuse to vote the way dems do, but amazingly when Republicans use the rules as stated (see also California) those ballots get counted too! DOH!

So why, in the backdrop of this, have many of my Conservative Friends chosen to incite drama? This only helps the squishes keep control of the State Party – it is especially poor timing given that there were several electoral successes in California for the GOP!

Several Conservative County Chairs Led by Dan Brown called a special meeting of the County Chairs Association. The CCA has its’ own by-laws. Based on the information I have right now, it is clear that Dan Brown (who I talked to) from Yolo County led the effort and that the CCA”s by-laws were followed. (There is a caveat, read on)

The way the meeting was called and handled, while technically legal under the by-laws looked an awful lot like an Andy Gimmecandy /Scott Grimace Winn / David Stafford Reade by-law abuse special. There were claims the meeting was not noticed, that is crap as I was forwarded the notices by various people. There were claims they failed to meet quorum, those are also crap (with one caveat, read on).

The now former CCA Chair had her life beset by tragedy and a long Covid-related illness. That really sucks and it has to hurt worse given what has happened since.

The Chair of the CCA’s slot was vacated as as result. The meeting was to fill it as the CCA by-laws do not automatically promote the Vice Chair to Chair.

The way it was handled was a mess. I am going to spare a lot of the details because the California Republican Party is now involved. Yes, the same people who refused to investigate ineligible convention delegates, allowed Yuba, Tehama and Glenn County to Violate State Law but at the same time smashed Modoc County are suddenly worried about the by-laws of an independent organization? Spare me.

When we complained in Feb 2021 about Richard Sherman the LAGOP Emperor appointing 22 delegates to the CAGOP to fill slots left vacant by the lack of a Republican on the General Election Ballot (aka where a Rep failed to file or make the runoff), they claimed they had no authority over the LAGOP. The truth is the three counties that illegally organized and the LAGOP Chair that filled 22 empty districts were all aligned with the current leadership of the CAGOP.

Further, please note that after being exposed, the LAGOP CHANGED THEIR BYLAWS to allow the Chair to Appoint the vacancies proving that our beef was legitimate and also proving the corruption of the CAGOP’s Staff that allowed the ineligible delegates to participate in the 2021 officer elections.

Now, the same CAGOP cares about who the CCA Chair is.

Chairwoman Guerra-
Thank you for your letter to Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson regarding your election. She has asked staff to review the matter before formal CRP recognition.
In order to recognize the election, we need the following information provided to me and our Director of Operations, Danielle Cullum (copied).
  • The notification that went out to all county chairs
  • The names of the members used to establish a quorum (and any subsequent quorum calls with the names used to establish a quorum)
  • Minutes from the meeting
  • Vote records with names
Please note that this is not usually a necessary step in the process, as all prior CCA meetings where an election was conducted had a CRP staff member in attendance as an observer. However, because the CRP observer was not present, the above information is needed for CRP recognition.
Thank you kindly!

Note the wording of the email. Also note that the CAGOP does not have jurisdiction to affect the affairs of the CCA. I do find it fascinating that Mr. Watkins references that a CRP Staffer is present at the CCA meeting. If so, why is there not one present when County Parties Organize? The missing part to this is that the CCA almost always elects their officers at a CAGOP Convention and this special meeting to fill a vacancy was just that, special. Lastly, note his request for subsequent Quorum calls. This shows Mr. Watkins does not know the CCA’s By-Laws either.

There have been a lot of personal haymakers flying around. People need to shut up and concentrate on the goal, you know registering Republican Voters, getting them to the polls, recruiting candidates, raising money, etc. None of this BS does that.

I have a lot of friends on both sides of this mess. There are some that have gone on a personal rampage to settle scores, they should stop. The way this meeting was done should speak for itself, it was poor tactics and strategy.

Lastly, I was sent a copy of the minutes of the meeting.

They had 22 in attendance to establish Quorum. No big deal. The CCA’s by-laws work the same as the CRP and any other group’s by-laws, once you get quorum you are good for the duration.

There were a couple of issues. I saw that Fred Whitaker, the OCGOP Chair and Paula Whitsell the SDGOP Chair were listed as being present in later parts of the minutes. Neither were present or gave a proxy. Why were they mentioned? Their mention casts an even worse light on the meeting.

Sonoma County Chair and North Coast Regional Chair Matt Heath left the meeting early on, yet seemed to have sent an apparition of himself to re-appear on to the zoom call 5-10 minutes later. Someone pointed it out. Mr. Heath has been torching anyone that gets in his path since.

Did some idiot decide to impersonate Matt Heath? Fred Whitaker? Paula Whitsell? If so why? I am trying to understand why anyone would think that is a good strategy, but I can’t get my head that far up my ass.

This is what the problem is, this mess and the issues herein undermine any moral superiority the conservatives have in this whole situation. We all know the CAGOP Staff are biased and they are showing it again, but good Lord people why make it easy for them and WHY give the consultants cover to pull more of the same crap they have done for years?

At the end of the day, Michelle Guerra will be CCA Chair for about 3 1/2 months and the establishment will line their people up behind whomever and will get their person elected CCA Chair in March. This may not have happened if this current situation was handled better.

Aug 142022
This is unedited – except for a redaction in order to protect the identity of the source. Blogger’s Update: Good to see so many comments.
I have had (((REDACTED))) Alison, she deserves the endorsement pulled.
Hayden is a devout racist, she made numerous references to a supermarket having Chinese stores opening as “being the CCP moving into CA” calls them Orientals, calls black people the N word, and Mexicans well you know.
Worse yet she believes she rightfully won 2 years ago, she believes the CA Dem party stuffed the ballot box to beat her, claiming she like all GOP statewide office candidates 4 years ago “were winning when we went to bed, and in the am we were all losing.”
Ok – so now we know that the move to unendorse Allison and Omar Navarro has legitimate roots. After seeing Mike Cargile’s response, I think Mr. Cargile sunk himself… this leaves the assembly candidate as the last one I have questions about. Good Lord.