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Aug 042022

IT is fascinating really some of the people that pop up out of the political cesspool to run for office.

Looks like your intrepid blogger found out a bunch more stuff…

There has been this snippet floating around. The person or entity that made the snippet took the time to reference the public records.

Your intrepid blogger would like to point out the difference between this and some website of Kamala Harris that listed Matt Rahn without his consent. This is from official court records and was related to a 1 1/2 year marriage that Sanchez filed to have annulled.

Here at Right on Daily, we are firm believers in investigating the backgrounds of all candidates… It appears that the Orange County Mafia have failed miserably to get a good candidate. It is one thing to engage in xenophobic provincialism (my opinion of their decision) against a former Mayor and sitting councilmember from Riverside County, but it is still another to endorse and fund a complete train-wreck as an alternative.

Anyone that reads this blog knows I played a major role in electing Laurie Davies at the expense of the monster Bill Brough (who apparently is reinventing himself with the enabling of many of the same people now supporting Kate Sanchez). Here at Right on Daily, we are consistent in our mission including criticizing the decisions of people we once helped. Laurie Davies did not investigate Kate Sanchez. If she had, she would have easily found this.

There is a reason why neither Ed Royce nor Darrell Issa – both of whom Sanchez brags about working for – have not endorsed her. I guess the folks in Orange County (many of whom I consider friends) missed the memo.

Aug 032022

BUT BUT BUT Matt Rahn is a RIIIIIIIINO. Well, Matt Rahn does not have to explain himself for stuff from 2020, or even last week for that matter.

So um, Kate… let’s talk about Fauci. You know that maniac that likes gain of function research on animals and humans, that guy.

Kate Sanchez has a nice long history that is like three-mile island.

So um, Kate… you like to talk about that website that has Matt Rahn’s name on it as “endorsing” Kamala Harris. This lie is perpetrated even though Matt Rahn did not give his consent to be on the site, you and your crew continue to perpetrate that lie from 2016.

Here is 2020, and that is clearly you and required your OWN action to like this drivel about Dr. Mengele. Whoopsie. Looks like Kate has some ‘splaining to do.

There is one thing about this latest discovery, it demonstrates that she should not be on linked in… or perhaps she should spend some of her boyfriend’s family money on an image manager. Kate Sanchez’ resume on Linked in is as bad as this latest find…

Ahhhh yeah, party time in AD71 baby…

Aug 032022

Did I mention that the Roseville Puke-Tribune is in the bag for Democrats? They always have been and always will be. Heck years ago, the editor of the Auburn Journal was a convicted cocaine dealer and the P-T employed a registered Sex Offender! Interestingly, the links to the issues with Graham Alexander Womack are all broken, but searches still show some proof of his maladies.

The 2022 version of the P-T is functioning as a propaganda machine for Scott Alvord, Placer County’s favorite socialist.

I am not holding my breath for this rag to do anything anywhere near this lovely and syrupy for Shanti Landon. Instead, I am expecting the same treatment of her that they did to Kirk Uhler – with a cavalcade of communists giving credence to every left-wing lie that is invented against the target they are gaslighting.

Man, I have been told how FCC was the savior of the Athens avenue dump. I pissed off a lot of people in local government when I pointed out that FCC can’t handle their s–t and has a long record of regulatory fines and complaints. FCC also has a laundry list of industrial accidents too.

So why am I not surprised that FCC had a flaming pile of s–t at the dump? Just a couple months in to the vaunted new contract to wreck the Athens avenue dump, we have a gigantic dumpster fire, a flaming pile of s–t if you will. (different than Alvord, this is a literal pile of s–t on fire)

The local CBS-BS affiliate has a neat video if you are in to watching piles of s–t burn.

But HEY!!! FCC is the best choice for the staff of the Western Placer Waste Mismanagement Agency! I hear that Madrid is lovely in September, too…

Not to be left off the train of nimrods is Jason “All Hat No Cattle” Paletta.

Apparently, he is attacking Democrat-Turned-Republican Jonathan Zachreson whose transition from Dem to Rep was because of CRT, Mask Mandates, etc in schools (like thousands of others). Apparently, the crazed Paletta is not paying attention to democrats re-registering Republican in droves all over the country! NO! Zach is eeeeeeeevil.

Please note that Zachreson abandoned his AD05 run and endorsed Joe Patterson instead of Paletta…  If you think that has nothing to do with Paletta’s rant on social media, please remand yourself to therapy immediately.

Make sure you attend Zachreson’s event and donate as much as you can. The Roseville City School Board is the former home of Gary Miller who is an accomplished communist versus the garden variety socialist Scott Alvord.

And with this update – Right on Daily endorses Jonathan Zachreson for Roseville City School Board. Good luck with your campaign.

Jul 292022


I thought Matt Rahn was the RINO? But he got yoooooonyun money! But he was a democrat until 2014? But, but, but Kate Sanchez is the only (barf) True Conservative in the AD71 race!?

Whoops, Kate got $9800 from Kevin Spillaine. Here is Spillane in the LA Times attacking the CAGOP, because apparently the CAGOP leadership are not anti-trump enough.

But acclaim for the president didn’t resonate with all in attendance. Longtime GOP consultant and self-proclaimed “never-Trumper” Kevin Spillane joked that he was a “man with no country,” noting the sharp rise in new activists in the state party since 2016.

“These folks are excited and animated by Trump,” Spillane said, adding that while changes in the party have caused more moderate Republicans like himself to step back, he believes new leader Patterson “is doing her job, which as chairman of the California Republican Party is to support the Republican president and reflect the wishes of Republican activists.”

I have consistently been at odds with Spillane for years. He is pro-choice, supported Gay Marriage and has been known to consult for tax-increase measures. BONUS: He was an Arnold lackey too.

Spillane is apparently so liberal that he does not realize the party leadership are moderates, but when you celebrate every Trump-endorsed candidate who loses as well as re-tweeting Steve Schmidt (who is actually a democrat now, good riddance) your view of the world is polluted.

This is hardly the profile of a double max-out donor that a “True Conservative” would want. But hey, money talks, huh?

However as they say on TV, BUT WAIT! There’s MOOOOOORE!!!

Frances Barraza! She is one of my favorite flaming leftist Republicans. She is a full portfolio Trump-Hater, establishment liberal and SHE WORKED FOR KEVIN FAULCONER!

On his behalf, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s campaign manager Francis Barraza replied in short order as follows:

Hi Gene,

Here’s a quote from the Mayor.

“I am not endorsing Mr. Trump. I reject his divisive rhetoric, including that toward women and Latinos. We need to be building bridges and bringing people together. That’s how we do things in San Diego. Mr. Trump has not earned my vote.”

Thank you, FB

Are you seeing a trend?

And there is Grow Elect – run by trump haters and the squishy Moises Merino on the list too!

Moises is the founder of the Latino Leadership & Policy Forum and GROW Elect, an organization that has recruited, trained, and elected over 200 Latinos to public office. He has served as political director and advisor on a number of high profile campaigns, including Meg Whitman for Governor, John McCain for President, Arnold Schwarzenegger for Governor, and George W. Bush for President.

What a pedigree!!!

Steve is a candidate for School Board.

So if you are curious what the OCGOP was smoking when they endorsed this disaster, it is simple – a bag of dog waste would have been endorsed for AD71 if it was from Orange County. AD71 is 45% Orange and 55% Riverside and that xenophobia and provincialism will be a central theme in the race.

Even with the RINO patrol on her campaign report she raised a whopping… $53,000 year to date. Ouch.

Trump hating squishes vs yooooooonyuns. The Yoooonyuns are probably more conservative than the Kate Sanchez donor list with few exceptions.

Jul 252022


July 25, 2022

Contact: Andre Levesque

Email: Andre@GBACampaigns.com

Matt Rahn Earns Endorsements Of Mimi Walters and Diane Dixon

ORANGE COUNTY, CA — Today, Matt Rahn announced endorsements from former U.S. Representative Mimi Walters and Newport Beach City Councilmember Diane Dixon who is also the Republican nominee for the neighboring Orange County 72nd Assembly District. As U.S. Representative, Mimi Walters represented portions of the new 71st Assembly District.

“I’ve represented the Orange County communities of the 71st District and I know Matt Rahn is the most qualified Republican to represent Orange County’s local values in the State Assembly. Matt isn’t just talk, he has a conservative voting record on the city council to back it up. I’m proud to support an accomplished conservative like Matt Rahn,” said former U.S. Representative Mimi Walters.

Republican Diane Dixon, the Republican nominee for the 72nd Assembly District added, “We need more conservative voices like Matt Rahn in Sacramento. As a local councilman and Mayor, Matt has saved local taxpayers millions of dollars, that’s the type of leader we need in Sacramento fighting on behalf of California taxpayers. I need Matt to join me in Sacramento so we can bring relief to Orange County’s taxpayers and families.”

Matt Rahn, the top vote-getter in the Primary Election is widely considered the frontrunner to win the new 71st Assembly District in November. Former U.S. Representative Mimi Walters and Newport Beach Councilmember Diane Dixon join Republicans across the District and California in supporting Matt Rahn, including notable leaders such as Congressman Darrell Issa, Congressman Ken Calvert, Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher, former Assembly Republican Leader Marie Waldron.

Tick Tock Kate.