Oct 052023

There is something I have said consistently for years in my life as a political operative. (Actually, a lot of things) When you make organizational decisions to benefit one person, it usually does not end up well.

Really Jon, why did you spill the beans! They weren’t supposed to know!

Last night (10-4-2023), Tim Whitacre, Jon Fleischman, and others were on the OCGOP By-Laws Committee conference call, asserting that the effort to amend the OCGOP By-Laws was not about Janet Nguyen. It appears they lied.

First off, for those not following the Janet Nguyen Accountability Project –  Public Service of Right on Daily, let’s catch you up.

Janet Nguyen got on the radar of your intrepid blogger because she is a squish who likes endorsing democrats and Non-Republicans over OCGOP Endorsed Rivals. But, it appears that the OCGOP has Stockholm syndrome again and prefers the abuser over the other Republican, Van Tran.

David Penaloza (Dem) and Mirna Velasquez (Left Leaning NPP) received the blessing over their Republican opponents. (2018) The mailer with Janet Nguyen featured the fake two-star elephant on it designed to trick Republican voters in to supporting these leftists.

Conservative Mugs 970×250

Nguyen picked “weak dem” (NPP) Cindy Tran over Laurie Merrick for Garden Grove City Council. Tran won, turning that council Blue. (2022)

The exposure of this caused Janet Nguyen to withdraw her request for an OCGOP endorsement under a humiliating cloud of accountability for being a party-destroyer.

You’d think this would be the end of it, right? I mean the OCGOP By-Laws are clear and party people should be PISSED that their endorsements were shredded by the rampaging Janet Nguyen.

Bylaws Section VIII, (1) (I) states: “…a candidate shall not be considered for an endorsement by the Central Committee if the candidate has endorsed a non-Republican against the Central Committee’s endorsed Republican candidate…

Bylaws Section VIII, (1) (K) states, “Notwithstanding ARTICLE XII (A)(1) of these Bylaws, this article cannot be suspended, and no endorsements shall be considered or voted upon by the Central Committee in a manner inconsistent with this article.


So what’s the solution? The OCGOP is attempting to amend their bylaws to allow endorsees to endorse NPP candidates with a nice letter of explanation and also seeks to install a 4 year limitation on disqualifying someone for endorsing a democrat. In Janet’s case 2018 was five years ago and she could write a scarlet letter to seek forgiveness for the ratt—- in Garden Grove in 2022.

But, the effort to re-write the OCGOP By-Laws is not about Janet, they say.

Jon Fleischman sent the following email to your intrepid blogger:

Let’s break this down for our readers:

If they are circulating this stuff to the committee, we should be figuring out how to respond.

Translation: If Van Tran is circulating blogs via email to the Orange County Republican Central Committee, Janet Nguyen’s Campaign should be figuring out how to respond. Jon uses the term WE showing ownership of his role in the Janet Nguyen Campaign.

Did Jon Lie to the Orange County GOP’s By-Laws Committee? Sure looks like it. If Tim Whitacre knew, then he lied as well. Are they planning on lying to the entire Central Committee to Amend the OCGOP By-Laws to facilitate an endorsement of Janet Nguyen? If you are not convinced – read on:

But most importantly right now – we need to get a drill going to make sure you still have all of your supporters, and that they will be able to be there Monday night to vote yes on the bylaw change. We can tell your supporters that if the bylaw change goes through it will eliminate with certainty any lingering questions about whether you can be endorsed by the Central Committee.

The verbiage that Mr. Fleischman uses makes it clear the email he sent your intrepid blogger was intended for Janet Nguyen. Whoops. It also makes it clear beyond any doubt that the proposed changes to the endorsement rules of the OCGOP are 100% about Janet Nguyen. (and make the OCGOP endorsement meaningless in a purple county)

Most are convinced that Tim and Jon are working closely on this issue… it is also clear that they intended to not be forthright with even members of the OCGOP that support Janet Nguyen in order to induce the OCGOP to amend their bylaws.

If Janet Nguyen has any integrity, she needs to stand up now and disavow any interest in getting endorsed by the OCGOP.

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  3 Responses to “Team Janet Update: Effort to Amend OCGOP Bylaws “Not About Janet”… Until Your Intrepid Blogger Got the Truth In His Inbox!”

  1. Do they have an email? I”ll let you know what happens soon as I get a response back from them.

  2. Oh my word:


    Fri, Oct 6 at 1:16 PM

    Your message to office@ocgop.org couldn’t be delivered.
    office wasn’t found at ocgop.org.

    So, they post a non-deliverable email address on their website??

  3. Thanks for sending the original email to me. I just posted it.

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