Sep 132023

Look at Janet Nguyen all over a democrat slate card in Vietnamese (sent by some union looking to raid the public coffers for more pay and benefits post election)

Before you try to lawyer this and say these are public domain pictures… how about a nice Robocall in Vietnamese with Janet Nguyen extolling the virtues of Mirna Velsaquez (a Dem) over Ceci Iglesias for Santa Ana City Council. It was paid for by the same union as the mailer. FYI – your intrepid blogger has been told some of these are Janet Nguyen’s personal photos.

I’ve included a transcript for those that are terminal refuseniks and skeptics.

Janet Nguyen also played a critical role in turning the Garden Grove City Council non-Republican. As previously posted she supported non-Republican Cindy Tran over OCGOP endorsed Laurie Merrick for City Council there.

Even though Tran is registered NPP, GOP Data Center identifies her as “Weak Democrat” in terms of political leaning.

What we know is Janet Nguyen is a party-destroyer, and why the OCGOP was considering endorsing her is beyond me. Also, I’ve been told that Nguyen’s opponent who is a lifelong Republican with a solid record of supporting Republicans is not being considered. The OCGOP needs a serious political enema.

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Let’s recap the Janet Nguyen Scorecard from inside the belly of the OCGOP, shall we?

  • Janet Nguyen admitted to endorsing Mirna Velasquez at the 2023 OCGOP Endorsements Committee meeting. 
  • Janet Nguyen claimed she did not know that Nirna Velasquez was a non-Republican
  • Janet Nguyen claimed that after the OCGOP endorsement of Ceci Iglesias, she dual endorsed Velasquez and Iglesias. 
  • Janet Nguyen did not claim that she removed her endorsement of Velasquez.
  • An email from Ceci Iglesias to Chairman Fred Whitaker transmitted on Wednesday, October 3, 2018, which is 48 hours after the OCGOP endorsement, requesting Chairman Whitaker render assistance with getting Janet Nguyen to pull her endorsement of Mirna Velasquez because Janet Nguyen had not done so. 
  • Fred Whitaker’s response to Ceci on October 3, 2018 @ 11:44 am informing Ceci that Kermit would look into the matter and get back to her, shows that Fred was not aware of Janet removing her endorsement of Mirna, as Fred would have surely said so to resolve the matter.
  • No person, including Janet Nguyen, has testified that Janet Nguyen removed her endorsement of Mirna Velasquez. 
  • Additionally, Janet Nguyen provided a statement directed toward Republicans that endorsed Mirna Velasquez which was used in a mailer to Republican households.  This had the intent to deceive Republicans that Mirna Velasquez was a Republican with the clear goal that the Republicans would vote for Mirna Velasquez and not the OCGOP endorsed Republican candidate, Ceci Iglesias.  This mailer was the subject of a cease-and-desist letter sent by the OCGOP because the mailer infringed upon the Republican trademarked elephant and logo.
  • Janet provided pictures to the police union of herself with the non-Republican candidates for a communication purpose to voters.
  • Janet did a Robo call in support of Mirna paid for by the police union. Their 460 form states the call was placed in early November, before the election.
  • Janet gave a quote to Cindy Tran for the voter communication purposes.

There is a reference to that dammed 2 star fraud elephant again. (This is a famous fake GOP elephant that appears in political mail repeatedly to deceive the recipient and create a false impression of legitimacy.) It does not surprise me that the elephant is used with “weak Republican” Janet Nguyen’s deceptions.

I will conclude with an excerpt from a letter sent by an opponent of Janet Nguyen’s rampage in Orange County (in reference to the campaigning of Janet Nguyen for non Republicans):

… Coming from a well known Republican and State Assemblywoman, the average Republican voter would consider it an endorsement, further confusing the Republican voters because Cindy Tran is not a Republican.

Being that most people vote with familiarity, Janet Nguyen’s support went a long way, due to her name recognition.

I was disappointed in the lack of solidarity within the Republican Party, and have lost confidence that the OC Republican endorsements mean “Republicans ONLY”.   I remain hopeful that the OC GOP will consider consequences and/or sanctions to reunite the party.

Has my party left me?

Laurie Merrick

I believe that Janet Nguyen withdrew her endorsement request because it became clear that her own record was going to cause a rare departure of the OCGOP from fealty to the status quo. While the OCGOP got this one right, it was not without a ton of effort that should have never been required to forestall this.

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