Aug 152023

One of the biggest criticisms your intrepid blogger has had about the OCGOP and other Republican organizations is their willful blindness to their own alleged standards for endorsements. This manifests itself many times a cycle.

With Janet Nguyen, she violates several alleged rules of the OCGOP. Yet, the establishment and the cocktail party circuit have spoken and it is expected that the OCGOP will endorse Nguyen. Your intrepid blogger has been told people are already being threatened by her and others on her behalf in advance of the coming vote.

In 2018, the same OCGOP made endorsements for Santa Ana City Council. Janet Nguyen missed the memo and endorsed the democrat opponents:

The OCGOP endorsed Miguel Gonzalez. Does the OCGOP 2024 edition have amnesia?

Political observes in Santa Ana city council politics were stunned when then Assemblywoman Janet Nguyen endorsed a democrat candidate for Ward 2 and a decline-to-state candidate for Ward 6.  What motivated Janet Nguyen to be so involved in Santa Ana local politics promoting a democrat candidate and decline-to-state candidate against loyal Republicans?  Even though the OCGOP’s own Cecilia Iglesias was the only Republican who filed for Santa Ana City Council, Ward 6, Janet Nguyen refused to support Cecilia; instead Nguyen endorsed left-leaning, non-Republican Mirna Velasquez.

Note the Fake “two-star” GOP elephant.

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The OCGOP endorsed Cecilia Iglesias. She was later recalled by the Police Union for opposing a contract. Did Janet aid in that effort as well?

Janet Nguyen has had a long storied history of attempting to rail Republican nominees and attempting to recall Republican incumbents. You’d think this pattern of behavior would cause the folks on the OCGOP to stop even considering endorsing her.

All of this cavorting with Democrats did not do her any good as she lasted one term in the State Senate before getting ousted in 2018… now, back in the State Senate, she is looking to jump again.

Janet Nguyen’s violations are so severe the Central Committee is barred from even considering her endorsement application.

Bylaws Section VIII, (1) (I) states: “…a candidate shall not be considered for an endorsement by the Central Committee if the candidate has endorsed a non-Republican against the Central Committee’s endorsed Republican candidate…

Bylaws Section VIII, (1) (K) states, “Notwithstanding ARTICLE XII (A)(1) of these Bylaws, this article cannot be suspended, and no endorsements shall be considered or voted upon by the Central Committee in a manner inconsistent with this article.


So, will the OCGOP enforce their own bylaws??? Inquiring bloggers want to know. Will OCGOP members stand up to the Janet Nguyen bullying and be present to vote the endorsement attempt down? Your inquiring blogger wants to know…

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  2 Responses to “Breaking: OCGOP is barred from endorsing Janet Nguyen. Will they ignore their clear bylaws that ban a Janet Nguyen endorsement?”

  1. Okay, I don’t understand this at all.
    So, you’re a Republican (according to Janets bio online), and yet you openly endorsed, a Demo for office?? Openly? I gather she endorsed this David guy, listed above in your article? Most of the information I could find, keeps to the “non-partisan” side of the aisle. however, his other endorsements indicate a heavy DEMO presence. If memory serves me correctly, ANY REPUB who endorses a DEMO candidate is basically shunned by the party? I get that you can endorse whomever you want to, but if you seek the (R) endorsement, you can’t support Demo causes, or am I understanding this incorrectly? Now, on top of this, you (Janet) openly, OPENLY mind you, endose a ‘decline to state’ candidate? So, Mirna doesn’t even have a side to stand on? I get it, you wish to be independent in mind and body, but really? Even a non-partisan has tendancies, be they liberal or conservative. You Bio, from what I read, starts with: Platform 2014, Mirna is against the police….really? So, you stand for anarchy? Frontier justice? I’m at a loss here, so can someone help me please?
    How does stuff like this happen? (another word fits, but in respect to the owner of the blog, I’ll defer it) What DOES, the OCGOP actually do?? If just this little tidbit of info is anything NEAR correct, are we to p resume that nearly ALL of CA GOP politics is a failure waiting to happen? And, I say this because for a long time, that’s EXACTLY what it appeared to be. Seems like, again, apathy and mediocrity are prevalent within the party, to the degree of: ” As long as it doesn’t bother MY fiefdom, we’re ok.” OMG. If this endorsement goes off as they plan, then someone needs to be doing a LOT of explaining about HOW they came to this conclusion, to basically endorse, a sell-out.
    She’s part of the State Senate as well? lol, that’s laughable, since those in State Senate are basically, irrelevant, unless the Demo’s want to say, BI PARTISAN AGREEMENT, then yank Janet’s chain to accomplish that fiasco. smh. Wow.
    Such a shame, and if it finishes as expected, such a sham.
    (sucking in breath) Oh well, Change is coming.

  2. You can blame Charlie Munger Jr and the loonies that supported him funding the open primary top two nonsense. When the primaries were closed to Republicans only the Central Committees rarely, if ever, endorsed pre-primary. Gawd we were stupid to support that open primary nonsense. It has only made the Democrats stronger and damn near killed the CAGOP…and has led to all kinds of monkey business in our County and State parties.

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