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Some time ago, we introduced you to the Frank-Hamburger Alliance, a BBQ of Bull—-. This is named in Honor of SD23 Candidate Donald James “DJ” Hamburger and his consultant, Steve Frank. With all the talk about candidates in their late 70s, people need to remember that Mr. Frank is right in that range, and it is clear he is past his prime, and/or perhaps DJ is just that bad of a candidate.

The Frank-Hamburger alliance has sought to make the SD23 Primary all about the Abortion issue.

The erstwhile “True Conservative” with a few Republicans that are anything but.

Similar to his former employer Abel Maldonado, DJ calls for French-Style abortion laws. Don’t take my word for it: Here is Donald James Hamburger on the dope rhyme himself.

In the previous post, when I wrote about Suzette Valladares’ long-standing record of service to the Republican Party, I failed to mention that she was instrumental in DJ getting his first internship. In fact, when I met DJ years ago, it was through CRA, and DJ was affiliated with the Buck McKeon crew.

DJ’s history as an activist should give the CAGOP purity police pause. He was a board member of an organization that promotes Gay Marriage, is generally pro-choice, and is pro-trans. That group also supported nationwide bans on Christian parents seeking counseling for children struggling with their sexuality and bans on faith-based groups that do not toe the line on homosexual adoptions. It is a sad irony that the Barbeque of Bulls–t has fired up over one LGBT bill and one abortion vote when the case could easily be made that DJ is far to the left of Suzette on various social issues.

Your intrepid blogger was told that DJ’s first mailers have all made false claims that Suzette Valladares supports late-term abortion. Apparently, the Frank-Hamburger alliance thinks that betting the ranch on that is a winner in a D+7 district blanket primary.

When you watch the above linked clip, it makes the attack even more insane because, let’s take a look at French Abortion Laws:

Conservative Mugs 970×250

PARIS (AP) — France’s National Assembly on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved a bill meant to enshrine a woman’s right to an abortion in the French Constitution, the first key step in a legislative process that also requires a vote in the Senate.

In case you are unclear of the motive or the impact:

The government argued in its introduction to the bill that the right to abortion is threatened in the United States, where the Supreme Court in 2022 overturned a 50-year-old ruling that had guaranteed the right to an abortion.

“Unfortunately, this event is not isolated: in many countries, even in Europe, there are currents of opinion that seek to hinder at any cost the freedom of women to terminate their pregnancy if they wish,” the introduction to the French legislation says.

It looks like the erstwhile defeated General Election candidate stepped on a rake again.

Shoulda stuck to yoga dude.

DJ Hamburger is indeed to the left of Suzette on pretty much everything it seems. It is also time for him to return to private life, soon.

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  4 Responses to “SD23 Update: DJ Hamburger Just Can’t Make Up His Mind, Calls for French-Style Abortion Laws?”

  1. Aaron? That’s THE WORST photo of someone I can recall you ever posting.
    I’m sorry, but that photo sucks. Rush called it, the “Castra-gotti”. smh. Poor taste is being ‘nice’.

    Anyways…Thank you for the article.

  2. Steve Frank still has all his wits and intelligence, and yes he earns his income as a hired consultant. But his health is starting to fail him. We need him to stay around for another decade of two. He is actually brilliant on politics and policy. I don’t agree with him all the time, but he knows his stuff. I just hope we don’t lose him anytime soon as he ages.

  3. SD-23 is an open seat. Suzette Martinez Valladares was a one term Assembly Member and has a voting record. She has a 60% rating with the Freedom Index. See https://thefreedomindex.org/ca/legislator/21721/.

    DJ Hamburger has not been elected to office, therefore no voting record. I listened to the clip on his position on abortion. He is clear that he is prolife except in cases of rape, incest, and the health of the mother.

    This is not my district, but we need more elected officials with military experience. DJ is a Veteran and currently serving in the National Guard.

    Blogger’s Note: Hamburger was a board member of the Log Cabin Republicans that led the effort to shred the platform. I think you need to do more research.

  4. Old Soldier? um, your link is kind of off? It only lists 5 things Ms Valladares voted on during 2022. Surely there had to be more. Five votes. For the whole year? wow. ooookay. SOMEBODY isn’t working too hard for their cash. (not just her, but the whole lot of them)

    When did Adam became a living man? After GOD made him, or after GOD breathed into him the Breath of Life? Prolife, doesn’t have exceptions. You are, or you’re not. Abortion is the loadstone of our Party in this State, and WHY anyone would make that front and center to their campaign, is beyond me. Making a mountain to climb, that isn’t there and doesn’t need climbing? Weird, but ok. What’s the Bible say about it? What does JESUS say about it? I’m asking, simply because I’ll be facing that question soon enough, and I believe I have a response for it. (imho)

    Military Experience. Hmmmmm….dude is in the National Guard. Ok, commendable. What’s his experience? How long has he served? Ever heard of the group, Vietnam Veterans for Peace? They claim Veterans status as well…..questionable to me, but that’s just me. My experiences with them during the Cindy Sheehan Hanging Soldier effigy in South Land Park Sacramento, was sufficient for me to say this. But, I digress…..

    Log Cabin Republicans……now, there’s something. The lgtbq+ group, right? Where do they stand, on Kids getting surgeries without parental knowledge/consent? Where do they stand on parental rights vs secrecy for lgbqt + purposes? I’ve heard they weren’t supposed to make certain platform challenges, yet they either do or did.

    Interesting. Decisions, decisions, decisions.
    Maldonado…..that the former LT GOV of California? Yeaaaa….
    Supporters of Prop 14, Top-Two Primaries Amendment (June 2010)
    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R)
    Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado (R)

    Yeaaaaaaa……….Just checking. I have/had my own comments about our dear Ahnold, when he held office, and I was a State worker. Yea…..Leo the Embattled State Worker. Called into Mark Williams about this numerous times. Could have been a boon for Republicans during Ahnolds days, but turned into a bust for us instead.

    Ah well…………memories…..this guy? Questionable. And that’s BEFORE you go back and read Aarons past comments about him…lol

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