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The Frank-Hamburger Alliance is not a BBQ you want to dine at

Your intrepid blogger has known DJ Hamburger for a long time as well. I’ve never taken him seriously, ever. When I heard that DJ had decided to run against Suzette Valladares, I knew from my history with the players involved that DJ did not develop the idea independently.

In the previous post, when I wrote about Suzette Valladares’ long-standing record of service to the Republican Party, I failed to mention that she was instrumental in DJ getting his first internship. In fact, when I met DJ years ago, it was through CRA, and DJ was affiliated with the Buck McKeon crew.

DJ’s history as an activist should give the CAGOP purity police pause. He was a board member of an organization that promotes Gay Marriage, is generally pro-choice, and is pro-trans. That group also supported nationwide bans on Christian parents seeking counseling for children struggling with their sexuality and bans on faith-based groups that do not toe the line on homosexual adoptions. It is a sad irony that the Barbeque of Bulls–t has fired up over one LGBT bill and one abortion vote when the case could easily be made that DJ is far to the left of Suzette on various social issues.

Then you have to ask yourself why Steve Frank would align with someone socially liberal. It can’t be for the paycheck, as DJ Hamburger’s campaign will not be able to afford to walk and chew gum simultaneously.

I also know that Steve Frank hates anyone attached to former Congressman Buck McKeon. In 1996, Steve Frank ran for Assembly and was beaten by Tom McClintock. Scott Wilk, the outgoing Senator, worked for McClintock. Buck McKeon, apparently, joined with others to aid McClintock at various stages of McClintock’s political career.

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Buck McKeon has been out of office for a damn near a decade, but the rage lives on.

Hamburger helped cure ballots for Suzette Valladares when she lost by about 500 votes for re-election to AD40 in 2022! He also interviewed for a job with her as well. That could be added to the motive mix as well.

Thus, the Frank-Hamburger alliance was born. Then the carnival act started soon after that.

Many of you know that Steve Frank was rightly critical of former State Senator and Lt Gov Abel “Maldo” Maldonado. Frank should have reviewed Hamburger’s resume…

That’s right, DJ worked for one of the most Liberal Republicans we’ve seen in a generation. Maldo was one of the GOP votes to place Prop 14 on the ballot, went up on Arnold’s massive borrowing, tax increases, and a grab bag of lefty initiatives. There was DJ Hamburger right in the middle of it all.

DJ also has some interesting stuff on the internet advertising his skills for employment. For $1.98, you can hire him for a cameo.

No one should take Hamburger seriously. At Right on Daily, we will let the young man’s actions speak for everything needed.

Scott Weiner 2.0

I think Mr. Hamburger should take his mentor through several Yoga sessions. Mr. Frank could use a mental cleansing for sure…

As I typed in my previous post, Hamburger has so much stuff on his social media that should he make the runoff against a Democrat for SD-23, he’d get massacred. Judge for yourself with this sample. Your intrepid blogger is not camera-shy, but I would not want to be in the video, either! (You need Facebook access to experience this video)

It is usually a disaster when candidates run for office halfcocked to seek revenge. Welcome to the Frank-Hamburger Alliance.

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  3 Responses to “SD-23 Update: The Frank-Hamburger Alliance, a Barbeque of Bulls–t”

  1. It is interesting to read of Hamburger and his LA GOP successful effort to deny his former employer the Endorsement of the LA GOP. He is a snake that will strike anyone because he is a snake and that is his nature. I was amazed that the Chair of the LA GOP allowed Hamburger to speak against the endorsement as he is a candidate for the same office, and as a snake act. The snake did what snakes do, attack. Anything to deny the endorsement to Suzette Valladares. I am a conservative but ANY elected REPUBLICAN is better than ANY DEMOCRAT and Hamburger did the work of the Dems, in his zeal to get attention. For someone who worked for Suzette and would probably have been hired by her if she had 600 more votes, it is unconscionable to work to defeat a fellow Republican, especially someone whose 99.9% of her votes were conservative votes. The Chairman of the LA GOP should never have allowed a candidate for the same office to speak against the Endorsement, as Suzette had 2 out of 3 Assembly Districts Endorse her. They are neighbors, and district voters and know of the litmus test that dictates sometimes all of political behavior for many within our party. One issue does not make a Republican and one vote should not dictate support forever. No one is perfect and no Republican can always fall on the 100% conservative side of the fence. Fortunately, most voters don’t look to platforms or every vote when they consider whom they vote for. Every Republican should be respected but not necessarily agreed with. Suzette Valladares has the endorsement of many, many key Republicans and key organizations within her district and statewide as well. She deserves Republican support
    Ralph-Roy Ramirez, former Congressional Candidate 1982 and 1988
    49th AD Central Committee and Delegate LA GOP, CA GOP
    Certified Financial Planner
    Lt Colonel (R) US Army

  2. Dj needs to pull out of the race and let Suzette take control of the race. I helped to get Suzette endorsed in San Bernardino county because this race is too important to lose. Dj needs to pull out and run for ad 40 next term if a miracle does not happen.

  3. Wait wait wait!!! Wtf!!!
    Steve Frank? THE Steve Frank, that everyone raves about? The guy who’s street cred is impeccable because he’s into the party for over 50 years experience? The Steve Frank, who according to this site, has never won a GOP race despite his street Fred’s? The Steve Franks, who I supposedly called out and then had my ass handed to me because “I dared to challenge an icon?” That person? Are you frighten kidding me?

    How can you, with a straight face,support a member of a group that’s basically anti Christian?
    Give me a break. Hell, if this is the best of the best of the best, then by all means, again, I’d love to take the opportunity to debate Mr Franks.

    It’s funny to see, some of the more experienced respond to posts on here. Some of these comments are just, unreal. GOP members selling out the party, GOP members embracing the Dems yet still get GOP acknowledgement, some even GOP backing. Are all these things true?

    Ugh, that moron newsome is on after debate two giving a speech, while I’m writing this. Vomit
    Which by the way, was sorely lacking.

    Cant wait to hear what’s going on at the convention. Maybe something will change. Maybe, that woman who’s in charge, will end the division. Maybe, pigs will fly and I’ll actually get to keep the full amount of a 900 million dollar lottery ticket!

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