Sep 252023

Poor little guy didn’t know when to retire.

So, let’s say you are a Republican running in a D+7 District (like, say, Greg Wallis or Josh Hoover). Do you walk down Main Street beating your chest, screaming Abortion is Murder?

Apparently, Steve Frank and DJ Hamburger – known as the Frank-Hamburger alliance think this is the way to win the SD-23 election. Mr. Frank has yet to be able to win an election in the CAGOP. I am unsure what makes the 50-year veteran of losing Republican politics think 2024 is the year it all changes.

Let’s talk about Suzette Martinez. At least she was Suzette Martinez when I met her 20 years ago. Unlike many now in the legislature, Suzette started out as an activist, came up through the ranks that way, and got the attention of former Congressman Buck McKeon and others. She got her first job in that arena around the time I met her.

Like many in this game in California, I’ve known them since they were teenagers or barely older. Suzette is no exception. Her married name is Suzette Valladares, which is how most of you know her.

But, I will leave it to NARAL to summarize the Suzette Valladares I know:

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NARAL Pro-Choice California Director Shannon Olivieri Hovis released the following statement:

“Voters in Assembly District 40 must not be misled by this deceptive mail piece claiming that anti-choice Republican Assemblymember Suzette Valladares supports reproductive freedom. To be crystal clear, Valladares earned an “F” onNARALPro-Choice California’s Reproductive Freedom Legislative Scorecard. Time and again, Valladares has voted against reproductive freedom: she voted against bills to protect Californians from criminalization for pregnancy outcomes, stabilize California’s abortion provider network, ensure that all people regardless of income can access abortion care, and much more. The mail piece is dangerous and entirely misrepresentative of Valladares’ dismal record on reproductive freedom.

When the chief pushers of Abortion in California go that berserk on a candidate, it should tell anyone that the Frank-Hamburger alliance is a Barbeque of Bulls–t. (More on that soon) I disagree with Suzette’s vote on the ballot measure thing, but she still got straight F’s from Murder, Inc.

When in AD-40, Valladares earned an A Rating from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, a glowing recommendation from the Cal-Chamber as an advocate for business in California, and an A Rating from the NRA.

From the near-hysterical emails being sent, you would think that Suzette wanted your children to have sex changes. The only “Republican” to vote yes on the version of AD1184 that passed was Jordan Cunningham. During the multi-vote process that creates bills, even diehards like Kevin Kiley and Shannon Grove had abstentions recorded into the record! Should they be put in the Barbeque of purity as well?

In a D+7 district, having someone like Suzette is better than the usual Republican who would represent such a district! (See also Jordan Cunningham)

The Suzette I know has volunteered hundreds of hours for candidates. I’ve seen it. She was also a CRA member for years.

It is rare to see someone successfully transition from activist to major officeholder; Suzette is one of the few who did.

I will go ahead and conclude with this. There is a reason why the transition from Activist to Officeholder is so tricky. Often, activists do stuff that comes back to haunt them later when they try to reinvent themselves into the mainstream; activists are extremely difficult to work with as candidates and most activists need to learn or care to raise money for their campaigns. These three things apply to Suzette’s Republican opponent, D.J. Hamburger.

With that, Right on Daily Endorses Suzette Valladares for SD23

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  8 Responses to “SD-23 Update: Let’s Cut down the Hyperbole on this race for a D+7 District. Why Suzette Valladares is the best choice.”

  1. I have no stake in that race — though the GOP candidate who can win the district sounds good to me — but your conclusion is also an excellent outline of why the activists always seem to hate the incumbents. Thanks for putting it in a few clear sentences.

  2. I understand your reasoning on this…but why the dead mouse/rat…seems a bit morbid and takes away from your thoughtful process of the situation????

  3. Lance Corporal – it is a Gerbil.

  4. I stand corrected – Rodent. Aaron I guess you know more about Gerbils than I too…hahahahah

  5. Is this the same Steven Frank, you mentioned in the post: “Joe Collins Challenges Steve Frank to a Debate – Let Your Intrepid Blogger Moderate”

    That steve frank? Lemme relook at what you wrote…..
    “Apparently, Steve Frank and DJ Hamburger – known as the Frank-Hamburger alliance think this is the way to win the SD-23 election. Mr. Frank has yet to be able to win an election in the CAGOP. I am unsure what makes the 50-year veteran of losing Republican politics think 2024 is the year it all changes.”

    THAT steve frank??

    wow, just asking…..for clarity purposes.

  6. Leo – Same dude.

  7. Leo, Steve works as a consultant. That is how he earns his income. When you are paid by a candidate you have a duty to try to get him/her elected. Steve is a great guy…I don’t always agree with him, but he is an honest straight shooter. Case in point–I once had Aaron on my team when I ran for office…now he calls me ‘the Lance Corporal’…its just politics. Don’t let it get under your skin

  8. Ok Charlie. Thank you.
    I’d promote you to Corporal, but that’s just me.

    I probably could say more, but I’ll defer.
    Right now, I’m enjoying my moment, of having a community ask me to run for mayor of Elk Grove,CA, after one speech. God bless them. If they are an indication of the desperation of this state for SOMEONE to make a difference, we (the Party) have a very good opportunity coming up.

    After this second night of debate? Here’s what I see, from my no experienced self:

    Embarrassing. 7 people who want to be Pres, and have not made ONE definitive reason to get elected to that office. Some nice points, but that’s it. Christie? Useless being there. The SD governor? Done. Pence, done. Scott? Potential, but doubtful. GOP should be looking for a Black woman to be Vice to deflate demo opposition. Why? Blast her gender, she defends on race. Blast her race, she defends gender. Win win, picks up black vote without the “fear the Blackman” stigma. Descantis vs Ramiswammi.

    Rami? Too young, too eager. Would YOU want him in charge if we had to go to war?
    Descant is? Wont make pres….can get VP status, if HE chooses to. Haley? Pffftttttt. No one elects UN ambassadors to President. She’s for more war for Ukraine at the expense of America. Billions for Ukraine? We CAN do both, but not right now.

    Three people should be gone before round three. Trump won’t be there either. The race for Presidential VP continues.

    MY opinion.

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