Jan 132024

There is a belief in the three non-Tenessa camps that her appointment as mayor was more about her campaign for assembly than the City of Redding. Being Mayor would lead to a more effective ballot title for Tenessa’s Assembly race.

And the article is linked here for attribution.

The City of Redding might be sued soon over the Redding City Council’s recent election of Tenessa Audette as mayor.

In a controversial vote on Dec. 5, 2023, Audette was chosen as mayor.

Redding local Kathryn McDonald sent a letter to the Redding City Council on Dec. 29, alleging the council’s selection of Audette, and Julie Winter as vice mayor, violated the Brown Act.

Now, what is amazing is that the Redding City Attorney appears to believe that Audette and her two allies on the Redding Council Broke the law. KRCR, the media outlet posted the internal letter from legal counsel to the city council.

“the City Council’s exposure to litigation is significant.”

Here is the money quote from the article:

“Jack Munns said, ‘We’re doing what we think is right.’ And then he immediately took those words back and said, ‘We’re doing what I think is right,’ which led me to believe that he knew what the other two [Audette and Winter] thought, which would be a violation of the Brown Act,” McDonald said.

Given what D’Acquisto and Mezzano had to say at the meeting where it happened, I think it is safe to bet that the “Significant” exposure to legal action is borne out of common knowledge that this appointment was a foregone conclusion. While not unheard of, it could very well have been done illegally. Munns appeared to let the cat out of the bag.

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And, the Redding City Council is having an emergency closed session meeting on 1-16-2024 to address this issue. I have a solution: Step down Tenessa.

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  2 Responses to “AD01 Update: Brown Act Violations Behind Tenessa Audette Being Appointed Mayor of Redding?”

  1. Half a dozen people linked up to speak about who should be mayor at that meeting — every one of them part of Mezzano’s campaign team.

    Everybody new the score on this one. Fun bit of theater, though.

    Blogger’s note: The comments in the letter from City Attorney are pretty bad tho… yikes

  2. I have never seen a City Attorney’s internal letter to a council end up published in the news before.

    I was very surprised to see that and figured it was leaked — but it is right there attached to the Redding City Council’s agenda item. I have to say I appreciate the transparency.


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