Feb 132024

Steve – did you vet this candidate before you took him on?

Listen to this video, at about the 26 Minute Mark through the 34st Minute.

Listen carefully to what DJ said. He is clearly using the far-left talking points against the church and the supreme court. He is trashing the Masterpiece Bakery decision from SCOTUS.

He is citing an New York Times article as the basis . At the 30 minute mark he suggests the 1964 Civil Rights Act should be modified, in fact, DJ argues we should amend the US Civil Rights Act and the US Constitution to include sexual identity and gender identity.

All throughout this conversation, DJ also undercuts religious freedom and liberty and implies how churches should be forced to adopt these policies.

It is not hard to find stuff like this with DJ attacking states like Tennessee for their conservative values and all throughout this interview he makes broad statements and slippery slope fallacies against socially conservative states.

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If DJ got his way with the Civil Rights Act being amended, Churches would indeed be forced to hire people whose lifestyle is opposed to the teaching of the church. He calls it “Fair Treatment”.

At Minute 35, he talks about his participation in LA Pride. Google that for more information.

The issue here, is that Donald James Hamburger is attempting to run to the right of his opponent yet it is very easy to find stuff like this with DJ taking some hard left stances on social issues.

As someone who is a Conservative Christian, these kinds of comments and how they are getting more mainstream is scary because the muzzle and shredding of the First Amendment right of freedom of religion is in the direct crosshairs of people like DJ. I am willing to bet that DJ supported the shredding of the CAGOP platform as well.

Just wow.

Dude, wanna be gay? Be Gay! Leave the Church alone!

Similar to his former employer Abel Maldonado, DJ calls for French-Style abortion laws. Don’t take my word for it: Here is Donald James Hamburger on the dope rhyme himself.

In the previous post, when I wrote about Suzette Valladares’ long-standing record of service to the Republican Party, I failed to mention that she was instrumental in DJ getting his first internship. In fact, when I met DJ years ago, it was through CRA, and DJ was affiliated with the Buck McKeon crew.

DJ’s history as an activist should give the CAGOP purity police pause. He was a board member of an organization that promotes Gay Marriage, is generally pro-choice, and is pro-trans. That group also supported nationwide bans on Christian parents seeking counseling for children struggling with their sexuality and bans on faith-based groups that do not toe the line on homosexual adoptions. It is a sad irony that the Barbeque of Bulls–t has fired up over one LGBT bill and one abortion vote when the case could easily be made that DJ is far to the left of Suzette on various social issues.

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  One Response to “DJ Hamburger: Amend The Constitution to Enshrine Homosexuality and Muzzle the Church!”

  1. It’s candidates like Donald John Hamburger who are the poster boy for GOP failure.
    He has raised less than 5K, his GOP rival has 277K. He claims to have an army of over 200 “Hamburger Helpers”…. Hamburger claims endorsements that are mere fiction, at least he stopped Valledares from receiving the LAGOP/CRP endorsement.

    Hamburger is but a part of a long line of minority grifters in the CRP. We’ve had black grifters, brown grifters and now with the edition of Hamburger…Pink grifters.

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