Imagine if Reginald Bronner Had Won?

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Jun 182014

In Placer County, there was a whopping one competitive race in June. Placer Sup D2.

While Big Daddy Jack Duran got a free pass re-election in a 48% Republican Sup District, Republican Robert Weygandt drew a freaked out liberal opponent. The Fact that Big Daddy Jack Duran got a free pass with no Republican opponent is infuriating.

Nevertheless – Many of you remember Reginald Bronner (aka Regy) as the guy who could not make the runoff in the Pugno vs Mrs. Gaines saga in 2012.

Bronner sent out a whiny email where he accused Placer County of being enriched by special interests. (That is liberal speak for business owners and people that pay taxes)

Placer County must really piss liberals off – maybe this is why Big Daddy Jack Duran is playing his cards so close to his chest for his anticipated Assembly Run in 2016. What a trophy it would be for a Union-Made Trojan horse like Duran to slip in to the Assembly?

But I digress.

“Regy” goes on to write this paragraph in his “I-just-got-my-ass-kicked-so-I-have-to-cheer-up-the-troops”, email:

My campaign manager Cres Vellucci was media savvy, easy to work with and offered great advice. Allan Brauer did a whale of a job with our website and social media and has stuck with me over two races now. Both of these men are as good as it gets. Truly winners.

So – it looks like Bronner scraped the bottom of the solid waste treatment facility in Lincoln for his campaign staff.

While he ends his email with a hollow, yet professional well wish to Mr. Weygandt, I can’t help but juxtapose this with the losers he hired for his campaign:

Cres Vellucci (Regy’s Campaign Manager) is so far left – he is identified with the Occupy movement and the Green Party. It must have driven that fool insane to be in Placer County. Cres was arrested in connection with his efforts in the occupy movement – it is unsure if he defecated on the American Flag like a lot of his cohorts.

Allan Brauer (Regy’s Communications fool) is no slouch either. Brauer is the¬†former communications chair for the Sacramento Democrats who was forced to resign after wishing that Ted Cruz staffer Amanda Carpenter’s kids would “die from debilitating, painful and incurable diseases.”

In case you haven’t had enough of Allan Brauer – here is some more of his finest.

All this goes to show that Reginald Bronner really is an idiot – or he is so far to the left that he is immune to the stupidity that he surrounded himself with.

Nevertheless – Robert Weygandt crushed Bronner by nearly 50 points.

Then I re-read Bronner’s email again – he suggested that his annihilation was due to low turnout.

Bronner is a a moron, too.  #facepalm

(Could you imagine how screwed Placer County would be if he won?)