CA-17 Update: Open Primary Political Felonies by Ro Khanna Exposed

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May 182014

In AD-69 there was a recent blog about a vote sponge put on the Ballot Against CeCi Iglesias. Iglesias is the OC GOP / CRA endorsed candidate in that 50.7% Dem district. In this instance, Charles Munger and the CRA / OCGOP agree as Munger contributed $1,000 to Iglesias. (I also saw a notation of Munger buying slate mail cards for her as well – but never any of the usual follow-up documentation)

IN SD-06, I have not seen hard evidence other than a circumstantial link between far-left democrat Roger Dickinson and a second Republican who filed last-minute on the day of filing. But, activists on the ground there are convinced that James Axelgard was put on the ballot by Roger Dickinson who is counting on a more liberal voting universe in the fall. Interest groups are spending big on Richard Pan. The nexus appears to be their affiliation with the Sacramento Realtors groups.

The intended victim of the Dickinson-Axelgard play is Jonathan Zachariou. The GOP activist community are 100% behind Zachariou.

IN CA-17, another Safe Dem seat… there is a more blatant manipulation going on.

A dirtbag named Ro Khanna who is an Obama administration alumni, (hint: means he hates America and wants to wreck our way of life) is attempting to take out longtime Rep Mike Honda. CA-17 is lopsidedly Dem 44-19 with a huge (yet left-leaning) DTS contingent.

The metric for Ro Dirtbag was to file multiple republicans in order to force a Honda VS Khanna runoff. One of Ro Dirtbag’s recruits was indeed tossed off the ballot. However, typical of American Judges, the judge split the baby and allowed Dirtbag’s #2 recruit to stay on the ballot as the connection was not firmly established yet. This is Joel Van Landingham.

The evidence of the connection between Ro Dirtbag Khanna and Van Landingham is significant and has emerged after the judge’s decision in an irrefutable manner. Quoting a local dem er media blog:

However, five of those new Sunnyvale Democratic Club members – including Shivani Sanan, Rajesh and Madhu Gupta, Priya Kapil and Tanu Kalra, all of Fremont – later signed VanLandingham’s Alameda County nominating petitions, Okuzumi found. Another one, Mahesh Pakala, reportedly asked a Fremont couple affiliated with the temple to sign Vanlandingham’s petition. And several of VanLandingham’s petition-signers either themselves gave money – more than $10,000 total – to Khanna’s campaign or had immediate family members who did.

Whoops. Ro Dirtbag got caught.

It appears that Ro Dirtbag did this before (which is probably what caught the eye of the Obama administration):

Ro Khanna got caught committing the equivalent of felonies in rigging his own election as University of Chicago President. When he got caught, he resigned.

Later in 2004, Ro Dirtbag ran for Congress against an incumbent (notice the pattern?) Tom Lantos. Khanna sent a mailer implying an endorsement from Monica Lewinsky’s boyfriend. President Clinton lit him up for it.

Ro Dirtbag is the complete package.

Like a Cockroach, once the light was shone upon Ro Dirtbag, his campaign has not been going along so well.

But it appears that another slime-bag Leland Yee getting caught in his colossal scandal has given Ro Dirtbag some cover.

Dont forget: in 2011, Khanna began holding fundraisers for a possible run for California’s 15th Congressional District. Khanna dropped out, but never returned the donations he received, instead he held onto them for his current bid for the California’s 17th.

On April 29, 2014, The Huffington Post reported that some of Khanna’s donors were demanding refunds.

Ro Dirtbag is using that money, in part to fund his treachery.

As an added bonus – Ro Dirtbag has a crew of Obama alumni in his campaign. These include Jeremy Bird, a complete loser who was a national field director for Obama. (see also election fraud coordinator)

With a team like this and a history like this, why is it no surprise that Ro Dirtbag attempted to rig an endorsement at a local democratic club:

… Incoming President of the Democratic Club of Sunnyvale, Margaret Okuzumi, sa(id) that Khanna’s campaign attempted to “hijack” the endorsement meeting with 45 staffers and supporters, whose names also appeared on the nomination petitions for false Republican candidate Joel Vanlandingham…

I have found that in politics, scumbags are usually arrogant and lazy. In their arrogance, they make second grade mistakes. Ro Dirtbag should have never been caught. You’d think with a professional ballot-box stuffer like Jeremy Bird on his team that they would do a better job of committing their unethical activities.

If you get this and you live in that district (which is the heart of Santa Clara County and the south end of Alameda County)… return Ro Dirtbag to sender and vote for Vanilla Singh.