Jan 102022

Some of you regular readers of this blog might be surprised to see this.

It is quite simple really. What issues matter in 2022. CRT. Covid. Socialism. Immigration.

The left HATE Tom McClintock. It is astounding.

“If we had prosecuted BLM and Antifa rioters across the country with the same determination these last six months, this incident may not have happened at all,” McClintock said during a speech on the floor of the House of Representatives.

Tom McClintock is right.

Attorney General Merrick Garland was “either lying or is completely out of touch with reality” when he claimed during testimony he did not know about the case of a Virginia teen who was raped in a school bathroom, Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Calif., told Newsmax.

“That case has been a major news story across the country for many weeks, and it is fundamental to his order calling for the FBI to start watching parents at school board meetings,” McClintock told Tuesday’s “National Report.”

Tom McClintock is right.

Tom McClintock took to the Washington Examiner to tear in to the Branch Covidians in government and it set off howls from the swamp.

What happened when elected officials allowed the “experts” to run amok? First, they substantially overstated the severity of COVID-19. Eighty percent of people who get the virus have either no symptoms or experience it as a mild respiratory infection.In New York, 73.6% of those who died were over age 65, and just 0.06% were under the age of 18.

How did the “experts” follow this science? They closed schools and simultaneously packed nursing homes with infected patients.

Once epidemiologists began surveying general populations, they discovered the disease isn’t nearly as severe as the claims that had been used to justify these excesses. The CDC’s latest best estimate is that 0.4% of symptomatic cases are fatal. Seasonal flu kills 0.1%.

Simply stated, your chance of recovering from the flu is 99.9%, and for COVID-19 the recovery rate is 99.6%. For this, the “experts” threw more than 40 million Americans into unemployment, hitting the poorest families hardest.

You could imagine why the idiots that run the Sacramento Bee hate him. This stuff makes too much sense.

AS the vice-chairman of some subcommittee on Immigration, McClintock introduced a bill called the Illegal Immigrant Payoff Prevention Act.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman Tom McClintock (CA-04), Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Citizenship, introduced the Illegal Immigrant Payoff Prohibition Act of 2021.  House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy and House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Jim Jordan are principal co-sponsors.

The legislation will prevent the Attorney General from making settlement payments to individuals and families who entered the United States illegally.  It is a direct response to reports that the Biden Administration is proposing to pay as much as $450,000 per person to compensate families that unlawfully entered the United States.

Tom McClintock certainly knows Government and policy. Given the brain drain that is the California Congressional Delegation – he stands out as a Man amongst Boys.

I could go on, but as a Conservative, there is plenty to latch on to.

With that, Right On Daily endorses Congressman Tom McClintock for Re-election.


Dec 192021
Congressman Tom McClintock from a 2020 vintage mailer.
Family Statement on the Passing of Lori McClintock, Wife of Congressman Tom McClintock:
Our family’s darkest day and most terrible nightmare has come. Lori is gone.
And with her all the light, warmth, fun, friendship and love she brought everywhere she went and to everyone she met.
We are devastated and our world is shattered. Only those who knew her can understand the enormity of the tragedy of her passing for her family and many friends.
Our only comfort is that her unbounded charity, goodness, and faith assures her eternal life in heaven, where she will surely watch over all who loved her and whom she loved.
On behalf of our grieving family, we extend our heartfelt thanks to all who have offered so many kind memories and tributes in condolence. We will always love her “more than all the stars in the sky.”
— The Family of Lori McClintock
As someone who has been antagonistic to Tom McClintock for years, I share the pain with others grieving the loss of a spouse. Leave the man alone, let him and his family grieve.
We can resume the political crap next year. If you are speculating about the political impact, stop. These are human beings here.
Jan 212020

Mike Garcia has a few problems. He has no name ID. He also has a T-Word Problem. I’ve looked at his social media and about a dozen campaign emails, not a single mention of President Trump by name. He is a Republican Refusenik.

Perhaps his consultants were taking cues from the Trump-Hating Steve Knight whose idiotic strategy in 2018 helped increase his margin of defeat. (ahem, even leftist polls show 95% GOP support of the President)

Allow your intrepid blogger to provide some unsoliticted advice.

Trying to look like a democrat when you are a Republican is idiotic. Democrats know who the real thing is (even if the democrat is a brainless marionette of leadership)

I am not so sure if in today’s world this is a wise move to advertise in one’s campaign. Perhaps Buck McKeon (Garcia’s top booster) has a Mitt Romney Complex?

John McCain has been outed as the conduit who sent the infamous dossier to the media once the corrupt FBI decided even they could not use it against PRESIDENT Trump. (say it Mike, I know you can do it)

Now – allow your intrepid blogger to give you two real world examples of Republican Leaders who understand the significance of 95% approval within the GOP.

If you look at Congressman LaMalfa’s social media, it has a lot of mentions of PRESIDENT TRUMP by name. (CA-01)

And here is Congressman McClintock (CA-04) with PRESIDENT TRUMP.

Jan 142020

I’d like to thank the people forwarding me the CAGOP emails. once again, I have a yahoo account so there is some glitch where I don’t get them. Please keep them coming to aaronfpark71@yahoo.com.

Since blasting the CAGOP leadership over not using the “T” word, I’ve confirmed with a few CAGOP delegates that the “T” word appears to only be used in conjunction with Fundraising. Since the post of last week, three emails have appeared in the ether with fundraising appeals in them. They only mention Trump in conjunction with impeachment.

Two conversations with political insiders indicate that the “smart people” still think PRESIDENT Trump (the “T” word) is a net negative everywhere in California. This is probably the reason why the mentions of Trump are only in a negative context.

It appears that Congressmen Tom McClintock and Doug LaMalfa missed the memo about Trump avoidance as both appear quite happy to wrap themselves in the Trump banner. (Good for them both for doing so)

Blogger’s Notes: The “T” Word is President Trump and the CAGOP is the actual party leadership, not legislative leadership.

Apr 222019

Here we go again. Another term. Another two years where McClintock lectures people asking him for help with local issues, another two years where McClintock gives speeches and leaves local government hanging.

A minimum level of involvement and regard, some of these knuckleheads that are running against him reconsider because Tom McClintock would not be vulnerable. Every time I see traffic reports about I-80, or Wildfires on Federal Land, I am reminded that McClintock can’t be bothered helping his constituents despite the heroic efforts of his staff.

I don’t like Tom McClintock, I’ve been clear about that. My issue is not his politics, my issue is the way he refuses to govern. The solution to Tom McClintock is not another left-wing brain-numbed democrat hack. The solution to Tom McClintock is someone as conservative as he is that is willing to get their hands dirty and actually engage to solve CA-04 problems that have a Federal Nexus.

Enter the latest Bay-Area transplant bringing her idiotic politics to Roseville. (Note every precinct except one west of Fiddyment went for Clinton in 2016 – which is where the Bay Area Liberals are moving to)

Meet Brynne Kennedy – a limousine liberal tech company exec. Brynne has scrubbed her social media in an attempt to cover her tracks for her run. (Never fear, we can find the 33,000 emails Brynne) What is on her social media is standard leftist democrat talking points – such as blaming insurance companies for wildfires, adopting talking points (similar to those of a local elected) against the Trump Tax Cuts, advocating for unrestricted abortion and of course playing the female card – insinuating male electeds are doing something wrong in the course of winning their election.

Hey Brynne – when you have 1500 Trees an Acre, Wildfires are way worse. It does not matter what an evil insurance company does…

Tom McClintock does not need my help, or that of any other professionals, he will tell you himself. Unfortunately for McClintock, It looks like this “candidate” has access to some money. Brynne may need therapy to complete a normal sentence, so that may help McClintock more than any professional could.

ahhhhh, yes Trump-Bashing, more sexism and of course spinning the Mueller Report

It does not look like Brynne Kennedy is capable of independent thought – but HEY! She is a Woman so vote for her! You sexist pig… #FACEPALM #INPEACH Brynne for Congress!

Look for her announcement, replete with White Guilt and sexist politics soon.

P.S. Your intrepid blogger is aware that some local democrats are stirring to run for other offices, stay tuned as we have plenty of room for all of them on this blog.