CRA Update: Tom Hudson Basically Admits He Approves of the Board’s Behavior

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Aug 152015

Park Deraingemnt Syndrome. We’ve written about it.

Recently, the bathroom boy blogger and one other CRA board member have been publicly repeating erroneous information (vis a vis a lie) in attempts to further the psychotic behavior of the CRA’s board.

I decided to go to Tom directly to see if we could put and end to it. His response was:

I don’t have time to read this long note right now.  I am heading out of town.  Thanks for understanding.
If you are writing about Bill Tolson’s blog, which I am not in the habit of reading, then I would encourage you to speak to him directly.  I have copied him on this note so that you will have his e-mail address.
Best regards,
The problem for Tom is that I have other emails from him where he references the bathroom boy blogger’s blog. Tom Hudson, according to people who know him well is not leaving town until next weekend – so when is he actually leaving?
You can read the email I sent him below – basically, they used a copy of the Sutter-Yuba RA’s minutes to attack the SYRA. Secondly, the rumors about the CRA being for sale are starting to grow. I have been receiving phone calls about it and when I have concrete evidence to prove what I believe to be true, I will post it.
Gentlemen – 
As you recall, one of the many legal demand/threat/request/otherwise letters you sent – specifically to me – cited the personal property of CRA and thus was the basis for demanding that I discontinue posting new information from the CRA’s records.
It appears that one or more of your board members are doing just that. You may need to talk to them in order to safeguard the CRA from further data breaches. 
In particular – I am referencing the Sutter-Yuba Republican Assembly and references to their minutes on the newly appointed CRA Board Member Bill Tolson’s Blog. (I do believe he was one of the 15 people appointed to the CRA’s board before the vote to expel us for amongst other issues alleged data breeches?)
The Sutter-Yuba RA is still a CRA unit, and they are probably not happy about the misuse of their records that they gave the new Membership Secretary and their new Vice President. I am sure that you did not authorize this misuse of the SYRA’s records – especially since you were both very strident in the post expulsion legal threat/demand/request/otherwise letters you sent us.
If you are interested in building the CRA – it may not be a very smart idea to lie about a couple of people you don’t like for things they did not do.
Embezzlement is one of those words that is like a political tar baby and once vetted can end up devastating the accuser if never proven. If the CRA’s entire board are spreading a lie that is easy to prove as such – the conscience of the Republican Party will in essence commit suicide.
Are George and I really worth it? Suicide is bad for business.
You may want to counsel Baron Night and Bill Tolson that the Placer CRA never had $24k in the bank account at any time in their history as they are out there alleging that sort of embezzlement. Perhaps they are following your lead, Tom since you were the first to use that word in the public domain and emails.
You have received copies of the treasurer’s reports and may have some bank records in addition, therefore you know the truth about the Placer RA’s bank balances. We also answered questions about a couple of side items. I had no access to any of the money – I just raised $24k for the CRA, which may be where the latest hallucination came from.
Mr. Tolson proceeds to make other charges in his blog that suggest he may well need some sort of therapy to deal with the deep emotions he is feeling inside. I will certainly be praying for him.
You, Mr. Tolson and the others on the board are well within your rights to hate me for my psychoanalysis, especially if you disagree with it. I have been in addiction recovery for nearly 13 years and have seen some pretty striking patterns that are easy to recognize. It is possible that I may have mislabeled a few of the CRA’s board members as sociopaths when being a mere narcissist may have been more appropriate diagnosis for example.
You, Mr. Tolson and the others on the board are also well within your rights to hate George and I for highlighting the membership fraud that is rampant within the CRA. Just like amnesty failed for Ronald Reagan, the CRA’s amnesty program will have similar conscience destroying-results.
We used to be friends and we fought many battles on the same side. If you truly care about the CRA – you need to deal with the out of control behavior of your board. I am getting calls almost daily from all over the state. I know it is hard to believe I have that many friends, but that is where the $24k I raised for the CRA came from. I am doing nothing but taking calls at this point.
Let me contrast something – I received one call that was particularly disturbing. It appears that the notion that there is a toll booth set up for a CRA endorsement has re-emerged. The idea I blogged as an opinion and stated as such is apparently not just my opinion. 
I have not blogged about this recent phone call yet, because I am waiting for real proof related to what I was called about before going public with it. I wanted you to understand that I am not asking you to do anything I have not been doing myself – I write what I believe based on evidence and experience. When I write a specific charge, I have evidence to back it up. In Mr. Tolson’s case, he only has the SYRA’s meeting minutes – but no proof related to his and Baron Night’s charges of embezzlement.
I’d rather have friends than be right all the time. I’d strongly urge you guys to get your board members under control and to try to get them to understand the concept of friends — versus their current behavior as it will only hasten the suicide of the CRA and then its’ value commercial and otherwise will be gone forever.
The CRA was once called the Conscience of the Republican Party. It is not anymore. That is the legacy of Tom Hudson, Carl Brickey, Tim Thiesen, Alice Khosravy, Wendy Albright and the others that are on the CRA’s Board.

CRA Update: The Suicide of CRA is Upon Us. Election of Death Panel Nears Completion

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Aug 032015

Prologue: Thanks to all for the record traffic on my recent blog posts. I appreciate your patronage.

Apparently Tom Hudson is trying to cover himself for his rogue rampage. He has acted on his own without the approval of the CRA Board of Directors when threatening local charities, local activists and local electeds in Placer County. Now he is in a bear trap – and it appears that other CRA Board Members in their rage can’t see the landmine they have stepped on.

He asked the CRA’s board to give him and a committee of 5 other people the ability to sue and threaten people on their behalf. Don’t take my word for it – read the on line board vote he requested.

Craig Alexander is now claiming that starting a letter with the claim he has been retained by the PCRA and CRA is not a “demand” but rather a request. This is lawyer-speak for I got caught and now I am using a dictionary to escape accountability. You don’t send people letters on legal stationery asking for money back without them or others construing it as a demand. It does not matter what a legal dictionary says (or the definition of is) – it is how the thousands of people that read this blog are reacting to Craig’s actions.

The fight between us and Thomas N Hudson started with the McClintock non-endorsement. Because Tom Hudson is a bully with no conscience (also known as a sociopath), he has pulled the Congressman in to the middle of the fray. The Congressman was an unfortunate part of this until his staff bought in as well. Barry Pruett, the husband of a McClintock staffer is the President of a fake unit in Nevada County that Tom helped cover up. In addition, Pruett filed one of the complaints used as the basis to expel us for life.

Sorry Tom McClintock – you really should thank Tom Hudson and your staff for all of this. You have been issued your own piece of political hell courtesy of them.

It looks like the brain-drain from the CRA Board of Directors after the 5/30 lynching may well lead them to bow to Hudson’s deception. If they cede their oversight to Thomas N Hudson and Craig Alexander (and three rabid dogs) with regard to legal action – they may as well get the deeds to their houses out along with any investment statements, valuable articles and the like.

The CRA has no insurance, thanks again to Tom Hudson convincing enough “fiscally conservative” anti-insurance  board members that buying insurance would lead to a lawsuit. I have news for all of them – If Tom and Craig come after George and I, it’s on. Buying Insurance is smart, suing people when you don’t have any is not smart. (even if you can act as your own lawyer)

Tom McClintock and his staff emboldened Tom Hudson. Alice Khosravy, Tim Thiesen, Carl Brickey, Wendy Albright, David Gauny, Mark Gardner and others on the CRA’s board emboldened Tom Hudson. Now it is payday. There aren’t enough of you in the CRA to deal with what is coming. You could have stopped at any time, but you did not.

The CRA and its’ board members are on a collision course with being right at the expense of their non-existent integrity and financial ruin. For what? Because it wasn’t enough to toss us from CRA, they needed to destroy us.

The CRA is not just right, they are really right. This is why they could not stop. They can’t. They have gone way too far and the only way out without having to admit fault is through us.

Tom Hudson sent an email to the CRA’s board after a couple of board members rightly pointed out the following risks to CRA:

1. CRA losing its’ charter

2. CRA members losing their CRP delegate status

3. Putting the $37k currently in the CRA’s operating account at risk (ironically, 24k of it I raised)

4. Putting the board members of the CRA at risk.

5. Irrepairable political damage from Tom Hudson’s rampage. (Threatening Acres of Hope, Courage Worldwide and Lighthouse Family Counseling in the name of CRA)

The text of Hudson’s Email follows:

Dear John and fellow CRA Board members,
John Briscoe and Benita Gagne are both opposing a Special Litigation Committee that is identical to similar committees that they have both previously supported TWICE.
What is different this time?  That blog.  Apparently, despite (sic) reputation for lying and then apologizing for it, some people still believe whatever he tells them.  (I am not calling anyone a puppet of the Parks; I am just reporting the facts.)
Rest assured that I am in no hurry to engage in litigation and neither is anyone else on the current Board or on the proposed committee.  As most of you know, I personally drafted the sections of the CRA Bylaws that prohibit litigation and I was closely involved in the process of creating the California Republican Party’s alternative dispute resolution process.
Voting to approve the proposed Special Litigation Committee will not amend the CRA Bylaws or the CRP Bylaws and it will not encourage litigation.  Voting to oppose the committee will not prevent litigation, as a matter of law.  If you don’t believe me, please consider the fact that we have had a committee of this nature for many years and no one has been sued by us.  We were sued at a time that no such committee existed.  This committee is simply a way for us to get things done and be prepared to defend CRA’s interests in a manner that is consistent with corporate law and the attorney-client privilege.  That’s why John Briscoe and Benita Gagne supported this kind of committee in the past.  Nothing has changed.
I would urge you to vote YES on this committee and let’s move on.
Lie #1 – The CRA has never delegated its’ ability to sue and threaten people legally to a committee (at least in the 17+ years I was a part of it). Hudson needs this in order to cover himself after the fact for acting outside the CRA’s by-laws.
Lie #2 – the deceptive language of being in no hurry to engage in litigation. Tom is on tilt. Based on what we know of him, he will throw the CRA in front of himself just to try to take a chunk out of us. Look at what he has done to Ed Rowen and others in his current rampage.
Why else does Tom Hudson need this committee now? The CRA’s Board is supposed to meet in September.
Tom Hudson had to invoke my name as it appears he is losing the board vote. Has the predicted revolt to harpoon Tom and Craig already started?
We were ready from jump street for this outcome. We can see self-righteous idiots from miles away. I have dealt with Nerds, Sociopaths, Narcissists, Ego Maniacs and combinations of the previous for the entire 18 years I have been in politics.
One of the key hallmarks of mental illness is when an apology gets used against me. Karen England did that and she ended up getting run out of California and is now in Nevada after getting her reputation exposed…
Batter up.
P.S. Additional emails I have received since writing this post indicate that Tom Hudson and Craig Alexander fully well intend to sue us despite the consequences. When it happens, we told you so.

CRA Rampage Update: Craig Alexander Lied Too? Is This Their Legal Strategy?

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Aug 022015

Not one lying lawyer, but two? Sometimes I miss stuff until further evaluation.

Remember on 5/30 when the Placer RA disbanded? Then, Tom Hudson who was feeling a huge loss of control (and humiliation) went berserk. He got the board to refuse the surrender of the charter while claiming somehow that Tracy and Kirk were no longer on the PCRA board. (Which would be impossible if the 5/30 surrender was rejected)

Tom needed the circumstances just so. Then, to be right – he had to create the embezzlement mantra – because he wanted the money back that was disbursed out of the club’s operating account.

Then – in the name of the CRA, he started threatening people. Then he got Craig Alexander to start sending letters. Then they sent more letters.

In the process of all this, Ed Rowen, who was trying to play both sides got exposed and caught. Rowen actually voted to spend the money as well.

Are you confused? Imagine trying to explain this to a judge. The problem for Tom Hudson is that he is a bully and a sociopath. Since he has no conscience, he has started and continued to lie. He can’t keep it all straight. He has accused his co-conspirator Ed Rowen of embezzlement by inference as well, as Tom uses and discards people. (similar to his co-conspirator Alice Khosravy)

Remember the demand letter they sent to Courage Worldwide?

Tom is now trying to claim the threat was done on behalf of the Placer CRA! He is lying. He has to cover himself because he went on a psycho rampage to get his own way and he burnt himself. Bullies do stupid things like this. Mr. Hudson has given Alice Khosravy, Tim Thiesen and Carl Brickey the cause and the cover they need to run him out of office. (which they were planning anyway)

I have thought that all of the things Tim, Alice and Carl were saying to me about Thomas N Hudson. The were derisive, but true. The nature of the comments goes beyond their usual pattern of deception while plotting to stab someone in the back. Their animus toward Tom goes back before the Jan 2015 board meeting where they decided to get rid of George and I.

I have come to believe that Tom participated with them, and Ed Rowen spilled the beans. This is why they were unable to defeat George for re-election. They were supposed to screw the Placer CRA out of its’ delegates.

The same Thomas N Hudson who was willing to screw over his home unit, is now accusing its’ puppet President of Embezzlement. I guess Ed Rowen likes abusive relationships.

Tom Hudson also got Craig Alexander to threaten local charities in the name of CRA and the Placer CRA and is once again throwing Ed Rowen under the bus… blaming him (he is the President of the Placer CRA) for the legal threats.

Craig Alexander missed that memo. He should have talked this through before sending the legal threats. Apparently, Craig wants to get us so bad he just ruined his own reputation for integrity. I have known Craig to be self righteous, yet stupid politically. When we helped defeat Celeste Greig in 2013, Craig swore out a blood oath against us. Even after we discovered that Alice Khosravy’s fraud may have led to Celeste losing – Craig would hear nothing of it – joining in the cover up of Alice’s fraud. This is five-star stupid as Alice and Wendy Albright hate Craig with a passion and they will harpoon him at the next convention.

Now Craig is a liar, too. He has passed the basic character test to be on the CRA’s board. (several on the board are honest, but they will be systematically eliminated)

The legal demand letter is dated 7/10/2015. The Placer CRA Board met on 5/30 to disband. The Placer CRA re-organizational meeting (in violation of state CRA by-laws) was held on 7/13/2015. How did the Placer CRA retain him? Even at the 7/13/2015 PCRA meeting, there was no discussion of authorizing a jihad against the recipients of the money.

The first sentence of the legal demand letter says Craig was retained by the CRA and the PCRA. This is impossible, as in this is a lie intended to deceive the charity in to returning the money. This lie worked on Acres of Hope.

Craig Alexander lied and a women’s shelter was ripped off of their $1400 check. I hope it was worth it to be right.

I have spoken to CRA board members. The CRA board did not authorize legal demand letters to be sent in the CRA’s name to the local charities. Craig Alexander violated the CRA’s By-Laws, another lie.

Craig Alexander is now no better than the scum he crusades against. He has been hudsonized. Even though Tim Thiesen, Alice Khosravy and the Bathroom Boys are maladjusted creeps – they have not put the CRA at legal risk. They are garden variety nerds that lie, cheat and steal within the organization to control endorsements and internal officer elections.

Craig and Tom are next level stupid. They apparently want to bankrupt the CRA, and expose their board to personal liability because their egos are bruised. If the Judge does not toss their case for lack of chromosomes, he will feel like he is in the middle of a revenge of the nerds episode.

One thing is for certain – anyone with a brain had better steer clear of CRA, because they are not just right, they are really right.

ICYMI: The CRA is Appointing a Death Panel…

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Jul 312015

n_17034_1 (File photo of the majority of the CRA Board of Directors)

 In case you missed it – the CRA is currently taking an on-line board vote to appoint a lawsuit committee!

 It looks like Park derangement syndrome has affected the entire CRA board. They can’t help themselves, they feel violated. They have to win the war at all costs. It wasn’t enough to throw us out of the CRA for life. They were denied the satisfaction of even causing us to skip a beat politically.

So, let’s take a look at what has happened thus far.

One legal threat letter to me, at least four threats against George, one sent to Kirk Uhler, at least one each sent to Courage Worldwide, Acres of Hope and Lighthouse Family Counseling.

Apparently, the new CRA believes that sending out legal demands is the way to win elections. Apparently, the new CRA believes that bullying local charities is a way to register new voters and elect more Republicans.

I have learned that Tom Hudson has an extremely poor reputation in Republican circles. He is known as a bully and someone without a conscience. (a classic narcissist) Since Hudson hails from the same circles that brought us a lot of the conservative frauds that decimated the CA GOP itself in the late 90’s to the 2000’s, it makes sense.

Others on the CRA Board, including Tim Thiesen and Alice Khosravy have similarly poor reputations as unsolicited comments I am receiving about them (from the few that know them) have never been positive. It seems like the CRA has become an insane asylum and that is sad. The few sane people left are ridiculed and scorned.

My intel tells me that other CRA Board members have lost jobs over this saga. How much further will the CRA’s leadership go in their jihad?

I have learned of efforts to charter what I believe to be more dubious CRA units by various CRA officers. Is this an admission by Tom Hudson that he is going to have to cheat like his co-conspirators in order to win CRA officer elections? (where was this effort to try to charter new units last year?)

Is part of Tom Hudson’s rampage being fueled by the fact that he knows his re-election as CRA President is in Jeopardy?

The CRA has about $30k in the bank. George and I can legitimately claim that all of it exists because of the conventions we ran. I raised $24k of it myself from a list of donors that the CRA Board had the audacity to ask me for. (while threatening to sue me, after kicking me out for life)

It appears that Tom Hudson and friends need revenge so badly that they want to spend some of that money (because Tom will never spend his own money) filing frivolous lawsuits. They are right, don’t you know, this is all that matters.

The CRA could get de-chartered for violating the CRP’s by-laws. (Expect Tom Hudson and Craig Alexander to attempt some sort of legal BS to skirt the CRP’s rules… remember, it is all about the win here)

CRA Board Members that are CRP delegates could lose their badges over the pending lawsuits. These include people like Tim Thiesen and Alice Khosravy who have been hiding while Tom Hudson et. al. have been on their rampage. Don’t look now, but it is likely that those two along with the bathroom boys are planning to run Tom and Craig out of CRA leadership, because they are not just right, they are really right.

The CRA could lose all of its’ money in a court case. The CRA’s membership could revolt over this.

Having worked with drug addicts and low-bottom alcoholics, I understand the mentality of self-destructive behavior. Have any of them thought about the consequences to the CRA regarding what they are doing?

There is no way they could have. No one in politics is stupid enough to threaten local charities with legal demand letters. No lawyer worth their salt accuses people publicly of committing felonies while contemplating civil legal action. Meet Tom Hudson, he is a government lawyer and he is taking the CRA down the toilet with him.

Don’t count on the other members of the litigation committee to be rational (except for Greg Goehring) – and Tom Hudson is getting the entire CRA Board to jeopardize themselves personally and legally so he can continue to conduct his rampage.  George was right – Tom Hudson will not stop until he or us are completely destroyed. Mr. Hudson has demonstrated that he regards nothing or anyone other than himself – so anyone close to him will also get caught in the vortex.

Meantime, there is a pivotal election in America’s history coming up. I guess the CRA missed the memo.

CRA Update: The CRA Board Prepares to Elect a Death Panel

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Jul 302015

I got a copy of an email from this morning. The CRA is asking for its’ board to appoint a Special Litigation Committee by Tuesday August 4th at 8AM.

We warned you. This is what the all-consuming desire to be right looks like when you are dealing with a pack of rabid dogs in a nerd colony.

If you read the text of the letter – a couple of things should jump out at you. Are they expecting a lawsuit? Are they going to file a lawsuit?

Who are they going to sue? (One clue could be the reference to conflicts of interest with spouses of “someone the organization may have a claim against”) My sister-in-law is still on the CRA’s Board.

Are they going to sue the charitable organizations they have been sending legal threats to? (They already bullied Acres of Hope successfully)

Are they going to sue the former board of the former Placer CRA that voted 4-0 to donate the money? (Better get yourself an attorney, Ed Rowen)

The makeup of the committee are some of the most rabid dogs on the CRA’s board, so caution and rationality are out the window. (with the exception of Greg Goehring)

However, you have to take a good look at the recent events as written about on this blog and you should ask even more questions:

Is this related to Tom Hudson’s ego being bruised?

Is this related to Tom Hudson needing to go back to the State CRA’s board after-the-fact in order to get them to sanction his rogue actions?

What does the CRA hope to gain out of this? Members? Good Press?

Do the board members of the CRA think that the timing of this will help their efforts to stop the bleeding in the organization?

Does Tom Hudson think that the Placer GOP and Tom McClintock are going to gain from this as he is publicly tied to both…

Logic is out the window. Political insiders will think about the California GOP’s rules about lawsuits and ask questions from that paradigm, but the pattern of behavior has more resembled a sociopath on a rampage to get his next victim.

Asking the questions about what the “benefits” of these lawsuits, threats and bullying are to the GOP at large, then asking how this registers more voters and asking how this elects more Republicans are moot related to the pattern of behavior here. Tom Hudson will destroy himself and anyone else that helps him in order to be right – and I write this blog and others related to his actions as a man that has known him 18 years.

The CRA is already starting to sink. All over the state, reports are coming in and they are not good. You may even ask yourself if this is some sort of murder-suicide pact that the CRA’s 900-club are leading the organization in to.

For those of you that know my background in dealing with substance abuse and helping others, I have seen a lot of people dig their own graves before. This is a special case where people are already in their grave and are starting to bury themselves in it.