Nov 142018

Have you heard the news? Tom Hudson is leading a coup at the Placer GOP. At least he thought he was.

Placer GOP Chairman Dennis Revell after a largely successful tenure as Placer GOP Chair resigned due to some serious health issues.

That’s not what Tom Hudson is saying, of course.

Hudson’s divorce is in its’ 4th year of him filing all sorts of delaying motions designed to bankrupt his soon to be ex-wife. That is a lot of stuff for Hudson to try and control.

In the meantime, the CRA is in the midst of another Coup. (See, it was never really about George and I… it is about the toxic culture of CRA) They are getting ready to oust Tom Hudson as CRA Chair and Johnnie Morgan has recruited a slate of candidates for senior CRA offices. Morgan is running for CRA President.

It has been put to me that Hudson no longer has the support within the CRA to remain as Chair. As a result then, he needs a new gig in order to maintain his relevance.

Now, you have perspective for the Placer GOP situation and why Hudson is striking now.

BTW – allow me to disclaim that several people on the Placer GOP that are supporting Tom’s aggressive action are indeed good people (some are also friends). However, they are going to learn the hard way about Hudson’s mental health issues and lack of character.

In the meantime, I hope Dennis is able to fully recover from his health issues. I believe that Jeff Short (who also resigned as treasurer) and Dennis Revell will be better off for leaving the Placer GOP Cent Com.

For the rest of you looking to make a difference in Placer County – there is always the Placer County Impact Republicans.


Jul 152017

As Thomas N Hudson’s life continues to spiral apart, his behavior is getting quite a bit more erratic. His rage and anger outbursts are already stuff of legend and are sometimes down right comical when coupled with his 5′-4.5″ 300 pound frame.

Lately, as he has been dragging his divorce proceeding in to its’ third year, the Board of Equalization just got gutted by the State Legislature over its’ rampant corruption. This means Mr. Hudson will likely find himself having to apply and interview for another government job at a lower salary.

Perhaps this contributed to his immature and boorish behavior on Wednesday Night where he single-handedly needed to extend a Placer GOP Meeting another 90 minutes. Despite being told that the County Facility was to be vacate by 9pm, Hudson held everyone hostage until 9:55PM.

At issue was an endorsement of the Neighborhood Legislature Initiative. Let’s have some more background so the readers of this blog get a more rounded picture of this situation.

At the recent CRA Convention, Mr. Hudson was leveraging the CRA and one such leverage play was related to the John Cox for Governor Campaign / Neighborhood Legislature Initiative.

Mr. Cox was set to be the dinner speaker at the CRA Convention until about 9 days out when Mr. Cox was supplanted by the deranged Tim Donnelly. The culprit behind the schedule change was none other than the CRA’s Pol-Pot bellied information minister.

Upon hearing he had been jilted by Tim Donnelly’s book tour, Mr. Cox cancelled. Mr. Hudson then made sure the Neighborhood Legislature was deferred to a later CRA Convention for consideration, again filibustering and using his knowledge of Robert’s Rules to control an outcome.

Yours truly called Mr. Hudson on his duplicity, soliciting donations from a Man he was trying to screw.

It is my opinion that the exposure of this is what was driving Hudson’s near psychotic anger on Wednesday night.

There is another piece of background. I’ve written a lot about the effort in 2012 to unseat the Conservatives with people “Republican Leadership” wanted on the Central Committee. Hudson was one targeted, but is now aligned with the Tea Partiers that once wanted to throw him in jail for money laundering. (Remember FBI day and the front page Bee Story quoting Doug LaMalfa and Ted Gaines accusing Tom Hudson of Felony Money Laundering?)

After that effort paid off in giving the “establishment” control of the Central Committee, Mr. Hudson, being the chameleon he is started aligning himself with some of the very people who believed he was stealing money from the Placer GOP via his Headquarters Partnership and other entities he creates to absorb taxes. (Hudson is a tax attorney by trade)

As part of an effort by the local partisan electeds to try to bring unity to the Committee in 2013, Tom McClintock’s Chief of Staff, Igor Birman wrote the current by-laws of the Placer GOP. Hudson lies when he claims that the by laws of 2017 have been the same for years, they have not. This is key. (BTW – Mr. Hudson has 100% command of the details at all times, when he says something inaccurate, it is deliberate. Remember, he is a lawyer and I have known him for 18 years)

Why is it key, it says 2/3 of the committee for an endorsement. It does not say 2/3 of those present. This means that in order to amend the by-laws, one will need 28 votes in order to do so. In order to endorse, one would need 28 votes.

This means that Mr. Hudson’s theatrics and attempts to confuse people with parliamentary tricks  on Wednesday, It is safe to say that the exposure of his duplicity is as much a factor in his efforts to strong-arm an endorsement of Mr. Cox’ initiative than anything else. The vote was 23-11, 5 votes short of the threshold. A subsequent motion made by Tom in an attempt to circumvent the by-laws failed 21-13 (it was a motion to “recognize” the endorsement).

All that said, if this is how Mr. Hudson supports a candidate or cause, I would pay him to oppose a candidate.

CRA Update: The CRA Board Prepares to Elect a Death Panel

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Jul 302015

I got a copy of an email from this morning. The CRA is asking for its’ board to appoint a Special Litigation Committee by Tuesday August 4th at 8AM.

We warned you. This is what the all-consuming desire to be right looks like when you are dealing with a pack of rabid dogs in a nerd colony.

If you read the text of the letter – a couple of things should jump out at you. Are they expecting a lawsuit? Are they going to file a lawsuit?

Who are they going to sue? (One clue could be the reference to conflicts of interest with spouses of “someone the organization may have a claim against”) My sister-in-law is still on the CRA’s Board.

Are they going to sue the charitable organizations they have been sending legal threats to? (They already bullied Acres of Hope successfully)

Are they going to sue the former board of the former Placer CRA that voted 4-0 to donate the money? (Better get yourself an attorney, Ed Rowen)

The makeup of the committee are some of the most rabid dogs on the CRA’s board, so caution and rationality are out the window. (with the exception of Greg Goehring)

However, you have to take a good look at the recent events as written about on this blog and you should ask even more questions:

Is this related to Tom Hudson’s ego being bruised?

Is this related to Tom Hudson needing to go back to the State CRA’s board after-the-fact in order to get them to sanction his rogue actions?

What does the CRA hope to gain out of this? Members? Good Press?

Do the board members of the CRA think that the timing of this will help their efforts to stop the bleeding in the organization?

Does Tom Hudson think that the Placer GOP and Tom McClintock are going to gain from this as he is publicly tied to both…

Logic is out the window. Political insiders will think about the California GOP’s rules about lawsuits and ask questions from that paradigm, but the pattern of behavior has more resembled a sociopath on a rampage to get his next victim.

Asking the questions about what the “benefits” of these lawsuits, threats and bullying are to the GOP at large, then asking how this registers more voters and asking how this elects more Republicans are moot related to the pattern of behavior here. Tom Hudson will destroy himself and anyone else that helps him in order to be right – and I write this blog and others related to his actions as a man that has known him 18 years.

The CRA is already starting to sink. All over the state, reports are coming in and they are not good. You may even ask yourself if this is some sort of murder-suicide pact that the CRA’s 900-club are leading the organization in to.

For those of you that know my background in dealing with substance abuse and helping others, I have seen a lot of people dig their own graves before. This is a special case where people are already in their grave and are starting to bury themselves in it.

CRA Update: How Much is Enough? Tom Hudson on Tilt – Legal Threats Bear Fruit

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Jul 292015

There is a reason why now CRA Membership Secretary Carl Brickey refers to Tom Hudson as a sociopath. It is because Tom Hudson has demonstrated through the years that he is indeed a borderline personality with his actions.

I got to start experiencing that with the Tom McClintock non-endorsement saga and it has carried through to his rampage locally. Tom Hudson is indeed a close ally of Tom McClintock and has been since he got elected to congress.

This is why Mine and George’s ouster from the CRA was centered around the non-endorsement of Tom McClintock, we needed to take the fall for it so Tom Hudson could save himself. But, now that we are gone, Tom Hudson is on display with no straw man for the typical political types to be distracted by.

As Mr. Hudson continues to spiral out of control, he is making larger and larger political mistakes.

Tom Hudson and his surrogates threatened the three local charities that the Placer CRA donated to. I learned via an email that Joe Dorr (one of Hudson’s few remaining allies in Placer County) threatened Courage Worldwide via a phone call on behalf of Tom Hudson and the Placer CRA. (That is the Placer RA that the state CRA board recognizes)

Joe Dorr made it clear that if Courage Worldwide did not return the money that there would be “legal action”. I have the email.

Acres of Hope – a shelter for Mothers and Children that helps them get off the streets, get clean and get job skills – was also threatened by Hudson. They have a policy of returning all disputed donations. (I guess someone wanting to mess them up could dispute the donations from corporate donors)

So, Mr. Hudson partially got his own way. The bullying and the legal threats netted the Placer CRA $1400 back from Acres of Hope. When Carl Brickey referred to Tom Hudson as a sociopath, he was referring to Tom Hudson having zero conscience once he thinks he is right.

This would include his binge-drinking fueled rampages against anyone and everyone that he thinks is wrong. This is the sad lonely life of a nerd. (who is in the middle of a divorce)

How many Women and Children at Acres of Hope had their services or programs interrupted because of Tom Hudson’s legal threats? Did the State CRA sign off on this? What would Ken Campbell say about this? (I saw him recently at a fundraiser that my wife Emceed for Acres of Hope)

Joe Dorr, Tom Hudson and the puppet President of the CRA, Ed Rowen are all associated with the Placer County Republican Party Central Committee. Wait until the local media gets hold of this story. With the media digging up 30 year old stories about Presidential candidates, some fresh recent kill related to a local Republican Lawyer bullying a local women’s shelter should be great press for the Placer GOP. Since Placer GOP Chairman Dennis Revell owns a PR firm, I hope he is ready for the typhoon that is headed his way.

Repeatedly, our decision to dissolve the Placer CRA has been proven to be wise. The State CRA is a train-wreck and their part in this saga can not be ignored as it was the law office of Craig Alexander from Southern Orange County whose stationery the legal threats was delivered on.

Ed Rowen is once again “President” of the Placer CRA. The photos show that the club likely lacks enough members to be a valid unit. If there was a court case, we could show multiple violations of state CRA by-laws in order to lead to that outcome – but the CRA has already demonstrated that the by-laws are flexible in the name of being right.

That same ED Rowen has been publicly accused of embezzlement by Mr. Hudson related to his yes vote on sending the money out to the three charities to begin with.

Tom Hudson’s internal desire to be right is not going to end well for Tom McClintock, the Placer County Republican Party or the CRA. With each successive empty wine bottle the powder keg gets larger.

CRA Update: Tom Hudson’s Meltdown is Spreading – Now Threatens Three Local Charities in Writing

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Jul 202015

We warned you. The CRA saga will not stop and won’t for years.

We understand the type of maladjusted people to whom being right is like meth is to a crank addict. They run the CRA.

Tom Hudson’s God is money. It is not Jesus Christ. I have known him for nearly 18 years and the stories of the kinds of things he does to save a dime are legendary. I have drawn my conclusions about Mr. Hudson’s moral bankruptcy over the last 18 months as every negative thing I have ever been told about his character by other political types has borne out in front of my eyes in real time. (For the first 17 years, I had never been a recipient of Tom’s amoral behavior pattern)

This is why someone who makes $119k a year (+ benefits + retirement) has assets hidden in trusts / entities and cries poor to anyone who will listen.

This is also why a 4-0 Vote of the Placer CRA’s Board of Directors to donate money to three local charities is driving him insane. He is too cheap to donate some of his taxpayer-funded salary to the “new” Placer CRA he is forcing in to existence. The smart thing would have been for Tom to call one of his friends and raise a few bucks for the club. Maybe he doesn’t have any left?

Never mind that if Hudson was stupid enough to go to small claims court – he could not prove that Kirk Uhler resigned as President of the Placer CRA, nor could he prove that the 4-0 board vote was invalid and nor could he prove that the board did not have the authority to spend the money. (Hint: It did.)

Hudson’s ego is so bruised and his life is in such turmoil that he has to go on a psychotic revenge mission until it destroys him. While Hudson and his fellow Lawyer, CRA Executive VP Craig Alexander (whose letterhead is used for the legal demands) are pursuing this suicide mission – their fellow maladjusted nerds on the CRA Board are already laying in the weeds waiting to wipe them both off the CRA’s board.

At the recent Placer GOP Central Committee Meeting (where they once again rejected future Roseville Councilmember Tracy Mendonsa for a vacancy) – Tom Hudson got up and attacked Tracy Mendonsa personally in front of the group, accusing him of embezzlement. I guess this means that Ed Rowen – his hand-picked President of the “New” Placer CRA is guilty of embezzlement because Ed Rowen voted yes on donating the money to the three charities along with Kirk Uhler, Tracy Mendonsa and George Park. Dennis Revell and others were so embarrassed by Tom’s actions that they apologized to Mr. Mendonsa personally.

Tom Hudson followed up his public attack by threatening Mendonsa directly. I guess Hudson is going to help elect democrats just so he can win this argument. Hudson has also repeated the embezzlement mantra to other groups – and if he is as much like Karen England as I think he is – it is likely he is going to local Tea Parties in his rampage. (I doubt he gets far as many of them have grown up a lot in the last several years)

There truly is no honor – the man (Rowen) who a few weeks ago was thanking the State Board for their help in re-installing him as president of PCRA (while attacking Kirk Uhler, George and Myself in the same email) is now being attacked publicly for embezzlement by the State CRA President (Mr. Hudson).

Strange things happen when you are obsessed with being right.

It does not stop there. Tom Hudson (In my opinion) drafted a letter that was sent by Craig Alexander to the three local charities demanding the money back! Click here to read it yourself. 

Tom Hudson must believe he is really right to do something like this as threatening Courage Worldwide is one of the most stupid things I have ever seen in politics. Lighthouse Family Counseling and Acres of Hope were the other two that received money – it is 100% certain that they received the exact same letter with their info on it instead of that of courage.

If you would like to fight sex trafficking – Courage Worldwide is one of the first and foremost groups in this fight. My wife has advocated for them for the last six years on her radio show and this is why they were selected to receive the funds as we were shutting the club down.

Just because the State CRA’s board of directors decided to selectively enforce the state by-laws and keep the Placer CRA in existence with arbitrarily selected officers, it still does not mean that they can undo the actions of the former board to spend the money. Tom Hudson knows this, but can not admit it as he has to keep the CRA together for his own reputation – just like when he went psycho over the McClintock non-endorsement saga.