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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

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Pete Hardin Goes Full Woke at Candidate Forum, Echoes Exact Same Policies as LADA George Gascon

Hardin committed to ending the prosecution of juveniles as adults, no cash bail, no sentence enhancements, no prosecution of misdemeanors, no death penalty, and more


(ORANGE COUNTY, CA) – Orange County District Attorney candidate and criminal attorney Pete Hardin went full woke at a candidate forum held on Monday, April 25, repeatedly echoing the exact same policies as Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon.


During the forum, Hardin proudly parroted Gascon and vocalized his support for pro-criminal policies that are contributing to the destruction of places like Los Angeles and San Francisco, including:


  • Ending the prosecution of juveniles as adults
  • No cash bail
  • No gun or gang enhancements
  • No prosecution of misdemeanors
  • No death penalty
  • No gang injunctions
  • Defund the police by ending qualified immunity
  • Pro-sanctuary state laws


Watch Hardin go full woke at the forum here: https://youtu.be/Bx3KTYdg5c8




“Pete Hardin let the cat out of the bag during the candidate forum by unequivocally demonstrating he is a carbon copy of failed LADA George Gascon.  Hardin’s pro-criminal platform mirrors Gascon’s radical agenda to a tee. Hardin promised to bring the same dangerous policies to Orange County, which would destroy public safety and turn us into another Los Angeles.  Hardin’s open support for the woke criminal justice agenda should be a major warning to all Orange County residents – your safety is at stake in the upcoming District Attorney’s race.”  – District Attorney Todd Spitzer’s Re-elect campaign

Apr 022022

Note: Your intrepid blogger is shocked,  and we tell you SHOCKED that the local media down south has had little to say about this.

The LA Times vision for Orange County

Your intrepid blogger has found his way onto Todd Spitzer’s campaign email list. We suppose the coverage of Pete Soros-Hardon has gotten their attention too…

Hardin Loses to Spitzer in Court, Judge Rules Hardin Broke the Law in Ballot Statement

Hardin continues to show a clear pattern of dishonesty and inappropriate conduct

(ORANGE COUNTY, CA) – Today, an Orange County Superior Court judge ruled in favor of Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer in his challenge of Pete Hardin’s unlawful ballot statement. As a result, an entire portion of Hardin’s ballot statement has been removed because of its flagrant violation of the law.

Election law forbids candidates from attacking their opponents directly in their ballot statement.  In Hardin’s case, the judge ordered an entire paragraph be deleted due to its blatant violation of this rule. Not only were the attacks illegal, but they were also demonstrably false.

Todd Spitzer’s reelect campaign released the following statement in response to the legal victory:

“Pete the cheat is at it again, this time flagrantly breaking election law and then losing badly in court. This is the same unqualified and dishonest candidate who was kicked out of the military for adultery and then left the OCDA’s office in disgrace after supervisors caught him hitting on defendants and witnesses. Hardin’s disturbing pattern of behavior also includes covering up the shooting of a Naval corpsman, lying on his resume, and repeatedly lying to media and voters about his past conduct.  The same thing happens everywhere Hardin goes – he breaks the rules, gets caught red-handed, and then falls flat on his face. What makes Hardin so dangerous is that he will literally do or say anything to get elected and turn Orange County into another Los Angeles or San Francisco.”

– Todd Spitzer’s reelect campaign.

Many people were touched inappropriately by the Hardon campaign for OCDA, it appears the judge was the latest…

Mar 172022

The OC Register is a shell of its’ former self. They hate Todd Spitzer and are willing to whore themselves out for a George Soros-supported sexual deviant.

The hate of Spitzer and the rage over being humiliated for their journalistic harlotry is manifest once again in yet another opinion piece attacking Spitzer.

Perhaps this journalistic narcissism by the OC Register Editorial Board is why their subscriptions are cratering.

The idiots at the OC Register Editorial Board claim that the memo from the DA’s office detailing the slimy actions of Hardin cleared him of wrongdoing. Fascinating how they IGNORED that Hardin lied about the authenticity of the memo and its’ contents. Then an employee of the Orange County DA’s office that was present when Hardon was counseled verified its’ authenticity.

The fact that the latest editorial omits this detail is proof that their egos are too large to accommodate honesty and that their hatred of Spitzer has clouded their judgement.

Perhaps the OC Register Editorial Board should focus on this:

Hardin posted a bizarre, rambling video attempting to “Clarify” and walk-back many of the far-far left stances he has taken. Note: Spitzer has the endorsement of every law-enforcement unit and group that matters in this race.

If the OC Register Editorial Board was doing their job, they’d hire a psychiatrist and dig in to this guy. This is something else.

Such is the American Media these days.

Mar 082022

Leave it to the Voice of OC to finally drop the hammer on Pete “Hardon” Hardin. A former colleague of Pete Hardin’s went on the record and set fire to Pete Hardin.

Hardin is now a proven liar. Hardin, like the communist Alinsky-ite he is, will lie cheat and steal to win elections.

“The contents of that memo were discussed with him personally, face to face,” Coulter told Voice of OC in a pair of interviews Friday and Monday after being contacted by the news agency.

“I was present in the room when [Hardin’s direct supervisor] Jen Contini re-counseled him, pursuant to the memo,” added Coulter, who supervised all of the DA’s branch court operations when Hardin worked at DA’s Harbor court branch.

Hardin says Coulter is wrong.

“Mr. Coulter is mistaken,” Hardin said in a statement provided by his campaign via email.

“I would not forget being confronted with allegations from an unnamed man, that claimed conduct occurred involving unnamed women, when none of those supposedly involved ever complained or even anonymously corroborated the allegations made,” Hardin added in the remaining text of the statement he sent Voice of OC on this issue.

When asked about Hardin’s denials of being told about the memo, Coulter reaffirmed his recollection of the meeting.

“I stand by my statement, that we had the meeting directly face to face with him,” said Coulter, who during his OC DA tenure also supervised the Public Integrity Unit that handles corruption and election integrity cases.

Jamie Coulter is a former high-level prosecutor in the OCDA’s office WHO WAS IN THE MEETING WITH HARDIN when they confronted this monster on his actions in 2015.

Coulter’s account contradicts the picture Hardin was painting in his statements on the record – published by Voice of OC last week – when asked about the memo.

In casting doubt on the memo’s concerns, Hardin said no one ever told him about it until this year.

“I was never told about this memo or these allegations,” Hardin told Voice of OC in a Feb. 25 interview.

“I didn’t hear about this memo until Spitzer’s former communications director herself wrote about it for this right-wing Q-Anon conspiracy-type publication,” Hardin added, referring to a Washington Examiner article this January.

But Coulter – who at the time was the direct supervisor of Hardin’s boss Jennifer Contini, who is listed as writing the memo – says he was in the room when Hardin was told about it back in 2015.

Asked what Hardin’s response was to the allegations at the meeting, Coulter said: “He did not contest them.”

“He listened and gave the appearance of being contrite,” added Coulter.

Hardin lied and the Voice of OC torched him on it. Last week the Voice of OC wrote a story about the memo but were clearly on the side of Hardin in that story and made it appear the memo was garbage. This week, with the corroboration and the witness on the record, they are singing a different tune. I stand behind my charges of bias against the Voice of OC as it took some pretty extreme measures to get them off the shilling for Hardin bus.

Asked how common it was at the DA’s Office for him to have the kind of counseling session with a prosecutor such as the one he says he and Contini had with Hardin, Coulter said it was “unusual.”

“These allegations had surfaced, and it’s our duty as managers to follow up to see what is going on, and to correct the employee – assuming there was something,” he added.

“Our duty was to investigate these matters, to determine what’s going on and to correct it.”

Coulter said he was answering Voice of OC’s questions publicly to make the truth clear in the matter.

“It’s just a sense of duty,” Coulter said.

“That’s the truth, and the record should be stated accurately.”

Where are the Orange County Register and the LA Times? Or is the personal vendetta of the OC Register’s Editorial Board more important than the truth about a sexual deviant running for OC DA? The LA Times? I don’t expect a damn thing from them.

Mar 032022

I normally can’t stand the teamsters, but WOW a gigantic group of activist democrats picks Todd Spitzer over George Soros. Stop the presses.




Wednesday, March 2, 2022

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Teamsters Local Union 952 Endorse OCDA Todd Spitzer for Reelection

Teamsters commend Spitzer’s integrity and leadership in office, and steadfast effort to keep OC safe

(Orange County, CA) – Today, Teamsters Local Union 952 endorsed Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer for reelection.  The Union represents Orange County’s truck drivers, coach operators, office, food, and warehouse workers.

“We are proudly supporting Todd Spitzer’s reelection because he has kept Orange County safe for our members and their families,” said Teamsters Local 952 Secretary-Treasurer Eric Jimenez. “Todd has stood side by side with union members to fight for safer and more humane workplaces, and he has been a steadfast guardian of our collectively bargained rights.”

“Throughout Todd’s 30-plus years of public service to Orange County, he has demonstrated continuous integrity, leadership and a true commitment to bettering our community for all residents and families,” Jimenez continued. “We are grateful to have a true champion like Todd in the District Attorney’s Office.”

In their endorsement letter, Union officials also credited Spitzer for helping them prevent a strike by nearly 600 OCTA Coach Operators:

“Thanks to your support, we were able to mitigate a strike, keep our members off the picket lines, and not disrupt bus service for the thousands of riders who depend on mass transit… [Your efforts] truly made a difference to reaching a positive outcome both for our OCTA members and the patrons who depend on public transportation.”

“I am proud to be supported by the men and women who work hard every day to keep Orange County running, from transportation, to office, food, and warehouse workers,” said Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer. “My top priority as their District Attorney is continuing to ensure strong public safety, so Orange County remains the safest major county in California to live, work, and raise a family.”

The Southern California Teamsters endorsement adds to the community support for Spitzer’s reelection, which includes all sectors of the District Attorney’s Office (legal, bureau, and clerical/support staff), as well as  the Orange County Employees Association, Hispanic 100, Crime Victims United, Crime Survivors PAC, Veterans Alliance of Orange County (VALOR), Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs, Orange County Professional Firefights Association, IAFF Local 3631, Los Angeles and Orange Counties Building and Construction Trades Council, Orange County Taxpayers Association, Orange County BIZPAC, Westminster Police Officers’ Association, Santa Ana Police Officers’ Association, and Huntington Beach Police Officers’ Association.

 — To say that I am shocked is an understatement. While it is quite odd to celebrate a leftist labor union endorsement, the issue is the far left attack machine behind Pete Hardin and the forces arraying for him. The fact that the Teamsters stood up for Spitzer and bucked the woke progressive stormtroopers is noteworthy.