Jun 032020

It looks like the consultants and political leaders planning the run of Kristen Olsen for CA-XX (when CA-10 is redrawn in 2022) are going to have to put their plans on hold. Ted Howze has bounced back from the Jessica Patterson-Scott Winn led assassination attempt. (political assassination that is)

We had detailed how the CAGOP noticed a special meeting at 9:14 AM 5-20-2020, then they sent out an agenda at 4:15 PM the same day in advance of a 5:30PM vote that CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson ramroded down. The board members did not have time to do due diligence and Ted Howze was not given a chance to defend himself or speak.

Then, your intrepid blogger was sent a copy of a magic letter.

What is key is that is was created by jilted consultant Scott Winn AFTER the CAGOP Board had voted to rescind the endorsement. (I got the letter on 5-22 which makes yesterday 5-21).

Two other key points – Rev Dwight Williams is the Chair of the SJGOP and he is very close to Scott Winn. (nothing wrong with that, it just matters politically) The SJGOP endorsed Scott Winn’s client and the SJGOP was never asked by the Howze campaign post-primary for an endorsement, yet here is this after-the-fact letter acting as if the SJGOP is asking the CAGOP to yank the endorsement.

Then this brings us to Joe Day, the Stanislaus GOP co-conspirator in the plot. He is the Chairman of the Stan GOP and was burnt red-handed participating in the attempted lynching of Ted Howze.

He had called a special meeting of the Stan GOP to reconsider the endorsement of Ted Howze.

Under the Stan GOP rules, Joe Day can not vote as Chairman. (I guess only to break a tie) As such, the vote was unanimous. Also note, that unlike with the NRCC and the CAGOP – Ted was allowed to defend himself. When a string of one-at-a-time political decisions are made without the victim of them getting a chance to answer questions or defend themselves it is a classic political lynching.

This pattern will repeat itself. I’ve seen it all before – the people behind the CAGOP Curtain are lining up targets for their next paychecks.

Also – speaking of race relations. Not once has new GOP Nominee Kelly Seyarto (AD67) or Diane Dixon (AD74) been highlighted or mentioned in CAGOP communications I have been forwarded. (I have been removed from their list and get none of the emails) Just today another email with “Talking Points” was sanitized of any White Candidates in the featured races portion of it.

We have some great candidates on the General Election ballot that reflect the strength and diversity of our state.  These candidates include Michelle Park Steel (CA 48), Young Kim (CA 39), Suzette Valladares (AD 38) and Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh (SD 23), among others. And of course, we need to get Congressman Mike Garcia re-elected to the 25th District.

So the CAGOP brain trust tries to lynch a card carrying member of the Choctaw Nation. (Did you know Ted Howze spent part of his childhood on a reservation and is considered native American?) And they are ignoring CA-21 David Valadao and AD-74 Diane Dixon, the top two targeted races in California for their respective houses in their communications. 

Let’s see – 2020 CAGOP Priorities list:

  1. Promote Kevin Faulconer for Governor 2022
  2. Ignore President Trump
  3. Promote only 4 specific candidates with a courtesy mention of CA-25
  4. Ignore President Trump
  5. Ignore Kelly Seyarto AD-67, Diane Dixon AD-74, CA-21 David Valadao and CA-45 Greg Raths.
  6. Ignore President Trump
  7. Attempt to lynch Ted Howze CA-10, a card carrying member of the Choctaw Nation
  8. Ignore President Trump
  9. Remind everyone that the “Chairwoman” is the first woman Chair of the CAGOP and the first Latina Chair of the CAGOP while ignoring White candidates for office
  10. Ignore President Trump
  11. Use people, even (GASP) that Orange Dude and Mike Garcia (that they didn’t endorse) to raise money to pay salaries.

Good Lord.

May 212020

In less than 2 weeks your intrepid blogger has been given firsthand knowledge that Politico is attempting to perform the work of DCCC opposition research in targeted congressional races. 1. Politico attempted to spin the loss of Christy Smith to Mike Garcia in #CA25 5 days before it happened – suggesting that the reporter was tipped off as there was no public polling available. 2. Politico wrote a cheap shot hit piece article against Ted Howze in #CA10.

It appears that the Democrats are using Russian fake twitter-bot farms. Just today, I checked Ted Howze’ twitter feed and an account with 0 followers quoted DCCC pablum and had 9 tweet likes from accounts with 10 or less followers.

One of the goals of the democrats and their partners in the media and twitter is to try and play Republicans off against each other. This includes Mentioning President Trump repeatedly in order to try and get skittish consultants (or party chairman) to acknowledge they are trying to avoid President Trump.

Another tactic is using fake twitter accounts – which Politico cited in their first hit-piece against Ted Howze. The “Reporter” Ally Sputnik-Mutnick penned both pieces referenced previously. Another Politico reporter Carla Marinucci is on a CNN-Level rampage jihad against President Trump and CONGRESSMAN Mike Garcia.

This behavior is not unique. For example, Josh Richman parlayed slipshod reporting in to a Press Secretary gig with Eric Swalwell.

Yet another tactic is re-airing decades old un-vetted smears, which they appear to be doing in #CA45 against Greg Raths. (Hey NRCC, I thought #CA45 was not on the target list?)

In the case of #CA10 it has been made clear to me that Politico and other media outlets are vetting more social media smears against Ted Howze. Politico already admitted they got the poorly vetted Twitter smears from a democratic operative.

This does seem to be having an effect on Republican operatives that are continually looking over their shoulder. You’d think that after 4+ years of a psychotic media rampage against President Trump that these political insiders would be prepared for the media to expand their creative reporting to Congressional Candidates.

Still others, it appears resent the presence of President Trump in the first place and use poorly vetted smears as confirmation bias of the wrong-headed opinions they still hold.

Whatever the cause, Republican political insiders need to grow a spine and/or finally accept that the President is indeed Donald Trump and the future of the GOP in 2020 is indeed in his hands. Fighting against it or deliberately falling victim to the same un-vetted political attacks against the President will have disastrous consequences.

The media knows that establishment are weak at the knees which is why they continue to run cheap shot articles in hopes they will break through and have the desired effect – in this case trying to separate Ted Howze from institutional support as they know Josh Harder is vulnerable.

P.S. – here is a facebook post that is unlikely to be covered by the DCCC Hacks at Politico:

Sep 122019

Bob who? He who skips board of supervisors meetings to go to campaign events – that’s who…

It appears that the RNC / NRCC Leadership and their counterparts in the socialist party know who the front runner is in CA-10. (Hint, it is not the race-baiting trump hater whose campaign is staffed with trump-haters, nor is it the above pictured San Joaquin County resident)

Josh Harder confirmed what we all knew:

Leroy — Josh has several opponents running against him in 2020 in our “toss-up” district, but one stands out from the rest. There’s a reason we call Ted Howze the “#1 GOP opponent in the country.” Just in the last few weeks, he has:
  • Been named to the National Republican Party’s “Young Guns” list of target districts for 2020, ensuring he’ll receive the support of Republican mega donors.
  • Aligned himself with President Trump when he said millions of Californians are voting illegally in every election.
  • Attacked Josh’s support of Medicare for All on Twitter
We have to take this seriously. Ted Howze has already loaned his campaign $600,000 and has the most money to spend of any Republican challenger.
We certainly don’t have six-figure checks sitting around if we fall short of fundraising goals, and Josh won’t ever take a dime of corporate PAC money.
So we’re asking you, our biggest grassroots supporters: Can you help us by rushing a contribution of $5, $10 or whatever you can today so we can hit our end-of-month August fundraising goal?
At the moment, we’re still $(some random number) short of where we should be by midnight on the 31st.
Thanks for all of your help.
— Team Harder

Sorry Bob – you probably skipped that Board of Supervisors meeting for nothing. Sorry Madam Trump-Hater, fly away.

It’s time for Ted in CA-10.

P.S. IF you were at the CAGOP Convention and saw Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale speak, you’d have heard him promote Ted Howze for CA-10.

Aug 022019

Josh Harder is a puppet and a tool of Nancy Pelosi. He has another problem, he is a freshman and is in the same crew as “the Squad”. The Squad are four wackjob racist Congressmembers that are sucking the political oxygen out of the dem party.

Ted Howze is using Ilhan Omar, a Somali immigrant who has ties to terrorist sympathizing organizations and has repeatedly attacked Jews in public as a ragdoll.

It looks like Ted Howze has been hammering Josh Harder for a while. At some point, Harder is going to have to answer. #hiddenharder

Note: the Monday is 7-29-2019 in the below post.

Jul 312019

Bob Elliott is 70. He will be 72 within weeks of taking office. Even with the advances of modern medicine and increasing longevity (until Obama took office that is), 70 is still 70.

CA-10 is a Targeted Seat that is Dem +3.6% in Registration with a whopping 24.6% Independent Vote. This will never be an easy seat for anyone that lives in it. This means that the incumbent congressman will be under pressure to be back in his district as often as possible. Can a 72 year old man endure the physical drain of flying 3300 miles and three time zones twice a week for months on end? I’m 48 and I shudder to think about that in my own circumstance.

Elliott also has limited resources in his campaign account – most are rollovers from his Supervisor or State Senate Account. Will Elliott be able to raise any more money or support or has he peaked?

Bob Elliott’s primary resume is his service as a San Joaquin County Supervisor. CA-10 lists only 25% of its’ voter universe in San Joaquin County.

Mr. Elliott also has a problem with the demographics of CA-10, CA-10 is 42% Latino. While Latinos are not guaranteed to discriminate against White Candidates, (see also Andy Vidak) consider that a disproportionate amount of Latinos are under 40 (heck, under 30). It has been my observation that people will vote for their father, but not their Grandfather making it a net negative for Mr. Elliott.

Even the lilly white AD-73 has a similar problem with 71 Year old Ed Sachs vetting a run against the embattled and scandal-marred Bill Brough. Unless Sachs has $1,000,000 to spend (and Ana Bryson did when she lost to Brough in the original tilt) or Bob Elliott has $1MM to make up for the glaring presentation weakness, it is a problem.

Elliott’s Facebook Page has 199 likes and he has yet to set up a website, thus suggesting that he may also not be tech savvy.

Ted Howze is 51. Thus, his age is less of an issue. Howze has also been a veterinarian in the district for many years which will give him connection to the voters in Stanislaus County (75% of the electorate).

Howze has 4+ times the resources as Mr. Elliott. It has been put to me that Mr. Howze has the ability to spend nearly limitless resources on his campaign. This will neutralize one of Josh Harder’s key strengths as Harder is almost 100% funded by PAC’s and Special Interests despite his pledge not to be beholden to them.

The third Republican candidate Marla Livengood, a lobbyist, somehow has less than $30,000 in her campaign. I am seriously not sure why she is still running for congress.

The tale of the tape in CA-10 is as follows:

Josh Harder democrat incumbent, age 35 puppet of Nancy Pelosi, Jarrod Nadler, Elijah Cummings – #1 Fundraiser of the vulnerable democrats.

CA-10: 42% Latino, Registration: 36.7% Dem, 33.1% Rep and a whopping 24.6% DTS.

Bob Elliott, has about $140K in the Bank, Age 70.

Ted Howze, has $675K in the Bank, Age 51.

Marla Livengood, has $30K in the Bank. Age 39.

This is one of the cases where the most conservative candidate (Howze) may well be the most viable candidate in the race. I think by any objective measure as a Republican that Ted Howze is the choice.