Oct 122016

gainesIN usual Gaines fashion, when asked, they try to avoid the question.

Thank you to former Placer County Supervisor Bruce Kranz – who they helped unseat in favor of extreme left-wing liberal activist Jennifer Montgomery. (She always finds an excuse to vote against every development project, more on that soon)

If you are a Trump Supporter – look up AssemblyWoman Beth Gaines and State Senator Ted Gaines and demand their staff (because they will never talk to you themselves unless you’re a donor) explain why they are spineless turncoats.

Don’t believe me? Click this link. You will also see that Congressman LaMalfa was equally as circumspect when he responded – again underlining the clear leadership of McClintock on this issue.

BTW – Beth Gaines shopped for three offices to run for before “moving” to El Dorado County to run for supervisor. Make sure you vote for John Hidahl if you live in El Dorado County Supervisorial District 1. I don’t know a damn thing about him, but he is NOT Beth Gaines.

Also note that Ted Gaines has begun buying slate mail cards and fundraising for his next run for office in 2018. Make a note and kick his ass for being a Hillary Clinton supporter.

One thing this does mean is that anyone in a district the Gaines’ infest is released from any moral obligation to support them if they are the nominee of the GOP.

— end of Rant —

Jul 112016

Ted Gaines has already bought slate mail cards for his next office. He is going to abandon the State Senate and the voters of SD01 in 2018 should he win election to the Board of Equalization.

Ted Gaines has a problem. He voted for two really bad bills in Committee. Not just in one committee, he did it in TWO committees!

The Senate Appropriations and Senate Transportation and Housing Committees both passed this out with the assistance of Ted Gaines.

SB_1077 is a tax on vehicular miles travelled (a VMT Tax) that is being mislabeled a “fee”, more specifically a “mileage based fee” (MBF).

SB_1298 is a bill that furthers the setting aside of traffic lanes for purpose of christening them “high occupancy toll lanes” (HOT lanes), another form of “road pricing” designed to “nudge” people out of their cars & into public transit.

If you bought a hybrid car trying to save on Gas, Ted Gaines screwed you. If you’re a truck driver, Ted Gaines screwed you. If you commute long distance, Ted Gaines screwed you. If you are a salesman, Ted Gaines screwed you.

If you’re hoping for new lanes on our freeways – better get a blow up doll because YOU won’t be able to use them because of Ted Gaines!

Oh, and leave us not forget about the Beth Gaines office-shopping saga. I’d suggest the peasants with pitchforks go and torch something, but since Gaines has moved so many times I don’t think even HE knows where he lives anymore. But, he’s on the ballot again. (you know, priorities…)

Trainwreck Teddy, coming to yet another election.

P.S. if you think they will get rid of the gas tax and replace it with this mileage tax, you’re smoking crack. This is going to be in addition to. This is what some Republicans just refuse to comprehend about taxes.

May 142016

Ted Gaines next office shopping adventure has started with buying the Budget Watchdogs and the California Voter Guide Slate Mail Cards.

If you live in El Dorado County – understand that Beth Gaines will NOT finish her term if elected to be your supervisor. She will run for State Senate in a 2019 special election should Ted get elected to the Board of Equalization.

Please also note that it is clear that the current member of the BOE, George Runner is being awfully friendly to Ted Gaines, joining him for an event in support of Beth Gaines clone Cristi Beckstead-Nelson.

In case you are skeptical of what I am writing – let me spell it out.

Here is Ted Gaines for 2016. You will see clear as day payments to the monster Steve Davey, enough to help Mr. Davey replace his lost income from his ouster. You will also see $70k transfered in to…

Ted Gaines for BOE 2018.Look close and you will see the payments to the two Slate Mail vendors. Cozy.

If you live in El Dorado County – this means that the Gaines are already preparing to leave you with a vacant supervisor seat that JERRY BROWN’s DEM SUCCESSOR gets to appoint! YAY TEAM!

Then there is this – Beth Gaines for State Senate 2020. Please note that this account can indeed be used for a 2019 special election.  Beth Gaines can not win a race in a normal cycle – she needs the name ID advantage and the depressed turnout of a special election to have a chance at victory in 2019.

A key issue in the Gaines operation is Steve Davey. I was told by more than one person in the capitol that the Senate Rules Committee fired Steve Davey. While this is well known within the capitol and the Senate Rules Committee will not talk about this publicly, claiming it is a personnel matter.

Ted Gaines moral bankruptcy is manifest that even after Steve Davey was expelled from the state payroll for repeated violations of the state employee code (ahem, sexual harassment), here is the “Christian Conservative” Gaines with this monster on his payroll. The stories I have been told by capitol staffers and former Gaines staffers are too vile even for this blog.

But note, Ted Gaines allowed Steve Davey to continue to work for him and forced the Senate Rules Committee to fire Steve Davey. I am told this is the first such firing in over 30 years. If Ted Gaines would allow a monster like this to continue hurting people for years – what makes any of us think he gives a damn about anyone else but himself?

Let’s say my story about Steve Davey’s termination is false. Anyone who would be running a “death watch” related to the late Senator Dave Cox (whose seat Gaines infests currently) is enough of a slimeball without his disgusting and psychotic behavior towards women.

Meanwhile – Ted Gaines continues to receive donations despite himself. The joke will be on El Dorado County if they elect Beth Gaines according to the Gaines’ plan to keep their government checks flowing.

May 072016

GainesRunnerIt looks like Ted Gaines has recruited George Runner in to his next office shopping bid.

See the fundraiser flyer for Cristi Beckstead-Nelson to the side.

You will note that George Runner is hosting the reception along with Ted Gaines.

For those of you that read this blog that have been unaware of my tracking the carpetbagging and office-shopping of the Gaines, Beth Gaines is running for El Dorado County Supervisor after vetting runs against Kirk Uhler and Roberta MacGlashan.

I have been tracking fundraising reports and have been seeing PAC money flowing in to the TED GAINES FOR BOE 2018 account. Mr. Gaines is not termed out until 2020.

This means that Ted Gaines intends to bail out of the State Senate in 2018. He gets a free pass if he runs for BOE in 2018, so if he loses, he is still in office. If he wins, then the Senate Seat opens up for another Gaines to run on name ID in early 2019 in a special election.

Beth Gaines is NOT serious nor committed to being an El Dorado County Supervisor. She would be a guaranteed candidate for a 2019 State Senate Special Election to succeed her husband (again like in 2011 when Ted jumped in to the Senate and she ran for Assembly).

If you don’t believe me – consider this: I have seen PAC money going in to the Beth Gaines for State Senate 2020 account (that could be used on a 2019 special election). She has 38K in this account and more money still in her Assembly account that can be used for a future run.

I have also seen PAC Money going in to the Ted Gaines for Board of Equalization 2018 Account.

George Runner? He is the incumbent. His appearance with Ted Gaines indicates that he is suggests he is supporting Ted’s run to succeed him. If not – Gaines is pulling another BS visibility drill that he is famous for.

Mean time – Cristi Beckstead-Nelson? Oh yeah, this reception is supposed to be a fundraiser or something.

If you live in El Dorado County you need to straight up ask Beth Gaines if she is going to finish her term if elected El Dorado County Supervisor.

Apr 022016

All over the State of California incumbents are running scared.

It is clear from a flurry of insider activity unlike anything I have seen in a long time, that a lot of people are worried. The fealty to the status quo is under assault.

I was told by multiple sources that one such occurrence was at the Nevada County GOP Cent Com this week.

I have been clear in my disdain for both Doug LaMalfa and Ted Gaines for a long time. David Stafford Reade, Karen England and others ran brainwashing drills on local Tea Parties on their behalf back in the 2009-2012 period. It appears that the Tea Party 5-6 years later have figured out that they were lied to on multiple accounts.

David Stafford Reade has also lost control of several Cent Coms in the North State as well.

The Nevada GOP situation is the latest evidence that the “establishment”, Reade and others are having to triage the hemorrhaging in the North State.

Doug LaMalfa and Ted Gaines both requested that the Nevada GOP NOT ENDORSE in their challenged races. Now, why is that?

There is no way that Ted Gaines and Doug LaMalfa request that the Nevada GOP sit out unless it was clear that they both lacked the 2/3 to get endorsed. The talk about “Party Unity” was a fraudulent smokescreen. Neither of them care about the health and welfare GOP and never have, except for token efforts when it is convenient.

If you don’t agree with my take on this – consider also that with the Nevada GOP electing to decline to endorse in SD01 and CA01, it still leaves in tact a potential State Party Endorsement because of the way the State Party rules are written. Cozy.

Incumbents will still be protected at all costs. The leadership is still either missing it completely or they are fighting the will of the little people, or both.