Sep 152021

Apparently in Sonoma County there is a wealthy family called the Gallaher family. It is clear they are connected to the Gaines’ as I see several checks to Beth and Ted Gaines over the years.

Nice job Ted! Just barely beat a porn star!

I had a hypothesis that Ted Gaines ran in the recall specifically because he was recruited by forces aligned with Fookner to try and siphon votes off of Kevin Kiley. Kiley only spent abut $300K himself and some of his supporters decided to vote for Elder (at least what the campaign people told me), suggesting Kiley may well have been at 5-6%. The only point of this is that Gaines was given $251,000 by the Gallaher crew and got 1/5 or 1/6 the votes of Kiley.

As to Elder?

Quoting the Santa Rosa Press Democrat:

His gubernatorial candidacy is “one of the biggest mysteries of the recall,” according to one political expert.

He’s made few campaign appearances, participated in no major debates and is polling at just 1%. Yet Ted Gaines has raked in more than a quarter-million dollars of campaign cash — nearly 90% of his total war chest — from one of Sonoma County’s most well-known and deep-pocketed developers and his family members, as well as one of his employees and a business associate.

His total haul makes him the eighth highest fundraiser this year out of the 46 California recall candidates, according to campaign filings. It’s not uncommon for wealthy donors to back long-shot or losing candidates. But the contributions from Bill Gallaher, his wife Cindy, five of their relatives and two business associates raise questions about why they would pour money into a candidate who, while having significant governing experience, appears not to have mounted a serious campaign.

The Press Democrat does not know what we know in the North – Ted Gaines does not run serious campaigns, ever. He has been one of the luckiest people I have ever known in politics. Even Beth benefitted from the last name and was in the right place at the right time. Not until the annhiliation Beth Gaines suffered in an El Dorado County supervisor race had the Gaines ever faced serious opposition since John Allard in 2011. (Allard lost by about 700 votes only because he was outspent 3-1)

The story from the Press-Democrat goes on to talk about the Gallaher family’s business ties and how they met Gaines. IT appears that the Gallaher’s have a bunch of senior living facilities around the state and implies that Gaines has given them favorable treatment.

The Santa Rosa people should have interviewed people in this area, they’d have confirmed several sordid details.

This article from the Santa Rosa people did nothing to change my theory that Gaines was pulled in to the race by political people in order to siphon votes off of Kevin Kiley. We just know who the donors they recruited to finance the effort were.

Feb 102018

Some will debate if Ted Gaines actually knew about the behavior of the monster known as Steve Davey. However, once Ssssssteve Davey was placed on administrative leave in late 2015, there can be no doubt whatsoever that Ted Gaines knew.

After only a small amount of Ssssssteve Davey’s horrific record of sexual misconduct became known, Ted Gaines (and his wife Beth) paid Steve Davey a combined $259,000 in consulting fees after Davey was fired. The Gaines enabled the man to escape any consequences of his behavior.

This is the same Ted Gaines that has a long, storied history on un-christian behavior which has caused him to be the subject of 91(!) posts on Rightondaily. (This is #92)

In politics, and in life there is a frustrating dynamic (actually several) where people tune out critics of an incumbent because it is easier to avoid conflict rather than engage with the information. Perhaps in 2018, there will be an acknowledgement of the 1000 pound Gaines gorilla in the room, especially with the validation of one of the key charges we’ve leveled against the man two years ago.

Privately, people for years have sought me out to tell me stories about Ted Gaines being useless, not responding, only showing up to events when there is something in it for him and general overall dishonesty. His tacit acceptance and then paying Steve Davey $259K after his ouster shows his complicity in the monster’s behavior.

Most Gaines critics I spoke to had looks of resignation in their face because of the “third house” who fund incumbents like abuse victims always returning home to the abusive spouse. I also watched when they poured $2MM in to Beth Gaines to save her from a primary challenge in 2012 if nothing more than to protect the status quo.

We are going to re-post a lot of the historical information on Ted Gaines in order to refresh your memory about his pattern as an officeholder in Placer County.

The bottom line – this culture existed in Ted Gaines’ office for years. There is no way possible he did not know long before Steve Davey was fired. This was written by a former staffer in 2014:

I always wanted to try to like Steve and Ted, and push aside those negative things people told me. The cumulative effect of things like Steve “ordering” me to move his ball closer to the pin so he could win a putter, and the two of them handicapping the date of the late Senator Cox’s demise with glee and laughter whilst in their capitol office was but one of many nails in the coffin that eventually convinced me that it is indeed true what people say about Steve Davey and Ted Gaines. And the stuff about Steve harassing fellow female employees is all too true. I saw it, many times. How’s about that for trusting in elected officials!

On 10-16-2017, I also went in to some graphic detail about what I knew related to the above issue. <<< Warning, this post is graphic.

More to come as we rehash the history of Ted Gaines here on the RightonDaily Blog.

Oct 262017

Warning: Graphic Content

I can not begin to tell you how much I have to remind myself why I am a follower of Christ and why Jesus Christ means everything to me. My work in politics makes me fight for my faith sometimes on an hour by hour basis as the actions of other so-called Christians make me want to scream. They go far beyond social media arguments or campaign hyperbolae. They go to base human nature.

It is has been clear for years that I have a tremendous amount of disdain for Ted Gaines. I believe him to be a hypocrite. He still has a lot of fans in his local Church, which is common for a public figure as most never get a chance to see below the surface. Mr. Gaines pattern of egomenical self-serving narcissism is clear as he ran over several year’s old relationships to position his wife for a name-id based run for Assembly some years ago.

Mr. Gaines also employed a sexual predator and monster (at least that is what I think of Ssssssteve Davey) for years. A staffer that managed to endure Steve Davey’s psychosis for almost 4 years told me some hair raising stories. I’ve confirmed a couple of them with others who witnessed them. Steve Davey was known for saying things like: “Nice Tits”, “Cute little hoochie outfit” and the like to female staff in the office. Read my original expose on Steve Davey here. Read part two, featuring the staffer on the record here.

Davey is reputed to have cheated on his first wife a couple times. I believe I may have seen one of Steve’s marks at a CRP convention several years ago, the same staffer that went on the record told me several stories as well. In addition, Steve Davey used to make graphic sexual comments about women in local government in front of staff, talking about how he’d like to f— this person or that.

Where was Ted Gaines? He did nothing. A chief of staff in the state legislature told me that finally after 7(!) years worth of complaints against that monster, the Rules Committee Fired Steve Davey because Ted Gaines refused to do a thing. What Would Jesus Do? Certainly not what the feckless Ted Gaines did.

Beth Gaines? Same thing. When she was in the Assembly, she employed Dave Titus, who was moved to the Ted Gaines operation after Steve Davey was forced out. I personally witnessed Dave Titus cheat on his wife of 20 Years during a campaign I was volunteering on, I was also aware that Dave Titus was well-known in the capitol for his sexual forays. What did the Christian Beth Gaines do when Dave Titus was continuing his behavior against Wife #2 years later while on her payroll? That’s right. Nothing.

I know Dave Titus, because I witnessed it many years ago when he worked for a different legislator used to tell his staff how to use their position to get laid. (his words) Steve Davey was a protege’ of Dave Titus.

Since I am focusing on sexual misdeeds, I’ve been leaving out the trail of destruction their out of control behavior has left in other areas as they are all rampaging through my home area.

It adds a level of emotional violation when I have to write these kinds of words about so-called Christian leaders who appear to tolerate and encourage slime like Steve Davey and Dave Titus by their inaction. Ted Gaines is running for yet another office in 2018 in order to free up his Senate Seat for Beth Gaines to run again in a special election in 2019. If you want to see the pattern continue, keep voting for the Gaines.

As someone who wants everyone to find a relationship with Christ some day, it is heartbreaking to see this sort of savage hypocrisy. It cheapens the perceived value of the faith as so many on the Republican side of the aisle use faith as a prop on their campaign mail while it means next to nothing otherwise.

Had enough? I’ve got 18 year’s worth and I am tired of holding them in my memory… stay tuned…

Dec 022016

You have to know the Gaines to understand why they behave the way they do. If someone thinks having a complete disaster of a human being like Sssssteve Davey as an advisor is a mistake, think again. Officeholders typically surround themselves with people who reflect who they are.

Beth Gaines, on the heels of her humiliating drubbing has some leftover money to spend. She spent money out of her 2014 officeholder account on some Name-ID boosting mail in anticipation of her 2019 run for State Senate after Ted Gaines wins his BOE race. Please note – we will be supporting (fill in the name of Republican Candidate Here) over Ted Gaines in that race.

The entire state of California is turning blue. El Dorado County’s 1st Sup District is already an area that is purple and a democrat, John Hidahl blew Beth Gaines out. The plan was for Beth Gaines to get a paycheck from El Dorado County for a few years. IN the meantime, her Husband, Ted Gaines is already spending money and raising money for a 2018 Run for Board of Equalization. The Gaines have moved 3 times and are going to have a tough decision to make as Roseville is NOT in the State Senate Seat currently infested by Mr. Gaines.

Thanks to the heroic campaign and service to California of John Hidahl – that plan has been scuttled. Now, Beth Gaines will be forced out of AD06 in favor of the talented Kevin Kiley by term limits.

In addition to having an AssemblyMember that can complete a sentence on the floor of the Assembly, AD06 will actually have an Assemblymember that gives a rip.

Should Ted Gaines win his BOE race, the logical choice was for Beth Gaines to run in a 2019 Special Election for Ted Gaines State Senate Seat. In 2011, the Gaines Dynasty was born when Ted Gaines and Steve Davey thought it would be a great idea to betray dozens of long-term relationships and install Beth in to the Assembly.

Because the feckless CA Establishment would rather be tortured by ISIS than deal with lousy incumbents – they invested $1.5 million on Gaines in 2012 to help her fend off a challenge from Andy Pugno. Once that was done, they also spent money on revenge against Pugno’s supporters. But – Beth Gaines never won a competitive race on her own. John Hidahl proved that.

This is why the 2019 Special Election set up for the next sequence of state paychecks was necessary.

With the plan unraveled, back to the mailer from Gaines. Take a look at the front and back of it. It did NOT arrive in Roseville, as Roseville is in SD04 not SD01.

It is pretty clear – it is a mailer about transportation issues – a la Measure M… but it focuses along Hwy 50. 2/3 of the population of AD06 is affected by I-80. One thing I have learned about the Gaines, they are dumb as bricks. Another thing I have learned about the Gaines, they are of above average intelligence at getting even with people. In this case, the recipients of the revenge are the people in the Placer County portion of AD06 who were responsible for running Beth Gaines out to El Dorado County to unsuccessfully seek her next office.

We are not rid of the Gaines cancer yet. Ted Gaines will be on the ballot in 2018, and remember, if he wins that race you will see Beth Gaines on your ballot. Meanwhile, Donald Trump lost California by 4.1 million votes and the GOP is now below 1/3 in both houses of the State Legislature. Neither Gaines care how few Republicans end up in office, as long as THEY are one of them.

Nov 102016

Many of you that read this blog regularly know I have no use for Beth Gaines or Ted Gaines. They represent the worst politics has to offer:

  1. They play Christian when it suits them
  2. They discard political allies at a whim and are loyal to no one
  3. They are always looking at the next office beyond the one they are in

Beth Gaines shopped for three offices to run for, and settled on running for El Dorado County Supervisor after determining that she could not beat Kirk Uhler in Placer and the wise now-retired Roberta MacGlashan waited until Gaines moved to a rented house in Serrano to retire. N/E Sacramento County was spared Beth Gaines and will soon be represented by Sue Frost.

El Dorado County had to rid itself of the Gaines cancer. Beth Gaines used a bunch of money she raised in to her Assembly account to build a seemingly insurmountable lead for herself. She believed she had the name ID and good will in El Dorado County to use them for her next government paycheck.

Then along came John Hidahl, a 40 year resident of the area. Hidahl ran a modest, but straightforward campaign. Hidahl was known to people and rooted in the area and is notably able to complete full sentences extemporaneously.

One of the best moments of the evening was getting a text message from a friend showing Gaines trailing Hidahl in the runoff by a massive 17 points. That margin held throughout the night.

A man I believe to be a sexual predator, who was reportedly (as told to me by several in the Capitol) fired by the State Senate Rules committee for multiple documented and real sexual harassment complaints, Steve Davey was her campaign manager. Davey needed a paycheck once he was forced out of Sacramento.

This is humiliating for Sssssteve Davey as well as his departure from Ted Gaines office was spun as a promotion in to him running his own consulting business. I hope someday to have a candidate running against one of his, and anyone that knows how to treat women and whose IQ is above plant life should relish the chance to square off against Davey in a campaign.

Beth Gaines was supposed to occupy an El Dorado County Supervisor seat for 2.5 years and then Run for State Senate in a Special Election in 2019. The idea was that her name ID could carry her in to office like it did in a special election in 2011.

Then the feckless, incompetent team of Beth Gaines and Steve Davey got their asses kicked.

Ted Gaines, just re-elected to his final term in the State Senate is already lining up his run for Board of Equalization in 2018. He has moved money and raised money and is buying slate mail cards in preparation for that run. I am told that Gaines, whose district runs all the way to the Oregon Border is rarely ever seen North of Auburn.

The defeat of Beth Gaines puts a major crimp in the best laid plans of team Gaines. After the establishment (who lost badly on the GOP side in 2016 with the election of Donald Trump) funded Gaines re-election in 2012 despite their knowledge of her incompetence and lack of character, it has been a long wait for justice for the betrayals of many in South Placer.

We will still have to beat her one more time in 2019 should Ted Gaines win his BOE race in 2018. That will be a very different election as donors have little to fear from a BOE member versus a sitting State Senator leveraging that position to force donors in to supporting an unqualified spouse. We will have a chance to get rid of the Gaines scourge in California if we stop Ted Gaines for BOE in 2018, as Ted will be forced out of his 15 year infestation of state-level office by term limits in 2020.

For now, I will enjoy some justice for those that Ssssteve Davey and the Gaines have hurt – knowing full well that their sense of entitlement to public office will never stop.