WOW! A new day, a new plan for the Democrats to Tax You!

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Aug 232010

Am I talking about Obama?

Nope. AM I talking about Democrats? Yes, and some Republicans – including compromised Senator Roy Ashburn.

They want to tax the internet. You buy something on Amazon – they want to rip off state sales tax. You run a website – like this one – and you sell ads – they want to tax it.

Arnold says he will veto this tax. Really? I’ll believe that when I see it.

Big Government Covered this legislative brilliance:

Other opponents meanwhile are speaking out against the proposal, noting that California is unlikely to in fact collect additional tax revenue, should the plan move forward.  In North Carolina, where such legislation was recently instituted, opponents say online retailers stopped advertising with in-state marketing affiliates, such as blogs and websites, rather than collecting and remitting the tax.  That example has marketing affiliates themselves arguing that were this tax increase pushed through, not only would it damage their businesses, but it would actually have a negative, as opposed to neutral or positive, impact on the state budget.

Remember how businesses are bailing out to the Nevada and Arizona Desert?

And some more coverage popped up today. This internet tax may not even be constitutional. (Since when has THAT deterred the Democrats)…

Heaven forbid we cut spending – then the walruses from the Unions might get upset.