Feb 202023

Never Forget, I am watching you…

In case you missed it, Former Eureka USD Board Member Eric J Bose passed tragically of cancer. While 2 seats on that board changed hands recently, there is a lot more work to do in order to break the democrat-Eureka Schools Foundation stranglehold on that district.

Also in Granite Bay, many of you will remember the democrat-nimby coalition that rallied against Kirk Uhler to elect the disturbed Suzanne Jones supervisor in Sup D4. One of the things they did was to file 10 FPPC complaints against Uhler. (One of which affected your intrepid blogger as well) 7 of the complaints were dismissed without follow up because they were frivolous. The other 3 were closed without any fine or action.

IN addition, the same Democrats and Nimbys complained to the attorney general about Mr. Uhler’s wife getting a pay raise (for the first time in 10 years, mind you). The leftist coalition had convinced themselves that Uhler had engineered this raise for himself. The correct answer is that Uhler never discussed it with anyone and did not participate in closed sessions, open sessions or any other meetings of any sort. The AG’s office interviewed a ton of people and subpoenaed documents.

While Suzanne Jones lied about this fact (and later hired a family member herself after savaging Kirk over his Wife’s job in a different part of Placer Government)… the vindication came years later but only after the crazed Nimby-democrat coalition had successfully lied about Uhler enough to elect the crazed Suzanne Jones.

You can count on Suzanne Jones and her Nimby-democrat coalition to scream cover up as their cognitive dissonance and inherent dishonesty prevents them from acknowledging reality. (Note that the AG, was Xavier Becerra who is now a piece of the Biden Administration, what Irony)

Crazy Suzy is going to feel like a political piñata soon. No one I know likes her. Everyone I know wants her gone… well maybe Thomas N Hudson still likes her. Like I said no one likes her.

Given that Suzanne’s campaign was built on a foundation of lies and her behavior since election has been as corrupt as anything you’d see in Placer County, there should be a five-alarm fire in the Swan Lake area for quite a while.

Right now, before some star-struck also rans decide to jump in, Jones has a single opponent. Bruce Houdesheldt opted not to pursue the run. I will have more to say about Sup D4 for sure.

In Sup D3, there is clarity coming as well.

I have met with Mike Murray and laid out for him what I believe his benchmarks should be. If Murray can not produce the endorsements and fundraising, he will not be a viable candidate. If he does, Dave Butler will have a race.

Your intrepid blogger prefers Dave Butler out of the field as it is currently, for a myriad of reasons I will lay out at a later time.

The race has become clearer now that Mr. Rocklin, Ken Broadway has decided to stay on the Rocklin City Council. Broadway is loved and popular in Rocklin. I met with him recently and we had a pretty frank conversation about his life and circumstances. Broadway asked the right questions and I believe made the right decision. It is exceedingly rare for someone that would have been as viable as Broadway would have been to withdraw.

Please note that your Intrepid Blogger is endorsing Ken Broadway for Rocklin City Council should he decide to run for a third term. This is not negotiable.

I have been told by several that Greg Janda is retiring, this will create an open seat. David Bass who is still not a Republican and Ken Broadway are the two incumbents that are likely to run for re-election.

To be continued…

Apr 062020

Marianna Bekhet is a Bay Area Democrat Transplant to Granite Bay. Her Husband Viktor, also a lib-dem turned NPP ran against Kirk in 2016. So why not put out a half-baked lie. Tax Rates are set by the State, not the supervisors. Placer’s appear to be higher than most other counties, because? People want to live here and our property values are higher all things being the same than most other counties! IT gets better, Cheryl Berkema, a democrat herself has opposed new home construction that would bring prices down.

Bekhet and Berkema both circulated nomination petitions for Suzanne Jones – and their fellow democrats created Mello-Roos which was a circumvention of Prop 13. What is Mello-Roos? It is the $300-$400 a month property tax you pay on a new home for infrastructure. Since most of Placer County has been built since Mello-Roos came in to being that also inflates property taxes. Pesky details once again.

It appears that Suzanne Jones is going to have to learn on the fly about how taxes work. Heck, I may even use this attack against her in 2024 as I will rightly be able to jam her for doing nothing to lower property taxes. I just think it is delicious that two known bay-area transplant liberals were helping the first vice-chair of the Placer GOP. Is that a reflection on Suzanne for being a chameleon or a reflection on some (not all as the Placer GOP endorsed Kirk twice) of the Placer GOP Members who call themselves Conservatives that supported Jones.

Don’t worry though, crazy Suzy won’t be on the Placer GOP Committee for very long now that she got what she wants. Who knows if she will stay in the CRA – an organization I am proud to have been banned for life from. (I was expelled for being a RINO among other perceived offenses against Humanity)

If I am Tom McClintock, I’d plan for Suzanne Jones to run against me in the Primary in 2022. It fits her pattern as she has run for office in every cycle since 2008 save 2012.

Aside from getting the cops called on me in the campaign – the second highlight for me personally is when Pro-Life activists called Kirk. They told Kirk flat out they knew he was pro-choice. When Kirk explained to them he has always been pro-life and there is ample public evidence of it, they intimated that they were told Kirk was Pro-Choice by Suzanne Jones. Funny, as I know Jones to be Pro-Choice by her actions not her words when she is trying to get something she wants. She also tries to act Pro-Life when it suits her too.

When asked directly about her stance on the second amendment, she avoided the question. You will notice this a lot from Suzanne Jones. Having had ample exposure to her in multiple campaigns, aside from the fact that she is a terrible public speaker, she typically does not or can not answer questions.

This is likely why she was speaking off of a script at the League of Women Voter’s Forum with questions planted in the audience.

Also note – Suzanne’s webmaster on the Facebook Page was another democrat turned NPP. The individual applied for a spot on the Granite Bay MAC but was caught in at least 2 inaccuracies on her application and was excoriated publicly for them.

If you think Suzanne Jones is a Trump supporter – think again. Some of her biggest boosters are some of the same people that poured $15 Million in to Antonio Villariagosa’s Governor Campaign.

So democrats and democrats turned NPP were the backbone of Suzanne’s Supervisor Campaign. Man Made Global Warming, Affordable Housing, Anti-Development, Lie About Social Issues – what’s next?

Stay Tuned as the tour-de-Suzanne continues.

Mar 242020

Some people are in a wad because we pointed out that Suzanne Jones is (at least at the time of the writing of this blog) the First Vice-Chair of the Placer GOP.

Kirk Uhler has some friends in the Congressman McClintock staff. They warned us that the “McClintock Haters” and “Uhler Haters” had joined forces and that the democrats were doing some sort of organizing for Suzanne Jones.

It started to become crystal clear when Jones was reading off of a script at the League of Women Voters candidate forum, as if she knew the questions in advance of the event. In that event, she talked about “Carbon Footprints” and “Man Made Climate Change” in addition to using other leftist talking points in her campaign.

So here is the first part of an exchange on Ms. Jones campaign page. Then the second part follows:


The problem for anyone on the Placer GOP Central Committee that wants to be upset with Kirk Uhler, is that the above tilt leftward by Ms. Jones was not an isolated incidence. She campaigned on Affordable Housing, Stopping Development and Carbon Footprints. (among other things)

In fact, when we observed ballots at the Placer County Registrar of Voters, Suzanne Jones was winning the samples I saw 70-30 among democrats. She won the very late vote by 12% – suggesting that the move of the Uhler campaign to enlist former Dem Party official Rob Haswell (a long time friend of Uhlers) and former Sheriff Ed Bonner was effective in cutting in to that margin. Based on numbers from the Placer County Registrar -at least 2/3 of the late ballots (turned in on election day or received after election day in the mail) were democrat ballots.

Now contrast Suzanne Jones’ Campaign to this:


You never saw Suzanne Jones ever present herself this way. It is because her top supporters are bay area liberals, anti growth liberals and a handful of loudmouths enraged because something they don’t like was built near their Granite Bay Home. One of the worst features of human nature is the I’ve got mine, you can’t have yours mentality. These people were Jones’ campaign – and she met them in 2018 in her ill-fated run for Assembly.

In addition – take a good look at this photo. This is Kirk Uhler’s family. Jones’ campaign people and she herself (Suzanne, people talk and a few people you met with talked to me in graphic detail about what came out of your mouth) attacked Mr. Uhler’s entire family. We will be getting in to everything in graphic detail so that people can understand the character of Suzanne Jones and what they are in for with her as a supervisor.

Note – the Uhler Campaign did not respond to her in-kind during the campaign. We made a strategic decision not to go negative until the very end, and then only to tell Democrat voters she is a “Republican”. As my Republican readers are going to learn – party affiliation is quite negotiable in the world of Ms. Jones.

One of our mail pieces to Republicans. Democrats out-voted Republicans by 4% in Placer County Sup D4 and Suzanne Jones Won Democrats by at least 60% in the final tally, as our observations showed it to be 70-30 two weeks out from election day.

Mar 172020

I was Kirk Uhler’s Campaign Manager and this campaign had a lot of similar patterns I had seen in past campaigns. However, there was a key first. Suzanne Jones called the cops on me. (At least that is what the Deputy Sheriff told me) For that, she is going to receive the Beth Gaines treatment from Right on Daily for the life of her tenure as a Placer County Supervisor.

This is the young man that showed up at my house after Suzanne Jones called the Sheriff’s Office

It is also going to be important for people in Placer County Government – who are reading this blog in record numbers to understand who just won election. She is a chameleon and will say anything to get what she thinks she wants.

This is the business card that was left on my door on 2-14-2020. That was my 49th Birthday and apparently Mrs. Jones felt it was a good idea to call the Placer County Sheriff’s Office and accuse me of stealing her signs. (Mind you, about 100 of Kirk’s signs disappeared with no calls to the police)

Also note, someone else called the police on 2-19-2020 on Jones’ behalf in an attempt to abuse the local police for political gain as I had a police blotter forwarded to me.

Well, it turns out that a developer that Suzanne Jones tried to screw out of developing his land was the culprit. Jones and crew illegally placed signs on a few parcels of the man’s land. Then they compounded their actions by calling the cops on your intrepid blogger. Mrs. Jones is going to regret having done that for a variety of reasons.

To Suzanne Jones and/or the campaign staff:

Your campaign signs have been placed without permission on two of my clients’ properties and this email is 24 hour notice to remove those signs or they will be removed for you. These two properties are located in Granite Bay:

South side of Douglas at Seeno (1 large sign)

NW corner of East Roseville Parkway and Barton Road (3 small signs)

Additionally, at least 1 sign has been placed in the median at Golf Club Drive and East Roseville Parkway. These are unsafe and I understand that they are also in conflict with Placer County campaign rules. I removed one of these already, but it was replaced the following day, presumably by one of your volunteers.

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this.

dc email signature

Dave Cook



Consulting Services, LLC

Note: Suzanne Jones ignored this email. Mr. Cook picked up the signs himself – leading to Suzanne Jones calling the cops on both myself and Mr. Cook.

Mr. Cook is going to have worse problems than Suzanne Jones violating his private property rights. He is going to have a MAC full of NIMBY’s and enviro nut democrats, appointed by Suzanne Jones. Oh wait, you didn’t know that Suzanne Jones’ top supporters were leftist liberal democrats? You thought she was he first vice chair of the Placer GOP? While the second statement is true, so is the first. And, wait until you see what she campaigned on and what issues mattered to her…

Buckle Up as there is a lot to unpack as we tell the story of the 8 time candidate Suzanne Jones who was in the right place at the right time finally.

Jan 092020

With the dust settled on last night’s Placer GOP Meeting, allow your intrepid blogger to lay out some facts and tell some of the back story behind Thomas N Hudson’s attempted lynching of Kirk Uhler last night.

Tami Uhler is Kirk’s wife. One of the more disgusting attacks from the classless pseudo-conservative Suzanne Jones and the crazed deluded Thomas N Hudson has been surrounding Tami’s employment. Tami Uhler is an assistant DA for Placer County. She prosecutes White Collar Crime and has some others that she supervises. This is who Hudson and Jones are attacking. Note: both Jones and Hudson are attorneys, perhaps they are jealous of the fact that Mrs. Uhler actually makes a real impact in her law practice. Note that the recent pay raise was given to all employees in that department and the vote was 4-0. Why was it 4-0? Because Kirk did not vote on it. Those facts were avoided by Mr. Hudson and Mrs. Jones.

Their dishonesty alone should disqualify both of them from further service on the Placer GOP Central Committee, but wait there’s more from their nearly 10 minutes of base personal attacks on the character of Uhler in their coordinated, clearly pre-planned stunt they pulled last night. I will continue after we go through just the facts…

Here’s the recap on the Tour-de-Uhler vs Suzanne Jones.

Kirk Uhler’s record:

Stopped numerous proposed county fee increases – including dump fees and car assessments
Pro-Growth Vote
Pro-Law Enforcement Vote
Helped get CA-65 Improvements Funded
Has been addressing homelessness for a decade or more
Has dealt with shortages during the recession and maintained solvency for the county
Opposed runaway spending, built strong reserve
Lone vote against Sanctuary State at board of supervisors
Recruited Bonnie Gore to run for Supervisor against Jack Duran
Led Fight Against 27% Pioneer Energy Rate Increase, getting it slashed by more than half
Provided material aid and support to the Informed Parents of Rocklin

Kirk Uhler also raised money used to take out Rene Aguilera, David Larson and Jack Duran from local office – three activist liberal democrats

And the Tour-De-Suzanne:

2008 – Ran for Congress (Then CA-01) Against McClintock and Ose, finishing 3rd ahead of only Theodore Terbolizard in the GOP Primary (Lost)
2010 – Ran for Assembly (AD-05) Against Andy Pugno in the GOP Primary. (Lost)
2010 – Elected to Placer County Office of Education
2012 – only regular election in last 12 years Suzanne Jones was not on the ballot
2014 – Re-Elected to Placer County Office of Education (briefly ran for US Senate earlier in the year)
2016 – Ran for AD-06 against Kevin Kiley and Bill Halldin (Lost)
2018 – Re-Elected to Placer County Office of Education
2020 – Running against Kirk Uhler for Supervisor

Bonus: 2017 – applied for vacancy on San Juan Water Board. Does this count as another lost election?

While Suzanne Jones has spent over a decade shopping various offices, Kirk Uhler has been making a difference in Placer County.

Everyone in Local Government will verify that Kirk Uhler was the prime mover behind Bonnie Gore challenging Jack Duran. He helped her raise a ton of money as well as raising the money I spent attacking Jack Duran in 2018.

Thomas N Hudson’s divorce has been going on for 7 years. This is my opinion based on What I know of the situation and because I believe Thomas N Hudson is truly insane. The only thing that matters to him is trying to keep Carlene, his soon to be ex from getting half of the marital estate. He appears to be making more and more filings specifically to delay the court process until he bankrupts Carlene and her family in an attempt to “win”. I do believe that the only thing Hudson likes more than the Box Wine in his refrigerator is money. What a sad, empty life.

That was on display last night as I sat through what I believed to be some pretty raw hatred.

Having had my wife attacked several times by political cowards because they know they can’t get to me – seeing Thomas N Hudson accuse Uhler and the County of Placer of Sleaze and Corruption was rather pointed. Having watched Thomas N Hudson spiral in to alcoholic delusion in the last 7-10 years and having been there at one point in my life made watching the flame out last night a stark reminder of what I left behind more than 17 years ago. I feel very little sympathy for Thomas N Hudson’s life because he knows better than to live and behave like he is behaving.

Kirk had nothing to do with his wife’s job. He has had nothing to do with her pay raise (she’s only gotten one in the last ten years by the way).

Hudson also brought up the machinations of a campaign for assembly from 24 years ago. That campaign was so long ago that I still lived in Scottsdale Arizona when it happened. I was not even a registered voter then as well. That’s correct, Hudson was venting a grudge from a generation ago and at that – his recollection of the events was grossly inaccurate.

He brought up some internal CRA fights from 2015 and invoked the name of a former member of the Cent Com and former candidate for Roseville City Council in an outright lie over the course of events.

The only two things Hudson was semi-accurate about was the full time supervisor initiative and the Measure E 1/2-cent Transportation Sales Tax. Again, however Hudson’s paranoid fantasies of conspiracies overtook the handful of legitimate criticisms one may have of the two items.

Suzanne Jones for her measure must have been quite rattled after I spoke. (I spoke for a few minutes on Kirk’s behalf after Hudson’s 10 minute character attack) I did not need to bring notes with me like Hudson and Jones did. I spoke off the cuff about everything I remembered that Kirk has done in recent years (see the above list). It must have been devastating because Suzanne Jones’ response was to read two anonymous emails that were sent to Mark Wright the chairman of the placer GOP.

Apparently the authors of the emails did not exist in the voter registration database – but Suzanne Jones seemed to know who they both were. She identified two well-known anti-growth NIMBY groups that they were affiliated with. Apparently, they could not handle being dressed down for their BANANA or NIMBY – based stupidity and decided a semi-anonymous attack would assuage their bruised egos.

All Suzanne Jones did was look like a jerk by reading the letters.

She is the sitting 1st Vice Chair of the Placer GOP and should be resign from that position. She could not even get her own committee to endorse her campaign. If you are the second in command of a group and you can’t gain the trust and confidence of that group for a run for office that’s the ballgame.

As one member put it to me, she is not a conservative, does not inspire and said nothing about why to vote for her.

It is clear that Hudson and Jones orchestrated a sneak attack and took advantage of Mark Wright by violating parliamentary procedure and decorum in what they did last night.

Thomas N Hudson solicited a motion to Reconsider. It needed 2/3 to pass. It barely got 1/3. Kirk Uhler was basically endorsed a second time after the vile smears of Thomas N Hudson.

If any of you want to know what Hudson’s ex-Wife is going through – multiply last night by the 15ish years they were married and together and the 7 years of the divorce being dragged out.

I was proud to defend my friend and political ally of many years Kirk Uhler. Anyone reading this blog – especially people on the Placer GOP Cent Com should really evaluate what you saw last night and ask yourself if you can trust Thomas N Hudson as parliamentarian or Suzanne Jones as First Vice Chair. (Let alone Jones anywhere near office)