Feb 132024

Steve – did you vet this candidate before you took him on?

Listen to this video, at about the 26 Minute Mark through the 34st Minute.

Listen carefully to what DJ said. He is clearly using the far-left talking points against the church and the supreme court. He is trashing the Masterpiece Bakery decision from SCOTUS.

He is citing an New York Times article as the basis . At the 30 minute mark he suggests the 1964 Civil Rights Act should be modified, in fact, DJ argues we should amend the US Civil Rights Act and the US Constitution to include sexual identity and gender identity.

All throughout this conversation, DJ also undercuts religious freedom and liberty and implies how churches should be forced to adopt these policies.

It is not hard to find stuff like this with DJ attacking states like Tennessee for their conservative values and all throughout this interview he makes broad statements and slippery slope fallacies against socially conservative states.

If DJ got his way with the Civil Rights Act being amended, Churches would indeed be forced to hire people whose lifestyle is opposed to the teaching of the church. He calls it “Fair Treatment”.

At Minute 35, he talks about his participation in LA Pride. Google that for more information.

The issue here, is that Donald James Hamburger is attempting to run to the right of his opponent yet it is very easy to find stuff like this with DJ taking some hard left stances on social issues.

As someone who is a Conservative Christian, these kinds of comments and how they are getting more mainstream is scary because the muzzle and shredding of the First Amendment right of freedom of religion is in the direct crosshairs of people like DJ. I am willing to bet that DJ supported the shredding of the CAGOP platform as well.

Just wow.

Dude, wanna be gay? Be Gay! Leave the Church alone!

Similar to his former employer Abel Maldonado, DJ calls for French-Style abortion laws. Don’t take my word for it: Here is Donald James Hamburger on the dope rhyme himself.

In the previous post, when I wrote about Suzette Valladares’ long-standing record of service to the Republican Party, I failed to mention that she was instrumental in DJ getting his first internship. In fact, when I met DJ years ago, it was through CRA, and DJ was affiliated with the Buck McKeon crew.

DJ’s history as an activist should give the CAGOP purity police pause. He was a board member of an organization that promotes Gay Marriage, is generally pro-choice, and is pro-trans. That group also supported nationwide bans on Christian parents seeking counseling for children struggling with their sexuality and bans on faith-based groups that do not toe the line on homosexual adoptions. It is a sad irony that the Barbeque of Bulls–t has fired up over one LGBT bill and one abortion vote when the case could easily be made that DJ is far to the left of Suzette on various social issues.

Aug 282023

Your Intrepid Blogger has recently learned that Californian’s foremost political grifter Joe Collins III, has recently thrown down the gauntlet and challenged long time GOP activist Steve Frank to a debate.

Not since the “Thrilla in Manila” or the “Rumble in the Jungle” will we mere mortals be ringside for such political fisticuffs. Heck, I’d love to serve as moderator of this five-alarm dumpster fire.

Gentlemen pick your date, time and venue.

All that is required of both of you is official DOD proof that you were in fact honorably discharged from your respective branches of the Military…

Before it’s “Showtime” …It’s DD-214 time.

This is guaranteed to be Standing Room Only…

Jun 122023

Stephen, stop being baaaaad mmmmkay?

Today my main man Steve Frank did his latest installment of Heard on the Tom Tom’s. I was slapped upside the head within just a few words of the second section of the post. (Note, the quotes from his articles are unedited and verbatim)

  1.  Joe Biden considers himself a moderate on economic issues.  So does the Chief of Staff for the very conservative GOP Assemblyman Joe Patterson.  But Chloe Bowman admits that in 49 of the 50 States, she would be a Democrats.  That only proves that Liberal Democrats in California are repulsed by the Progressive/Totalitarians running the California Democrat Party.  But, by her own words, she is a Democrat.  Yet she has been on the staff of two very Establishment GOP’ers before this.

Bowman considers herself a moderate Republican and believes she would be considered a Democrat if she lived anywhere but California. What draws her to the Republican party, as it did her parents, is economic values. She believes in working hard to overcome obstacles – a lesson she learned from her father, a mortgage broker who died when she was a sophomore in high school.

Rising Stars: Chloe Bowman, office of Assemblymember Joe Patterson – Capitol Weekly

Ummm, Steve, Chole is not Joe Patterson’s Chief of Staff… that is Tiffany Saathoff who gets attacked at least once a week by the Sacramento Bee because of her work on the Rocklin Unified School District (where she is also a governing board member)…

FYI, it is good to have someone on your team to the left of you for some balance. In my case, it would be near impossible to have someone to the right of me that was not sitting next to Grcar or Schaupp in the sanitarium, but I digress.

On to the next part of the Heard on the Tom Tom’s that needs an adjustment:

News Flash – not everyone on this list is a squish

2. At the Saturday CRP Board Meeting, Jessica, with the approval of the Board, with one NO vote, that I am aware of, selected members of the Rules Committee and the Executive.Committee.  As expected the Rules Committee has No conservatives on the Committee—the members are either Establishment folks—or consultants who need approval from Jessica to get clients.

The Executive Committee was, of course filled with Jessica sycophants.  While normally, this is not a  big deal since them seldom do anything—twenty years ago they changed the CRP b –laws AFTER a convention did not get to them (that is allowed in the CRP by-laws)

Dear Readers, could you help Steve Frank identify the Conservatives on these lists? There are several. We could turn this in to a Team Building exercise!

Steve Continues:

Now I am told that Pattersons close political advisor, Andy Gimmeecandy has asked her for an endorsement for his NON candidate for the U.S. Senate, Steve Garvey, at the September CRP convention.  That convention opens on the same day that filing opens for the Senate.  Garvey who has yet to speak to the press, explain why he is running for Senate, his financial and personal history, has not spoken in public to the press, organizations or answered questions about how, due to his personal life any woman would vote for him?  Or the lawsuits against him by his former business partners.

Steve – for years, we’ve spelled it GIMMECANDY. If you’re going to slam the guy, spell the slam correctly. And, who the hell is Steve Garvey?

3. Chair Patterson announced the Chair of the Platform Committee is the self proclaimed conservative LAGOP Chair, Tim O’Reilly.  Self proclaimed?  He was put into office by Andy Gimmeecandy and did not stop Andy from excluding Republicans from County Central Committee meetings.  Actions speak louder than words.  He has not opposed the abuse of proxies at the CRP convention—a consistent vote against reform.  Tim speaks as a conservative an acts as the Establishment—he gets to sit at the Cool Kids Table.  Conservatives say they have hope for him—as Chair of the Platform Committee.  As such will he take the lead in promoting conservative Republican values—or Establishment non values?  As a reminder, in numerous public occasions, O’Reilly has called the GOP the “Party of Dwight Eisenhower”:–NOT Reagan.

Steve must know a different Tim O’Reilly, maybe there are several in LA County and he picked the wrong one to write about?

And finally, this is a question, not a fact check…

4. Are these speed camera’s or an expansion of government spying on us?

Speed camera bill gets Assembly approval, now it’s up to state Senate, governor — Cameras that can automatically send tickets to motorists who are speeding moved a big step closer to reaching city streets after the bill that would legalize such ticketing got state Assembly approval in late May by a wide margin. Steve Scauzillo in the Los Angeles Daily News$ — 6/11/23

Will the cameras ticket someone for relieving themselves on the street? If yes, they ought to put them in San Francisco, it would balance the state budget. But, I digress.

Feb 222021

Thank you Steve Frank!

Thank you, Steve Frank, for your valiant and principled campaign for Chair of the California Republican Party and your 60 years of service to the Republican Party and the conservative moment.

The California Republican Assembly was proud to support your candidacy. Although you did not win your race for party chair, your Contract for California Republicans provides a blueprint for future Republican victory in California.

We look forward to our continued work together to Make California Great Again.


Johnnie Morgan

CRA President

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Feb 192021

I met a couple of the FBI’s finest today.

I was tipped off Thursday AM by an insider that Ashlee Titus’ legal threat was real. According to the Agents that I spoke to, the CRP’s staff called the Sac Sheriff. The Sac Sheriff contacted the FBI who went to my old house in Roseville. (How they did not know I had moved is beyond me) The agents from South Reno told me it took them exactly 10 minutes to find me.

After the initial 30 seconds of tension after they showed me their badges and they started relaxing realizing I was not a threat, I invited them in. We had a plesant conversation, they were admiring the view from my Kitchen and complemented me on my house.

Too bad that the CAGOP did not send the FBI to investigate the 440,000 ballots that were sent to dead people and to people like me that moved out of state. But I did get a mailer from Kevin Faulconer today.

This is the same CAGOP that has rigged the Proxies and Credentials Committee to stuff complaints about clear-cut violations of the State By-Laws and State Election Law.

But – they called the FBI on me.

As I type this blog, my phone is blowing up with complaints about the disaster that is the voting system. Apparently at the County Chairman’s Association meeting they had to go to a roll call voice vote because the voting system failed repeatedly and it was not user friendly.

But – they called the FBI on me.

They admitted that they don’t follow up on paperwork and take people’s word for it.

But – they called the FBI on me.

Understand that the same people that have called Steve Frank a racist, told people he is good buddies with Bob Mulholland, crushed Modoc County, cheated with organizational meetings, violated the by-laws filling vacant legislative districts, threw long-time activists out of the party delegation, went to the flawed electronic voting system, have been caught repeatedly playing games with timing and release of information…

… Called the FBI on me, Steve Frank’s Campaign Manager.

Now ask yourself what kind of California Republican Party do you want? One that puts forward Rule 5 that would rig an endorsement for a candidate without the input of delegates? Do you want a party that unequally applies election law and uses parlimentary tricks to cover up by-law violations? Do you want a party controlled by fake proxy votes?

Do you want a party that uses bully tactics to control outcomes? Like, calling the FBI on the opposition candidates’ campaign manager.

Only you can prevent forest fires. Please elect Steve Frank CAGOP Chairman.

Every campaign I experience something new. The bullying of delegates, cheating, staff malfeasance, whisper campaigns, game playing, attorneys trying to rig the process, election disasters… this is all standard stuff. Even the 31st legal demand letter (in this case an email) was nothing new.

Meeting two dudes from the FBI in my dining room and shooting the breeze about politics and how nice Reno is to live in? That’s a new one. I suppose I can thank the staff of the CAGOP for that one.

Choose wisely – these people are going to the bottom of the playbook with their tactics. I am not going to be intimidated by these people nor should you be, nor should you reward the tactics they are employing.