May 082023

Hannah Holzer? Ooooooooooh Haaaaaannnnnaaaaaaahh?

It is probably time to file a missing persons report on Holzer’s whereabouts with the Sacramento Bee.

About two months after getting blistered for lying and repeatedly abusing New York Times vs Sullivan to smear anyone and everyone to the right of a communist, it appears that the corrupt Sacramento Bee editorial board and management had a moment of Pravda. (the Russian word for Truth)

We would like nothing more than to work with The Sacramento Bee, knowing that what we are doing or how we communicate to the public will be accurately reported. Unfortunately, we are not confident that this will happen given Ms. Holzer’s long history of false narratives. We feel her intent is always blatant in an effort to stir up controversy and perhaps even worse, violence. We also feel that her editors continue to allow it.

Ms. Holzer’s caustic reporting has a trickle-down effect. Given the history, elected officials in Placer County have grown weary about engaging with any reporter from the Bee. We hope that there are serious consequences for Ms. Holzer’s most recent and blatant lie, and we hope that our complaints about Ms. Holzer’s past actions in her betrayal of elected officials and of issues in Placer County will now be taken seriously.

We feel that this is an opportunity to help rebuild trust between Placer County and The Sacramento Bee and hope that you take our concern with Ms. Holzer’s agenda-driven approach more seriously now, too.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you directly about our concerns. But none of us will work with Ms. Holzer ever again.

The preceeding is an excerpt from the blistering letter signed by 27 political leaders in Placer County. It appears to have hit its’ mark:

The last appearance by Holzer on the SacBee website is the March 15 article that likely contributed to the riot on the UC Davis Campus – the Bee Ultimately was forced to apologize publicly for an outright lie penned by their staff (including Holzer) about Charlie Kirk. (That is Kirk in the 3-15 thumbnail)

Please note – your intrepid blogger is still here despite the Bee celebrating my demise. 26 years and counting in politics and this is my 20th year as a blogger.

Mar 242023
Dear Aaron,Project Veritas is on a hot streak of exposing groomers.

Parents across the country now know what kind of “educators” and “reverends” are out there manipulating kids to achieve a cultural and political agenda.

The latest groomer to be exposed was none other than “Queerly Faithful” Pastor, Casey Martinez-Tinnin.

This is a Reverend in Loomis, California who was recorded admitting that he hides his child grooming agenda from parents – and even calls Child Protective Services on parents who “misgender” their kids.

After the video was published, two school districts — Roseville Joint Union High School District [RJUHSD] and Placer Union High School District [PUHSD] – issued statements CONDEMNING Reverend Martinez-Tinnin.

ABC10, one of the largest local TV news stations in the area, covered the story.

You can watch their coverage by CLICKING HERE and by CLICKING HERE.

Patrick Bet-David’s PBD podcast and Fox News radio also reported on Project Veritas’ investigation into Reverend Martinez-Tinnin.

You can watch PBD podcast coverage by CLICKING HERE.

You can listen to Fox News radio coverage by CLICKING HERE.

This story received significant attention on social media:

Even after all this fallout, Reverend Martinez-Tinnin’s organization, The Landing Spot, DOUBLED DOWN on how they interact with other people’s kids:

It’s very clear from their response that they are attacking Project Veritas to see what sticks.

Credit where it’s due: It’s quite impressive that they’re willing to double down on their actions after two school districts condemned them.

At least now, The Landing Spot may start to promote their views publicly, rather than keep them a secret from parents.

If they are so proud of their work, why were they hiding their actions from parents to begin with?

In the meantime, Project Veritas will continue to expose groomers across America – STAY TUNED.

Be Brave,

Project Veritas Team

Project Veritas
1214 W. Boston Post Rd #148
Mamaroneck, NY 10543

Project Veritas Privacy Policy:

Mar 242023

While your intrepid blogger has chosen to focus on the Sacramento Pravda and the extreme left-wing propagandist HH, others have focused on the key issue that resonates. We all have our lanes and roles. The amazing letter signed by 27 local electeds is the most direct attack on the goobers at the BS I have ever seen. I prefer to use them like a ragdoll as often as I can because their leftist absurdities seem to reproduce unabated. (That is kind of amazing, considering they are all abortions until time of birth people)

Embedded is the letter from Placer Union High School District and the Town of Loomis.

ON March 20th, on the Heels of Project Veritas exposing the rantings of a man I believe to be a fake pastor, your intrepid blogger lit up the Sacramento Bee for their journalistic harlotry in favor of drag queens and lending their newspaper to the now exposed Pastor.

The Sacramento Bee needs to come clean. It is clear they hate anything to the right of a liberal democrat, as evidenced by their withering attacks on Republican officeholders and their grotesquely biased endorsements of candidates.

Time and again, the Bee advocates for the farthest left of positions and candidates – yet they point the self-righteous finger at people like your intrepid blogger. Unlike the Bee, your intrepid blogger is proud to be a “religious conservative,” and I am clear that is my paradigm. The Bee needs to admit they are completely sold out to Socialists and the extreme Left.

The Bee had attacked the Roseville Joint Union High School District no less than three times, including disparaging the population of Placer County itself in a near psychotic leftist faux moral outrage because people were concerned over children being exposed to explicit sexual content. (See also Drag Shows)

Just what did the “Pastor” say on candid camera?

  • Reverend Casey Martinez-Tinnin, Loomis Basin UCC, The Landing Spot: “When they [parents] know that their queer kid is coming to me for support, they’re going to be upset.”
  • Reverend Martinez-Tinnin: “In my mind, how communities thrive is through intergenerational relationships.”
  • Reverend Martinez-Tinnin: “Parents don’t want me talking – encouraging this lifestyle, right? Like, that’s the thing.”
  • Reverend Martinez-Tinnin: “So, if we can start helping parents talk about, ‘How do you talk to your kids about puberty? Have you considered blockers?’”
  • Reverend Martinez-Tinnin: “I call CPS [Child Protective Services]” when parents misgender their kids.

The Sacramento Bee has been humiliated multiple times lately, they were forced to retract and apologize over the rantings of one of their “reporters” Hannah Holzer who lied about Charlie Kirk the founder of Turning Point, USA. Holzer’s outright lie may well have contributed to the riot that occurred on the campus of UC Davis when Kirk hosted an event there.

27 Local Electeds in Placer County signed a letter telling the Bee to clean up its’ act and in anticipation of a furtherance of the Bee’s aloof leftist arrogance (as in they will ignore the letter and not respond), they indicated that they would refuse to engage with Holzer and also implied that this would affect the relationship with the Paper as a whole. There is a price to pious self-righteous leftist arrogance and celebrating lies and unvetted attacks.

As I have written many times, all a leftist has to do is accuse someone on the right of wrongdoing and the Bee reports on it like it is fact using a thin editorial veneer to provide the paper with deniability should they get sued for libel. This is unethical journalism and it appears that dozens of stakeholders in the community have finally drawn a line now that violence has occurred in part due to the filth the Bee publishes under the guise of news.

A variety of stories have hit media outlets as this issue has gotten legs. Like so much else, the Bee’s crew are so completely whored out for the extreme left, they have no self awareness that they are out on an island on this issue.

Hidden Video: Queer Pastor Actively Trying To Subvert Teens In 10 Schools

Pastor Counsels Roseville Kids on Sexual Identity & Gender Without Parents’ Approval

And of course Gold County Media had to chime in. Unlike their treatment of your intrepid blogger, they seem to have struck some balance in their story. (however the following story about the Lincoln school district omits the left leaning ideology of the parent whose plight they championed. In addition, they failed to mention his employment with Placer County as well…)

P.S. If you have not figured out that this post like almost all of my posts is a mix of news and opinion – read the disclaimer that has been on my site since it was started in 2009.

Feb 252023

Please note, I fully expect the morally abhorrent liar Hannah Holzer to abuse her space in the local rag to lie about the RJUHSD Board again as she has done. I have been informed that the people who attempted to deceive the district to get their drag queen event held on School District Property had involved the Sacramento Bee from Day 1 of their effort.

If you don’t think Holzer is a liar in the mold of a communist propaganda merchant, have a look at her “column” and compare her rantings to actual fact. I received an email from the American Council recently, and some insider calls. Please see the email from the council below:

Header image

The Landing Spot, an LGBTQ+ / Drag Ministry of Loomis Basin Congregational United Church of Christ, announced its 3rd annual Drag Show, this year, at Roseville High School on March 31st. Parents, teachers, and the school board were unaware of the event or its messaging toward students.

The event invitation encouraged students to engage in the show this year as well:

“The youth will be celebrating “Queer Joy” as they perform in drag for an eager audience. […] The event will take place at the Pattie Baker Theater located on the Roseville High School campus. Remember to bring cash for tips as is custom for drag shows.”

The American Council, a faith-based advocacy group in California that represents families, houses of worship, and faith organizations — quickly responded to the news.

The American Council has a family network of ~9,000 people in Roseville. We quickly emailed our stakeholders, letting them know of the event and encouraged them to reach out to Roseville High School.

Other parent and family organizations, like the NorCal Freedom Alliance and Moms for Liberty, quickly responded in tandem and started reaching out to their parents and school administrators in Roseville.

Loomis Basin Congregation United Church of Christ has been an outspoken critic of faith organizations and churches in the region, suggesting that religion should not play any part in public institutions like government, schools, etc.

However, these standards seem to not apply to their LGBTQ+ and Justice ministries, which play an active role in local and regional advocacy.

Drag should not be an underage activity on a high school campus, says Tanner DiBella, President of the American Council.

Roseville High School is a Public Institution. Allowing an event that encourages students under 18 to dress up in provocative clothing, dance in front of adults, and get tips shoved in their clothing is not a healthy expression of sexuality, maturity, or safety. We want children to be happy, healthy, and safe. Targeting minors to dance and perform in drag at a public school campus is highly concerning, and we will continue to represent students, families, and the community.

About The American Council
The American Council is a leading advocacy group representing families, houses of worship, and people of faith. Read more about our vision and mission.

Blogger’s Note: I also received information that the American Council has hired a good friend of mine full time to work for them! More on that as soon as it is public.

Here is the truth that the Bee will never report… The group sent their application in during spring break when they knew staffing at the district would be light. As a result, the usual questions were not asked. Once this group revealed their true agenda for the facility rental – THE STAFF (make a note as Holzer will attack the elected board for this) invoked standard district policy that has been in force for years to inform the deceivers that their event was not within the established guidelines. It is that simple. So simple in fact, that it seems like this group set up the district and once the Bee article comes out you will see the endgame.

Dec 022022

The Sacramento Bee are whores for the left. They prove it time and again, this time with a headline that would make the Chinese State-Run Media blush:

Really? I’ve been told by people actually in those areas that Democrats lost seats on school boards everywhere.

Then, buried in the story is this:

It is now 29. However this paragraph does not belong in a story with the title the political whores at the Bee used. Perhaps Hannah Holzer, Marcos Breton and others have all been puked out of the same liberal petri dish of single-cell organisms.

But hey – the abortion amendment to the constitution passed so I guess they are celebrating by aborting journalism institutionally…