Aug 062011

After reading Matt Rexroad’s comments about the results of re-distircting – I have determined the following:

1. The process was corrupt, but not as bad as if it had been done in Sacramento.

2. The GOP Registration is 30.9% statewide and falling, yet we have a fighting chance to maintain as much as 36% of the seats.

3. In-fighting within the CA GOP is as responsible for the results of these new lines as the commission was/is. This includes what many of you have been reading about on this blog for weeks. It is time to put a stop to it – which means:

4. “Leaders” within the GOP who avoid conflict at all costs, and others who are so self-focused that the facts are cast aside must also be dealt with or rehabilitated in to dynamic leaders. The GOP needs to stop waiting for the next Reagan while a generation of relative weaklings continue to shuffle the deck chairs on the titanic.

Assuming that these lines hold up after the flurry of lawsuits – here’s what I know at this time:

Ted Gaines is moving in to the new SD-01. The nexus for why Gaines / LaMalfa decided to team up in “attacking” the Placer Cent Com is certainly there as the two will be stuck with each other in the State Senate for 6 years. Placer County will represent a significant voting block for both of them.

LaMalfa has a clean shot at SD-04 for re-election in 2014.

Dan Logue has moved in to the new AD-01. He will get his third and final term from 2013-2014.

Jim Nielsen was  a big winner – his nemesis Charlie Schaupp who came close (within 6,000 votes) to beating him in the 2010 Primary has been drawn out of that district. However, the nexus for the cheap shots against Dan Logue has effectively been removed as Nielsen and Logue will now live in different State Senate Seats – since Ted Gaines does not term out until 2020 and LaMalfa in 2018… that’s beyond eternity in Politics.

Beth Gaines – AD06. Only has to worry about John Allard, that is if her team can’t convince Allard to wait until 2016. Alyson Huber has already bailed out on running against Beth Gaines in a bungling filing for Congress.

Kevin Hanley – AD05, he is not a candidate yet. However, El Dorado County Supervisor Ray Nutting is. Nutting ran for Assembly against Rico Oller in 1998, and has wanted to serve in the Assembly since at least 10 years before that.

Wally Herger CD-01 – likely, Herger will retire in 2014. This would tee up LaMalfa for Congress on phase and set up the moderate Jim Nielsen vs a Conservative prop 14 cluster primary in 2014. Herger would support Nielsen.

Tom McClintock CD-04. Will Lungren stay in CD-07 now that it has been drawn to a D+1 registration district? Does Roger Niello run for CD-07?

The rumors are that someone is going to challenge Tom McClintock in the primary. They will get hammered as McClintock, despite his perceived flaws, enjoys huge popularity with the voters of both the old and new CD-04. (Which is the 2nd most lopsided Rep district in California)

What does Roger Niello run for next? He can win any of the marginal districts in Eastern Sacramento County – it should be interesting.


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Oct 292010

They know who will cut the deals to raise spending and taxes to keep their candy flowing.

The allegedly conservative Roger Niello is the beneficiary of an IE by the Teacher’s union. The people who think Harvey Milk should share the stage with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln… the people who think your daughter should have an abortion without you knowing about it… have endorsed Roger Niello. Note – there is a Democrat in the race, Ken Cooley – but the CTA know who will deliver the goods for them.

This is what will happen in the Prop 14 world of elections – Unions will start unloading wads of money in Republican districts to influence the outcomes of elections. Roger Niello helped make that happen by voting to put Prop 14 on the ballot.

Take a look – Roger Niello the choice of the Teacher’s Union.

And of course on the front, the Teacher’s Union pet project – driving more jobs out of California (than Niello’s votes already have) with supporting Prop 24 to repeal corporate tax breaks given in that Feb 2009 budget.

So Roger Niello + Yes on 24, the choices of the Teacher’s Union? Nice.

This is what not signing the No New Taxes Pledge looks like – gotta keep the options open so that you can keep your supporters happy.

Good Lord – California is in a bubble from the rest of the nation.

When I bought Kitchen Appliances, Roger Niello Cost Me $16.35 + $1.50 every time I go to WalMart +$.35-$.50 Every Time I Buy Gas + $496 on my tax return + $166 On My New Car

 CA SD-01 Race, Roger Niello  Comments Off on When I bought Kitchen Appliances, Roger Niello Cost Me $16.35 + $1.50 every time I go to WalMart +$.35-$.50 Every Time I Buy Gas + $496 on my tax return + $166 On My New Car
Oct 282010

My wife and I bought a home last year. $16.35 doesn’t seem like a big deal, does it – add it to the $166 on my car, $496 on my income taxes, $.50 per fill up, $1.00 per hundred of non-food items you buy and it gets there in a hurry.

We had to replace a couple appliances –

We got a nice Fridge for $890. Niello cost me $8.90

We got a dishwasher for $495. Niello cost me $4.95

We got a Microwave for $250 (then got a $200 rebate!) Niello cost me $2.50

We had to pay full sales tax on all three items as it is calculated pre-rebate.

When you go to WalMart and spend $100 on non-food items, Roger Niello costs you $1.

It starts to add up and quick – the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association says it adds up to $1200 a year for an average family. That’s $100 a month taken away from you and spent on the welfare state.

All this and Roger Niello voted a few years back to let the State (CAL-EPA) regulate common household chemicals – driving the cost of those up as well.

Quoting Arnold Squishenegger: When they wake up in the morning, they’re taxed, when they eat breakfast they’re taxed, when they go to the bathroom, they’re taxed. Arnold+Niello = Pain.

On my 2009 Tax Return – Roger Niello Cost Me $496!

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Oct 272010

Remember the other day when I wrote about how Roger Niello cost me $170 roughly on the purchase of my new car?

I went back to my 2009 tax return. I don’t have children yet – but I figured out that my state income taxes would have been $496 lower had Roger Niello not voted for the largest tax increase in California History.

It adds up! Go buy something for $200 at Wal Mart? Niello cost you $2.

Eat $20 worth of chicken at Chick-Fil-A – Niello cost you $.20.

Every time you buy gas – you pay sales tax. That means Roger Niello costs you $.35-$.50 every time you get gas based on the size of your gas tank.

That’s how his votes add up to $12 Billion ripped out of the economy and funneled in to social welfare programs.

All we have on Niello is that he raised taxes – time and again.

Quoting Arnold Squishenegger: When they wake up in the morning, they’re taxed, when they eat breakfast they’re taxed, when they go to the bathroom, they’re taxed. Arnold+Niello = Pain.

Roger Niello’s Pattern of Raising Our Taxes is not New

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Oct 262010

This is from Barbara Alby’s State Senate campaign website.

I take due note that Millionaire State Legislator Roger Niello has attacked Ted Gaines for supporting AB1422 – like he did… Niello owns AB1383 all by himself.

While you can defend AB1422 – as it replaced a 5.5% fee with a 2.35% tax that the Feds are paying – AB1383 was a tax on hospitals.

Niello also owns the Feb 2009 state budget. While Niello tries in vain to justify voting for the largest tax increase in State history – the summary says it all. That budget fixed nothing (evidenced by the still $20billion dollar state deficit)

Niello voted for AB1879 – which allows the State Government to regulate Clorox, literally.

Niello voted to extend the LA County special Sales tax increase from 6 years to 30 years. Nice, huh? And the voters in LA County will not be able to repeal the tax (even though the roads they thought they were buying have not been completed or started in some cases)

Niello voted for the 2007 budget – which did not raise taxes, but did increase spending by $10 Billion.

In 2006 – He voted for an SEIU contract that gave out bonus checks to all state workers and a 3.5% pay raise + a guaranteed raise in 2007. Roger Niello did this despite massive state deficits and an economy that at the time was starting to skid.

He later received a $7800 Check from the SEIU for his State Senate Campaign.

SB1266 – the largest Bond in any State’s history. (Fitting, isn’t it?)

AB140 – the flood bond that was a fraud grab bag for special interests.

… and Roger Niello mocks the “No New Taxes Pledge”. Nice, huh?