Sep 172020

HI. I’m your intrepid blogger.

That’s right – straight from a teacher in the district. The CTA and the Rocklin Teacher’s Union are telling their members to abuse the grievance process in a desperate attempt to prevent the Rocklin School District from re-opening. I wish they were as passionate about teaching Children as they are about trying to avoid working.

Here’s a tid bit. Teachers union meeting happening now — Union has told teachers to file any grievance they can find and to just keep filing grievances:

CTA is telling us to look for things to file grievances about. They are encouraging us to log into RTPA to support them tonight. They are pushing us to block the opening of school.

Laura Schultz is the Sacramento CTA leader and Travis Mougeotte (SP?) is the RUSD rep.

As if we have not provided enough evidence: The Rocklin Teacher’s Union is completely out of control. I hope the Rocklin Unified School District imposes a contract on them and fires the whole lot of them if they go on strike. If the majority of teachers oppose this insane desire to screw over our children and the taxpayers, then it is time for them to speak out otherwise it is safe to say they support this crap.

Then there is the Placer County Democrat Party – they hate Kirk Uhler. They helped elect Suzanne Jones (who publicly spoke in favor of the continued lockdown of Placer County). Not coincidentally, the two faced Jim Holmes’ campaign manager popped up out of the political toilet bowl:

Darren Huppert, ladies and gentlemen. He is Jim Holmes’ campaign brain. He is also a liberal moonbat.

Why am I not surprised to see this? Suzanne Jones is basically parroting Jim Holmes’ talking points about continuing to strangle Placer County with a lockdown. I am wondering if the RINO Suzanne Jones is calling other counties like Jim Holmes telling them to ignore Placer County?

Then there is extreme left-wing homosexual activist Gary Miller. He is a board member on the Roseville City School District. I have long written that he believes everyone that disagrees with him is a homophobe. He has called your intrepid blogger a homophobe. Whatever, Gary is a wackjob – don’t take my word for it, read his own words:

Not Cracker Barrel? I mean they did bad things 30 years ago, we can’t let them open a store in Rocklin!

Remember, this guy is making decisions about the education of your children and he is gay first, everything else second.

Then there is this parent taking Gary out behind the woodshed. Gary could not help himself:

Read and re-read Gary’s Comment. It sounds an awful lot like LaMills Garrett. Gary’s bastardized history has nothing to do with him being Gay, it has to do with him being out of his mind.

And here is Gary Miller advocating for keeping Roseville’s Schools Locked down. It appears that Team Alvord Roseville Police and the national democrat party are campaigning on an America Keyed to Sickness. This is a losing strategy, but may be the only path they think they have.

To be continued as people like Miller, LaMills and Alvord continue to be their own best advocates!

Sep 162020

I leveled a charge that the Teacher’s Union could care less about educating our children and that they are in battle mode to be able to continue working 4 hours a day while ripping off the taxpayers for their full pay and benefits.

An anonymous source (known to me, however) has come forward with screenshots of emails being put out by the Teacher’s Union. You can contact me as well with information, links, screenshots and the like if you care about the Teacher’s Union trying to abuse relationships with Parents and Children to keep schools sequestered.

Today, the Teacher’s Union in Rocklin announced that they could not win through manipulation and bullying so they are going to run to arbitration to try and impose their will against the vast majority of parents.

You can see here that the California Teacher’s Union is attempting to manipulate teachers and bully local school districts in to doing what they want them to.

The announcement of said grievance was featured in the local rag that is in the bag for Newsom and Biden with a biased and one-sided account of the issues. These are the times we live in, the Teacher’s Union is fighting to not have to educate our children and government is fighting to prevent people from living their lives.

Nov 212019

Blogger’s Note: I am a blogger, not a reporter from a news outlet. I give facts that are laced with my opinion, I do not attempt to be neutral. I am of the opinion that Theresa Landon is a bad person and likely needs confinement and therapy in a mental institution. I am ashamed of her behavior as she alleges herself to be a follower of Christ in addition to everything else I have observed. This whole thing is a sad commentary on the generational bondage of leftist millennials and their sense of entitlement, in addition to a local example of the bad behavior of the far-left nationally. 

I’ve written this before and I will write it again. Theresa Landon is a psycho. I have plenty of evidence to support this theory, even more so now that I went to the Rocklin USD and simply asked them for copies of the blizzard of Public Records Act Requests she filed.

Theresa Landon is refusing to accept the results of the Rocklin USD Appointment Process and similar to the national democrats is living her life in a fantasy land fueled by rage and a jilted sense of entitlement. The parallels between her behavior and that of Adam Schiff and other national dems like the squad is astounding.

First, she accused the district of sexism and when that did not work the narrative was changed to the district catering to an interest group. Now, her narrative is that it was an insider game led by the “Mormon mafia”. (My editorializing and summary – but read on for the supporting evidence) Notice how the pattern matches the democrats ever changing fantasies about the President?

Since the evidence she is demanding is not supporting her pre-desired conclusions, she is now threatening lawsuits.

Embedded here is the original PRA request pages 1-4. Here is pages 5-8. You will also see on page three of this document that Theresa Landon is behaving in an aggressive and very un-christian manner as her response to a lengthy email from the district explaining what they did to comply with her lengthy and open-ended PRA request is replied to with a short, curt I don’t care type response. If you look at the two embedded files it is clear that they complied with the request and Theresa is fishing for information to buttress her narrative that the appointment process was a sham to appoint the candidate the Informed Parents of Rocklin demanded.

Regarding Theresa Landon’s behavior, (It is alleged that Joe Landon and Theresa Landon attend a large local church) It is clear that she is selective about the parts of the Bible she believes (beyond her support of abortion on demand and anything goes sexuality – I am referencing her anger management issues and her abusive treatment of anyone she disagrees with). Remember, I wrote at length about Ms. Landon’s dishonesty during her signature rampage and media drill based on a false narrative – all are hallmarks of a woman who is an entitled leftist activist first and a Christian a distant second.

You will also notice that the Rocklin USD addressed their responses to both Joe and Theresa Landon. People in the Roseville Community that deal with Mr. Landon should be forewarned that it sure looks like he is involved in this rampage up to his neck. (The assertion I am making is that I believe Joe Landon would do this to anyone else when it suited him too – this is beyond supporting a spouse, this is picking a political war for leftist political gain)

Equally as disturbing is that Joe Landon is a high-ranking administrator and Theresa Landon is a teacher in the Roseville Joint Union High School District – based on their behavior, it is not a stretch to wonder if they are poisoning the minds of our children in the course of their day to day existence (when not trying to avenge a false loss against the Rocklin USD).

When the first public records request did not meet her pre-determined outcome, she sent a second request:

Look at the embedded screenshot as many times as needed so you understand what Ms. Landon is attempting to do.

So, how did I draw the conclusion that Ms. Landon is on a rampage against Mormons? Her THIRD Public Records act request sheds light on this:

This is Public Records Act Request #3

In it, you will note that similar to the national democrats they move the goalposts when the original narrative is unsupported. She adds Diana Capra and Jan Pinney to the field of fire. Diana Capra is a leader in the Rocklin USD Foundation and her ghastly offense appears to be sending a press release on behalf of the foundation defending the district.

Theresa Landon also threatens to sue the School District. She has convinced herself that the District is holding out on her with regard to records even though the district has made it clear the methods they used to comply with the request.

Why would Theresa Landon add Jan Pinney to the list? It is my clear belief that it is because Jan Pinney is a high-ranking member of the local Mormon Church. Rachelle Price is also Mormon. One of the vile things I have heard (but have zero direct knowledge of, similar to the testimony of Theresa’s fellow democrats testifying in the impeachment hearing against the President) is that Theresa Landon has listed the Mormon Church and Mormons amongst the fantastical list of evildoers in her paranoid fantasies. What a great Christian attitude.

Then there is public records act request #4 – completely unrelated to her rampage over her jilted sense of entitlement, she is seeking records about the discussions related to the upcoming bond that the Rocklin Unified School District will be floating. Based on my profile of her, it is clear in her mind that this is some sort of leverage where she can seek revenge against the district by getting records and potentially misusing them in an attempt to scuttle the bond. She also asks for records related to the polling the district ran in advance of releasing the bond to the ballot, in case you doubt my conclusion.

Usually, a flaming leftist like Landon would support an education bond. Given my 20+ years of experience dealing with the mentality of people in politics, I stand behind my conclusion of motives behind request #4 until proven otherwise.

If you deal with either Joe or Theresa Landon use extreme caution. To those of you in Rocklin, it is clear that this woman will go to her grave trying to avenge the loss she feels, be ready to deal with her at the ballot box next year because you can make bank she is coming back for more.

Oct 172010

Please support Amanda “Mandie” Tingler, Glenn Moeller and Todd Lowell.

Quite simply, the Rocklin Unified School Board needs some change.

For too long there has been personal animosity that has overridden the best interests of governance.

I have spoken with Todd Lowell a few times and am convinced that Todd does indeed have the best interests of the children at heart. I also empathize with him about how it feels to get used as a punching bag.

Steve Paul. I do not know him at all.

Having met Glenn Moeller a few times – he has tripped over his own feet campaigning several times… but he wants to serve and he is also an honest man. We can do far worse.

I believe that others see that – which is why this race has not gotten nasty. How can you attack a music leader at a local church?

Amanda Tingler? She’s a Republican, Wendy Lang is not. Case closed.

With respect to those supporting Wendy – there is no such thing as a non-partisan race.

I have probably cost myself a few endorsements and supporters if I run for Rocklin City Council – but that is not the calculation. I am a Conservative first, a Republican second and a candidate third and I am willing to live with the consequences.

Once the primary is over – then I am a Republican – which is why I am voting for Abel Maldonado and Meg Whitman.