Dec 042022


We see it in the Sacramento Bee daily. They HATE, and yes, I use the word HATE anyone that disagrees with them. Speak out against them, and they become outwardly fanatical Communists who will stop at nothing to seek revenge on those that push back. I’ve experienced it myself.

See also how they believe it was OK for Biden and others to dictate content to Social Media Companies and now they are outraged that they are all being outed for what they did. There has been almost universal criticism of Elon Musk within the ranks of Bee employees if they even mention the Twitter revelations.

The Sacramento Bee endorsed Conservative Trial Lawyer David Bass over Pastor Matthew Oliver for Rocklin City Council. In addition, they also whored out their newspaper / social media based on what I observed to celebrate any sort of bad news that beset Matt for the last 2+ years. Why? Based on what I saw them write, it is likely because Matt Oliver stood up to Gavin Newsolini’s forced Vax and Mask Mandates. The Bee clearly, as evidenced by their actions, hates him for it.

So why is the Bee celebrating David Bass’ Win? They hate Oliver more than Bass. Don’t take my informed opinion as word for it, have a look at what Matt himself said as he pointed out the irony:

Read Matt’s post as many times as you like. Other than Party Label – it seems that David Bass may well be as conservative as Matt Oliver and Bass was certainly on the right side of the Branch Covidian / Mask Nazi issue when it counted.

IF you read the Bee you can see they have aggressively attacked anyone that was not shivering in the corner with six masks on worrying about Covid. They have outright lied repeatedly about the actions of local government in Placer County, yet because of New York Times vs Sullivan there is zero hope they will ever get sued for what they are writing. I talk to people in Placer County all the time about the hit pieces the Bee pukes out against them.

If you ask me, I will tell you that the Sacramento Bee has been a joke for years. More of the same happens when they hire young communists fresh out of re-education camp in Davis CA to write opinion pieces re-packaged as news.

P.S. I also took note that Matt Oliver never attacked David Bass for his work on behalf of the Church or the American Council. He could have gone to democrats and torched Bass with that stuff. People reading this blog should note that as well… the Bee sure didn’t

Nov 072022

UPDATE: We’d like to thank David Bass for being a reader of Right on Daily. It appears that within a short period of time, Mr. Bass made a complete revision to his original facebook post that was the subject of this blog. Should Bass gain election to the Rocklin Council, I hope this has been a teachable moment for him. The unforced error was not necessary.

This post replaced the post written about below. This should have been the original post, along with a warning / request to people to stop stealing signs.

Dear Mr. Bass – as you know and have said repeatedly there are ample grounds for lawsuits. Imputing motive onto someone campaigning for a School Board candidate in an attempt to make a political point is one such tort. Remember, the man pictured is a private citizen and the standard for defamation is different.

Wait, is that a Vote Biden Shirt on the person with the Hamilton Sign in Hand? Does this mean he was stealing or removing the sign? Bass???

So the viewers of this blog can see that indeed while complaining about a nasty campaign, Bass attacks a supporter of some School Board candidate as being a part of some conspiracy on Matt Oliver’s behalf. This is likely an outright lie, and is at the very least a stupid move.

I decided to make an issue of this, because Bass’ attack helps the leftist School Board Candidates and could be an indicator that Bass knows which side his bread is buttered on. Bass had at one point displayed the endorsements of Rick Miller and Michelle Sutherland on his website. Bass also got money from Miller for his campaign.

This is a mistake by Bass and will cause him a lot of problems going forward with the much larger conservative base of Rocklin should Miller and other leftist school board candidates gain election.

This blog reminds me that Bass really needed to spend a few bucks on a campaign manager because this mistake was easily avoidable. Bass is showing a similar lack of discipline to what his crew says about Matthew Oliver.

Allow me to remind the readers of Right on Daily – I have not formally endorsed anyone in Rocklin. That said, I oppose Rick Miller, Michelle Sutherland and Jen Brookover for School Board as all have demonstrated their desire to brainwash our students with vile disgusting crap and they have also demonstrated an open hostility to anything resembling faith.

Sep 192022

This photo was taken in June on election night. Man, has the landscape changed since then.

This race sucks.

I helped elect Greg Janda to the Rocklin City Council for pay. I worked for Bill Halldin twice for pay (the second of which was electing him to Rocklin Council). I know Ken Broadway personally and helped his second race for City Council. All are supporting Trial Lawyer David Bass.

Pete Constant, Matthew Oliver’s (Matt is on the Left side of photo) campaign dude is a personal friend. (Pete is on the right of this photo) The Placer GOP is full of friends and allies and they are excited to help Matthew. Joe Patterson, whom I endorsed early for AD05, helped elect to Rocklin Council several years prior and who is soon to be our Assemblyman has endorsed Oliver.

This race detonated when Matthew Oliver posted an ill-advised meme depicting money changing hands in exchange for legislation. It was up for an hour before getting pulled down – that is all it took to set off a firestorm.

Bill Halldin and Ken Broadway are two of the finest men I know in politics. I’d vouch for their character and I am offended by what Matt did. However, Halldin, Broadway and others are reputed to be going to the ends of the earth to bury Matthew Oliver. There has been one of the most robust whisper campaigns I have ever seen in a local race.

David Bass has made no secret that his primary nexus for running is his personal hatred of Matthew Oliver. Jill Gayaldo (a trump-hating liberal democrat who re-registered DTS) has also been at the forefront of attempts to derail Matthew Oliver.

Your intrepid blogger is working to confirm some of the most extreme stories I have heard, which include legal threats, threats made by city staff and/or sitting councilmembers against local businesses, and attempts by candidates and/or supporters to mess with the employment of their political foes. God help any of these people if I get witness(es) on the record or some actual proof of any of this stuff.

David Bass himself has left a paper trail of treats, legal threats and generalized rage against anyone that he thinks is getting in his way. His behavior is equally as bad as Matt Oliver’s.

To everyone involved, these sorts of tactics are not worth it. Stop. Do not wreck your own reputation over a stupid City Council race.

I get why so many people are reacting viscerally to Matthew Oliver, his candidacy would be scantly different than mine would have been. Imagine what I’d do to a municipality while running for office! It has taken me 20+ years to get the filter I have now.

This is why I will never run for office. I made a decision years ago that my lane was influencing who got elected versus being an elected. It has worked with devastating effectiveness. When I cut a video, it pisses people off. When I write a blog, it pisses people off (Right Scott?). My very existence offends a lot of people. Why in the hell would I run for office, it would be a zombie eruption of everyone I ever rolled in a past campaign.

The only person that can beat Matthew Oliver is Matthew Oliver. His opponent(s) have made the race uber-personal and they are not talking about the future of Rocklin. The whole discussion is Matthew Oliver.

Then, without warning Matthew Oliver doubled down on his charges of corruption on a post from Rocklin Mayor Bill Halldin that was made on 9-15-2022. Halldin expressed his irritation that Oliver posted something implying that Halldin had endorsed him, below is how Oliver responded:

It is clear that Oliver has chosen a course for his campaign. It is also clear Bass has as well.

Matt has pushed his envelope so far that some of his known Republican endorsers are having second thoughts. Where does Matt’s chosen course take him?

Oliver is a Republican. Bass is not. So there’s that part as well. Oliver has something like $100K to spend. Bass? Certainly not that much. Oliver enjoys the support of the GOP base, Bass’ loudest boosters are a collection of Rocklin Communists.

I will not stop being friends with everyone involved post election – to all of you, please discontinue trying to pull me in to the middle of this. I have spoken my peace to many of you personally, you are grown adults and you can do what you wish with my advice. Thanks for your friendship and support over the years. And with this blog I am refusing to take a position on or participate in the Rocklin City Council race.

That’s it, I’m done. Have fun Rocklin.

Sep 242020

You’d think after all these years that political people in Placer County would realize that your intrepid blogger will figure out their games after a while. Sometimes we get tipped off in real time.

Information came in to your intrepid blogger that the Rocklin Chamber of Commerce rendered their endorsements and they have been reported out to the candidates already. (Perhaps this explains why the information came in hard and fast)

The Chamber of Commerce endorsed Joe Patterson, Greg Janda and Ken Broadway for Rocklin City Council. Zero surprise. A well-run city with few problems (other than massive budget cuts coming due to the State’s Management and COVID).  I’ve received good reports about Josh Rolph, but he is not making a compelling enough case for change at this time. I keep hearing it time and again. I have also been told that Ken Broadway has been busting his tail on his effort.

This gets me to the School Board Races.

In the four-year race, the Chamber set fire to the crazed leftist Michelle Sutherland. The Chamber joined everyone not named Camille Maben, Rick Miller and Jill Gayaldo (all three are trump-hating liberal democrats by the way, get to work Rocklin) and endorsed Julie Leavens-Hupp and Rachelle Price for the 4 year seats on the Rocklin Unified School District.

Then there is the two-year race. After endorsing Five Candidates who really represent Rocklin, the Chamber of Commerce endorsed Camille Maben over Tiffany Saathoff. A 28 year incumbent who has supported every anti-family garbage bill that has come down from the Sacramento Mafia. The Rocklin Chamber endorsed a sworn enemy of Charter Schools. (An issue that polls nearly 70% even in California)

Oh, and then there is the fact that the Rocklin Chamber did NOT endorse Camille Maben in 2016. What changed?

Let’s introduce the new Rocklin Chamber of Commerce President: Jay Lang. Jay is married to Wendy Lang. Lang is also a democrat (who may be registered otherwise at the moment) who is very close to Camille Maben.

Make sense? The President of the Chamber imposed his will and told members of the PAC Board what he expected of them. (So I have been told, an so I believe and can easily ascertain as I know most of the players involved)

Let’s give a little more background on Lang/Maben. One of my first forays in to local politics was in the early-mid 2000’s when the Rocklin Academy was in a knock-down drag-out fight with the Rocklin USD. As the then President of the Placer CRA Chapter, I helped with an effort that unseated two incumbent board members of the Placer Office of Education. That election broke the stranglehold that the Rocklin USD had over the disposition of charters. The Western Sierra Collegate Academy was chartered shortly thereafter and the threat to the Rocklin Academy was mitigated as a 5-2 pro charter majority on the PCOE was ushered in.

The charters were able to appeal the denials of the Rocklin USD to the Placer County Office of Education, game over.

Lang and Maben remained staunchly anti-charter. Other members of that board were involved in the personality fight between the Crazed Mark Klang, the Late Joe Scharrer, Kevin Cooper and myself. I have since become friends, allies and a campaign operative for Bill Halldin and consider Todd Lowell a friend as well amongst others who were then on the wrong side of the Charter Issue.

Anyone that knows Bill Halldin now would never believe he was once on the same side of an issue as Camille Maben.

It was with that background in 2016, that the Placer County Impact Republicans PAC nailed Camille Maben:

I was told via third parties that Wendy Lang became enraged over this mailer. She is alleged to have filed an FPPC Complaint against the Placer Impact Republicans PAC. (I have no direct proof because cowards can file anonymous complaints, I have never filed an anonymous complaint and never will) It was related to me via Hearsay that Lang talked openly about filing the complaint.

Three years, tons of phone calls and emails later – the Placer CIR PAC got a technical violation for the disclaimers on all 16 mailers being incorrect. Note – the fine was not related to Lang’s complaint but was due to something else. It is also well-known that anyone that took money from the Charter Schools Association were targeted at the behest of Gavin Newsom (remember, the CCSA foolishly poured 15 million in to Antiono Villariagosa ) As a result of Lang’s complaint the Placer CIR PAC was fined $500 a mailer times 16 mailers for a total of $8,000.

Kirk Uhler raised the money to cover the fines while people like Ken Campbell, Tom Hudson and bay area liberals like Viktor Bekhet among others were emailing each other congratulations over the fines.

These are the kinds of people that the Lang’s are. I pass that judgement by watching them over a decade+ it is what it is.

Note: I am using a professional treasurer for all current efforts so when the Wendy Langs of the world file revenge complaints, we will be ready to deal with all the FPPC technicalities.

Jay Lang needs to hear from the people of Rocklin as does the Rocklin Chamber of Commerce. This sort of insider game is the exact opposite of what the overwhelming majority of citizens want and especially not in Rockin.

Worse, a Pro-Business group endorsed a woman who supports Split Roll gutting of Prop 13? She supports AB5 which put tens of thousands of independent contractors out of work (the Uber Lyft thing)? If you look beyond Jay/Wendy Lang rigging an endorsement for Camille Maben – just on the base issues of the day the Chamber can’t justify what they did.

Why the Rocklin Chamber of Commerce sell out the business community? Ask the questions and let em have it.

P.S. Update: This screenshot was just sent in to your intrepid blogger: (Note 2 days ago at the time I got this would be 9-22-2020 before the tipoffs we received)

Nothing to see here, move along now.