Nov 062018

(This is a commentary from your intrepid blogger with a mix of facts and conclusions I have drawn from my experience with them)

Election Day has arrived. It was something like October of 2017 when I started in on Stan Sniff. Having been paying attention to Riverside Politics closely, I can tell you a few things.

Eric Linder is the Clear Choice for Supervisor in District 2. Karen Spiegel even agreed, attacking Eric Linder for his low scores from leftist groups including planned parenthood dating to his days as an assemblymember. Spiegel took $1,000 from Planned Parenthood.

Spiegel also voted for several tax increases as a City Councilmember, such as Cable Bills, Ambulance Fees and other city fees. Spiegel even signed letters in support of the massive SB1 Gas Tax Hike, Cap and Trade and the $100Billion disaster known as High Speed Rail.

Karen Spiegel is a fraud and her extreme left-wing attacks against Eric Linder show that she has made fools of the local GOP who endorsed her.

Not to be outdone is the Corrupt Sheriff of Riverside-Nottingham. Today is judgement day for Stan Sniff.

Stan Sniff’s issues are legion –

While claiming to be pro-gun, he has arrogantly hung on to the “Good Cause” excuse to deny 80% of the CCW applications submitted to him, until the scrutiny of months long wait times for said denials got to him politically stories of waits of up to 26 months just to get interviews were common. Sniff is “endorsed” by the NRA, a group controlled by H Paul Payne – who may well be stalking his separated wife and separately may be pocketing money meant for outreach.

Stan Sniff has mismanaged the budget of the Riverside Sheriff’s Office. We’ve posted dozens of stories and photos of broken equipment. Sniff is famous for complaining about every budget given to him by the board of supervisors – until magically this year’s budget that was a disaster in January was suddenly o.k. Even more curious was the sudden discovery of $10MM to fund resolving the years-long CCW application backlog. (Note, Sniff’s lackeys in the local media have not reported on the slew of declined applications)

Sniff is reputed and documented to have enabled and supported corruption within his ranks. We’ve detailed cover-ups of DUI’s, Felonies, Sexual misconduct, cheating on advancement exams, cheating on time cards, terminating whistle blowers, preferential treatment of certain employees at the expense of others, retaliation, promoting employee campaign donors, physical violence, sharing confidential medical records, violating anonymity of whistle blowers, terminating harassment victims rather than disciplining the harassers and the list goes on.

We’ve documented specific instances such as Frank “Drone Boy” Taylor, Lt. Robert “Gunslinger” Rose, Jason “Deuce” Horton, Lyndon Raymond “the Executioner” Wood, Robert Epps, Christian Dekker, Lt. Mark Bostrom and the list goes on ad naseum.

Sniff is reputed to give out CCW Permits to donors and political allies while refusing the applications of others that have more “good cause”. Sniff is reputed to have given donors helicopter rides and access to sheriff’s facilities that even employees have limited access to (such as gun ranges).

Stan Sniff has taken money from convicted felons and hosted campaign events at businesses owned in part by convicted felons. Stan Sniff lists people with police records prominently as endorsers.

In the Primary – Stan Sniff promoted people of color and attempted to use them as political props, similar to 2014. Sniff’s obsession with identity politics is so severe that he had a Gay Station Captain go to Palm Springs and lie on Camera about Homophobia (Sniff and the Captain met with a council-member beforehand ostensibly to orchestrate the theatrics). Two Muslim supporters of Stan Sniff got in to the act, one staging a hate crime and the other going to the board of supervisors meeting, giving a rambling incoherent presentation.

Stan Sniff has had political scizophrenia – he sided with the ACLU against the employees of his department on using Body Camrea Video in a manner that denies the men due process rights and sided with the ACLU with regard to cooperating with federal immigration authorities. Yet, Sniff claims to be a Republican.

Sniff has attacked Chad Bianco for supporting Natural Marriage and Gender Dysphoria Counseling. He has attacked the Republican Party for its’ stance on immigration and gun rights issues. Sniff has even attacked Chad Bianco for supporting “Shall Issue” CCW permitting, consistent with the NRA’s position. In a bizarre twist, in an attempt to cover the embarrassment of H Paul Payne and others that rigged the NRA endorsement for him, he called the NRA a “Moderate” Gun-Rights Group in a news article.

Sniff has claimed with a straight face on camera that he has successfully led the department, yet at the same time says talk about low morale is an election year stunt. In the last 24 months over 450 employees have left the Riverside Sheriff’s Office. Current Employees are on mandatory overtime, many are being forced to work 6 days a week because of critical shortages of manpower.

At least 25 current employees who are Chad Bianco supporters are facing disciplinary action and one young employee got 80 hours of unpaid suspension for taking a photo of himself in uniform while holding a Chad Bianco Sign. Countless times, we have documented threats, intimidation and Stan Sniff management staff campaigning on taxpayer time. Countless times, we have documented the termination of employees in order to cover up malfeasance, including Deputy Birchard who appears to have been set up and then later fired over something unrelated to the original set up. Sniff’s department is attempting to lynch Donald Vincent Brooks, who has not seen his child in over 2 1/2 years due to the smears and opportunistic prosecution. Gabe Dennington is in to year 6 of his fight against the department. Correctional Deputy Tammy Smoak was terminated because that was easier than dealing with the 6-8 employees at the SW Jail that were harassing her and others – several of those employees I have recently received documentation (Videos, Timesheets and otherwise) showing they have been cheating on their timecards – ripping off the taxpayers.

43,500 felons THAT WE KNOW OF have been early released due in large part to Stan Sniff’s refusal to lead on the issues of jail space and jail staffing. All the years he fought with the board of supervisors and used jail staffing as a tool for political leverage have made thousands of felons very happy as many know they will never face real consequences for their criminal acts.

Despite Sniff’s distorted Statistics – the official statistics from the Department of Justice show Crime is spiraling in Riverside County. This is the clearest sign of failure for a Sheriff.

Stan Sniff is alleged to have bought off Supervisor John Taviglione for his endorsement. They agreed to a shame of an audit of the Jurupa Valley Station in order to give Taviglione some face-saving cover on his way out of office. JT’s residual grudge against the Riverside Sheriff’s Association and the nexus of this deal allowed him to kill off two birds with one stone.

Sniff is tying up loose ends. He promoted the documented racist Tony Pelato. He promoted Christian Dekker, famous for setting up fellow employees, cheating on his timecards, milking overtime and along with Martin Tochtrop (who Sniff also Promoted to, get this, the Internal Affairs department) tried to set up an inmate at the jail they knew was being released by mistake. He has promoted almost everyone we saw on the cheating scandal list, almost in a narcissistic rage to show everyone he is still boss. When you combine this with the sudden flurry of personnel investigations, strategically against Chad Bianco supporters and Whistleblowers – you have a disturbing pattern similar to the narcissistic rage Obama went off on in his last months in office. (recalling the fleets, throwing Israel under the bus at the UN, pardoning bradley manning and other traitors, last minute regulations, attempting to appoint several losers, the FBI/DOJ set up of Trump Campaign officials, etc.) I shudder to think what Sniff and his minions on the second floor will do in the two months he has as a lame duck sheriff (beyond destroying evidence that is)…

We know that the local media are in the bag for the Sheriff, the dynamic is almost exactly similar to the national stage. The Press-Enterprise and the Desert Sun endorsed Stan Sniff for some very petty and personal reasons. Don’t kid yourself, they both have buyer’s remorse and doubled down on corruption and failure – because to support Chad Bianco would mean an admission that they had been in the bag for the corrupt sheriff and they were wrong. They’d rather lose their credibility than do that. Again, see the national media whose trust interval is in the 25% range and a recent Morning Consult Poll (which has a Dem +5 Bias) said 64% of Americans think the media has done more the divide the country than anyone or anything else.

Even if none of the above matters to you at all – Even if Sniff had actually been a decent sheriff versus the documented reality – what about the cover up of the Kevin Duffy serial Child Molestation Scandal? Sniff has not even lied about it right. He said there was only one victim, we know of 7. We know that the cover up started from almost day one. We know that something like 250 children were at risk from this guy. We know that dozens of victims were denied closure due to the cover up.

You can be as cynical as you want and say “All politicians are corrupt, who cares”. When a politician (Sniff’s words) does not protect women and children what’s left?

You have it all – a feckless GOP that has refused to stand up for its’ own enumerated values. A local media establishment that has cowered in fear of the tyrant. A tyrant that has run roughshod over his department. Leadership within said department that are all enablers of the tyrant. Crime rates spiraling, scum getting let out of jail as fast as they are arrested and areas with as few as one deputy on patrol due to staffing shortages…

… then a courageous remnant within said department that rose up in the face of losing their livelihoods to say enough is enough.

I will finish with this – Sniff’s enablers in the local media and the local GOP have attacked me personally several times including making me the target of some of the faked events. My business (outside of politics) has been attacked. My wife has been attacked with people trying to get her fired and creepy social media trolling. I’ve had friendlies wonder on the phone with me how I have avoided getting assaulted, followed or set up by the Sheriff.

I don’t live in fear of Stan Sniff, instead I drove in to his neighborhood and shot video of his house.

The men and women of the Riverside Sheriff’s Office – at least those that did not whore their integrity out to the Sniff Regime almost to a person pinned their hopes of overthrowing Stan Sniff on this blog and this blogger. What was going to be an interesting diversion from the more mundane political stuff I do every election cycle turned in to a personal mission. I am not sure if Stan Sniff will lose tonight (if you are an election day voter – please vote for Chad Bianco), but what I am sure of is that Stan Sniff’s reign of terror has been severely altered and exposed. What I am also sure of is that the mission to restore the integrity of law enforcement in Riverside County does not end today… it continues. Your Intrepid Blogger will have a lot to follow up on regardless of the outcome…

Nov 062018

Dear Kurly, before going to Palm Springs and Crashing a City Council Meeting to give a tear-filled Daytime Emmy performance, you may want to balance your checkbook.

Dave Kurly Kurylowicz is the Captain of the Moreno Valley Station. Moreno Valley rivals Hemet for the biggest war zone in Riverside County.

Since we now know that Kurly is not minding his own checkbook, I am wondering if we should replace him with a real monkey (versus a another Sniff Butt Monkey) as Captain of the MoVal Station. I’d bet that Primate could do a better job of managing the finances of the station.

For those of you that may be missing the significance, Kurly is a loud, out and proud supporter of Stan Sniff. He has publicly attacked everyone that disagrees with him, gratuitously playing the Gay card. This is a screenshot of the Riverside Sheriff’s Association campaign committee financial report. Remember – this is the eeeeeeeevil yoooooooonyun that has donated $1Millon+ to Chad Bianco, the man that Kurly attacked publicly (without evidence mind you).

So, in essence, Kurly donated to the man he accused of hating him for being gay.

That is felony stupid. But, this is par for the course in the 2018 Riverside County Sheriff’s race.

Nov 052018

Remember Lt. Robert Rose? He is the RSO’s gunslinger, noted for having raged on innocent civilians twice. That’s right LT Robert Rose is alleged to have pulled his service weapon once in a road rage incident and another more recent time in an Alec Baldwin-esque argument over a Parking Place.

Perhaps Lt Rose lost his s–t again on the beleaguered staff of Jurupa Valley Station. Everyone there was stressed out and more tired than usual because of the dog and pony show for KPMG.

Supervisor Taviglione is alleged to have sold out to the Corrupt Sheriff in exchange for an “audit” of Jurupa Valley by the feckless, incompetent overpaid team of KPMG. The KPMG audit of the Sheriff’s Department was supposed to be a crowning achievement of “JT’s” tenure as supervisor. Instead, JT is joining the ranks of feckless, rudderless, “Republican Leaders”. JT has also endorsed the tax-raising, planned parenthood loving Karen Spiegel. I suppose JT could endorse Gavin Newsom while he is at it.

Pictured, a photo posted by Lt. Robert “Gunslinger” Rose of a stall in the Jurupa Valley Station. It seems that the employees there don’t give a s–t about the condition of the bathroom. (The s–t was edited out by yours truly) The picture of the clogged toilet is a great allegory for the morale and condition of the Sheriff’s Department.

It is also a fitting end to the tenure of John Taviglione (who earlier in 2018 called Stan Sniff a spoiled child over his behavior) only to eviscerate his credibility with his ego-driven sell out at the end of his tenure. Thusly, I dedicate this photo of the toilet in Jurupa Valley to John Taviglione and his protege Gas-Tax Karen Spiegel. (As I already have posted dozens of photos of broken equipment in honor of Stan Sniff)

Regarding Lt. Rose, given his well-documented anger management issues, I recommend that the staff of JVS give him a glass of warm milk and a binkie. If that does not work, jam a needle of sedatives in his buttocks and make sure there is an adult diaper nearby. I make this recommendation because I don’t want the Lt. to go pull his gun on someone when he files off the handle. (Perhaps PSB should have done their job and fired this guy)

What a fitting end to my expose on Stan Sniff, but a busted toilet full of s–t. Tomorrow is election day, (Yes, stay tuned for that) and make sure you get your political plunger out and flush Sniff.

Nov 052018

The Church of Scientology has a monster facility in The Hemet area called the Gold Base / Golden Era.  Catherine Fraser and Muriel Dufrense are two of the heavy hitters in Scientology who are also donors.

Golden Era Productions is the media Arm of Scientology. This attached report shows Stan Sniff taking 8 checks from them.

The Washington Post – which I cite in honor of Sniff’s late-campaign tilt to the hard left – had this to say:

HBO hired 160 lawyers when the network decided to air “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief,” the two-hour documentary based on Lawrence Wright’s book. This makes sense when you watch the film, directed by Alex Gibney, which aired Sunday night. Ex-Church of Scientology members and officials reveal secrets of the organization, and tell horror stories of psychological and physical abuse during their time in the controversial religion — and after they escaped.

Why did HBO hire 160 Lawyers? It is well known that the Church of Scientology uses its’ seemingly limitless resources to bully people with Lawyers.

Sniff took 8 checks from Scientology leaders.

Stan Sniff has taken checks from convicted felons, associates with felons and has events at places owned by felons – so why not add an extremely controversial cult to the donor list?

Former Scientology officials, including former spokesman Marty Rathbun, say that every “audit” (where a Scientology member is forced to reveal their deepest, most intimate secrets and fears on the way to attain spiritual and mental clarity) is recorded and filmed. Not to mention the “auditors” take pages of notes. So, when word had it that Travolta was threatening to leave, all the officials had do was go through all the notes from the auditing sessions to find secrets that Travolta had spilled and may not want getting out into the public.

“I know this because I used to do it when I was the head of the office of special affairs,” said former official Mike Rinder. “By exposing [these secrets] or threatening to expose them, they will cower the person into silence.”

It was put to me by members of the Department that the major Scientology Facility has about 2500 occupants in it. There are only a handful of cars and bicycles there. They also indicated that they see few, if any of the residents of the compound on visits to it.

Given several, very public allegations of abuse and several disturbing documentaries on Scientology, one would think that the SHERIFF of the county would be interested in looking in to some of the problems. You’d certainly think that he’d not take money from them. There have been threats made to the Sheriff’s Department and Management Personnel, including Lt. Zach Hall. You’d think that the Sheriff would take a dim view of a group doing such a thing.

Instead – Stan Sniff and his boi Sgt. Dave Kurylowicz, YES THAT KURLY, arrested anti-Scientology protesters. Things that make you go hmmm…

But of course – Sniff has taken money from left-wing criminal defense attorneys who work to free the very scum his employees try to get off the street (including a of cop-killer that murdered a Palm Springs Police Officer wife of an RSO Deputy). So why not take money from a cult with a huge compound in Riverside County?

You can learn more about the disturbing history of Scientology in this documentary or this other documentary. Here is another Washington Post story for good measure.

Stan Sniff shoulda stuck with being an athiest.

P.S. The other candidates on the list should strongly consider returning the checks. The Sheriff is without excuse for taking them given the documented history of this cult.

Nov 042018

Immigration became the Number One issue in the 2016 Presidential Campaign. The Left did the usual scream racism and the right did the usual “What about the law”.

IN 2012, Sheriff Stan Sniff did the usual… It’s all the Riverside County Board of Supervisor’s Fault routine. As usual, any time a tough issue comes up, the Sheriff defaulted to the budget defense in order to side once again with the ACLU.

The ACLU has long believed that anyone has a right to be in the USA at any time and any attempts to enforce immigration law are wrong. Apparently, the Sheriff decided in 2012, that he agrees with the ACLU.

Riverside County Sheriff Stanley Sniff said the contentious issue of immigration holds on people suspected of minor crimes is irrelevant in the county because overcrowding means there is no space to detain them.

Immigration-rights groups have long pushed for measures to block holds on low-level offenders. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement requests 48 hour holds on inmates believed to be illegal immigrants, so ICE can decide whether to initiate deportation proceedings against them once they’re released.

Right on script. Then we get a compound excuse…

Sniff said he and other sheriffs prefer not to hold minor offenders for possible deportation.

“We don’t view ourselves as enforcers of immigration law,” he said.

Sniff said he, other sheriffs, Gov. Jerry Brown and ICE Director John Morton met for several hours Dec. 6 to discuss several issues. Immigration holds consumed much of the time, he said.

So which is it Sheriff? Is it the budget’s fault or is it really a case of not wanting to be bothered?

Then we repeat the theme in 2015:

The county’s largest police agency — and operator of all the county’s jails — has agreed to notify Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials of the impending release of jailed non-U.S. citizens.

But the Sheriff’s Department is rejecting ICE’s request to detain jailed immigrants for up to 48 hours beyond their scheduled release date.

So the Sheriff doubles down in 2015. This means unless ICE is able to get to the jail the day of the release, that the Illegal Alien is allowed to slip back in to society, in some cases with devastating results:

Yet, refusal to cooperate with ICE also is controversial, particularly in the wake of several high-profile cases. In San Francisco, for example, a recently released jail inmate — with five prior deportations — was charged with fatally shooting a woman walking on a city pier.

Violent Crime went up 22% in Riverside County from 2015-2016. You’d think the Sheriff would be aware of this fact before making knee-jerk blame-the-budget decisions that imperil public safety.

Or perhaps his pattern of siding with the ACLU over his officers, leaving jail beds un-staffed (adding to early releases), endorsing Soft-on-Crime Liberal Democrats and the like is not an accident after all?

P.S. In keeping with the time-honored tradition of Catch-and-Release Sheriff Sniff Press Releases is this Gem from a Hemet Eye News Article that references Mr. Sniff’s refusal to hold detainees for ICE:

View the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department’s press release regarding the ICE Priority Enforcement Program (PEP):

Were it not for doing some extensive research on the Sheriff, we might have missed this. That’s three Press Releases and Counting that have disappeared. Perhaps the Sheriff is flip-flopping now that President Trump is in office? (I won’t even ask who the Sheriff voted for in 2016…)