Feb 182024

I fixed Patterson’s Tweet to reflect the truth. (Still omitted are the nearly 3 Million new dems in the same time period, but I digress…)

Jessica Patterson has repeatedly and falsely claimed that the California Republican Party has registered XX voters during her reign as CAGOP Chairwoman. In California, when you get a driver’s license, you are automatically registered to vote. This includes illegal aliens despite claims there are controls on the process. Every audit finds a ton.

That Lie is to cover up that the CAGOP has had no organized or consistent voter registration program for years. In fact, the CAGOP has not been much more than a conduit for large donors to fund candidates. This is my opinion based on evidence and observation over the years. The State Party does not even attempt to register voters – one of its’ alleged primary functions.

The fact that Patterson would attempt to peddle this registration lie to the national party shows that the carefully crafted plan by Kevin McCarthy and her other handlers has come apart at the seams.

Donald Trump knows that Jessica Patterson is a never-trumper. At least your intrepid blogger is honest, I don’t like Donald Trump but I will do my part to elect him now that he is the nominee. Patterson can’t even claim that. While no one will come on the record on this blog to confirm, the number of people I have talked about Patterson being a Never-Trumper to is substantial and it would be easily proven in a court proceeding.

Even though I think it is absurd that Trump’s choice for Co-Chair of the RNC is his daughter and all that comes with it, Jessica Patterson would be worse. That is my opinion having been on the receiving end of her bile for years. She has never taken me on publicly, it has been series of cowardly moves under the cover of the smoke-filled room. Were Patterson to get elected RNC Chair, everyone beyond your intrepid blogger would end up on a political hit list.

In case you forgot, the FBI showed up at my house when I was working for Steve Frank against her. Frank would later tell people that me working for him was a temporary thing and that he still hates me. This means that the 2021 Chair race featured two of the same kind of people running for chair. One was more conservative than the other. Joy.

Now compare Jessica and Steve’s approach to your intrepid blogger. I don’t like Trump. My guy drops out. I endorse Trump. I help Trump. Patterson? Permanent resentments and half hearted support at best for nominees she does not like. I am really sick of moderates demanding party loyalty and when their guy loses, they leave the scene with the old worn out “that guy can’t win” routine. Omitted from the canard is all the money wasted destroying the conservative in the primary.

As for me, I can work with anyone on a campaign for a common cause. My personal issues are subordinated to the health and welfare of the Republican Party. The better the Republican Party does, the better off our country is.

However, Jessica’s behavior is not the pattern you want as an RNC Chair, let alone a state chair. This behavior guarantees failure. Rage and Revenge is not profitable.

One of the stories I have known that I have not typed on this blog until now, is being revealed now because I think it matters. Political insiders are skilled at one thing, keeping control. One of the manifestations is always lining up the next office.

I had known for years Jessica Patterson was being groomed for RNC Chair by people that may or may not include Kevin McCarthy. I never had much more than insider chatter to prove it.

I was at the 2023 CAGOP Convention because I had some interests in the outcomes of several CAGOP officer races. During the Sunday Session before the voting there was some floor drama, so I excused myself from the floor drama, going in to the lobby to return some calls.

I was within earshot of a vendor table where two attractive 30-40 something women were talking to one of the vendors still in his booth. One revealed that she was Jessica Patterson’s Hair Stylist and the other indicated she was an Esthetician. Both indicated they were from Southern California. I overheard these things as I was only 10 feet away.

Was donor money paying for their services, Hotel Rooms, Travel?

Why would someone who is a state party chair have a professional entourage?

There is only one logical explanation for this – Patterson needed to look good for the cameras in order to set an image. You’d only do this if you had an end game for said image.

Your intrepid blogger does have a suggestion for Ms. Patterson, She should get herself a signed pair and start sporting them around in public. That would sure help with an image.

I mean hell, Patterson and crew changed the CAGOP Delegate Rules to help Donald Trump, at the very least Patterson should get a pair signed for a nice parting gift…

Feb 052024

Every now and then your intrepid blogger talks to people. As I have been an out and loud critic of the California Republican Party’s current leadership, one such topic of frequent leaks is related to the CAGOP. It has been constant and over the course of years.

Dear CAGOP Insiders, your intrepid blogger is watching you…

So for years the rumors have been that Kevin McCarthy was going to set up Jessica Patterson to become RNC Chair. Then, Kevin McCarthy got shot by Matt Gaetz. At the same time Team Trump was celebrating the demise of McCarthy, they were blissfully unaware (or deliberately unaware) that Trump had helped Re-Elect Ronna Romney McDaniel as RNC Chair.

People like Vivek Pharmaswampy ceaselessly attacked Ronna but deliberately omitted mention of the former President’s role in her re-election over Harmeet Dhillon. It looks like President Trump may well be responding to the slew of negative news about Ronna and what a disaster she has been as RNC Chair.

The RNC’s fundraising is at a 30 year low.

Recently, Ronna got exposed for her lavish expenses which included $1,000 hairdos, limos and trips to places with names I can’t pronounce.

One of my favorite sayings is after you screw up, do the next best thing. This is what I believe Trump is doing with regard to the RNC situation.

So as I cobble bits of insider info together – I have a 99% level of confidence of the following:

  1. Ronna is going to resign, or be forced out at the behest of the former President. The Co-Chair will go with her.
  2. Someone from the Eastern Seaboard is going to be appointed RNC Chair on an interim basis. I can’t remember his name as the conversations have been a blur with other campaign work I am doing. I know it is some dude from some eastern state.
  3. This means the RNC will also need a Co-Chair (the equivalent of a vice-chair)

The RNC rules (speaking of DEI) are that if the Chair is male, the Co-Chair must be female. (or vice-versa)

Enter Kevin McCarthy. I’ve been wondering why he and his crew have been so quiet. The last I heard from them is when McCarthy ordered the Never-Trumpers on CAGOP Leadership (including Jessica Patterson) to change the CAGOP’s delegate apportionment rules to a mode the Trump campaign preferred. At the time, I was the Nevada Political Director for the Never Back Down (Ron DeSantis) Super-Pac and saw it all unfold in real time.

However if Trump is really going to force the two people out with the replacement chair I mentioned, you will now need a female Co-Chair. My own personal intel from interactions with National Party Leaders is that many of them do not know what a disaster and insider control game the CAGOP has been for the last 6ish years. It appears that Patterson, (again a Never-Trumper) is pretty popular amongst the super small world of party leadership at the national level. That could change with scrutiny.

There is no one in the CAGOP orbit that will tell you anything other than the fact that Jessica Patterson is a franchise of McCarthy Inc. McCarthy made Jessica Patterson, and your intrepid blogger watched it happen since I first met her in 2010 when she worked for Meg Whitman.

If Patterson is tapped to be RNC Co-Chair this is how McCarthy, Inc. keeps its’ relevance at the national level. She’d be the next Chair when the interim guy is done at the end of 2025. If and when this happens, your intrepid blogger warned you first.


FYI – for those of you unaware, your intrepid blogger endorsed Donald Trump the day Ron DeSantis dropped out and endorsed Trump.