May 152014

We’ve written a few posts her about psychotic El Dorado County DA Vern Pierson who has been prosecuting political enemies. If you’ve ever met Pierson in person, his dead fish handshake should leave a permanent memory.

Ray Nutting yesterday was found not guilty on all Felony charges brought against him over botched paperwork.

Yes, the jury hung on one count on a 5-7 vote and the rest were shot down. This is a humiliating defeat for Vern Pierson.

Note that Nutting did get convicted of Misdemeanor counts related to asking for help for bail money – which would have never happened had Pierson not gone on a psychotic rampage. Any of us would have asked for help – but apparently, a county supervisor can’t ask county employees or people with business at the county for help.

It is too bad that Vern’s opponent for DA is a loser.

We had blogged here that the prosecution of Nutting may well have been tainted by a tainted grand jury. The grand jury recommendation was the excuse Vern Pierson used to prosecute two other political opponents.

The man is out of control and it is too bad the judge could not torch him for this malicious prosecution.

El Dorado County Judge to El Dorado DA: You’re an Idiot

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Sep 252013

Quoting directly from the Placerville Newswire story:

(the Judge) Buckley said the grand jury that leveled the indictment against Nutting was not properly instructed and that because those 18 people had been disbanded without being told not to talk about the case it would be impossible to reconvene them to reconsider that specific count.

However, the grand jury has since been discharged and the information “tainted” due to widespread discussion of the case, he continued.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is called a Jam Job.

To win the DA will have to get over a high bar called ‘intent.’  The DA will have to prove that it was not simply some common clerical errors as Nutting claims, but an elaborate scheme in which Nutting intended to hide his involvement with the fire fuel reduction program.  The DA will have to prove what was in Nutting’s mind, and he will have to do it, “beyond a reasonable doubt.

Good luck with your vendetta Mr. Pierson.

I am wondering if Pierson can get disbarred for Malpractice? Someone, PLEASE RUN AGAINST THIS GUY.

Aug 272013

It appears that El Dorado County Controller Joe Harn and DA Vern Pierson have long histories of corruption and their antics have spawned the creation of a new website and group.

From the Website:
“People Power
There was little or no law during the early years of California’s colorful Gold Rush. In the widespread absence of official government, “Miner’s Justice” was often dispensed at the end of a rope to thieves, larceners, and murders by law abiding citizens using “Miner’s Courts” and “Committees of Vigilance” in the rough and tumble mining camps and fledgling cities.  San Francisco’s law abiding citizens wiped out their criminal element before dissolving in 1851 and reformed a few years later to successfully clean up the rampant political corruption victimizing honest citizens in 1856.  Just as during our Gold Rush past, corruption has taken hold in some of our local governments.  We have formed our modern Committee of Vigilance to expose corruption in local government and help vote the corrupt scoundrels out of office.”

COVAC is a group we will keep tabs on.

The website asks citizens to write in about corruption in the county “for the purpose of defeating corrupt local elected officials in California.”  Some of the stories already on the site include:
Under Cover Surveillance of Political Opponents At Taxpayer Expense

Fraudulently Using The Grand Jury To Destroy Political Opponents

Arbitrary And Capricious Treatment Of Local Agencies – Abusing The Grand Jury For Publicity

Abuse of Office – Failing to Investigate or Prosecute Crimes and Malfeasance of personal and political friends, representitives of the Carson City Courts

Illegitimate Salary and Pension Spiking

Abuse of Office

Negligence and Malfeasance

It looks like some fur is going to fly in ElDorado County.

Aug 242013

We remember Vern Pierson. He starred in a despicable Doug Ose attack ad against Tom McClintock that was shot at the McClellan airfield. In the ad, he called Tom McClintock unpatriotic and accused him of opposing veteran’s benefits.

The ad finished with Vern Pierson saying of Tom McClintock, “How can he live with himself”?

That smear lasted in to the general election as Charlie “Colonel Klink” Brown – an ex-Colonel was the communist spawn of the DCCC and saddled up on the military thing all throughout.

With Republicans like Vern Pierson, who needs democrats?

Vern Pierson is the DA of ElDorado County who filed charges against Ray Nutting a CRA member and a stand up El Dorado County Supervisor. Pierson and Nutting both have future political ambitions.

It 100% appears to us that this is an attempted lynching by Pierson and appears to be supported by supervisor Jack Sweeney (whose son is the ElDo GOP Cent Com Chair – the ElDo Cent Com is widely viewed to be ineffective in political circles).

Now, if there was merit and Ray Nutting really was crooked, people in that small county would know, right?

Nutting hosted a fundraiser for his legal defense and it sold out in hours. Click here for the story. We just don’t think a crooked man would get so much support so fast. You see, when you are scum, your friends run at the first sign of trouble.

Stay tuned as we are going to unpack some information about Vern Pierson who appears to be a very disturbed man. We will also go in to detail about the alleged offense of Ray Nutting.

It should be noted that the local media has been largely silent since announcing the indictment of Ray Nutting. That should also scream volumes.

Ray Nutting (AD-05 Prospect) Gets Some Ink in Local Media

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Aug 242011

The article from the Mountain Democrat is here.

Ray Nutting is the 2011 chairman of the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors. He spends 80 to 90 percent of his work week on county business. Mountain Democrat photographer Pat Dollins remarked on the way back from a visit to Nutting’s South County ranch, “That guy needs about a 72 hour day — and he’d probably have it filled.”

Nutting, unfettered by suit and tie, is a whirlwind of energy, physical, mental and emotional. He lives on a nearly 700 acre ranch off Happy Valley Road in the South County. The property was homesteaded by his great-great-grandparents who migrated from Pennsylvania in the 1850s.

Now this is the stuff candidates are made of, I remember Ted Gaines and his family that traces back to the 1850’s in Roseville.

Typically, articles like this start to surface when Candidates are organizing campaigns… I am sure more will follow.