IF you Vote Yes on 25 – the Joke’s on You

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Oct 302010

Want the Democrats to have unfettered access to your wallet? Vote yes on 25 – I know the deceptive ads are talking about how you can “screw the man” if you vote yes. That “man” would be you. Prop 25 would effectively end Prop 13 in California — Consider the following:


Prop 25 Actually Rewards Legislators for Passing Sham Budgets


The Legislators behind Prop 25 are lying to the voters! They won’t forfeit a dime under Prop 25.  In fact, Prop 25 actually rewards them for passing sham budgets, AND makes it easier for them to increase their own tax-free expense accounts.


Would all the Sacramento politicians supporting Prop 25 be doing so if it actually threatened their pay?


Recent polling shows a concerning level of support for Prop. 25 among Republican voters, in part, because they are so angry and frustrated with the Democrat-controlled state Legislature that they want to believe it will hold legislators accountable. They are being fooled!


The Democrats and public employee unions that have put $10 million behind Prop 25 are lying that it will punish legislators if they don’t pass a budget on time.


Prop. 25 doesn’t do anything to ensure that a budget is signed! Prop. 25 would only require the legislature to pass a budget – no matter how gimmick-filled and out-of-balance it may be – with a majority vote, to keep their taxpayer funded pay and perks flowing. After that happens, it could be months and months until a real budget is signed by the governor!


Even Mac Taylor, the legislature’s non-partisan analyst, said the punish-the-legislators provisions of Prop. 25 “can be very easily circumvented by just passing some budget by June 15 even if it is not signed by the governor.”


Republican voters need to know that Prop. 25 is the ultimate Democrat-Union power play. And if Jerry Brown wins there’ll be nothing to stop them from increasing taxes, pensions and enacting their extreme agenda for California…and doing so with a majority vote.


Remember what happened the last time Democrats and the Unions controlled Sacramento? They created the budget crisis we’re in now!

Oct 032010

Prop 19 – Legalizing Marijuana.

Tim Herman – Support
David Larson – ?
Sam Cannon – Opposed

Prop 20 – Take drawing Congressional Lines out of hands of politicians

Tim Herman – ?
David Larson – Oppose
Sam Cannon – Support

Prop 21 – Raise Car Taxes to Fund State Parks and “Conservation” (even though money can be re-directed by legislature)

Tim Herman – Support
David Larson – Support
Sam Cannon – Oppose

Prop 22 – Stops state from Stealing Local Government Money to Balance the State Budget

Tim Herman – Support
David Larson – Oppose
Sam Cannon – Support

Prop 23 – Suspends disasterous Golbal Warming Bill until unemployment drops below 5.5%. If Prop 23 fails – Roseville’s Utility rates will skyrocket

Tim Herman – Oppose
David Larson – Oppose
Sam Cannon – Support

Prop 24 – Repeals Business tax breaks given in a recent budget.

Tim Herman – Oppose
David Larson – Support
Sam Cannon – Oppose

Prop 25 – Creates Simple Majority Budget / Simple Majority Tax Increases

Tim Herman – Support
David Larson – Support
Sam Cannon – Oppose

Prop 26 – requires 2/3 supermajority to raise “fees”.

Tim Herman – Oppose
David Larson – Oppose
Sam Cannon – Support

Prop 27 – eliminates Prop 11 Re-Districting Commission

Tim Herman – ?
David Larson – Support
Sam Cannon – Oppose

Based on David Larson being purchased by the labor unions and his status on the Placer County Socialist Party Central Committee – his positions on the ballot measures are pretty easy to ascertain.

Based on my lengthy conversations with Tim Herman – I am pretty clear that he supports legalizing Pot and a simple majority budget at the state level. During our conversation he referred repeatedly to the problems the state budget impasses have caused at the local level.

Sam Cannon is a Republican… his positions are crystal clear. No new taxes – again, of the three, the only candidate that is clear about no new taxes, not making it easier to raise taxes or fees.

Prop 23 is also a big one – both Herman and Larson talk about Green initiatives, sustainability and Herman even goes so far as to tout an electric car ordinance in Sun City!

It is impossible to be as Green as Herman and Larson and claim to be pro-business. Sam Cannon is the clear choice for sanity.

Oct 022010

I am going to make some predictions based on the Sample Ballot.

There are some issues with ballot designations – especially with the irrational rage of (especially Republican) voters toward incumbents.

Ignoring the state-wide offices – the nominee for the WORST ballot designation is the hapless opponent of Doug LaMalfa: Lathe Gill.

Gill’s Ballot Designation: Union Organizer / Lawyer. (Idiot)

That will add about 5% to LaMalfa’s margin of victory.

Sierra College Board D1 – Howard Rudd and Kelli Gnile both had solid ballot statements and effectively the same ballot designation: Small Business Owner for Rudd and Small Businesswoman for Gnile.

Rudd has an advantage because of his connections and being first on the Ballot in Placer.

Sierra College Board D5 – Another Nominee for worst ballot designation is Halfway House dweller Thomas Gardner: College Student.

Cari Dawson Bartley is the only candidate who filed a ballot statement as well.

I’d be completely shocked if Bartley did not win.

Rocklin USD

Amanda “Mandie” Tingler – first on ballot, designation Family Counselor… very good for School Board.

The Incumbents all used “Rocklin Unified School District Trustee” for their ballot designation. Whoops.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Glenn Moeller has the worst ballot statement this side of Michael Patrick Murphy… Moeller might have won a seat as well.

Despite all the mistakes Moeller has made – he may yet win. But, I predict that Mandy Tingler wins at Steve Paul’s expense as Paul is number 4 on the five-person ballot. (4 is the absolute worst)

Rocklin City Council.

Diana Ruslin. Second on the ballot, un-matched energy… no one else even comes close. Her ballot title of Rocklin Recreation Commissioner is the only negative as it implies incumbency.

Scott Yuill is in trouble – he is an incumbent and writing bluntly – it seems that the primary concern of Rocklin’s angry Republican voters is finding someone to lynch. Anecdotes I am getting from those on the campaign trail indicate as such. People keep asking door-knockers if they are an incumbent. (I could go on a rant about how ridiculous that is… but some other time)

That being said – Yuill is an excellent candidate and his ballot title of Business Owner/Councilmember is the best he could do. He will have the resources to get his message out and he has won the sign war up to this point.

Greg Janda is also a strong candidate – but have not seen the level of engagement from him that Yuill and Ruslin have engaged in.

Which leads to Mark Klang – excellent ballot statement (no one can match his military service) and he is tapping in to the angry voter. Will that anger and will enough people read his emails to make a difference?

My prediction – Ruslin Wins. I haven’t a clue who finishes second.

Honorable Mention – Michael Patrick Murphy. He gets the prize for the WORST ballot statement I have ever seen. He got tossed out of the Libertarian Party for pete’s sake.

SPMUD Ward 3 – George William Romonsky, Republican Challenger. He filed a ballot statement, but it was weak, however his…

Democrat Opponent John R Murdock used “Incumbent”.  (and did not file a ballot statement) He gets the prize for the worst Ballot Designation – a career ender.

Romonsky wins.

PCWA District 2

Left-wing Democrat Fossil Alex Ferriera has too many friends and too many people that fund his campaign and run his campaign for him to be vulnerable to all but the most formidable challenger. Alex used Placer County Water Agency Director… incumbent in so many words.

Republican Challenger Claire Magid used Small Business Owner – the best designation possible. (I’m voting for Claire)

But, that won’t be enough.


Prop 20 will pass – due to voter anger. This takes drawing Congressional District Boundaries and adds them to the Prop 11 commission. (I am voting yes)

Prop 23 is too close to call – will the enviros be able to lie enough to save their holy grail? Amazing how people advocating clean, simple living seem to come up with wads of money? (I am voting Yes)

Prop 26 – makes it take 2/3 to raise fees. I wish this one would pass, the unions are spending a king’s ransom to defeat this and to try to pass prop 25.  (I am voting yes on 26)

Prop 25 – an extremely deceptive measure aimed at allowing simple majority budgets. This will fail as the veil of fraud is being stripped away. (I am voting no) But, I think Prop 26 goes down with Prop 25.

Sep 212010

Prop 25 is a power grab by the Liberal Spending Lobby and public employee unions to usher in Majority-Vote Tax increases.

The authors of this put in a no-budget-no-pay feature designed to fool angry voters in to supporting this measure… but even the no-pay feature is a fraud.

All the legislature has to do is submit a “budget” of any sort to the Governor and the no-pay feature is out the window.

The no on 25 ad is a hard hitting feature that basically tells you that if Prop 25 passes – the state legislature can give themselves pay and benefit raises with inpugnity.

It starts with a feature that suggests an assemblymember and a state senator inbibing on the taxpayer dime talking about how Prop 25 passing will give them more booze to drink and fun to have at our expense.

The ad goes on to state that if Prop 25 passes that the state legislature will be able to pass income taxes, car taxes and property taxes on a simple majority. (in so many words)

The No on 25 campaign is expecting that the Yes on 25 folks will counter-attack furiously, so the No on 25 campaign prepared a brief that explains the basis of their attack against Prop 25. I have highlighted some of it here…

Senate President pro Tem Steinberg and Assembly Speaker Perez recently authored a letter stating that, “Passage of Proposition 25 is a top priority for Senate and Assembly leadership

By using the phrase notwithstanding any other provision of law or this Constitution, this new section explicitly controls any other provisions of the Constitution that contains a different requirement.  Accordingly, Proposition 25 would allow the Legislature to simply combine an increase in legislator per diem and an appropriation into a single legislative bill and the entire measure could be adopted by a simple majority vote.  Therefore, the statement that Proposition 25 makes it easier for politicians to raise their own tax-free expense accounts is accurate

And the Coup d’etat… (ABX3 3 is the bill that implemented the largest tax increase in state history and required 2/3 to pass in Feb 2009)

Were Proposition 25 to become law, stand-alone tax measures would still require a two-thirds vote.  But if the Legislature combined a tax increase with an appropriation in the same legislative bill which ABX3 3 clearly demonstrates it may do, the entire bill could be adopted by a simple majority vote because, under Proposition 25, bills that provide for appropriations can be adopted by a single majority vote.

The bottom line is that ABX3 3 – the bill that doubled the car tax, raised the income tax rates .4% each, and jacked the state base sales tax rate to 8.25% (The highest in the nation) would be able to be passed with a simple majority due to the line: “Notwithstanding any other provision of the law or this Constitution, the budget bill and other bills providing for appropriations related to the budget bill may be passed in each house by rollcall vote entered in the journal, a majority of the members concurring, to take effect immediately upon being signed by the Governor or upon a date specified in the legislation. (Emphasis added.)

That’s why Steinberg and Perez have made Prop 25 their number one priority.

P.S. – Prop 25 also effectively bans referrenda – so the legislature would be able to pass bills and we could do nothing about them.

Just got of a Conference Call RE Prop 25 – AS IN NO ON 25!!!

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Aug 312010

This is the worst Trojan Horse Fraud ever.

Prop 25, if passed would:

1) Lower the threshold for a budget to a simple majority
2) Lower the threshold for tax increases to a simple majority

Did you catch that? Remember Prop 72 – that overturned SB2, the John Burton socialized medicine bill a few years ago.

That same John Burton – Czar of the State Senate along with Bill Lockyer has conceived the greatest fraud since the Nunez-Burton attempt to gut term limits.

Prop 25.

What are the proponents of Prop 25 trying to do to fool Conservatives – they say No Budget, No Pay. It is the “budget accountability act” all over again.

Oh, and Jerry Brown actually did NOT get sued over this title and summary.

By the way, the legislators would only get paid if no budget was sent to the Governor. They could send a complete disaster to the governor and they would be back on the dole.